Springbrook National Park Overview

Springbrook National Park is a spectacular verdant alternative to the typical gold and blue scenery of the Gold Coast. The park is famous for its beautiful scenery, cascading waterfalls, meandering creeks running between trees and hundreds of rare and unique varieties of flora and fauna. The park is just a 40 minutes drive from the main hub of Gold Coast.

Springbrook National Park located a few kilometres away to the South of Brisbane is a perfect getaway from the popular tourist spots with a lot of commotion and merrymaking. As the name suggests, it is a vast area surrounded by mesmerizing falls, lush green forests with a lot of adventure for the tourists and this is one of the best places to visit in Gold Coast.

The park is mainly famous for its rainforests which is a primary source of attraction and is also known to shelter some of the most exotic species of plants and animals in their natural habitat. Situated in and around a plateau to the South of Brisbane, this national park is divided into various sections, each of them offering something distinct to be explored by the tourists.

Starting from boating to hiking, Springbrook National Park will never disappoint you in terms of all that it has to offer. You can simply stroll around the national park enjoying the lovely view of the surrounding it enfolds and also enjoy the purest delicacies from the cafes located inside.

The overall aura of the place owing to its natural beauty and geographical diversity is what has attracted tourists all over the world. Be it the wild lilies blooming around the stream or waterfalls, the variety of migratory birds chirping all around or even the exotic animals that play around freely, this park has become one of the most popular tourist spots over the years in Brisbane. Thus, if you are a nature lover, fond of wildlife, this is the perfect place for a day trip amidst the beauty and serenity of the area.

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• The park has many walking trails which offer amazing scenery and beautiful photo opportunities.
• One of the highlights of the park is the beautiful cave waterfalls which is a 30 to 40 minutes walk accessible on the way to the Natural Bridge.
• You can join a night tour or just go out by yourself so you can see the beautiful glow worms that are only visible at night time.
• There are many designated picnic areas in the park which visitors can use. Some of these also have barbecue facilities.
• There are several dining options serving cafe style food with a view.
• You can also experience camping in the woods, with a bonfire and amazing night life in the forest with accessible washroom facilities available.
• Springbrook National Park is a major hub of natural diversity and it is home to hundreds of different species of trees, animals like koalas, lizards, parrots and more.

How To Reach

Springbrook National Park is roughly 30 kilometres away from the Gold Coast Airport.

1. By bus- line 760 bus takes you to Springbrook National park from the Gold Coast Airport. It generally takes around 45-50 minutes to reach Springbrook National Park from Gold Coast Airport.

2. Taxi- You can either reach the sport via taxi which costs slightly more than a bus, however, the time taken by a cab is lesser than that of a coach.

3. Travel agencies- There are also travel agencies which run their cars often known as town cars which drop you to Springbrook National Park and also take you back to the Gold Coast Airport.

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Best Time To Visit

You can visit Springbrook National Park any time of the year. However, the best time to visit the place is during the months of December to March if you want to see the most in terms of floral bloom and faunal activity.

1. December - March: Have longer hours of daylight which helps you to explore the park more. Not only that, these months provide the perfect climate for the growth of various exotic flowers along with most migratory birds coming to the area during this time.

The months from December to March also have the most favourable climate with minimum humidity and extreme temperatures, which help you to explore the Springbrook National Park to your heart’s content.

2. April- November: Daylight hours are shorter; hence you get to see maximum glow worms during this period. You can also enjoy a bonfire within the national park premises.

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Other Essential Information

1. Location- Springbrook National Park is located 100 km away from the South of Brisbane and 30 km from Brisbane.

2. Timings- Springbrook National Park is open throughout the day and you can visit it 24 hours. However, you should visit it during the daytime to ensure your safety as well as to explore the most.

3. Fees- you need to pay a fee for camping at Springbrook National Park. The fees are as follows- 

- 6.65$ for adults and 26.60$ for families.

- 3.65$ for students along with adults only if tehya re on an educational excursion.

4. Facilities for visitors- visitors are provided with basic sanitary and security facilities.

- There are toilets all around the park. 

- There are also a few numbers which you can dial in case you have an emergency.

- Wheelchair facilities along the walking trails.

5. Distance from the Gold Coast airport- Springbrook National Park is located at an approximate distance of 45.8 km which would take you around 25 minutes to reach from the Gold Coast Airport. 

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Springbrook section

The Springbrook National Park is divided into four different sections-

1. Springbrook section- The Springbrook section extends from Mudgeeraba to Nerang. The Pacific motorway exit at Mudgeeraba is along the Gold Coast Springbrook road while the exit in Nerang takes the Nerang-Murwillumbah road following the Pine Creek Road. Both the roads wind up and down the plateau offering a mesmerizing scenic beauty of the surroundings.

2. Natural bridge section- There are various pathways that take you to the natural bridge section which ultimately leads to the arch shaped cave. You can either take the Pacific motorway, the Nerang Mudgeeraba road or the Gold Coast Springbrook road depending on the amount of time you can afford.

All these roads leading to the natural bridge are scenic and distinct in terms of their surrounding beauty. The path from Springbrook plateau to Mudgeeraba is however, the shortest and is approximately 47km and therefore, the fastest way to reach the natural bridge section.

3. Mount Cougal section- This is a small section in Springbrook National Park which solely protects the tropical rainforests of the national park. It also comprises two peaks and the Currumbin and Tallebudgera creeks. This place provides a beautiful view of the Currumbin Valley.

You can either go for a drive around the Currumbin valley or enjoy a picnic beside one of the creeks. You would also get to see a number of exotic species like the water dragon, brush turkeys, sooty owls and lots more.

4. Numinbah section- Though this section does not have walking trails, it shelters the maximum number of species in Springbrook National Park and is perfect for spending a holiday or a picnic. If you visit the section during winter you can plan for a bonfire amidst the dense forests enjoying some barbecue snacks as you relax.

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Travelers’ tips for visiting Springbrook National Park

Here are a few tips that tourists should follow while they visit Springbrook National Park-

1. Do not take pictures of the animals, especially with flashlights.

2. Do not feed the animals.

3. You should keep the premises of the park clean and dispose your waste 

4. Pets are not allowed inside the park.

5. Choose your walking tracks carefully based on your capacity.

6. Try to avoid dangerous spots without guidance, especially at night.

7. Make sure you know the emergency numbers which you can use if you are in danger.

8. You can use the MyRanger App for detecting your location and also for getting an entire map of Springbrook National Park in your phones.

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Point of Interest for Springbrook National Park
Goomoolahra Falls

Goomoolahra Falls

This is one of the most beautiful things that you can visit when you are in Springbrook National Park. The falls is 100 meters from the car park area and provides a mesmerizing view of the entire plateau.

The birds’ eye view of the entire area of the national park along with the Goomoolahra falls is what makes the place popular. There’s also a small creek around it which is popularly used for family picnics and merriment.

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Canyon Lookout

Canyon Lookout

This provides a view of the valley where Springbrook National Park is situated. It also leads you to a 4km walk toward twin falls, one of the longest trails in Springbrook National Park and also a major tourist attraction.

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Natural Bridge

Natural Bridge

Constructed over the Nerang Murwillumbah Bridge, this bridge provides a walking path of 1 km leading to one of the most mesmerizing arch shaped natural caves. This cave is home to a number of birds and insects. The bridge is set amidst a dense growth of pine and fir contrary to the rainforests on the other side and this mutual natural exchange is one of the rarest phenomena that the Springbrook National Park upholds.

You can see a number of glowworms blooming inside the cave on summers soon after sunset along with the shrill cries of several birds. The overall eerie atmosphere and the silence of the surroundings provide you with an adventure you cannot imagine. The surroundings of the cave are perfect for some relaxation between your tour in Springbrook National Park.

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Purling Brook Falls

Purling Brook Falls

This falls straight land up amidst the rainforests. The 109m falls is something worth watching from above as it gushes into the lush green forests. If you are lucky enough, you might catch a few exotic birds and insects around the falls. The sound of the water hitting the boulders, the view from the top along with its surrounding is something that would remain etched in your heart forever.

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Dancing Waters Café

Dancing Waters Café

This is located right beside the car park near Purling falls. Set amidst the mesmerizing natural beauty, this café serves you with some of the best salads, soups and other delicacies. You can either sit on the sun deck or near the open fire depending whether you visit Springbrook National Park in Spring or Winter. The warmth of the food along with the sound of the waterfalls just beside it provides you with one of the most awaited experiences in Springbrook National Park.

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The Twin Falls

The Twin Falls

This is one of the most popular places to visit when you are in Springbrook National Park. If you visit the park during Spring, you would hear the water gushing down with all its force and the rocks on the top are the best place to enjoy a break amidst the breathtaking beauty of the surroundings. It also forms the beginning of the longest walking trail in Springbrook National Park.

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Walking Tracks

Walking Tracks

Springbrook National Park has several walking trails for you to walk and explore the beauty of the area. The walking tracks vary in length ranging from 300 meters to 54 km. A person with ordinary fitness would require around 20 minutes to walk 1 km, and you should calculate how much you can walk on this basis.Additionally, you can choose your walking track according to your choice of terrain. All the walking tracks have a lot to offer in terms of adventure, and thus, it is essential that you choose which section would you want to walk and explore.

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Guided Tours

Guided Tours

Many travel agencies offer you tours, especially during the night inside the Springbrook National Park. These guided tours can be really beneficial in terms of what to explore and how. Further, these guided tours often take you to the natural bridge leading to the cave to spot glow worms inside and around it at night.

Guided tours have become quite popular among tourists because it helps them to explore the mandatory attractions of the park and also provides a great deal of safety and security to the tourists. In contrast, they explore the park at night.

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Springbrook National Park is the perfect place to plan picnics. You can relax and enjoy amidst the breathtaking beauty of the park. You can also arrange for a fireside where you can enjoy some barbecue snacks or just play games around it. Picnics are, however, only to be planned during the day time.

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Springbrook National Park has plenty to offer when it comes to wildlife. One would find the most exotic species of birds and animals here. Not only that, Springbrook National Park is home to several endangered species. Starting from ancient-looking monstrous reptiles to the most beautiful songbirds, you would get to see a variety of fauna here.

The park is also home to an incredible array of insects. You would find an enormous variety of beetles, lizards and other camouflaging insects as you explore the forests. The range of animals is so vast that you can practically spend an entire day watching them.

Apart from exotic and endangered animals, Springbrook National Park also comprises a variety of trees. Starting from tropical evergreen forests on the one hand to pine and fir forests on the other, the park shows a breathtaking conglomeration of natural diversity.

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Horse Riding

Horse Riding

If you are an adventurous traveller, this is one activity you should not miss when you are in Springbrook National Park. You can go horse riding along a few of the forest walking trails and explore the divine aura of the national park while riding on your horse.

The feeling of riding a horse and watching other animals running around along with the shrill cries of the birds and the gushing of the waterfalls, this experience is unparalleled.

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