Queensland Tourism, Australia 2020 (50 Tours & Activities)

Each destination is known for many things but one main attraction of any given destination is the type of land there is. Queensland is one such holiday destination that has it all – from plains, mountains and beaches to the bustling city life one might expect. Covering the entire North-East portion of Australia, visitors will find almost everything over here.

The whole idea of referring to Queensland by its name is because when the Europeans initially entered this city, with them came the elegant Queen Victoria. That is among the main reasons why this place came to be known as the Queens Land.

Bordering the Torres Strait in the North, Queensland consists of numerous primary locations that serve as perfect attractions to those who are planning on going on a holiday. For instance, the Boigu Island off the coast of New Guinea that represents the northern hemisphere of Queensland or the triangular Cape York peninsula that makes up for most of the greenery that lies within this country. The climate over here is quite pleasant as well. A significant variation in the climate is experienced when the switch is made between low rainfalls and hot, extreme summers. Apart from these two, the weather in Queensland is quite commendable and apt for tourist vacations.

Queensland is considered to be one of the most developed cities in Australia. The economic conditions in Queensland are quite flourishing by nature and a little portion of it can be accredited to the city’s tourism industry that has managed to garner so much attention for the city. Transportation wise, most of the country’s primary attractions are quite sorted as the main regions are well connected. There is abundance of hotels, resorts and restaurants that master in making the stay of the tourists as convenient and comfortable as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Queensland

  1. Travel Advice

    • Remain cautious: Australia sure is considered to be one of those safe countries in the whole of world. However, it is better advisable to remain safe than feel sorry later. Make sure you remain well aware of all that takes place around you.

    • Choose the right stay: Before you enter a certain place, you have to ensure that you conduct your share of research regarding the resort, hotel or home-stay you are going to be staying at, the guide you may hire, the basic necessities and other information. Make sure you know it all.

    • Health is wealth afterall: When you visit a new holiday destination, you are probably entering a certain geographical location that your body is naturally not accustomed to. A sudden change in the type of food and water you consume as well as the air you breathe enables your body to take a little longer to adjust to the fluctuations. It is natural for one to fall ill in these circumstances. However, a little care taken by you will help prevent this consequence.

    • Prevent all you can: Queensland is quite developed. However, there are certain areas that are still quite rural by nature. Mosquitoes can become a part of this environment and quite frankly, they breed in city areas as well. They carry diseases such as encephalitis and Ross River fever that can leave you lacking energy. Make use of appropriate insect repellent and make sure your body is properly covered.

    • Drinking laws: The legal drinking age in Queensland is 21. Although there are numerous bars, pubs and resorts that offer alcohol quite easily. Accessibility is not a problem at all. Moreover, buying alcohol after 2 or 3 am in the morning is quite difficult.

  2. Things to do in Queensland

    • Enjoy the Australian history: There are quite a few number of historical gems sprawled all around the city of Queensland. Learn in great depth about the culture and traditions that prevailed in Queensland by visiting the beautiful museums of the city. Step into another world and experience the unique manner in which these places of great history are set up. You will surely not regret a single minute of your time at such locations.

    • Alcohol testing sessions at Bundy Bear: The Bundy Bear located over in Brisbane, Queensland is one of the proudest icons in this holiday destination. This place symbolizes the laid-back attitude of Queensland at the same time giving one the impression of the exciting night-life of the place. Get on an varied alcohol drinks and start a testing or rather drinking session at these places.

    • Camping sessions on Fraser island: One of the largest sand islands in the world is the Fraser Island. This place highlights the ancient forests, blue freshwater lakes and kilometers of incredible natural beauty. This experience is worth one time visit at least. You can fly onto the island or take a ferry to the perfect location. No matter what the transportation means be, make sure you visit this island as well.

    • Adventure tripping on Brisbane’s story bridge: The Story Bridge in Brisbane features among the most beautiful sights of Queensland. Climbing this bridge is perhaps one of the biggest achievement at your holiday in Queensland. This place is among the tallest external buildings in Australia. Climb onto this bridge and indulge in the amazing, life-thrilling adventure trip to Brisbane’s Story Bridge.

  3. What will you like in Queensland

    • Sail the 74 islands: One of the perfect destinations to spend your weekend at is going on a sailing spree through the 74 islands that comprise up the crystal blue Whitsundays. You can hire a luxurious yacht or a bareboat and plan a trip with your mates. What better way than this to spend a holiday like this?

    • Discover the Great Barrier Reef: The Great Barrier Reef is listed as one of the top World Heritage sites. This place is such that should be experienced at least once by everyone. Travel through the spectacular Low Isles coral cay off Port Douglas and try helmet diving through the destination.

    Government website: Queensland Tourism

    Others: https://www.queensland.com/

    Books on Queensland: History of Queensland, The Queen of Colonies.

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