White Water World, Gold Coast: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips
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About White Water World

White Water World is a spectacular water park in Australia, alluring tourists from all over the world with its thrilling water slides and roller coaster rides. It is part of Dreamworld, the biggest theme park in Australia. Situated in Gold Coast in the Coomera suburb, the water park was opened in 2006. The main attraction of the park are the three slide towers where you can enjoy Australia's biggest water slides and this is one of the best places to visit in Gold Coast.

Spread over an area of 9.9 acres of land, White Water World hosts about 10 exciting water rides, a large wave pool along with two areas especially for children. The toddlers and kids can even meet some of their favourite fictional cartoon characters inside the park. All the rides follow the theme of Australian beaches which makes them even more attractive to the locals as well as tourists from abroad. Currently, White Water World has been denoted as the most efficient water park essentially due to its effective water management and environment friendly procedures and technologies. Also during the winters, the water is heated to avoid the riders from being chilled out of the cold. 

The exhilarating water rides attract millions of visitors every year, who enjoy spending an entire day at the park. Other than the rides, there are numerous food and beverage outlets, retail stores and a venue for conducting events. So, if you really want to go wild with the adrenaline push rides then do not forget to add a visit to the White Water World park in your bucket list.

How to Reach White Water World

The distance between White Water World and Gold Coast Airport is approximately 47.3 km. Both private and public transport are available in abundance at the airport to reach the park.

By Car- The easiest way to reach the park from the airport is to rent a car which is quicker than the other modes of transport. The fuel cost ranges between INR 160 and INR 240 with a travelling time of 20 minutes. You can also travel via an Online Cab or Taxi, the charges varying between INR 1,800 to INR 3,700 and the travelling time being the same 20 minutes. By road, you need to cross the M1 and Maudsland roads from the airport to reach the park premises. 

By Bus- The nearest bus station is Dreamworld, about 2 minutes walking distance from the park. The bus charges range from INR 476 to INR 641 with a travelling time of approximately 1 hour 18 minutes. 

By Train- The nearest train station is Coomera, the walking distance being 26 minutes to reach the park. It takes approximately 1 hour 21 minutes by train and the price varies between INR 348 to INR 454.

By Tram- The nearest tram station is at Helensvale, from where you need to board a bus and reach Dreamworld Bus stand. The total travelling time is 1 hour 20 mins and the total fare ranges from INR 428 to INR 574.

Best Time to Visit White Water World

The best time to visit White Water World park is either between the months of September till November or between the months of March till May. The weather is pleasant and comfortable since it is neither very hot nor very cold. Tourists mainly prefer the Spring and the Summers for visiting the park. The weather is also better for kids and toddlers.

Summer: Summer months from December till February are crowded with the locals because of the vacations in the schools. But if you are fine to be with the crowd then you can go for it. Eventually, a splash in the waters during summers will be cool and refreshing for a complete relaxation of the body and mind from the hot temperatures outside.

Winter: You can also visit during the winter since the water is sufficiently heated by special technologies for the riders to enjoy. But the outside temperature may be cold hence you may not feel at ease. However, if you want to beat the crowds then winters can opt for a quiet environment.

What Not to Miss at White Water World

The White Water World park along with the amusements and exciting themes of Dreamworld offers a wide range of things to do for the tourists: thrilling rides, water slides and pools, live shows, events, food and beverage stalls.  

1. ABC Kids World- An entertainment arena for Children, The ABC Kids World is open from 10 AM to 3 PM daily for the kids to enjoy with their favourite fiction and cartoon characters and board the kiddie rides. The main attractions of the Kids World are:

- The Wiggles: Along with the kids you can ride on the Big Red Boat, The Big Red Car and Dorothy’s Teacup ride for a wonderful experience. The kids can meet the special entertaining guests Henry the Octopus, Dorothy the Dinosaur, Henry the Octopus, Captain Feathersword and Wags the Dog.

- Giggle and Hoot: The kids can have an adventurous experience in Giggle and Hoot. They can jump on the Hop and Hoot ride, giggling along with merriment or enjoy a fun time playing on the Giggle and Hoot Pirate Ship. They will be happy to meet Hoot and Hootabelle as they fly across the sky. If you are lucky then you can meet Jimmy Giggle who visits the Kids World for some special events.

- Bananas in Pyjamas: The place has the Fun Maze with Bananas in Pyjamas, especially for the preschoolers and toddlers. The kids can also meet the famous residents of Cuddlestown, B1, and B2.

- Play School: It is almost a replica of a play school for kids where there are many games and storytelling sessions for them to enjoy. Inside the Play School, there is an Art Room especially designed for entertaining the kids. Each kid is provided with an ipad where they can draw or create some imaginary artistic objects. The main objective behind this activity is to bring out the innovative and creative power hidden inside a kid's brain. 

2. A unique experience with the Animals- If you are an ardent animal lover, then you must not miss the unique experience of meeting the animals at the park. You can enjoy feeding the tigers, dingoes, crocodiles, kangaroos, koala bears and many more. It is fun to pose for a photograph with them as you cuddle and coax them with love. There are separate tickets for each of them but it's worth the money as you shower your care and kindness for the wild life. You can also observe some of the rare and endangered animal and bird species like Bilbies, Cassowary, Tasmanian Devil, and Wombats. 

3. A spectacular tour inside the Corroboree- At the Corroboree, you can witness the wild life at its best and enjoy learning the ancient and traditional cultures of Australia. The prominent shows which are held at this place for the tourists to enjoy are:

- Face painting as per the old traditional Aboriginal art form.
- Learning to make fire using the ancient method of rubbing sticks.
- Experience the melodious tunes and beats of the traditional musical instruments from the Torres Strait and Aboriginal islands. 
- Song, dance and live storytelling shows and performances by talented artists on ancient Australian culture.
- Gain insights into the lives and survival habits of the Koala Bear, Crocodiles, kangaroos, and many others.
- An exciting learning experience of the weapons used by the ancient tribes for survival. 

4. Enjoy the magical experience at the Dream Works: DreamWorks is a special entertainment zone for the kids where they can meet the famous Kung Fu Panda, the mighty Shrek and the characters from Madagascar.

5. Kung Fu Panda – Land of Awesomeness: The kids will be transformed into a land of awesomeness with the famous entertaining cartoon character, Kung Fu Panda. There are two rides in this land, the Skadoosh Bumper cars and the Pandamonium. Shaped like a dragon, the bumper cars are a full-filled ride for the kids manoeuvring at their own will. The Pandamonium is a crazy ride which drives the riders through circular rounds, side movements and upside down turns.

6. Madagascar Madness: The zone will drive you wild with its thrilling rides and attractions along with Madagascar and his friends. It hosts the park's wildest roller coaster ride "Escape from Madagascar". Another ride which attracts especially the kids at this zone is the Mad Jungle Jam where the children can enjoy with balls, fountains, towers, bridges, and cannons along with their families. 

There is a fun area in the zone the Madagascar water fun where the animals squirt water at you while you walk across the pathways. If you are interested to watch the lively Madagascar show then you must not miss visiting the King Julien's theatre. The zone also has a cargo hold with different replicas of the animal characters and gift items to buy for near and dear ones.

7. Shrek's Faire Faire Away: In this zone, the kids will be excited to meet their favourite characters from the film Shrek and his fairy tale land. They can meet the Ogre himself, his wife Fiona, Gingy, Puss in Boots, Donkey, the Dragon and many more. 

There are four rides at this zone - Ogre-go-round, dronkey flyers, Gingy's glider, and Puss in Boots sword swinging. The kids can choose their favourite animals to sit on and enjoy the rides. The zone also has a shopping outlet called Shrek's Treats where you can buy some soft toy replicas and gift items.

8. Showcase your surfing and boarding skills at FlowRider: For adventure enthusiasts and water sports lovers, FlowRider is an ideal place where you can learn and showcase your skills in skateboarding, surfing and bodyboarding. There are sessions held every 30 minutes starting from 10 AM in the morning and ending at 4:30 PM in the evening. You need to buy tickets or passes to avail of the learning opportunities.

9. Experience a face to face interaction with the Tigers: The Tiger Island provides an absolutely fabulous experience to watch the jungle's daunting predator, the tiger along with their cubs. The two tiger cubs Javi and Zakari are the main attractions of this zone. 

You can learn about the food habits and lives of the tigers from their handlers. You can even watch them jumping, swimming and climbing as per the instructions of the handlers. There are several viewing tunnels to observe the tigers inside the enclosures. Interested guests can feed the tigers through tongs as per the guidance from the handlers. 

10. Savor your hunger and quench your thirst at the Food and Beverage Outlets: There are several food and beverage outlets inside the park:

- Billabong Buffet Restaurant: An authentic Australian restaurant offering authentic local delicacies. The food is prepared from the ingredients produced from the local farms. It is air-conditioned and located near the ABC Kids World.

- Churros: The famous Churros outlet is located at the Main Street inside the park. You can grab your favourite fried dough pastry while enjoying the rides.

- Dough Bros Pizzeria: For Pizza lovers, Dough Bros Pizzeria is the perfect place to relish the freshly prepared pizzas in the alfresco style. The indoor restaurant is also located on Main Street.

- Food Central: The restaurant serves lips-smacking Burgers, Hot Dogs, French Fries and Sandwiches. It is located at the Main street with outdoor undercover seating arrangements.

- Green Bean Coffee Co.: For coffee lovers, Green Bean Coffee Co. is the ideal place to enjoy both hot and cold brewing Byron Bay coffees. They also serve delicious savoury and sweet snacks along with the coffee.  

- Grid Burgers and Sports Bar: Located near the FlowRider, Grid Burgers and Sports Bar provides refreshing craft beer and mouth watering burgers and fries. It offers seating arrangements beneath the big umbrellas outside.

- Ice Cream Parlour: The Ice Cream Parlour is a favourite among the kids and the young age groups where they can grab their favorite delicious ice creams and the creamy milkshakes. You can either sit inside the air-conditioned room or outside beneath the umbrellas. 

- Presto’s Training Café: Presto's Training Cafe is one of the best places to dine inside the Theme Park. It offers a wide variety of sandwiches, desserts and Australian local dishes.

- The Sandwich Shop: The Sandwich Shop at the Main Street has food options for people with varied tastes and diet preferences. It offers paninis, salads, rolls, sandwiches, and sushis for the guests.

- Bite Me Café: Bite Me Cafe is a favourite among people of all generations. It offers a wide variety of delicacies like fish and chips, tortilla wraps, salads, sandwiches, baguettes, donuts, and coffee.

11. Shopping and Photo Outlets- You can go for a shopping spree inside the park with the souvenirs, gifts, and toys available at many outlets. There are photo shops where you can click one of your thrilling memorable experiences with your family and friends. The outlets which you can visit are:

- ABC Kids World Shop for exciting DVDs, CDs, toys, books for kids
- Bunya Traders selling special Australian souvenirs and gift items
- Candy Nut and Fudge offering chocolates and nuts
- Dreampix Photos for capturing some happy moments with your loved ones
- Fairytale Treasures with its wonderful collections of fairies, unicorns, wizards
- Jelly Belly selling jelly beans, nuts, fudges
- Koala Borobi Photos for clicking some unique photos and sponsoring any animal in the park
- Lego Store offering numerous Lego toys and models
- Madagascar Cargo Hold with souvenirs, toys and gift items from the Madagascar family
- Main Street Emporium selling soft toys, t-shirts, hats, and gift items
- Motocoaster Pit Stop Shop offers your photos from the rides, souvenirs 
- Ready Teddy Go for the kids to click photos with their favourite forest backgrounds
- Shrek’s Treats selling with souvenirs, toys and gift items from the famous film Shrek 
- Surf Central provides an opportunity to buy surf wear brands like Roxy, Quicksilver, Billabong and Rip Curl
- Tiger Bazaar offering merchandise items and clothes related to Tigers 
- Trackside is a retail outlet selling Hot Wheels, Car Racing clothes and gears
- Beyond the Beach is a big outlet selling beach clothes and accessories

12. Mesmerize yourself into the shows and special events: Every day the Park hosts various events and shows to entertain the guests, portraying the park mascots, cartoon, and fiction characters. There are circus shows conducted especially to enliven the kids and toddlers along with their favourite characters from the children films. Daily live shows are organized inside the park performed by talented artists accompanied by live songs and music and illuminating displays of lights. The famous among them is the Main street line up, Bushranger Train holds up, Fun spot stage, sheep shearing show.

13. Enthrall your minds with the Rides, Slides and Water Pools: Splash and dash at the adventurous and intense water rides with family and friends. There are rides for both the young and the old, ranging from adrenaline rush ones to the relaxing wave pools. Considering the varying human adventurous minds, the rides even have different levels of thrill with simple to complex twists, turns and speed. The visitors can select the levels depending on their tenacity and level of endurance.For swimmers the wave pool and water pools are a great opportunity for a refreshing dip into the calm and cool waters.

14. Relax at the Cabanas with family and friends: Cabanas are a complete set of couches, deck chairs, mini refrigerators and coffee tables for a luxurious experience inside the park. It can be rented to spend an entire day relaxing with family and friends. There are 23 luxury Cabanas available for rent. The best option is to book the Cabanas online from the Dreamworld official website.

Other Essential Information About White Water World

White Water World is a sister park of Dreamworld, situated on the Gold coast in the Coomera suburb of Australia. Its address is 1 Dreamworld Pkwy, Coomera QLD 4209.

Timings: The park is open every day from 10 AM till 5 PM except on Christmas day i.e. 25th December and ANZAC day i.e. 25th April.

Distance from Gold Coast Airport: White Water World is situated at a distance of 47.3 km from the Gold Coast Airport.

White Water World Tickets Passes

Tickets and Passes at White Water World are available in bundles and one day both. Children under the age of 3 years do not need any tickets.

- The one day ticket for adults costs $59 and for children and pensioners, it is $49. 
- Family bundles with 2 adults and 2 children cost $200. 
- The park sometimes provides passes for a specified period of 2 to 3 months with unlimited access in the range of $99 or a few dollars more.

World passes are available which provides unlimited access to both Dreamworld and White Water World parks. Some of the recent ones are:

- Biggest Pass – Grants 13 months unlimited entry into both the parks and access to all the land and water rides, costing $189 for adults and $169 for children
- 1 day Ticket 2 Parks – Grants entry for one day in both the parks with unlimited access, prices starting from $89 onwards
- 3 day Ticket 2 Parks and Skypoint – Grants entry for 3 consecutive days in both the parks as well as the Skypoint observation with unlimited access, prices starting from $99 onwards

Types of Rides and Slides of White Water World

The water rides and slides at the White Water World park are all based on the theme of Australian beach culture. There are three towers for the water slides and three family oriented water attractions which includes a wave pool. 

1. Fully 6- A set of 6 thrilling body water slides with varying levels of intensity and speed. The riders move through twists and turns to ultimately plunge with electrifying velocity into a big water pool. Only one rider is permitted in each slide. There are security rules and regulations followed for the slides, like minimum height required is 120 cm and the maximum weight allowed is 120 kg. Fully 6 is open every day from 10 AM till 5 PM.

2. Cave Waves- Cave Waves is a huge water pool resembling an ocean with waves rising to a height of 1.5 meters. Spread across an area of 2685 square meters, the waters are pushed into the pool from the majestic Surf God Huey’s mouth. The swelling waves travel over a distance of 50 meters providing the guests an entertaining experience of swimming and swaying across the waters. You can relax at the beach or float over the waves with tubes or enjoy a cool swim. Cave Waves are open every day from 10 AM till 5 PM. 

3. Pipeline Plunge- Pipeline Plunge is a fun-filled place for the kids to enjoy splashing on the waters. A wonderful playground is created with the kiddie water slides, water sprinklers, fountains, rain showers drenching the kids as they dance and play around in amusement. It is open every day from 10 AM till 5 PM.

4. Super Tubes Hydrocoaster- The Hydromagnetic rocket ride will rush you at an electro magnifying speed downhill as well as uphill. The riders are seated on a rocket raft, carrying 2 to 3 persons. Amid loud shouts and screams, you will be sliding down and then propelled upwards through the pipes. 

The hydrocoaster covers a distance of about 236 meters at 5 different speed levels. There are certain security rules and regulations followed by the ride authorities like the minimum height level required for the ride is 100 cm and the maximum weight allowed is 270 kg. The ride is open every day from 10 AM till 5 PM. 

5. Wiggle Bay- If you wish to avoid the adventurous water slides and enjoy a quiet corner with your kids and toddlers, then Wiggle Bay is the perfect place. It is a low depth pool with mini water slides for the little ones, colorful water cannons, interactive water sprays, sprinklers, and fountains. The kids can splash merrily in the pool throughout the day. There are special appearances by the animal characters like Dorothy the Dinosaur, Wags the Dog and Henry the Octopus. They walk around the pool waving the kids and plays some lovely tunes at the giant musical instruments present in the bay premises. Wiggle Bay is open every day from 10 AM till 5 PM.

6. Temple of Huey- The Temple of Huey comprises three different pipeline slides – The Cut Snake, Broken Headz, and Screamin' Right Handers. Each slide operates at three different speeds twisting, turning, crisscrossing and descending down at the bottom water pool at electrifying speed. The riders are boarded on single or double tubes as they traverse across the Land of Surf God Huey. The maximum weight allowed in a single tube is 113 kgs and in a double tube is 181 kgs. All three slides are open daily from 10 AM till 5 PM.

7. The Little Rippers- The Little Rippers is the first dueling cannon bowls ride in Australia. It comprises 2 cannon bowls, one rotating in a clockwise direction and other anticlockwise to create the dueling effect. The riders are boarded in either single or double tubes moving at a high speed inside the bowls. The exit from the bowl for a plunge into the water pool is designed on an innovative technology called center-core corkscrew exit. The maximum weight allowed in a single tube is 113 kgs and in a double tube is 181 kgs. Little Rippers is open daily from 10 AM till 5 PM.

8. Triple Vortex- Triple Vortex is an enclosed slide tunnel ride where the riders are placed on inflated tubes. It moves the riders through 3 different funnels connected with each other. The riders undergo twists, turns, oscillations, and final descent into the water pool. It is the most thrilling and adventurous ride in the water park, with the unique capacity of entertaining 300 riders in an hour. The ride is open every day from 10 AM till 5 PM.

9. The Green Room- The Green Room ride is the latest addition in White Water World, the most thrilling and iconic landmark of the park. It has a massive structure towering to a height of about 20 meters from the ground level. The riders are placed in cloverleaf tubes with a capacity to accommodate 2 to 4 persons. The tubes are first moved up to the top with the help of conveyor belts. Then they accelerate the riders at very high speed from a 75 meters long tunnel into a 15 meter long funnel and finally plunging them into a pool. The Green Room is open every day from 10 AM till 5 PM.

10. The Wedgie- The Wedgie is a super loop body slide where one rider can operate at a time. Initially, the riders are placed inside the launch chamber, situated at a height similar to a five-storey building. Once the trap door of the chamber is triggered, the riders experience a super wild descend through a translucent pipe and barrel. You will be finally plunged heavily inside the pool with a heavy splash of water around. The Wedgie is open every day from 10 AM till 5 PM. 

11. The RIP- The RIP follows the Behemoth Bowl style of a ride where the riders are boarded on Cloverleaf tubes. The tubes can accommodate 2 to 4 persons. They are first launched from a 14 meter tall tower and then subjected to 12 meters of an invisible pathway. Then suddenly the tubes are blasted inside a Massive Bowl where they are accelerated at a high speed. Finally, the riders exit from the bowl to take a deep plunge into the water pool. The RIP is open daily from 10 AM till 5 PM.

12. The BRO- You can run for competition with your friends and family members in this 8 lane ride. The riders lay with their chests down and head first on the rafts. The rafts move at a speed of 50 km per hour across several twists and turns. They eventually emerge out of the tunnels for a head on race with each other, plunging into the big pool of water. The BRO remains open every day from 10 AM till 5 PM.

Traveller's Tips before Visiting White Water World

There are few tips you must remember before planning for a visit to the White Water World

1. Buy the Water Park tickets online to avoid standing in a queue at the park entry gate. Also, several passes and discounts are offered online which you must avail as early as possible.

2. Reach the park early in order to gather an idea about the place and its surroundings. You can understand the ride locations and the theme behind each one of them. Once the crowd starts it may be tough to visualize all the rides.

3. Q-Mobile users can avoid the long queues at the rides by purchasing the Ride Express Mobile Gold, Silver or Bronze passes. They can skip the queues since they are granted preferred entry for the rides.

4. Carry a sufficient amount of water bottles or purchase them from the stalls. Since you would be spending an entire day at the park riding through the adventurous water slides, it is very essential to keep yourself hydrated.

5. Select your attire appropriately based on the weather conditions. Apply sunscreen lotions and creams to protect from the sun rays.

6. Carry appropriate swimming costumes for the water slides

7. Home made foods are allowed inside the park but commercial foods are not allowed.

8. Carrying alcohol is not permitted inside the park.
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People Also Ask About White Water World

  1. How is Whit eWater World different from other water parks?

    White Water World has deployed cutting edge technologies for operating its rides. The park has conveyor belts for pulling up the rafts to the top contrary to some water parks where you need to manually carry the rafts to the top. Coupled with the land rides and animal experiences of Dreamworld, it offers a combo experience for the guests.
  2. What about safety? Do I need to be a strong swimmer?

    The water rides in the park are safe following the safety guidelines strictly. The rides are specially designed to be enjoyed by people of all ages. Highly trained lifeguards monitor each ride and the guests boarding them. They guide the guests through the safety instructions and the procedures before embarking on the rides. Additionally, all the rides mention the height and weight restrictions for safety.
  3. Are all rides included in the entry price?

    Yes, all the rides are included in the entry price. You can either purchase a one day ticket or passes for multiple entries into the park for unlimited access to the rides.
  4. Can we exit the park during the day & come back later?

    Yes, you can exit the park as many times you want during the day and then come back later. Ensure to carry the tickets and passes with you safely.
  5. What do I need to bring?

    The important items that you need to bring with you to the park are:

    - Sunscreen lotion and cream
    - Sunglasses and hats
    - Swimming costumes and accessories
    - Dry clothes to change after the shower
    - Toiletries for shower
    - A plastic bag to carry your personal belongings
    - Waterproof sandals or shoes - Waterproof camera
  6. Can we bring our own food & drinks in the park?

    You can carry a picnic or home made lunches inside the park but commercial foods are not allowed. Guests are not permitted to carry water bottles inside the park. Carrying alcohol also is strictly prohibited except if you buy one from the beverage stalls.
  7. Can we hire a stroller/wheelchair?

    Yes, strollers and wheelchairs are available on hire. To avail the services, you must visit the WhiteWater World Guest services office. The office is located at the right of White Water World entry gate. A proof of your identification needs to be provided at the office for hiring a stroller or a wheelchair.

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