Tamborine Mountain Overview

Tamborine Mountain is the perfect escape from the heat of the Gold Coast and this picturesque mountain destination is popularly known as the "Green behind the Gold". This enchanting mountain village is located on a mountain plateau and it is surrounded by evergreen rainforests and cascading waterfalls. Tamborine Mountain is a great place to explore nature, indulge in some locally made wine, beer or gin while you enjoy the mesmerizing sunsets.

Right behind the city of Gold coast on a quaint escarpment, about 62 km from Brisbane in Australia sits the gorgeous Tamborine Mountain. It is one of the most tourist-friendly spots in the world. The name Tamborine mountain is given to both the actual mountainous structure that has been formed as a result of lava output from Mount warning, a nearby volcano, and the many small towns and villages that lie along a narrow 8 km ridge of the mountain’s foothills. 

One of the primary reasons for the Tamborine mountain being a holiday attraction for both tourists and locals alike is that it is one of the greenest and calmest places in Australia. It is known for offering people the opportunity to escape the busy streets of the city while also being relatively close to it.

The deep volcanic soils of the mountain sit 550 m above the sea level and create excellent conditions for exotic flora and fauna. The subtropical climate of the hill is pleasant with appropriate rainfall throughout the year. If for nothing else, tourists visit the mountain just to have a look at the fantastic variety of plants and animals living in the region.

With some gorgeous waterfalls, beautiful botanic gardens, and walking trails, Tamborine mountains offer tourists a host of choices when it comes to activities. The view from the mountain and the surrounding highlands is equally appealing, for a bird’s eye view of Brisbane, Gold Coast and Mount Warning are seldom available elsewhere.

For the residents of this slightly rural area, several facilities are available including ambulances, schools and recreational means. As a tourist, you are sure to love the rustic yet modern outlook of the region.

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How To Reach

1. By Car: Tamborine Mountain is about halfway between Brisbane and Gold Coast and if you are driving from Brisbane then you need to get on the Pacific Motorway South and drive to Exit 57 after Dreamworld. If you are heading to Tamborine Mountain from the Gold Coast then get on the Pacific Motorway then Exit 57 after Movieworld. 

2. By Bus: Bus number 721 and 727 stop near Tamborine Mountain. The journey takes approximately 2 hours 7 minutes. 

3. By Train: Trains are available from Central Station Brisbane Queensland to North Tamborine. The journey takes about 2 hours and trains are available every 30 minutes.

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Best Time To Visit

Summers (September to February) is the best time to be in this part of Australia. The state of Queensland in which Tamborine mountain is located is called the sunshine state of Australia because, in this region, you can get plenty of the warm sun without the harshness or humidity that exists over the northern areas. The bright blue skies make activities like hiking and sightseeing very easy.

Winters usually involve light frosting in the region. While there is no harm in touring the Tamborine mountains during this time, the cold climate can make sightseeing or walking around the area difficult.

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Other Essential Information

Highlights of Tamborine Mountain

On both sides of the mountain, visitors can enjoy gorgeous views. There are plenty of rainforest-like areas, the greenery of which strikes beautifully against the vast blue skies. 

Craft and antique shops, wineries, galleries, restaurants and tearooms are all popular tourist attractions of the region. In reality, the entire Tamborine mountain and the people residing nearby are very artistically oriented, making the neighbourhood look like it has emerged out of a gorgeous painting. 

There are quiet streams and crystal waterfalls around the region. Several natural parks also dot the ridge of the mountain. 

Commercial horticulture allows tourists to observe local industries, while the wide variety of flora and fauna is a treat to the eyes. The cedar creek falls, witches falls, and botanic gardens are some of the most well-known spots of the area.

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Shopping on Tamborine Mountain

As a shopping enthusiast, you will find yourself in heaven when you visit Tamborine Mountain. There is an exclusive street dedicated to only shopping. The main shopping street of Tamborine Mountain is called Gallery Walk. While most significant shops and boutiques are located along the Gallery walk, you can easily find plenty of other shops along the neighbouring streets as well.

Some of the primary things that you can shop for on the Tamborine mountains include jewellery, locally handcrafted gift items, clothes, utensils, food, chocolate, wine, beer and vodka, coffee beans and cellar doors. Art galleries also line the streets aplenty.

If you want to shop for some paintings or wall hangings to take home with you, you can easily visit the antique shops or the numerous art galleries on the street. The award-winning vodka made in the region is also available in plenty of alcohol shops. 

You can also shop for delicious local spices, cheeses, homemade chocolates, fudge, and jewelled stones. Some of the chief shops you can visit in the region include Flights of Fancy, Witches Chase Cheese Company, Tamborine Dreaming, Fortitude Brewing Co. and The Fountain of Juice. Apart from these, the wide variety of shops available on the street will please both your shopaholic and aesthetic selves.

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Accommodation on Tamborine Mountain

1. Avocado Sunset Bed and Breakfast: Nothing is better than waking up in a quaint yet luxurious B&B in the morning, only to hear chirping birds and cascading waterfalls. The Avocado Sunset Bed and Breakfast is 4.5-star accommodation near the Tamborine mountain equipped with world-class facilities and serving residents a delicious breakfast.

Located on the Gold Coast Hinterland, this B&B has a shared relaxing room with a fireplace and four separate guest rooms filled with vintage décor. The rooms offer gorgeous views of the surrounding greenery.

2. Witches Falls Cottages: If you are someone desiring absolute privacy while on vacation, this place is the most appropriate accommodation in Tamborine Mountain for you. The Witches falls cottages are a collection of private cottages that can be rented out for the duration of your trip.

There is absolute privacy in the woody yet modern decor of the cabins. Everything from breakfast to lunch is delivered to your doorstep to give you complete privacy. Stay here if you want a touch of nature and some quiet time with your loved ones.

3. Cedar Creek Lodges at Thunderbird Park: A trendy wedding resort and accommodation spot of the region, this place will open up the rainforest beauty of Tamborine mountains to you. It comes with self-catering options and contemporary rooms that are filled with all the amenities that you might need during a vacation. It has spas, wooden fireplaces, balconies, rooftop and dine-in restaurants, golf course, horse trail rides and a gorgeous banquet.

4. Seaview Farm: The extremely popular Seaview farl lies in the heart of the tambourine mountain region and offers 180degree spiral views of the gold coast and the surrounding tambourine region. The picturesque and private farm looks right out of a movie set and is a perfect accommodation setting if you want to enjoy some quiet time w=away from the city’s hustle.

You can enjoy an evening of soaking in the hot tub or head out for some shopping at the nearby gallery walk.

5. Hampton Estate: With sweeping views of the Gold Coast hinterland, Hampton estate is one of the most elegant motels in the tamborine mountain area. It is constituted of noble and striking white houses contained within sprawling green manicured grasses.

It is often the chosen spot for local weddings and family functions. The Hampton estate is also known for producing award-winning wines from its private winery. As a guest, do not forget to try out these exotic wines. 

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Eateries at Tamborine Mountains

There are numerous eateries and food joints to satisfy the hunger of curious travellers. Below is a list of some of the best eateries near and around Tamborine Mountains.

1. Three Little Pigs Bar and bistro: If you are looking for upscale dining options in the heart of Tamborine mountains, visit the three little pigs restaurant. It is a vintage bistro serving excellent food and wine and features a cosy deck sitting along with a fireplace. While there, do not forget to try the crispy pork belly and the sweet pork. If you are visiting on the weekends, book tables in advance to avoid standing in long queues and ruining your romantic night out.

2. The Rainforest Restaurant: One of the homiest yet upscale restaurants in the region, the rainforest restaurant will provide you with hearty Australian dishes to make your day. The lovely ambience is graced with a beautiful fireplace, and the food is sure to be a treat to your taste buds. While there, try their signature platter for two or the breakfast buffet. You can even try out the amazing cocktails that will remind you of the subtropical climate you are in.

3. Cedar Creek Estate Vineyard and Winery: The Cedar Creek Estate is a must-visit restaurant on your trip to mount Tamborine. This gorgeous lakeside restaurant has outdoor dining facilities, which are especially delightful during the day. Try their locally brewed wines with some steak or Devonshire tea. This place is a popular spot for hosting destination weddings and features wines from different boutique wineries across Queensland.

4. The Bearded Dragon: With a scrumptious menu of local dishes and hearty food, the bearded dragon is sure to make your hungry stomach content, and your taste buds delighted. Visit this place on Saturdays and Sundays for a typical Tamborine breakfast or enjoy a special meal of the day dishes prepared by the excellent chef. Do not forget to try some recipes a la carte. Reserve tables in advance if you are visiting in the evenings or on weekends.

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Tips for Visiting Tamborine Mountains

Your trip to Tamborine mountains will be more comfortable if you follow the below-mentioned travel tips.

While on hiking tours along convoluted trails, wear comfortable shoes like sneakers or running shoes to avoid discomfort to your feet.

If you visit during the summer, wear light cotton or chiffon clothes to avoid being extremely uncomfortable.

Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, especially if you are on a walking tour or are sightseeing.

While shopping, carry your backpack or a small bag with yourself to avoid having different shopping bags.

Get to the visitor information centre if you are confused about any part of your trip. Take help from the locals and the police authorities in the region to remain safe at all times.

Avoid leaving your accommodation for walking or hiking tours unaccompanied, especially during the evenings. 

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Point of Interest for Tamborine Mountain
Rainforest Skywalk

Rainforest Skywalk

One of the most prominent features of Tamborine mountains is its rainforests. The entire mountain is covered by dense canopies of wild trees underneath which an exotic variety of plants grow. The exquisite Reaching Surfers paradise from the Gold Coast airport is easy and can be done in a lot of ways like take a Line 777 bus or Line 705 bus to get directly to Surfers Paradise, Simply take a shuttle to reach Surfers paradise, Hire a car rental and drive to Surfers paradise.

Follow locations on the GPS, Take a taxi from the airport to Surfers paradise.rainforest Skywalk is one of the most exciting and wholesome ways to experience the rainforest canopies of the mountain. Right beside the striking clear rock pools of cedar creek sits a 30-acre vast rainforest which is privately owned.

This rainforest is host to the magical skywalk offered to tourists on Tamborine Mountain. The 1.5 km walk consists of rough ground trails through the forest, high steel bridges over the canopies, and a cantilever bridge located 30 metres above the creek and the rainforest. At the Skywalk centre, you will find eating, wheelchair and loo facilities.

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Thunderbird Park

Thunderbird Park

Thunderbird Park is one of the most adventurous and beautiful parks in the world. Here, tourists can find a range of onsite adventure activities like finding gemstone filled thundereggs, meet thunderbird’s rock expert named Rockodile and climb cable ladders. With a wooden fired pizza oven, an amazing restaurant called the Terrace Kiosk also lies in the thunderbird park.

You can balance on rope bridges, crawl through tunnels, catch flying foxes, do jumps from exciting heights and manoeuvre on suspended trunks. Horse trail riding, bushwalking and playing laser skirmish are some other activities that can be enjoyed both solo and with friends and family or in a tourist group. At the end of your day filled with adventure, you can have some delicious pizza here.

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Tamborine Mountain Distillery

Tamborine Mountain Distillery

The Tamborine Mountain distillery is set against the picturesque backdrop of lush green subtropical forests and spanning greens atop a gorgeous mountain. It is a boutique distillery pleasing tourists with its exotic Liqueurs, Eaux-de-vie, Vodkas, Schnapps, Rum, and gin. It is set in an Elizabethan Tudor style building that will remind you of old-world English charm.

A wide range of liqueurs and spirits can be tasted and taken home from here, making your visit to the Tamborine mountain a memorable experience. It is a boutique distillery pleasing tourists with its exotic Liqueurs, Eaux-de-vie, Vodkas, Schnapps, Rum, and gin. 

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The Glow Worm Caves at Tamborine Mountain

The Glow Worm Caves at Tamborine Mountain

One of the most popular tourist attractions of Tamborine mountains, the glow worm caves are the ultimate treat to your artsy soul. It is one of the most aesthetic sights in the world, with a cave filled with naturally glowing worms.

Located at the Cedar Creek estate vineyard and winery, the glow worm caves feature the Arachnocampa Flava, a species of glow worms native to Queensland. Stalactites, stalagmites and flowstone features are all present within the caves, making them appear surreal and fantastic. In a single 30 minute tour of the caves, the hosts will tell you all about the worms natural lifecycle, habitat and eating habits. 

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The Tamborine Mountain Botanic Gardens

The Tamborine Mountain Botanic Gardens

The Botanic gardens at Tamborine Mountain combine the best of nature in the form of local and exotic flora sprawled across a massive stretch of land dotted with trails. The Botanic gardens are a collection of different themed gardens that feature plants from various parts of the world. Established in 1983, these gardens have grown to become an immense tourist attraction.

While in the garden, you can enter the boardwalk through the Temple dog gate. Check out the Lion Dog breeds which initially came from China and are believed to ward off evil spirits. Do not forget to take a walk to the Thai Salah where you can have a look at beautiful goldfish and then visit the palm grove by crossing the mini bridge in the gardens. If you wish, bring yourself a picnic basket and enjoy a day out with your family.

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 Tree Top Challenge

Tree Top Challenge

Tree Top Challenge is a tourism company offering guided zipline tours of the Tamborine Mountain Cedar Creek Falls Regions. You can easily zipline across the canon flyer range and enjoy the most adventurous vacation of your life as you collaborate with Tree Top Challenge. Fly with staggering speeds across the lush green hills on a cruising zipline.

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 Margaret Goldsmith Art and Glass Studio

Margaret Goldsmith Art and Glass Studio

This is a boutique artist’s shop located in the Tamborine Mountain region. They specialise in creating stunning art pieces on glass. Shop for beautiful paintings and art and craft from Margaret Goldsmith, the artist owner of this studio. You can also shop for paintings and specialized glasswork depicting local cultures.

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Tamborine Dreaming

Tamborine Dreaming

Shopping for indigenous art is easier than ever in this beautiful art studio called Tamborine Dreaming. Shop for handicrafts, skincare and uggs from here.

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Under the Greenwood Tree

Under the Greenwood Tree

Under the Greenwood Tree is an independent bookshop and art gallery located in the Tamborine Mountain region. Shop for bestsellers, local fiction and non-fiction and unique pieces of art at this mind-blowing bookshop that exudes natural elegance. 

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Tamborine National Park

Tamborine National Park

A part of the scenic rim in South East Queensland, the Tamborine National Park lies along the ridged plateau of the Tamborine Mountain. With a smorgasbord of landscapes to explore, this national park is a must-visit for any tourist who frequents the Tamborine mountain.

An essential wildlife refuge consisting of red necked pademelons, large land mullets and a wide variety of avian life are all housed within this park. Most animals here are refugees of the surrounding urban developments, and some are endangered or carefully preserved species.

Albert's Lyrebird, bats, owls and gliders are all familiar sights in this national park. In total, there are six park sections that you can explore. These include - Cedar Creek, MacDonald, Joalah, The Knoll, Palm Grove and Witches Falls. Other sections that form the spanning national park include Lepidozamia Grove, Panorama Point, Pirralilla, Guanaba, North Tamborine, Corbould and Dunlop. 

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Cedar Creek Section

Cedar Creek Section

Visit the Cedar Creek section for a view of waterfalls and visits to places like the Thunderbird Park. The towering eucalyptus forest of the Cedar creek has restricted access to some rock pools to ensure tourist safety. Be sure not to visit these sections while on your tour.

Parking is available and encouraged at Cedar Creek. However, access to minivans and buses is denied. There is a small uphill climb to get to the eucalypt forest from the dry forest below.

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Joalah Section

Joalah Section

In the Joalah section, you can hear the loud cries of the male Albert Lyrebird in the winters. The Curtis falls bent over the basalt columns of the section find a home in a large rock pool. You cannot swim in the rock pool as the authorities prevent the activity for safety reasons.

As you walk further into this section, you will see piccabeen palm-fringed creeks covered by giant strangler figs and basalt rock faces covered with moss. At this section, even larger vehicles can be easily parked. Go to the Dapsang Drive car park to access this section of the Tamborine National Park.

The Curtis Falls track is the best hiking track of the division and begins at the wet eucalypt forests beneath the flooded gums. Crows nest and staghorn ferns can easily be spotted on the canopies of this trail. The return from the train is an uphill climb.

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Palm Grove Section

Palm Grove Section

 The Palm Grove section, named after the piccabeen palm is another treat to watch as you visit the National park. In this section, some picnic tables are also available for you and your family. As you traverse through the convoluted trails of this section of the Tamborine National park, you will witness the cathedral buttress roots and bioluminescent fungi. The buttressed yellow caribbeans are also distinctive sights of this section.

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Mac Donald Section

Mac Donald Section

The MacDonald Section is one of the quietest regions of the Tamborine National Park and is perfect especially for birdwatchers. This place was named after Jessie Mac Donald who donated this area to the Tamborine national park authorities in 1933.

It is a flat loop trail with a ferny understory and a tangled wine canopy. Although sheltered picnic tables are scattered across this region, there are no nearby toilet facilities available. After your trails are over, take the corner of the Long road to find yourself at the gallery walk, one of the most popular shopping streets of Australia. 

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Hang Glider Lookout at the Tamborine Mountains

Hang Glider Lookout at the Tamborine Mountains

There is nothing better than waking up to scenic sunrises of the Australian skies and going to bed with memorable sunsets. The Hang Glider Lookout at the Tamborine Mountain is one of the most gorgeous places to explore for nature lovers.

While experiencing one of the most beautiful natural wonders of the world, you can bask in the warmth of a colourful sunset. The Hang Glider lookout will also treat you to once in a lifetime views of the Great Dividing Range and the Scenic Rim. 

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Knoll Park Lookout

Knoll Park Lookout

The knoll Park Lookout is one of the quieter sunset-watching spots of the Tamborine Mountain region. It is as spectacular as the locale itself and will treat the hues of auburn as the mighty sun descends the skies. Here, you can also enjoy some barbecue or romantic picnics while watching the skies.

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The Show Grounds

The Show Grounds

If you want to explore the Tamborine Mountain region in true local fashion, do not forget to visit the Show Grounds. This market is open every Sunday from 7 am to noon at the Green Shed and is home to the Local Producers. At the Actual show grounds, the country markets find a home. It is an ideal place to be on Sunday noon if you want to shop for some fresh produce and some exotic local grains and spices. 

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Tourism Board Alliances

Tamborine Mountain FAQs

How far is Tamborine Mountain from Gold Coast?

The distance between the gold coast airport and Tamborine mountains is 58.6 km. The distance from the Gold Coast centre is lesser and can be covered in roughly 30 to 45 minutes with a car or a taxi. You can also take buses or shuttles running between the two places.

How far is Tamborine Mountain from Brisbane?

Tamborine mountain lies about 74.1 km from Brisbane. It takes about an hour to cover that distance if you take a car rental or a taxi. With shuttles, buses and other forms of public transport, the travelling duration between these two places can increase.

Is Tamborine Mountain a good place to live?

Living in the Tamborine mountains is extremely rewarding. You are close to nature in every possible way away from the hustle and bustle and of city life. There are great restaurants, wineries, distilleries and cafes in the area, treating you to a variety of cuisines from around the world. The scenic beauty of Tamborine mountains is best encased in the many waterfalls, botanic gardens, and natural parks lying on the ridge of the hill. In case you want to shop for things of daily or occasional use, you can simply head to gallery walk or frequent a small weekend market. Moreover, the influx of tourists from around the world is rewarding for residents wanting to learn more about global cultures while fostering excellent businesses driven by tourism.

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Reviewed: 19 Nov 2022
everything was just perfect!!!
Garima Shrestha
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The best experience me and my husband had while in Goldcoast. Would definitely try it again 
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