Alibaug Beach Overview

Guarded by the lush green hills, Alibaug Beach is a serene stretch of black sands edging the playfully rolling waves of the clear blue Arabian Sea. It is considered to be the primary beach of the town and hence one should definitely keep it in the list of attractions they will visit. 

You can laze in the pristine black sands of the clean beach and relish the spectacular views it has to offer. Witness the sun setting in the gleaming waters of the sea leaving the sky painted in hues of red and pink. Silhouette of the magnificent Colaba Fort could also be seen at a distance against the dusky skies.

One can also feed their adventurous souls with all the water and adventure sports the beach has to offer. Consider going for parasailing in the sky or bumping into the sea on a Banana Boat Ride. If you are not a fan of watersports, then trekking and camping near the beach is waiting for you with lit bonfire and smoking barbeque.

Do not miss out on the shacks near the beach selling lip-smacking foods for you to experience the local taste of the town. You can expect a plethora of options from the chosen delicacies of Konkani, Maharashtrian, Seafood, North Indian and South Indian cuisines.

You should plan your meals on weekdays as weekends are very crowded as compared to weekdays. Moreover, it would be easier to catch a ferry to the fort or a horse-driven buggy to wander around the beach and try fishing without waiting in a long queue.

How To Reach

Alibaug beach is located at 2.2 KM from the city center. The town is well-connected to its nearby major cities via various means of transportation.

By Air: Mumbai Airport is the nearest airport to Alibaug. It is situated at a distance of  102.6 KM and would take around three and a half hours to cover this distance. You can hire a cab, board a bus or catch a ferry to reach Alibaug Beach.

By Train: Roha and Panvel are the nearest railway station located 37 km and 47 km away respectively. You can find a train from the source station to reach one of these and further commute by bus, auto or a hired cab.

By Road: The city is well connected to the various major cities around it. You can easily travel on a bus or drive yourself to the city and further to the very beautiful Alibaug Beach.

By Ferry: Mumbai to Alibaug is nicely connected via waterways. You can simply catch a ferry from the Gateway to India and reach Alibaug in less time than it would have taken via road.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Alibaug Beach is post-monsoon from November to July. However, different seasons treat you differently in the city and for that, you may want to go through these:

Winter Season: November to February is the best time to visit the beach. You can enjoy all the water sports, as well as the city, which would look more beautiful after the shower of monsoon. You can easily visit various tourist attractions to find them in their best possible state.

Summer Season: Being a coastal city, Alibaug could be visited from February to July also. The weather will be warm enough for you can wander the city but not hot to spoil your trip.

Monsoon Season: August to October months receive a great shower in the city which will become a hurdle in enjoying water sports and the beaches. However, you can still commute around the city and the places will greet you with a very different aroma.

Please keep in mind that ferry services from Mumbai to Alibaug would not be accessible during Monsoon.

Other Essential Information

Location: Alibag Beach, 402201

Timings: The beach is open for visitors 24 hours but you may find it closed during the high tides.

Distance from Alibaug city center: The beach is 2.2 KM from the Alibaug City Center and it would take you around 8 to 10 mins to cover this distance.

Places to Eat near Alibaug Beach

Great food is the demand of a tired traveler. Having so many places to visit, Alibaug needs to give you an expansive range of cuisines to fill your tummy as well as your soul. Here are some of the restaurants serving choicest cuisines from distinct cultures:

1. Fulora Restaurant: Infused with aroma and flavors, Fulora serves an amazing range of delicious seafood. One can relish the lip-smacking taste of the freshest harvest at this place in the chic environment. It is best to go with your entire family and have a great meal at good prices.

2. Waves Restaurant: To get Punjabi Tadka in Maharashtra you should hit this place. The luxurious furnishings and great lighting are the best to uplift your mood and the other delicacies from around India are also no less than their Punjabi cuisines.

3. Aparanta: With perfect contrast of bright lighting and dark chic furniture, Aparanta serves various mouth-watering foods from around the world. Although their menu is loaded with spoiling choices, Chinese foods are something that mostly attracts tourists and locals alike.

4. Cheesy Crust Cafe: The cafe has an amazing range of beverages that you could complement with their great finger foods and fast foods from around the world. People come here to hog on the excellent Italian options they have just for you.

5. Kasturi Restaurant: A trip to Alibaug is incomplete without having a great range of chosen Maharashtrian dishes. Kasturi presents some of the best dishes Maharashtra has to offer. You can totally rely upon them to treat your tastebuds.

Places to Stay near Alibaug Beach

A place with numerous travel destinations ought to have excellent options for staying. Alibaug will not disappoint you instead will give you some out of the box options to stay. Consider this list to have a good sleep in the beautiful city:

1. Camping at Alibaug Beach: The beach gives you the option to set up your camp and have a totally different experience. You can book a bed for yourself in the well-equipped camps and enjoy the warmth of the bonfire while sitting near the rolling waves under the star-studded sky.

2. Villa Stay: Wanting to stay in a colonial villa and having the place to yourself for some time is something everyone desires. You can book a villa and enjoy the perks of personal space and self-cooking. Consider Countryside Resort with red walls or Casa De La Luna having chic white exteriors and a swimming pool also.

3. Hotels: Be any number of options laid in front, hotels still remain the most convenient way of staying during your travel. Alibaug is brimming with excellent options for the same but you can try Hotel Guruji or Nisarg Guest House for a pocket-friendly and yet comfortable stay.

4. Homestays: This recently trending way of spending your vacation is not way from Alibaug. Homestays like Kalp-deep, Nivaant @ Vicharyas and many more are striving hard to give you a homely feeling and a local touch at their place.

Travellers’ Tip before Visiting Alibaug Beach

Your visit to the pristine Alibaug Beach should be picture-perfect and you can take care of the following things to ensure that:

1. Wear breathable clothes to have a relaxed time at the beach.

2. Wear comfortable slippers which could get wet.

3. Wear perfectly-fit sports shoes if planning for a trek and do carry slippers.

4. Make sure to have an extra pair of clothes to change after getting drenched in the sea.

5. Avoid visiting during high tides as water sports will not be available in monsoon.

6. Carry a water bottle and some light snacks to munch on during the day.

7. Make sure to check out local food from the beach shacks.

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Alibaug Beach FAQs

Which is the cleanest beach in Alibaug?

Varsoli Beach is the cleanest beach in Alibaug. It is situated at a distance of 4.1 KM from Alibaug Beach which would not take more than 15 mins to reach. You can hail for an auto or grab a local bus to commute this distance.

How far is Nagaon Beach from Alibaug?

Nagaon Beach is situated 9.2 KM from Alibaug which would take more than 20 mins to reach. It is a beautiful black sand beach accompanied by rolling blue waves of the Arabian Sea which is guarded by plantation of Palm and Coconut trees.

Which beach is famous in Alibaug?

Alibaug Beach is the most famous beach in Alibaug and it is considered as the main beach of the city. Anyone who visits the city, definitely pays a visit to this beautiful beach. Also, it owes its popularity to the various adventure and water sports conducted at the beach.

How far is Kashid beach from Alibaug?

Kashid Beach is 33 KM away from the city center of Alibaug. You can expect a journey of around fifty minutes to one hour required to reach the serene beach.

Which month is best to visit Alibaug?

November to July is the best suited months to wander around the city Alibaug. It is the time just after the shower of the monsoon which takes the beauty of the city to a different level and also the weather remains pleasant throughout the day plus there would be no rain to spoil your trip.

How do I get from Alibaug to Kashid beach?

Kashid Beach is 33 KM away from the city center of Alibaug. As the city is a tourist hub, there are many options for commuting laid in front of you. You can hire a cab, hail an auto, self-drive, board a bus or book a cab online.

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