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Best Places to Visit in Ninh Binh Province in 2019

  • 01 Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex

    Image Credit : Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex
    If you have been long planning for a vacation in Vietnam then now is the time you should definitely visit this destination. Get soaked in the amazing beauty of the region with the spectacular landscape of limestone karst peaks with valleys, partly submerged and surrounded by steep vertical cliffs. The Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex includes Hoa Lư, Tam Cốc-Bích Động, and Bai Dinh Temple.

    Highlights: Framed by the association of some major provincial structural structures and occasions, the zone is interesting in having been attacked and improved by the ocean a few circumstances in the late topographical past yet is currently uncovered ashore. Trang An is a conspicuous place in Southeast Asia and the world which contains plenteous archeological proofs saved intactly, for the most part shells, creature bones, stoneware, stone instruments, kitchen floor and human remains.

    Location: Tràng An, Ninh Nhất, Tp. Ninh Bình, Ninh Bình, Vietnam

    Price: The entry is free of cost.