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Mount Ngu Binh

The Mount Ngu Binh in Hue is often described as an ascending beauty. The architectural edifice lies on top of the Ngu Binh mountain, exhibiting a picturesque view of a strikingly symmetric figure. The mount is considered to be an invaluable gift endowed by the nature to this city. The area is surrounded by an immense expanse of natural and scenic views that together enhance the enticing attractiveness of the place. Earlier, it was called the Nui Bang. The flat top of the mount is encircled with pine trees on all sides.

 Location: Ngu Binh is a mountain that is located in Vietnam.

 Highlights: The mount Ngu Binh reaches a height of 105 metre with a symmetrical view. On either side of the mount are two small mounts as well. After the perfume river, the mount is considered to be the second best wonder of nature bestowed upon this land.

Tomb of Tu Duc

The tomb of Tu Duc is Hue city is an important landmark that marks the history of another great Emperor of the city. The tomb is the final resting place of the great emperor who happened to be a great ruler as well as a scholar. The tomb had been erected before his actual death. The place is marked as an alluring landmark owing to the presence of a lake, a pavilion and a theatre. The tomb has been divided into a temple area and a tomb area. An ironical feature though lies in a secret location that is the actual burying ground for the emperor, instead of the tomb where he was supposed to be buried.

 Location: The tomb of Tu Duc lies along the perfume rive in the city.

 Highlights: The historical landmark is expressive of the history and culture of the era of the emperor.

 Best time: Any time of the year.

Forbidden Purple City

The Forbidden purple city is a repertoire of history and culture from the ancient era and symbolises the historic relevance of the city of Hue. Today, what remains of the purple city are charred remains of the royal family’s inner sanctum. These remains occupy the area within the citadel. Having been partially rebuilt, the landmark is under consideration for further renovation and restoration projects. When visiting this place, one can observe and explore the various incidents of wars that might have waged through the city, reflecting along every construction.

 Location: The forbidden purple city is located centrally in the Hue imperial city, hence easily accessible.

 Highlights: The forbidden purple city is the place where the emperors and their families used to reside but during waging wars, the precincts were badly destroyed. Hence, basically the city is a collection of ruins.

Best time to visit: All round the year.

Thien Mu Pagoda

The Thien Mu Pagoda is a well known sacred and religious site in the city of Hue. As an important landmark in the city, this pagoda is still in use in the present day by Buddhists. One can reach here via a boat ride, which is an adventure in itself. Once here, one can benefit for the twin views of the surrounding area and the popular perfume lake. The inside of the pagoda offers a nice and peaceful aura for relaxation and exploration. The history of the pagoda is immensely deep so it is a nice place to explore the culture of the city at the pagoda.

 Location: The Thien Mu Pagoda is located on the banks of the perfume river in Vietnam.

 Highlights: The pagoda is highly recognisable as a landmark in the city, consisting of a seven tiered monument and a bell tower.

 Best time to visit: All year

The Mieu

The Mieu in hue city is another prominent landmark of religious sanctity, whereby, a beautiful temple is constructed, eligible for viewing and exploring. The ancestral temple dedicated to the Emperors of the city and was constructed under the kingship of Minh Mang in the year 1823. The divine purpose for the construction of the temple lay in offering a platform for the worship of previous rulers of the Nguyen dynasty. A prominent feature of the temple is the construction of nine urns in front of the temple in dedication to the rulers.


 Location: The Mieu temple is located in the Imperial city in Vietnam.

 Highlights: The temple is a part of a three building complex which is sight to the numerous pictures of the rulers of the Nguyen dynasty. This is a nice place to come and meet knowledgeable monks.

 Best time to visit: Any time of the year.

Thai Hoa Palace

For a city that is filled with repertoire of historical landmarks and sightseeing opportunities, Vietnam does not fail to impress once again with the historical Thai Hoa Palace, which is again, a prominent landmark in the city and a historical castle. Although the palace is nothing too elaborate and alluring at first sight, however, once within the precincts, one will be able to observe and appreciate the numerous symbolic statues that line within the captivating palace. The main entrance of the palace is a glimpse into the rich history of the city. The palace is influenced by the Chinese style of construction and was used in the earlier centuries by emperors for holding relevant meetings and ceremonies.


 Location: The palace is located within the imperial city in Vietnam. Highlights: The palace is also popular by the name ‘Palace of Supreme harmony’. The spacious hall boasts of ornate timber roof construction.

 Best time: All year

Tam Giang Lagoon

The Tam Giang Lagoon in Hue city is a prominent water body that attracts tourists on large scale. The lagoon presents a soulful opportunity to explore the vast expanse of natural beauty and scenic views. This is also the perfect spot to explore the life of local fishermen who make a living off these waters. Sometimes, they will also allow you to join in the fishing and have local sea food too. Although the lagoon is a little away from the city, it is a visit you should not miss. The fishermen will also help you learn about the culture of this place and the history as well.

 Location: The Tam Giang Lagoon is located in the city of Hue in Vietnam.

 Highlights: The quiet and mystic atmosphere of the Tam Giang Lagoon is an impressive state of ambience and is a lovely place to visit.

 Best time to visit: Any time of the year

Truong Tien Bridge

The Truong Tien Bridge in Vietnam is a prominent bridge that marks an important sight and landmark that attracts numerous visitors all round the year. The bridge is a very nice place to observe, especially during the night time when it is lit up with electrifying lights. The prominence to the markets adds glamour to the attraction. Although, the location is just a bridge but holds an immensely deep history as well. The location of the Truong Tien Bridge is apt for taking soulful photographs and observing the place.


 Location: The Truong Tien Bridge spans the distance of the Huong River in the city of Vietnam.

 Highlights: The sparkling bridge is worth a visit during the night time when it is lit in full glory. The changing colours of the light lend a spectacular view of the bridge that is worth the visit.

 Best time to visit: Any time of the year.

What You Should Know More About Hue City

  • About the destination

    Hue is a city in Vietnam, the country famous for providing you vibrant vacations. Once you visit this place, you are guaranteed to have a changed mindset towards life in a positive way as the energy and rejuvenation which you get here is like nowhere else.

    This city is a mix of cultures, where one part is totally developed and happening and the other part is still laid-back, where the rural people live their life in the most pure and simple way. You can visit the ancient palaces and shrines, find yourself a suitable adventure activity or just chill in one of the most happening bistros on the streets. The things you can do in Hue city are infinite, depending on your vacation preference. It is a perfect destination for those who are seeking eight to nine days of sheer revitalizing of their soul without worrying about any stress in life.

    Though travelling in this major city of Vietnam can be exhausting, you are never going to want to stop because the excitement of this city is on a completely different level. It takes you back to the time by showcasing its historic heritage and at the same time, provides you with some of the most vibrant lifestyle and luxury tourism options of the current time.

  • Travel Advice

    • It is a popular tourist destination and hence, there are scammers who try to fool tourists by selling fake accommodation and entertainment schemes. Do not fall for these and refrain from talking to strangers.

    • Do not carry a lot of cash at a time and take care of your personal belongings.

    • It is a place jam-packed with tourists and hence, it is better to book stay facilities in advance.

    • Carry your passport and Visa copy all the time when you are out.

    • Take care of safety measures while on adventure activities.

    • While enjoying the local nightlife, take care of not getting involved in drug related situations.

    • Keep a track of your trekking routes while on them and do not leave your trekking track ad it might make you lose your route.

  • Drinking Laws

    The legal drinking age to consume all types of alcoholic drinks in Hue City is 18 years. There is no strict checking of age proofs, but it is always safe to follow the rules and carry your age proof.

  • Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

    Tu Hieu Zen

    Also known as the root pagoda for the Zen Master, the Tu Hieu Monastery is situated amid an oasis of Lotuses and bamboos and hence, it is a breathtaking site to see this place right from the first glance. A religious shrine of Buddhism and a meditation hub, this place also houses graves of eunuchs of Nguyen Dynasty and has many interesting legends attached to it.

    Huong River

    Known by the name of ‘Perfume River’, the Huong River is one of the most frequented tourist spots in the city. You can go on the sunset cruise and witness the local citadel, riverside temples and tombs while enjoying the special chef-made dinner served on the cruise, along with champagne and traditional Vietnamese cultural activities.

    Nguyen Dynasty tombs

    The seven imperial tombs of Nguyen Dynasty are located across the Huong River. These tombs are temple complexes, stele houses and pavilions from the ancient era, which tell you a lot of historical legends. It is a perfect sight for showing integration of nature and architecture. The tomb of Emperor Minh Mang, located amongst a big lake filled with blooming lotuses is one of the must see tomb here.

    Dong Ba Market

    If you are enthusiastic about tasting different types of local cuisines, this place is going to be a treat for you. Catering to most number of locals, you will find some of the best-tasting local food stalls in this market. You can also shop some of the locally famous fabrics, clothes, jewelry and handicrafts. The foods you can try are bun Bo, Che and other local specialties.

    Vong Kanh Hill

    Vong Kanh Hill is a place where camping enthusiasts are excited to go all the time and this place indeed deserves the attention it gets. A spot among tall standing pine-trees, this place is located on the banks of Huong River, and a serene place to enjoy camping and cooking with your loved ones.

    Le Loi Street

    The Le Loi Street is a picture of the colonial French architecture in the country. This tree lined street located along the Huong River is ornamented with riverside parks where you can enjoy calm evenings and some other luxury entertainment spots like La Residence Hue Hotel and Spa, Truong Tien Bridge and Quac Hoc high school.

    Bach Ma National Park

    Famous as a holiday destination of the French colons, this place is a great escape if you want to enjoy some time in sheer calmness. Some part of this place is a village and some part hosts greenery and moderately dense forests, where number of plant species thrive.

  • What you will like there?


    Despite of the hustle and bustle of this exciting and energetic city, you will find a different kind of positive aura in all the vibes which this city gives you. So, if you are fed up of your daily schedule and are looking for something with which you can unwind yourself, this is a perfect destination for your holidays.

    Adventure activities

    Hue city is a home to an array of adventure activities like trekking, mountaineering, boating, camping and a lot more. No matter what your level of adventure is, you will surely find something for yourself in this vibrant and fun city.

    Shopping hubs

    You will find some of the best apparel, makeup, accessories, kids wear, men’s wear as well as handicrafts and exotic home décor items right on the streets of Hue city. You will also get to shop for some of the best local handicrafts and you will be tired of holding the shopping bags and still not be satisfied with it.

    Vibrant Street life

    If you think that there is nothing exciting about streets, you indeed need to visit here. The vibrant streets with neon lights, small bars and bistros, street food and shopping stall and everything else is just so colorful and magically mesmerizing that you will want to stay on the streets here forever.

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