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The beauty and richness of Tourist places in Brisbane are what make this great city a magnet that attracts people from all around the globe. One of the best things about Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland is how the government has recognized the city’s value as a heaven for tourists. The wonderfully maintained beaches, the natural attractiveness, the food, the vineyards, and a lot of other aspects of the city will surely satisfy your senses. The cultural scene of Brisbane includes adventure, traditions, and the ever growing metropolitan itself. Located along the Brisbane River, this third largest city of Australia is a home to a huge variety of wildlife. The coexistence of nature only adds to the great diversity of Brisbane, which makes it a city you must visit.

In last decade, Brisbane has become one of the fastest developing cities of Australia. The modern restaurants and bars, the unconventional architectural progress, and the traditional sense of Brisbane offer a perfect tourist destination. Your traveling goals will never be fulfilled if you do not plan to make a trip to this city. And, if you like adventure and danger then Brisbane will be even more attractive to you. Like any other city in Australia, the people here too are always hunting for thrill. This is why the adventure sports are popular as activities in Brisbane and you must take a taste of it.      

The gentle subtropical weather makes the city really comforting. This has made the beaches even more popular among the tourists as there cannot be a better way to spend a sunny day than to lazing around on the sand. The beauty of Brisbane was almost undiscovered until 1982 when the city hosted the Commonwealth Games. The world suddenly came to know about this gem of a tourist destination and it has been busy being so since.  

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People Also Ask About Brisbane

  1. Travel advice

    • Carry your passport wherever you go in the city.

    • Smoking is prohibited in public places like restaurants, malls, etc.

    • The drinking laws are strictly followed. You must produce your passport to buy a drink.

    • Free internet is provided in a few places like the South Bank Parklands.

    • Brisbane is low in crime but you need to take care of your belongings anyway.

    • If any issue comes up, contact the cops as soon as possible. They will approach you in no time.

    • The summers in Brisbane are pretty hot and humid accompanied by sunlight enough to give you sunburns. Don’t forget to carry your shades and apply a sunscreen before going out.

    • Carry your binoculars while travelling to the national parks.

    • Trekking can be done at some places; don’t forget to carry your walking shoes.
  2. Drinking law

    The minimum legal age for drinking liquor is 18 years and this law is strictly followed. You will need to produce your passport in the bars to buy drinks.

  3. What you will like there?

    Natural views

    Brisbane is naturally rich with mountain peaks, rivers, and the most fascinating animal of Australia, kangaroos. You must visit Brisbane if you love nature and wildlife. The mountain peaks offer such great views to the surrounding places. The sunset looks spectacular from the peaks. Last but not the least, the Brisbane River is truly beautiful and the Brisbane authorities have maintained it really well. The Story Bridge, the South Bank Parklands, the Wheel of Brisbane- all have added to the beauty of the river.

    Advanced technology

    Brisbane is a developed city with a lot of technologically advanced facilities to simplify our lives. You will surely appreciate those.


    The locals of Brisbane are friendly, open, and great to spend a time with. If you require any help at any point of time, never hesitate to ask for it from the locals.


    The restaurants in Brisbane are truly amazing. They will serve you fresh and delicious foods to satisfy your taste buds. If you don’t want to try the local cuisine, you will surely get your native cuisine somewhere in the city. Even the street food is sumptuous and healthy in Brisbane.


    The mountain peaks offer an array of options in adventurous sports like trekking, hiking, mountain biking, and a lot of other thrilling activities. If you really want the best of your adventure experiences, ride the claw. You will never ever forget it, is a guarantee. There are a number of adventure parks and amusement parks as well like the Wet ‘n’ Wild Water Park.

    There are a number of wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in Brisbane. The national animal of Australia, kangaroos, is a treat to watch. They are friendly with human and you can even feed them with your hands. The koalas have got a sanctuary of their own and they are really playful. Spend a great time with the soft, furry animals.

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  5. When is the best time to visit Brisbane?

    Brisbane is a warm city. The eight hours of sun during the autumn season is the perfect most time to visit this city. Here are the types of weather to expect throughout the year:


    March to May is autumn in Brisbane. The temperature during this time stays in the early 20 degree C or below. The rainfall starts to disappear and the heat completely vanishes during the period.


    June to August is the winter season in Brisbane. The temperature lingers in the mid 10 degree C. This is also the festival season in Australia, which attracts a huge number of tourists.


    Summer comes from December to February. The temperature stays below 30 degree C.

  6. Which are the major tourist attractions in Brisbane?

    From adventure to sightseeing, Brisbane has a lot to offer to the tourists. If you are planning a trip to the city then you must visit as many attractions as possible. You must not miss the chance to know more about this great city and there are plenty of ways to do that. These are the recommended places:

    • Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary
    • Queen Street Mall
    • Cultural Centre
    • Story Bridge
    • Mount Coot-tha Botanic Gardens
    • Moreton Island
    • South Bank
    • Museum of Brisbane
    • Customs House
    • Gallery Of Modern Art
    • New Farm Park
    • Eat Street Markets
    • Mount Coot-tha
  7. What are the things to do in Brisbane?

    Brisbane is a city that offers a huge variety of things that you can enjoy with your loved ones or all by yourself. These are the ones that shouldn’t be missed:

    • Climb Story Bridge- an adventure that offers a stunning view.
    • Walk around South Bank of the Brisbane River- enjoy the restaurants, entertainment activities, and more.
    • Get a suntan on the Sunshine Beach- the beautiful beaches of Brisbane are unforgettable.
    • Whale Watching- watch the playful, majestic creatures from a boat.
    • Brisbane River cruise- get the best view of the city while relaxing.
    • Visit the Davies Park Markets- enjoy shopping and people watching.
    • Eat and drink- Brisbane has some of the most stylish modern bars and restaurants where you can enjoy the authentic Australian food and drinks.
    • Wildlife visit- hike in the Brisbane Forest Park to feel closer to nature.
    • Visit the galleries- there are a few wonderful art galleries in the city that you must visit.
  8. What is the local food of Brisbane? Which are the best places to taste this food?

    People of Australia enjoy a great variety of food and Brisbane is no exception. To taste the authentic dishes of the city, try these:

    • Gnocchi with pork and fennel sausage
    • Kentucky fried duck
    • Crab lasagna
    • Lamb shoulder
    • Sashimi tacos
    • Bee sting wings
    • Burgers
    • Street food

    To experience these dishes, you have to make sure that you are eating in the right restaurants. There are some really famous old and new restaurants in Brisbane try these ones:

    • Blackbird Bar & Grill
    • Il Centro
    • Regatta Boatshed
    • Jellyfish
    • Sake Restaurant & Bar Brisbane
    • Bacchus
    • Gerard's Bistro
    • Spaghetti House
    • Cha Cha Char Wine Bar & Grill
    • Ecco Bistro
  9. What is the best public transport to commute around Brisbane?

    Brisbane is a modern metropolitan; hence, it’s not surprising at all that the public transport services there are of best quality. You have quite a few choices.  


    There are both paid and free bus services in Brisbane. The suburbs and the inner parts of the city are well connected by the bus routes.


    The ferries in Brisbane are known as CityCats and they are a great way to explore the city by water. This is the most relaxing mode of travel too.


    There is a huge network of electric trains in the city. You can travel fast and hassle free by rail. The train service from airport to the city is quite famous.



    It’s really easy to get a taxi in Brisbane. You can ride one from any part of the city and travel safely.

  10. Which are the best shopping places in Brisbane and what are they famous for?

    You can’t visit Brisbane without spend an entire day shopping. Here are some shopping areas where you can shop till you drop.

    • Queen Street Mall- best for retail shopping for those who like the popular labels.
    • Edward Street- if you are looking for best fashion stores then this is the place.
    • James Street in Fortitude Valley- houses an array of store that offers clothing and accessories.
    • Paddington- from homemade goods and clothing to jewelry and accessories, this place has everything.
    • Brisbane Arcade- this place is not only popular for its boutique shops but it’s also known for being a cultural destination.
    • Boundary Street- to buy some quality vintage clothing items, this is your destination.
    • Direct Factory Outlets at Brisbane Airport- you can find anything here for a very affordable price.  
  11. Which are the best adventure activities to do in Koh Samui?

    Do you like the rush of trying out something scary? If your answer is yes then you are an adventure enthusiast and Koh Samui is the perfect destination for you. Form the dense forest to the blue ocean, the island has some great places to offer you thrill. A lot of tourists come to Koh Samui in search of excitement. If you are one of them then try these activities:  

    • Snorkeling and scuba diving
    • Sea kayaking
    • Kitesurfing
    • Elephant trekking
    • Swimming at Namuang Waterfalls
    • Off road driving on mountain
    • Speedboat ride
    • Yachting
    • Bungee jumping
    • Zipline ride
    • Jungle safari
  12. Which are the famous spots for dolphin and whale watching?

    Dolphin and whale watching are popular among kids and adults alike. If you are in Brisbane then you can enjoy the sights of playful dolphins and the mesmerizing whales from a boat. There are many such services that you can find in the beach areas.

  13. Which are the best sites for camping in Brisbane?

    There is no better way to connect with the nature than camping. Brisbane has some very modern and well planned camping areas where your sense of adventure can be satisfied. However, you have to be sure that the camping sites you pick have proper toilet facilities and are safe. Here is a list of the best ones:

    • Lake Moogerah
    • Lamington National Park
    • Bigriggen Park
    • Cylinder Beach
    • Mount Barney National Park
    • Amamoor Creek
    • Peach Trees Camping Area
  14. Where can I enjoy river rafting in Brisbane?

    River rafting is an adventure sports that’s very popular in Australia. If you are in Brisbane then you can enjoy the trill of river rafting in Tully River and Barron River. You must understand that it’s important for you to know how to do rafting for your own safety.  

  15. Which are the best places for a hot air balloon ride in Brisbane?

    There are some wonderful services in Brisbane that provide you with hot air balloon ride. These services often include meal and champagne too. For a safe and enjoyable journey over Brisbane, you need to make sure that you find a reliable service. These areas are areas to take your ride from:

    • Gold Coast
    • Cairns
    • City of Ipswich
  16. Where can I enjoy rock climbing and rappelling in Brisbane?

    There are both indoor and outdoor options for rock climbing and rappelling in Brisbane. You can surely consider these places:

    • Kangaroo Point / KP
    • Toohey Forest
    • Redbank Plains
    • Springwood Conservation Park
    • Freedom Wall
    • Terrors Creek
    • Moreton Island

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14 February 2020
I was on a honeymoon, and it went great. Me and my partner were very happy after the trip. We started from Gold Coast in early morning. enojyed the cruise in Moreton bay, did snorkeling and kayaking. happy with the services
14 February 2020
I booked moreton island day trip from thrillophilia because i wanted to go for snorkelling. I was very happy after the trip. we clicked so many photos at North point and honeymoon bay. great experience.
14 February 2020
The car was spacious and the driver was very professional. everything was smooth. would Recommend
14 February 2020
We didn't have to wait and take the hassle of booking a car on spot from the airport. Availing Brisbane airport transfers was the best choice.
14 February 2020
Brisbane airport transfers is very important if you are landing in Brisbane as a tourist. We were happy with the services. The car was very comfortable and we did not face any trouble about our luggage
Every aspect of the trip was very smooth. Director provided excellent information on what was upcoming. Local guides were great in sharing personal stories tied in to what was being seen.
14 February 2020
I was surprised to know the complex processes of making beer. xxxx brewery tour gave me a good idea about it. I even got to drink a pint of beer :D
Best beer in Australia! I am a beer lover and xxxx factory fascinated me. They gave me a pint of beer to taste and it was a great experience to taste fresh beer directly from the factory.
14 February 2020
Hi, I just came back from the landing site and my heart is still beating fast. It was a great adventure. I cannot mention how i am feeling. I am very very thrilled. Thank you so much thrillophilia and my instructor for helping me.
14 February 2020
brisbane skydive adventure was amazing. I am an adventurer and it was the greatest experience of my life. It was my dream to skydive and thrillophlia made it possible. THank you so much

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