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Gold Coast Water Sports FAQs

Which are the best water sports in Gold Coast to enjoy?

1. Jet Skiing- Get involved into water sports in Gold Coast and start your adventure by booking a jet skiing ride. There are various options you can look at while choosing for the best jet ski ride. The variation in rides occurs in the number of hours, prices and itinerary. You can hire a jet ski for a duration between 30 minutes to 3 hours at Surfers Paradise, Departs Southport and Main beach. At an average the adventure can cost you between $100 to $400, depending on the hours, number of participants and itinerary.

Cost- between AUD 100 to AUD 400
Duration- between 30 minutes to 3 hours
Location- Surfers Paradise, Departs Southport and Main beach
Timings- 9 AM to 4 PM

2. Snorkeling- Dive into the world of sea creatures on the beaches of Australia and set off on an unlikely adventure of water sports in Gold Coast. Wear all the safety equipment provided to you and make your way to Surfers Paradise, nearby the beach point are located several locations suitable for snorkeling. The most prominent site where you can enjoy diving is on Wave Break Island, where you might be able to spot more than 50 species of fishes.

Cost- AUD 120 onwards
Duration- 4-5 hours
Location- Surfers Paradise, Wave Break Island
Timings- 7:30 AM to 10:30 AM

3. Jet Boat Ride- The most exhilarating water sports in Gold Coast are Jet Boat rides. As you take your seat in a boat, get ready to catch the sights of the landscapes of the coast as well as the ocean at a high speed and feel the adrenaline rush when the boat takes a 360 degree spin. You can book for the exciting Jet Boat ride from the Surfers Paradise and Marina Mirage at a minimum price of AUD $ 60. In an hour- long water expedition you would pass through the landmark locations of South Stradbroke Island and Wave Break Island.

Cost- AUD 60 onwards
Duration- 1 hour +
Location- Surfers Paradise and Marina Mirage
Timings- 9:30 AM to 3 PM

4. Surfing-
Take on the high waves of the mighty ocean of Queensland and enjoy surfing along the 57 km long strip of pristine coastline of the city. You can indulge in the water sports in Gold Coast on the Kirra Beach, Snapper Rocks, Currumbin and Burleigh heads. You can rent the board at Surfers Paradise or at South Stradbroke Island, if you haven’t one with you. After a tiring adventure at the ocean, treat yourself at the local cafes and pubs.

Cost- AUD 20 onwards
Duration- 2 hours and more
Location- Kirra Beach, Snapper Rocks, Currumbin and Burleigh heads
Timings- 10 AM onwards

5. Paddle Boarding- It’s certainly one of the most exciting water sports in Gold Coast which requires you to row a board and maintain your balance while standing. You can rent a paddle board and start with your journey of exploration on the Gold Coast. Take a tour of the beautiful waterways and mangroves of the coast, spot dolphins, catch a turtle or even cuttlefish, if you get lucky you might spot various tropical birds in the mangroves as well.

Cost- AUD 50 onwards
Duration- 1- 2 hours
Location- Tallebudgera Creek, Currumbin Creek Estuary, Kirra Beach
Timings- 8 AM to 5 PM

6. Scuba Diving - Make best of the opportunity of visiting Queensland and dive into the adventure of swimming with the colorful fishes of Australian waters. Indulge in the one of the most fascinating water sports in Gold Coast on the beaches of Wave Break Island. The expedition would last for half a day, your safety would be ensured by a PADI instructor.

Cost- AUD 165 onwards
Duration- 4 hours +
Location- Wave Break Island, Kirra Beach, Snapper Rocks
Timings- 7 AM onwards

7. Parasailing- Indulge in this amazing activity of Parasailing at the Main Beach of Australia and enjoy one of the thrilling water sports in Gold Coast. During the activity all your safety needs would be taken care of, after a series of instructions you would soar 122 meters up in the air you can then enjoy the aerial view of the coast as you barge on the adventure.

Cost- AUD 105 per person
Duration- 1 hour and more
Location- Marina Mirage, Surfers Paradise
Timings- 7 AM onwards

8. Flyboarding- It’s time to show some moves with the water jet and enjoy the waters of Queesland in a new manner. The experience has been added very latestly in Australia and in one of the amazing water sports in Gold Coast. With the pressure of water jets you would raise upto 15 meters in the air, in this 45 minute session you would dive and soar above the water like a dolphin. If you wish to, you can hire the equipment and try the activity yourself as well.

Cost- AUD 200 onwards
Duration- 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes and more
Location- Byron Bay, Surfers Paradise
Timings- 8 AM to 6 PM

9. Kayaking- Get indulge in an intense kayaking session at the Main beach and Wave Break Island in Queensland. You would depart from the Broadwater where you would be briefed about the activity and kayaking techniques. Afterwaters, enjoy sailing through the clear waters, spot dolphins, stingrays and enjoy some of the calming hours in the ocean.

Cost- AUD 65 per person
Duration- 4 hours
Location-Surfers Paradise, Main beach and Wave Break Island
Timings- 7 AM -4 PM

Which are the famous beaches on the Gold Coast for water sports activities?

1. Surfers Paradise Beach- The beautiful white sand beach of Gold Coast is a hotspot for several watersports. The beach is spread over a stretch of two kilometers and is a perfectly safe spot for surfing. You can grill over some dinner at the beach and also enjoy a social gathering around the bonfire. At the beach you can find suitable spots for different activities like surfing, scuba diving, kayaking and much more.

2. Currumbin Beach- The coastal suburb of Gold Coast, Currumbin beach is one of the locations that attracts huge crowds. At the beach are located important sites like the Alley where the Currumbin creek joins the ocean, it’s a haven for people to escape the noise of the city. Take a walk along the Elephant Rock, stroll at the beach or try some of the famous gold coast water sports like surfing and kayaking, the beach has facilities for every activity.

3. Kirra Beach- The beach is one of the renowned spots on Gold Coast, famous for its turquoise waters, pristine stretch of sand and the spiritual home for surfing. There are several cafes on the beach from where you can take your coffee, and enjoy an early morning or late evening stroll on the beach.

4. Coolangatta Beach- Explore the picturesque Gold Coast on the sandy beach of Coolangatta, the glorious sunset and spend an overnight stay around here to enjoy its beachside culture. The beach is an all-time stop for all the surfers and many other water sports like kayaking. You can even find the migratory whales here in the months between September to August.

5. Burleigh Heads Beach- Enjoy the suburb of Gold Coast and dive into its waters to swim against the colorful corals and beautiful fishes. There are two distinct parts of the suburb, on the north-eastern part it’s a narrow coastal area bound by the corals while the southern-western part extends inland along Tallebudgera Creek. You can try surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling and several other activities here.

6. Main Beach- The alluring sandy beach of Gold Coast is the most important beach here as well as the most considered place for surfing and other such Gold Coast watersports. After having some adventure in the waters, enjoy the cafe of Pavillion 34 and treat yourself with delicacies like pineapple fritters, fish and chips.

What are the important things to keep in mind before you go for water sports in Gold Coast?

1. It’s advisable to pack all the beach essential commodities and clothes like a coral safe sunscreen, water bottle, an extra pair of clothes, a towel and other such important things. You must carry this bag with you.

2. The cotton clothes are the most comfortable to enjoy the beach and take a stroll in the heat of summer. You must carry a swimsuit for entering into the waters or other clothes made of nylon.

3. Keep yourself hydrated while enjoying several adventurous sports.

4. Carry a small first aid kit as well as keep your phones charged.

Which are the famous water parks in Gold Coast?

1. The Rockpools- The waterpark is nestled on the Southport of the beach and it’s one of the best places to take your kids to, on a hot sunny day. The park is a good spot for children to enjoy the water adventures like passing through a man-made creek, a great lake for kids to pedal into a swimming lagoon.

Entry Fee- AUD 85 per ticket
Timings- 9 AM to 3 PM between Monday, Wednesday to Sunday; 11 AM to 3 PM on Tuesday

2. Sea World- It’s a marine waterpark in Australia where there are several exhibits of marine animals like jellyfish, electric eel and many other such marvelous creatures. At the park you would delve into several shows and presentations like a dolphin show, an interactive session with the marine animals and seals.

Entry Fee- AUD 110 to AUD 360
Timings- 9 :30 Am to 5 PM

3. White Water World- Welcome to another site where you can indulge in water adventures and enjoy thrilling slides. The park has arranged different rides for those under the age group of 6, others would barge on the rides like that of the Rip, the BRO, triple vortex, the wedgie and much more.

Entry Fee- AUD 90 onwards
Timings- 10 AM to 5 PM between Friday to Sunday; Closed on- Monday to Thursday

4. Wet N Wild Gold Coast- It's Australia's biggest and the best water park where you would explore the thrill rides, take your kids to the family slides and stay at the Cabanas. The heatskipping rides you must not miss at the waterpark are Kaboom, Super Ripper, tornado, aqua loop, constrictor and the black hole.

Entry Fee- AUD 49 onwards
Timings- 10 AM to 5 PM

5. Dream World- The waterpark has several things to enjoy like various rides, an ultimate day out with the native animals of Australia, water enthusiasts can certainly try the slides and families can visit the Dream World where there are arranged activities for groups of all ages.

Entry Fee- AUD 89 onwards
Timings- 10 Am to 5 PM, daily

Can you jet ski to the Great Barrier Reef?

Yes, you can enjoy Jet ski as well as snorkeling over the Great Barrier Reef. You can book the experience online and pick from the best options that suit your preference of duration, timings, cost and other such itinerary.

Which are the best spots for surfing in Gold Coast?

In Gold Coast you would come across several spots where you can enjoy surfing like Currumbin Alley, Burleigh Heads, Surfers Paradise, Wave Break Island, Tallebudgera Creek and several others. The sea is mainly calm at these spots with occasional high waves, beginners can practice surfing here while experienced surfers face the challenge of the waves.

Gold Coast Water Sports Reviews

Kalinda Verma
Reviewed: 16 Feb 2020
Alex took care of me while I was surfing. He was so friendly and knowledgable and helped me learn from scratch. He even showed us his skills which were amazing. I would recommend beginner surf experience in Gold Coast to all.
Balaaditya Malik
Reviewed: 16 Feb 2020
Being a beginner I was worried about availing this tour at first. But Thrillophilia did what it promised. I was so excited when the experience started. I could learn the basics of surfing and show off my moves to all. Thank you Thrillophilia for this package.
Achyut Tandon
Reviewed: 16 Feb 2020
The ground staff which helped us throughout this package was super friendly and supportive. We enjoyed thoroughly and had a great overall experience. I personally liked parasailing and will recommend to all the travellers.
Chakravartee Butt
Reviewed: 16 Feb 2020
We chose jet ski and flyboarding option on this tour and are very happy with the experience. Flying above the waters and in the middle of beautiful views added a cherry to the cake. Thank you thrillophilia for providing Gold Coast water sports combo ticket at cheap prices
Dhana Guha
Reviewed: 16 Feb 2020
The person who took us with the whole process, Dave was very friendly and know it all person. The city from the waters looked very adorable. Of course, I had an adrenaline rush and created lots of memories with all the people there.
Uma Jha
Reviewed: 16 Feb 2020
I could feel the flashes running through my body and I still have the goosebumps while remembering it. It was an amazing hour full of fun and adventure. Jet boat ride in Gold Coast is truly recommended to all

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