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Quan Kong Temple

Built in 1653 and gone through many renovations since then, the Quan Cong Temple stands out as one of the beautiful and charismatic Chinese architecture. The temple is named after a Chinese rebellion from the Han Dynasty who had been deemed as victorious hero because of his loyalty, devotion and sincerity towards his mother land. At the entrance of the temple, two dragons entwined in clouds greet you. The temple is built with red bricks and is adorned by green, gold and red at work. The statue of Quan Cong is perched on top of a centre pedestalinside the main hall. The statue is made from papier-Mache`. There are two more statues set on either side of the war hero- General Chau Xuong, one of his guardians and a beautiful horse called QuanBinh, ridden by Quan Cong.

Location: 24 Nguyen Hue, Hoi An

Hours Open: All day

Admission: Free, Donations accepted

Hoi An Ancient Town

If you are visiting Vietnam then this is a must visit for anyone who is looking forward to learning more about its culture. Hoi An Ancient Town is placed very conveniently on the sides of a river and if you want to take in the picturesque scenery then walking would be the best option for you. Both sides of the streets are filled with beautiful ancient building. Just walking around the place will fill you with an old world charm. The place is full of hawkers. If you are looking to buy things that are significant to the Vietnamese culture than this is the place for you. But be sure to bargain well or you will be made a fool quite easily. The place also has many different food halts and restaurants that you can stop for some authentic Vietnamese. Hoi an ancient town is definitely one of the best places for a walking tour.

Best time to visit: In between February and April

Hoi An Night Market

When in doubt go shopping! This is actually a statement that definitely goes well with destination. This Hoi An Night Market is a must stop spot for all the shopaholics. If you want to pick up some souvenirs that are traditional to the Vietnamese culture then you are definitely at the right place. You can be sure that you will find something of interest in this huge space that is filled with shops on different sides of the streets. The hawkers and the shop owners are extremely friendly. The shops are all number for your convince. You will be required to haggle a bit in most of the shops but if you are lucky you will get a steal deal in some of them. There are thousands of different varieties of products available in the markets. The jade figures sold in some of the shops are a must have from this market. 

Timing: The market is open from evening 7pm till 12 midnight

Aobaba Cloth Shop

Aobaba Cloth Shop is a moment of ecstasy but a lifelong reminiscence of beautiful Vietnam. Hoi An is a shopper’s paradise, the streets thronged with tailoring shops of all shapes and sizes showcasing a lively and colourful side of Vietnamese culture.Aobaba is a generation old family business that focuses mainly on tailoring clothes. The 400 odd tailors can copy and replicate any kind of garment whether be it a picture or some celebrity designer wear; anything and everything within an affordable price. And also, be rest assured of the quality of the fabric; they are good enough to pass as any good brand.As you walk down the street you will encounter with many energetic shop owners trying to lure you in their shop. But the trip is worth everything.

Location: Tran phu St, Hoi An

Hours Open: 8 am to 10 pm

Best Time: Festivals of Vietnam

Avg. Price: Can be as cheap as VND 7, 80,379for a dress and VND $44, 59, 308for a Suit

Cua Dai Beach, Hoi An

Cua Dai Beach, Hoi An: Car day is one of just five Vietnamese UNESCO World Heritage Sites offering an unrivaled seaside escape from the ancient streets of Hoi An. This 3km stretch of fine white powdery sands positioned just northeast of Hoi An makes Cua Dai Beach the perfect place to easily find your own patch of paradise. The water is very clear with tropic blue waves that are gentle enough for swimming and floating around. There are even changing huts on the beach along with a few bungalows here and there. There are also plenty of great seafood restaurants located on the coast so it's worth staying for dinner and enjoying fresh dishes served up from the vendors lining the beachfront. Car day is another great reason to visit Hoi An where you can soak up all the celebrated cultural and historical sites, then head up to the beach and experience what is often claimed to be Vietnam's most stunning coastal shore. Crystal blue seas and deserted white sands like this are hard to find anywhere else in Vietnam. It’s worth heading to Cua Dai Beach during the week when the sands will be virtually deserted. Weekends, however, tend to get busy. It’s also best to visit from April to August when swimming is the safest.


The Old House of Phun Hung

Get to know the older and quainter version of Vietnam and Hoi An by visiting the old house of Phung Hung, which is nothing lesser than a historic book, yellowed with so many memories and facts of the town’s cultural significance. A tour in the house will take you through the town’s ancient business, trade and local flavours and values. It is one of the architectural buildings of Hoi An and is recently been noted as World Heritage Site. The house is built with 80 columns and is two storied. Each column stands on a lotus base so as to stay clear from fungal or termite growth.
Built in the 18th century few notable features the ancient house homes are Yin Yang Style architecture, especially the convex roofs and the Chinese interiors and furniture which run throughout the house.

Location: Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street

Hours Open: 8: 30 am to 6 pm on all days.

Admission: Free

Yaly Couture-Tran Phu branch

When you are visiting a place you would definitely want to purchase something that is very parallel to their culture. This Yaly Couture-Tran Phu branch shop will not only help you pick up an apparel that is in their traditional form but you can actually get it tailor made for you. The shop also offers the option of choosing your own fabric and getting a dress or shirts made from it at very short notice. The different fabrics on offer are beautiful and most of them have the famous Vietnamese designs on them. The staff in the shop is very patient and warm. They will make sure that you can pick up the exact fabric of choice by showing you many different options. They will also help you to choose the cut that will be best for you. The best thing about this shop is that they are very fast and will deliver your apparel within the stipulated time.

Location: 47 Tran Phu Street, Hoi An, Vietnam

Cam An Beach, Hoi An

Cam An Beach, Hoi An: Cam An Beach, just north of its more popular counterpart, Cua Dai Beach is a pleasantly scruffy alternative to the tourist focused Cua Dai. Ramshackle bars dot the far less visited beach, seen as the local expats beach of choice. Cam An Beach is one of the few remaining stretches of beach that remains mostly unspoiled by development, offering clean blue sea, castaway restaurants, and bohemian beach bars. It flaunts not only the most fabulous island and mountain views that you don’t even need to climb off your lounger to enjoy but also some of the best seafood in Hoi An. And unlike many beach destinations, there is something to do whatever the season, whether you prefer some self-indulgent R&R or an action packed surfing safari. This beach now reigns as Hoi An’s main beach. This little slice of paradise is popular all year round with both locals and tourists alike. During the popular summer months, the local Vietnamese crowd comes here mostly for sunrise swims and sunset family beach barbecues, meaning that during the day it stays quiet.

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What You Should Know More About Hoi An

  • Travel advice

    • You can visit this town by air, bus, or train. You can take local taxis as they are metered and affordable to commute within the town.

    • Throughout Vietnam travel you must always be aware of scams where tourists are lured into taking motor bike rides and ushered to eating joints or pubs.

    • Carry more cash and forget the ATM cards in this town as there are no international ATM card machines in this town.

    • Carry water bottles with you and stay hydrated when sightseeing and touring the town.

    • There are many bag snatchers available in the town. When travelling in taxis or walking, do not expose your bag to the window or leave it unattended.

    • Never lose your cool when bargaining at any local shop. In Vietnam losing your temper means losing the face for both the parties.

    • Do not make videos of their ethnic culture as this is considered an intrusion.

    • Also, never ever take photographs of military figurines or anything related to the military of the town as this is considered a breach of national security.

    • Always remove your footwear at the front door when visiting someone’s home or a holy place.

    • Never point your foot at someone when you are sleeping or sitting.

    • Beware of local scams, as there are many, but do not get paranoid. Only stay cautious when travelling in Vietnam.

  • Drinking Law

    There is no restriction to age for drinking in Vietnam. Do not drink on the streets or public areas, and make loud noises. Respect the locals and drink in pubs and bars only.

  • Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

    Pagodas and historical monuments

    You can visit many pagodas in the town. The Old Town has museums, community halls, temples, and many places to see. You can visit the Japanese Covered Bridge's Pagoda that was constructed in the 16th century and get the exotic architecture and view of the pagoda. You can also visit the Quan Cong Temple which is located in the same town. You can also visit various museums like, Museum of Folk Culture that has plaster sculptures, Hoi An Museum of History and Culture that have bricks and tiles from an ancient period of Vietnamese called the Champa period, the Museum of Sa Huynh Culture has collections of pictures of war heroes and the weapons used during the war. The Cantonese Assembly Hall has dragon statues and backyard.

    Adventure and town tours

    You can go for some water sports activities in this part of the town. You can take to sailing and kayaking in the coconut grooves down the Mr. Phap river. You can also take the famous Vietnam Vespa Hoi An Tours and go sightseeing around the town by yourself. You can also stroll around the town in the night and explore the shops, eatery joints, and nearby areas. You can take motor bike tours to the beaches of the Old Town. You can also take cruises to enjoy the sunset on the waters of the town and enjoy a drink of cocktail. You can, especially, watch the sunset on the Thu Bon River. You can also take the snorkeling tour on the Bai Chong beach.

    Street shopping, spa, and cooking classes

    You can take a massage at any of the spa centers in the town. You will receive herbal treatments, steam baths, and Vietnamese massages at these spas and massage centers. You can also take local cooking lessons available at various places in the town. You can also join the lantern making classes in this town.

  • What you will like there?

    Sightseeing and tours

    There are different types of tours available when you visit this town. You can take adventure tours or sightseeing tours by foot or on the bike. You can stroll on the streets by yourself. Most of the tours in the town do not need a guide. You can get to know of the local areas of viewpoints by yourself. All you need is a map, and some water bottles to stay hydrated while you travel.

    Nearby areas

    You can go on motor bikes and visit the nearby areas like the Cham Island, My Khanh a seaside tower, The Marble Mountains, Lang Co fishing village, and My Son which is one of the oldest heritage sites near this town. This is one of the most modest tours in Vietnam, as it has the bit of everything. Right from swish to budgeted hotels, places of shopping, and diverse tours. This is a favorite pick of most of the tourists who visit Vietnam.

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