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Springbrook has been enlisted as a world heritage national park. Springbrook is the home to a world of epiphytes, strangler figs, rare birds and plants, glow in the dark mushrooms, vines tangling around trees, mossy fern groves. Few places in the world contain such plants and animals which remain unchanged from the ancestors in fossil records. Springbrook Mountain has its origins millions of years ago. Still not spoilt by excessive commercialization, Springbrook is a part of ancient Gondwana Rainforests and home to avariety of wildlife such as the rare Albert’s Lyrebird, rosellas and the bowerbirds. One can relax in the protected rainforest and look at the stars in the clear sky or pay a visit to the colonies of the glow-worms any time of the year.

Location: Gold Coast hinterland 45 minutes from Surfers Paradise and about 1.5 hours away from Brisbane.

Things to do: Walking tracks, picnic, guided tours and long walks, View wildlife and Horse riding.
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