Purling Brook Falls Overview

Purling Brook Falls is a waterfall in the Springbrook National Park known for its unique structure and natural value. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, whose name has been derived from the gurgling sound of the water that rushes down the pool. On your visit to the attraction, visitors can indulge in hiking and trekking activities and explore the other places around the tourist interest.

The Purling Brook Falls can be found in Springbrook National Park, which consists of the Gondwana Rainforest in the South East region of Queensland, Australia. This waterfall is shaped like a horse’s tail and its unique structure and natural value has made it a UNESCO World Heritage site. The name of the waterfall is derived from the gurgling sound of the water which rushes down to the pool of water below.

The area around Purling Brook Falls is also one of the most popular areas to go trekking and hiking. In order to get the best view of the waterfall, you have to take the Purling Brook Falls circuit, which is a 4km long track with 265 steps scattered along the route. You can start trekking from the Springbrook Plateau and slowly move towards the Purling Brook waterfall, cutting through the lush green rainforest and getting to see some incredibly rare species of flora and fauna along the way.

While trekking in and around the Purling Brook Falls, you can also check out the Natural Bridge, which is one of the most famous tourist attractions of the area. The Natural Bridge was created by the erosive force of the water that has flowed over the area for centuries, creating a flatland that has now come to be known as the Natural Bridge.

It is surrounded by basalt caves. There are other breath-taking waterfalls in the vicinity like the Curtis Falls, Goomoolahra Falls and Twin Falls, and mountains like the Tambourine Rainforest Mountain, which is an incredible place to explore and trek through.

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• Visit the Purling Brook Falls in the Springbrook National Park and admire the waterfall's natural value and unique structure.
• Indulge in hiking or trekking activities along a long track of about 4 kilometers with your friends and family at Purling Brook Falls.
• Check out the Natural Bridge on your exploration journey at Purling Brook Falls, which is another one of the renowned tourist attractions in the Springbrook National Park.
• Pay a visit to the Tamborine Mountains and enjoy the breathtaking views of the rainforests and the Purling Brook Falls.
• Encounter some of the rarest species of animals and birds around Purling Brook Falls.
• Explore the other spectacular waterfalls in the area, such as Curtis Falls, Twin Falls, and Goomoolahra Falls.
• Take a tour of the Glowworm Cave to enjoy the most magical experience of your life with the sparkling creatures.
• Get a bird’s eye view of the dense rainforest and click ethereal pictures with your friends and family at Purling Brook Falls to cherish the memory for a lifetime.

How To Reach

Travelling to the Purling Brook Falls from the Gold Coast Airport is relatively easy and convenient, even though there is no direct line of transportation between the two places. The total distance between Gold Coast international airport and Purling Brook Falls is 58.6km.

1. By Bus: There is no direct bus route that goes from Gold Coast to Purling Brook Falls. The most convenient bus route is the 747 bus, which takes you to Robina Town Centre, from where you can take a taxi or a private hired car or a town car to Purling Brook Falls.

2. By Road: One of the quickest ways to go from the Gold Coast Airport to Purling Brook Falls is by driving to Springbrook via M1 highway and State Route 99. It takes around 44 minutes to drive, whether you are taking a taxi, a private car or a town cab to the Purling Brook Falls.

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Best Time To Visit

Any time of the year is actually a good time to visit Purling Brook Falls in Springbrook. The falls remain open throughout the year and are cool and pleasant during the summer and see striking clear blue skies during the winter.

The best time to visit during the day is between 8:00 am and 12:00 noon when you can get a clear view of the falls. The two main seasons in this region are summer and relatively dry winter.

1. Summer: The summer months from October to May are rainy and humid. The average temperature ranges from 29 degrees Celsius in January to 20 degrees Celsius in July.

2. Monsoon: Rainfall is highest during the months of December to March. While the Purling Brook Fall looks quite magical after a heavy shower, it is advisable not to visit the falls when it is stormy, because the chances of landslides also increase during this time.

3. Winter: The Gold Coast experiences bright sunshine during the winter months of June, July and August. The weather remains dry and warm till the month of October and it is one of the best times to visit the Purling Brook Falls to take advantage of its incredible natural beauty.

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Other Essential Information

Hiking to Purling Brook Falls

Hiking through Purling Brook Falls is one of the best activities to engage in when you are visiting the area. The natural beauty of the waterfall and the surrounding Gondwana Rainforest is bound to be the highlight of your entire tour. In order to cover all the exciting spots in Springbrook National Park, you need to dedicate an entire day to hiking through the rainforest.

The distance of the hiking trail that leads to the base of the Purling Brook Falls is 4km and it takes approximately 2 hours to complete the 500m climb. You can finally reach the Purling Brook Lookout from where you will get a panoramic view of the rainforest along with a view of the waterfall dropping straight below and vanishing in the canopies.

To get back to the base of the waterfall, you can continue down the hiking trail through the valleys, creeks and forests till you reach the base of the waterfall. The base of the waterfall, which is also the end of your hiking trail, is a great spot for a picnic, and also incredibly picturesque. However, if you want to hike some more, you can always make your way to Warringa Pool, another scenic spot that is 2km away from Purling Brook.

Places to Visit Near Purling Brook Falls

1. Springbrook Research Observatory: Springbrook Research Observatory is a center of attraction around Purling Brook Falls that offers extraordinary research on space and astronomy. It houses a sturdy telescope through which you can catch a glimpse of the planets and stars closely and gather more information about them. This attraction is a surreal experience of capturing the vast area of the universe that you will cherish forever.

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2. Twin Falls Circuit: Near Purling Brook Falls, you will find a 4 kilometers long track named Twin Falls Circuit that runs through the rainforest. It is a beautiful expanse for bird lovers as they can discover exotic bird species while walking along this trail. This 2-hour long track offers some mesmerizing views of the waterfall that will surely touch your heart.

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3. Best Of All Lookout: As the name suggests, the Best Of All Lookout near Purling Brook Falls offers a spectacular panoramic view of the Springbrook National Park. It is situated on a heightened path so you can witness some of the magnificent waterfalls of the rainforest, including the Purling Brook Falls. The sight of the Antarctic beech trees is also relatively common from the Best Of All Lookout.

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4. Apple Tree Park: If you are fond of natural vistas, you should head towards Apple Tree Park. It is a gorgeous park with an abundance of rare birds and trees. Situated a few distances from Purling Brook Falls, the place serves as a meeting point for a variety of hiking trails.

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5. Natural Bridge: In the western part of Springbrook National Park, you will find Natural Bridge, a cave-like rock formation that has been formed from the cascading waterfalls over the basalt caves. Through this bridge, you can spot plenty of endangered animals and birds, like paradise riflebirds, koalas, sooty owls, cascade tree frogs, and tusked frogs. You can even take a nocturnal guided tour of the surroundings of Natural Bridge near Purling Brook Falls.

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6. Canyon Lookout: Canyon Lookout is another spot in the Springbrook National Park, from where you can witness the gorgeous views of the cascading waterfalls, including the Purling Brook Falls. You can even adore the panoramic views of the entire Gold Coast from the Canyon Lookout.

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7. Hardy’s Lookout: Hardy’s Lookout is another viewpoint in the Springbrook National Park, but it is relatively contemporary and less renowned than the others. It is a beautiful spot to relax and regain your energy for the hikes and treks at the national park. Since there are fewer crowds in this attraction, you can enjoy an uninterrupted view of the Purling Brook Falls from Hardy’s Lookout.

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8. Lamington National Park: Located at a few kilometers' distance from Purling Brook Falls is the Lamington National Park, which houses some of the rarest species of birds and animals. Renowned for its natural beauty, this park features forests, creeks, and waterfalls that can be viewed from the dramatic lookouts in the area. You can even take nature photography for your portfolio at the Lamington National Park.

Traveller's tips before visiting Purling Brook Falls

Before planning a trip to the Purling Brook Waterfall, it is important to keep certain points in mind.

1. Preferably the months of June to October are the best months to visit as the weather remains warm and dry.

2. It is best to avoid a visit to the falls during the rainy season when there is always the chance of landslides.

3. Physical fitness is a key factor for planning a trek to the Purling Brook Falls. There is a lot of climbing and trekking involved, so you must make sure you are physically able to undertake this journey.

4. While packing, some of the compulsory items you must carry include your own supply of drinking water, a good sunscreen, sunglasses, sun hats and insect repellents.

5. Carrying a camera is a must to capture the breath-taking scenic beauty of the waterfalls and the ancient rainforests.

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