20 Beaches Near Nashik 2022: With Distance & Activities

Beaches near Nashik

Kashid Beach, Alibaug Beach, Murud Beach, Mandwa Beach, Harihareshwar Beach, Kihim Beach, Manori Beach, Kalai Beach, Jampore Beach, Moti Daman Beach, Bordi Beach, Umbergaon Beach, Dahanu Beach, Devka Beach, Vapi Beach, Tithal Beach, Dumas Beach, Revdanda Beach, Nagaon Beach, Diveager Beach.

A perfect amalgam of beauty and serenity can be witnessed at the beaches near Nashik, where the sun, sand and the water together create a masterpiece drenched with natural beauty. The exotic and gorgeous appearance makes these hidden gems a class apart from the rest of the featured beach destinations across the country. Some of the famed beaches that you should include in your list of exploration are Diveagar beach, Hedvi beach, Malvan beach and others.

Enjoy a walk with your loved one amidst the extravagant aura of Manori Beach or choose to gaze at the gorgeous sunsets at Murud Beach. Click candids with the orchid background at Kashid beach and don’t forget to have a fulfilling lunch indulging in local dishes at cafes near the Bordi Beach. One can visit these beaches throughout the year given to their pleasant weather. Be it the backpackers, leisure tourists or others, the beaches near Nashik are a perfect escape to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Here is the list of best beaches near Nashik:

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Just 125 kms outside of Mumbai and 33 kms from Alibaug, Kashid Beach is a popular tourist destination in Maharashtra. This remains one of the few beaches in the country that has not lost its beauty even with a high number of visitors. The clear blue water of the Arabian Sea, with white, sandy beach is perfect for a weekend getaway.

You can plan a picnic under the shade of the Casuarina trees that line the 3 km stretch or indulge in the many water sport options available at the beach.Whether you are a solo traveller, planning a weekend getaway with your partner or taking your family for a holiday, Kashid Beach has something for everyone. Go for long walks, enjoy horse riding, get an adrenaline rush with all the water sports, plan a night camp under the star-filled sky, or simply spend some quiet time with your significant other.

Surrounded by a varied landscape of water, rocks, and cliffs, and due to its proximity to Mumbai, Pune, and Alibaug, the place witnesses a large number of visitors all year round. Weekends may be completely booked so plan your holiday in advance and make the most out of your experience. There are also a number of staying, eating and shopping options close to the beach to cater to your every need.

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Guarded by the lush green hills, Alibaug Beach is a serene stretch of black sands edging the playfully rolling waves of the clear blue Arabian Sea. It is considered to be the primary beach of the town and hence one should definitely keep it in the list of attractions they will visit. 

You can laze in the pristine black sands of the clean beach and relish the spectacular views it has to offer. Witness the sun setting in the gleaming waters of the sea leaving the sky painted in hues of red and pink. Silhouette of the magnificent Colaba Fort could also be seen at a distance against the dusky skies.

One can also feed their adventurous souls with all the water and adventure sports the beach has to offer. Consider going for parasailing in the sky or bumping into the sea on a Banana Boat Ride. If you are not a fan of watersports, then trekking and camping near the beach is waiting for you with lit bonfire and smoking barbeque.

Do not miss out on the shacks near the beach selling lip-smacking foods for you to experience the local taste of the town. You can expect a plethora of options from the chosen delicacies of Konkani, Maharashtrian, Seafood, North Indian and South Indian cuisines.

You should plan your meals on weekdays as weekends are very crowded as compared to weekdays. Moreover, it would be easier to catch a ferry to the fort or a horse-driven buggy to wander around the beach and try fishing without waiting in a long queue.

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Located in Murud, near Dapoli, the beach of the same name is a favoured addition to many ‘places to visit in Dapoli’ itineraries. Surrounded by rolling hills on three sides, it is a vast stretch of black sand against the clear-blue Arabian Sea that runs for 1.75 kilometres.

he coast also has the Murud - Janjira Fort in close proximity, so if you are a history connoisseur, you know where to be. Besides this, one can enjoy the beach itself by indulging in water sport activities, capturing sunsets, fiddling in the sand and getting a bronzy tan on your vacation.

Location: Dapoli, Maharashtra, India

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Mandwa beach is known for its panoramic views, right from the Gateway of India to the bay. It is unlikely to find a view as this from any other beach in Mumbai. One of the best places to visit in Mumbai, the Mandwa beach gives you an enthralling experience as you stare across the sea on a clear day, taking in the panoramic view that it offers you. The beach is usually less crowded and is extremely pleasant to visit in the evenings.

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Another well-known beach destination in Maharashtra, Harihareshwar draws in the visitors with its scenic backdrops, vibrant streets, and hilly landscapes. The pristine river Saviriti passing through this scenic town further accentuates its charm.

Once here, you can choose to head for a stroll around the Harihareshwar beach, enjoy water sports at Diveagar Beach, offer your prayers at the Kalbhairav temple or indulge in a shopping spree at its local market. The beach town has several luxurious resorts including Tranquil Beach Resort and Misty Woods Eco Cottages where you can enjoy a hassle-free stay amidst the nature.

Diveagar Beach, Bhagamandala, Kalbhairav Temple, Harihareshwar Temple.

Location: Harihareshwar, Raigad, Maharashtra.
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Brimming with lush coconut trees, green leaves, and wildflowers, Kihim Beach is one of the most alluring tourist destinations in Maharashtra. Situated in the Kihim village of the district of Alibaug, the beach is known for its exquisite beauty, extraordinary backdrops and pollution-free atmosphere. The beach is covered with a pristine blanket of white sands dotted with unique and colourful seashells.

The beach is immaculate, and the waters are perfectly safe, which attracts hundreds of tourists towards it every year.Along with having the charisma and charm of a sandy white grounds, the beach is replete with greenery. Insects like wild butterflies and bees come to visit the wildflowers that surround the beach. Even birds revel in the relaxed atmosphere of Kihim as a variety of migratory and native birds are sighted during different seasons. 

Kihim Beach in recent years has become a very commercially successful junction. Its nearness to the commercial capital of India, Mumbai helps this cause. There are numerous attractions as well as food joints in and around Kihim Beach. Places like the famous Kolaba Fort, Akshi seashore and several religious temples surrounding the beach are incredibly tempting to the tourists.

One can sufficiently indulge all of one's senses while visiting this beautiful site. The picturesque scenery, the sound of bustling sea waves, the silent breeze on the skin and the delicious, aromatic dishes from the food joints titillates all the sense organs. The subtropical climate of Kihim makes the beach all the more alluring during the summer and spring season. Kihim Beach offers something for every age group and is the perfect destination to come to with your family, friends or a partner.

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Tucked away neatly in the quaint village of Manori in northern Mumbai, this beach is a perfect weekend getaway from the ruckus of city life. The inviting stretch of sand, the open blue of roaring waters and the beauty of the serene atmosphere makes it a popular picnic spot.

Manori Beach is often known as “Mini-Goa”, not only because of its beautiful white stretches of land but also because of a number of quaint, beautiful churches that dot the beachside. The beach also witnesses an amalgamation of different religions and culture, being home to the Samudreshwar Temple, the Buddhist Pagoda and even the Sufi Dargah. The beauty of the place is further enhanced by a thick grove of cashew trees and ample greenery that covers the place.

The beach becomes even more scenic during the nights, where one can enjoy barbeques or even simply lay on mats and enjoy the open starry skies. The beach also has a number of hammocks for use by visitors.

There are a number of sea-side restaurants and shacks offering scrumptious food up for grabs. They are especially popular for their seafood options, which are made from fresh produce caught from the sea. Manori Beach itself is a popular fishing destination for locals, and most of the catch is used for cooking at these food stalls.

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Kalai Beach

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Seated in the district of Valsad Atkalai, Kalai beach is one of the petite clean beaches near Nashik with fewer people in sight. The major attraction at this beach is a lotus garden that attracts many tourists. The orchid as well as the green backdrops makes this beach perfect to click some candid pictures.

The black sand spread here has its own spark of lighting up the moods of people along with the gushing waves and stunning view of the sun.

Location: Kalai beach, Val sad Atkalai, Gujarat, India.

Best Time: June and July

Distance from Nashik: 170.5 kilometres.
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Jampore Beach

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Jampore Beach is located 5 kilometres from the Moti Daman Jetty that offers an array of water sport activities for the travellers. It’s blackish mud coloured water adds exceptional beauty to this beach. The delectable food offered here is also enjoyed by a lot of tourists.

It is an ideal place for those seeking a tranquil environment and solitude. Walk by the sea and capture the beauty of sunset. Jump into its waters, gorge on the most delectable food and frame some of the most memorable memories at the Kalai beach.

Location: Near Moti Daman Jetty, Daman

Best Time: October to May

Distance from Nashik: 151.3 km.
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Moti Daman Beach

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Moti Daman beach is one of the most tranquil beaches near Nashik to enjoy the serenity of the place in a calm atmosphere. The evenings at the beach set a romantic setting to glance at the sunset views amidst the windy atmosphere.

Visit this beach with your loved one and spend some quality time in this beautiful setting.

Location: Moti Daman Beach, Daman

Best Time: October - April

Distance from Nashik: 149.1 kilometres.
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Bordi Beach

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Bordi Beach is a great holiday destination for travellers of all tastes. The beach nestles in the Bordi village lined up with lush greenery. Capture the views of the spellbinding sunset and take a walk on the beach side amidst the windy atmosphere.

Check out the lip smacking food provided here at the beach restaurants. Even in summers, this beach is a great escape to travel to and enjoy a vacation.

Location: Bordi Beach, Bordi, Maharashtra

Best Time: October to February

Distance from Nashik: 163.3 kilometres.
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Umbergaon Beach

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The quiet beach of Gujarat, Umbergaon Beach lies in the close vicinity of the Maharashtra Border. This beach is also referred to as the home to the fishermen community. The calmness in the atmosphere, extravagant sunset views and cool air makes it an ideal beach destination to plan for holidays.

A variety of major attractions like the lighthouse, Lord Ganesh and Radha Krishna temple and the fishing harbour are located in the proximity of the beach. The winter months experience the best temperatures to reside at this beach and enjoy your heart out.

Location: Umbergaon Beach, Valsad, Gujarat

Best Time: November to February

Distance from Nashik: 172.9 kilometres.
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Dahanu Beach

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One of the very clean and well-maintained beaches near Nashik, Dahanu Beach is lined up with coconut and casuarina trees adorning the atmosphere with their rustling sound. It is located in Dahanu taluka of Palghar district.

The gentle breeze in the summers is perfect to relax you from within and spend a great day just lying down on the beach. One can also find vast chikoo fruit orchids here and can shop and feast on the same.

Location: Dahanu Beach, Ganga Ashram Wadi, Parnaka, Dahanu

Best Time: October to February

Distance from Nashik: 149.6 kilometres.
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This is a tranquil beach with azure blue water, long shoreline and vast stretch of sand that seems to be a slice of heaven on Earth. It is one of the most picturesque beaches in Daman where you can enjoy the sand, surf and the sun in the best way. This beach is not safe for swimming due to the presence of huge rocks underwater but you can definitely enjoy sunbathing and fishing along its coast.

It also has an amusement park along its shoreline where all fun, frolic and fiesta gets together. It also has various beach shacks where you can enjoy delicious food and refreshing beverages. You can also enjoy the musical fountain that is organized near the beach in the evening. 

Location- Devka Beach Road, Daman

Price- Free

Timing- 24 hrs open

Best Time to Visit: 04:00 pm - 07:00 pm.
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Vapi Beach

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The Vapi beach in Gujarat is located just 3 hours drive from Nashik. Seated close to the banks of the Daman Ganga River, it is surrounded by the Union Territory of Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu.

The breath-taking views of water are an extravagant sight to watch along with so much to explore in its deep roots in history, culture, and traditions.

Location: Vapi, Valsad, Gujarat

Best Time: June-August

Distance from Nashik: 139.4 kilometres.
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Tithal Beach

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One who is in need of revitalising break will find the Tithal beach the best go-to destination near Nashik. Tithal beach in Daman glimmers like a gold necklace when it breaks the flow of white washed waves. Tourists enjoy this gold necklace that azures the neck of Arabian Sea. Amazingly but absolutely true, Tithal beach is India’s first divyang friendly beach.

Another interesting feature that attracts tourists to a great extent is the great composition of its sand-the black sand.

Location: Valsad, Gujarat

Best Time: November to February

Distance from Nashik: 146.1 km.
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Dumas Beach

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This is one of the urban beaches near Nashik located 21 kilometres that is very popular for its black beach. The reason for black sand is the iron concentration in the soil.

A Dariya Ganesh Temple is located adjacent to the main beach and is a great place to explore while getting some vitamin D. This beach is known among the tourists for its 35 haunted spots.

Location: Dumas, Surat, Gujarat, India

Best Time: October to March

Distance from Nashik: 243.5 kilometres.
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Revdanda Beach

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One of the most famous beaches in Konkan region of Maharashtra, Revdanda is seated on the coast of Arabian Sea in the Raigad district. The crystal clear waters and black sand of the beach adds on to the beauty of the place. This area is less crowded by the tourists or says its lengthy shoreline can accommodate many people that it never feels crowded.

One can book their stays at this one of the best beaches near Nashik in a camping cottage and enjoy the views of sun in the morning and evening here.

Location: Revdanda Beach, Revdanda, Maharashtra, India

Best Time: October to February

Distance from Nashik: 254.3 kilometres.
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Situated along the beautiful Arabian Sea, the popular Nagaon Beach happens to be a clean and unpolluted beach lying cozily in the city of Alibaug. Packed with suru, betel, and palm trees, the shoreline of the beach is known for its mesmerizing greenery. The silky and shimmering golden sand of this beach offers an amazing place for visitors to relax, sunbathe, and enjoy interesting beach games.

Tourists can also try various thrilling water activities here such as Jet Skiing, Parasailing, Bumper Ride, Banana Boat Ride, Boating, and Swimming. Nagaon Beach forms the central spot for a number of other surrounding beaches such as Murud Beach, Akshi Beach, Kihim Beach, Mandwa Beach, Alibag Beach, and Kashid Beach.    

Nagaon Beach features a long shore, stretching up to three kilometers and meeting the Arabian Sea waves. The sunset sights form the best attraction at the beach and propel a host of people to do evening walk here. A number of professional photographers also flock to the beach to take some stunning pictures during this time.

The shores of Nagaon Beach are also lined with a plethora of bustling beach shacks that serve lip-smacking seafood to visitors. The beach also offers visitors the soul-stirring opportunity to experience horse riding and camel riding. 

All these unique elements propel tourists from nearby cities like Pune and Mumbai to visit the beach for a weekend getaway.

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With sparkling white sands and crystal clear waters, Diveagar Beach is one of the most recommended Raigad picnic spots for nature lovers. It is dotted with coconut and betel nut trees that add a mesmerizing look to its scenic landscape. The serene beach has a stretch of about 6 km and offers a good escape from the hustle and bustle of life.

Located on the Konkan coast, this beach is a great tourist spot to see a number of seagulls who migrate here. Moreover, tourists here can pay their respects to a temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha to calm their minds. A popular getaway to be enjoyed with your loved ones, Diveagar Beach is a sight to behold in Raigad.

Location: Diveagar Beach, Shrivardhan Taluka, Raigad district.

Best Time to Visit: October to March.

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We took a bus from Mumbai at 9 am in the morning which was supposed to reach Nashik at 2. The bus broke down on the way and we reached at 5. We took an auto from the bus stop till the soma serviced apartment. We were given a room after waiting for 15 minutes. The soma winery is 15 km from the serviced apartment. You can get an auto to drop you till there in about 300 bucks. The tour is for one hour every hour starting from 11:30 am in the morning till 6:30 in the evening. Since we reached pretty late, we opted for the last slot i.e. 6:30 pm. Soma vineyard is farthest of all the vineyards that are there. We were not given a tour of the vineyard since it was pretty dark by then and also muddy due to rains. The inside refinery tour was for half n hr. We tasted 5 wines - 1 red, 2 white, 1 rose, 1 dessert. The restaurant there had some issues so we had to go to York winery for dinner. There was no conveyance available at that point of time. We walked all the way till York in the dark for 2 km. After dinner we managed to get an Uber which dropped us back to the serviced apartment. The details are not enough in the itinerary. People are not very responsive and entertaining.
This resort is good for an outing with family and friends, all the rides are extremely fun and enjoyable, all ages people can have a great time at this resort because it has everything for them from small kids to elderly. The meals which came along the package we choose was tasted good with enough-varieties which really suits the price we paid for... What I experience was that both the booking company and resort-management were taken customers at a high priority level. It is recommended and definitely you would realize that you have a good choice after you experience it.
Wine tasting was a nice one, the place is well-kept, exploring in this property was great, worth traveling many km.
Harishchandragad trek was awesome, must-try once, safe and easy trek, nice staff, and this is the main hightlight trek there. I took this chance with my family and friends, we all enjoyed it as the place is spectacular...Would visit again
Amazing experience. Really worth all the effort of trekking after seeing the mesmerizing views of the place. Our guide was very good and responsive gave us proper assistance in every difficulty we faced with. This tour was mixed but it was very nice and able to enjoy the trekking together. Very nice arrangement with proper service from all the staff.
All things were perfectly arranged and were on time. A big thumbs up to team Thrillophilia for such an amazing tour.
Great trip!!! the driver was on-time and pick us all from the meeting point the journey went smooth and safe which we are able to reach the location on time. Nice camping stayed in the village, Our tour guide was very warm and helpful gave us proper guidance and make fun in the journey, the place was truly fantastic. The food provided to us was very tasty with good quantity. Well, nice plan tour guys and great value of money.
Definitely recommended to try out! Trekking towards the 3 amazing forts was genuinely amazing. This is a long trek make sure to have with you a trekking stick it would help you during the walk. In Madangad you have to climb a rock but the rope was there to support you, lots more I can't describe. But don't you worry the company provided us with a good vendor who provides good safety equipment and all the requirement on this journey.
All the places mentioned at the website was truly great, I really thankful for Thrillophilia for this amazing tour in which just 2 days we are able to visit it-all, if not of this tour, if we visit by our-own it might take us many days to complete or otherwise, we have to leave the place without completing it, I love each and everything about it, I felt so blessed after coming from Shirdi very special days of my life.
I and my partner had a special time in this Express Inn Nashik the building itself already gave us excitement, Both outside and inside this hotel were well- maintained, super-clean, things are so beautifully arranged in the proper-place, well decorated. The facilities were great, The room provided to us was nice and spacious. The meals here the price was okay and the taste was okay. We are able to access to the gym and had leisure time in the pool.

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People Also Ask About Nashik

  1. Which are the beaches near Nashik with 400kms?

    1. Manori Beach: This beach escape located in the proximity of Goa is also renowned by the name of Mini Goa. It is very popular among the backpackers and solo travellers who want to explore and nestle in a place away from the crowd. Do try the authentic seafood offered here in the beach side shacks.

    2. Alibaug: It is a small coastal town near Mumbai that is located 120 kilometres south from Mumbai. This location features a beautiful landscape and is tucked gracefully into the Konkan regions of Maharashtra.

    3, Kashid: This quaint beach town is adorned with white sand and gushing blue waves of the ocean. To spend a tranquil weekend away from the chaos of the city, this beach is perfect to plan for a vacation and enjoy your heart out.

    4. Diveager: Seated along the Konkan coast in Raigad region of the state of Maharashtra, Diveager is one of the extravagant beachside villages. The shoreline is adorned with thick cover of Belu trees that are very common in the regions of Maharashtra.
  2. Which are the best beach resorts near Nashik?

    1.Ananya's Dream Paradise: This property is located just a stone throw away from the Pandavleni caves and many other attractions. It allows pets along with the guests and offers free parking on site.

    2. The Source at Sula: With an aesthetic appealing property, The Source has an outdoor swimming pool, spa centre, a tennis court and a fitness centre. It is highly rated by the people who have stayed here.

    3. GP Farm Hotel and Resort: Located amidst the lush green surroundings, this resort boasts a family room, children playground and a variety of dishes in its breakfast. The staff is well versed in 3 languages to cater to the guests from various geographic locations.

    4. Neel Garden Resort: With a private beach of the property, enjoy a day out in the sun doing all the activities you planned for. Free parking, children activities, housekeeping and many others are some of the great amenities one can enjoy on their stay here.
  3. Are beaches near Nashik safe to visit?

    Yes! The beaches near Nashik are completely safe to visit. Stick to basic safety measures like saving contacts of the nearest police station and hotel, returning to your accommodations on time and others that will help you a lot. There are CCTV cameras installed at various locations to keep an eye on the happenings in the city and the night patrolling makes it a safer place to explore.
  4. Which is better: Alibaug or Kashid?

    Kashid is a better destination to visit than Alibaug. It has some great places to explore like the kashid beach, Murud Janjira Fort, Korlai Fort, Phansad bird Sanctuary, revdanda beach and Fort and many more that suits the taste of every kind of tourist. It receives more visitors than Alibaug for the exceptional attractions it resides.
  5. What is the best time to visit beaches near Nashik?

    The best time to visit the beaches near Nashik is from October to March. The winter months are perfect to enjoy at the beach and make most out of your beach vacation.

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