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What You Should Know More About Japan

  • Travel Advice

    • Plan your sight-seeing visits and your entire trip itinerary well in advance so that you do not get confused when you reach there.

    • Learn a few Japanese words because there are many people who cannot speak English.

    • Japanese are very conservative about the manners, gestures and body language you show and hence, learn about it properly.

    • You can fall victim to scams and hence, do not speak a lot to strangers.

    • Maintain decorum at religious sites.

    • There are a lot of things you can shop for but while shopping, take care of checking the quality.

    • Carry a travel guide with maps whenever you go out.

    • Stay out of drug related situations.

  • Drinking Laws

    The legal age to consume all types of alcoholic drinks in the country of Japan is 20 years of age and you should carry your age proof whenever you go out to drink.

  • Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

    Ramen Museum

    This museum, themed as a reconstruction of the city of Tokyo is a place where you can enjoy different flavors of the world famous and relished Ramen Noodles. The museum features selection of Ramen restaurants located alongside narrow pathways and not only will you know more about your favourite snack, but will also pamper your taste buds with some splendidly prepared Ramen Noodles


    Japan, globally famous for electronics has its electronic hub in Akihabara. This place is like a technological wonderland, where you will witness everything around you operating electrically and the entire town feels way ahead of current times. You will get the feel of being in a robot-land and hence it is very popular among tourists. Also, you can shop for the best quality electronics in Japan at this place.

    Jigokudani Monkey Park

    The Jigokudani Monkey Park, which is a famous natural hot spring spot near Nagano is where the Snow Monkeys from the cold forests flock during winters and seek warmth in the springs. There is also a part of the park where you can enjoy in the hot water springs by taking a dip for a while.

    Tokyo Tower

    The Tokyo Tower, which is an epitome of the technological advancement of Japan is inspired by the design of Eiffel Tower and is the tallest man-made structure in the country. It works as an observation tower for Japan and also gives you a breathtaking view of the vibrant city of Tokyo. You can visit here and visit famous shops and restaurants around the area and have some of the best Sushi’s in the capital city.

    Robot Restaurant

    The Robot Restaurant in Japan is one of the wackiest experiences you will have while on your trip to Japan. With 10-foot tall robots, sexy galaxy queens, artificial explosions, space gorillas, ballet performances and long robotic snakes, this 250 million worth construction definitely deserves your visit as it is a really thrilling experience.

    Mount Fuji

    Mount Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan (3,775 meters) is a volcano mountain which is climbed by over 2, 00,000 people every year and most of them are tourists. This mountain takes three to eight hours to climb and the trekking route is comparatively easy. Hence, you should indeed visit this natural icon of Japan.

    Hiroshima Peace Memorial

    Japan, who suffered its worst nightmare on August 6, 1945 as an atomic bomb was dropped on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, positively overcame the haunting. The Hiroshima Peace memorial has the only building left of the city which was left standing after the bomb was dropped. This place will give you goosebumps as you realize what the blast victims must have gone through.

    Sumo Stables

    Sumo Wrestling, a sport native to Japan is an amazing sight to witness while the huge wrestlers dripping in sweat are practicing to make themselves better. The practices are not at all done to attract tourists and are a very serious affair, and hence, you should show respect while you watch this traditional sport. To get the best of this experience, you should visit the Hakkaku Sumo Stable to watch the intense practice.

  • What you will like there?

    Energetic Nightlife and Entertainment

    The types of clubs, bars, restaurants and bistros with different themes, some suitable to men, some to women, some to kids and some to families are in abundance in Japan. Every time you visit a club or restaurant or nightlife entertainment place, you will indeed come across something new and really funky and crazy, no matter how big or small the place is.

    Cultural and Modern blend

    Japan, a superpower in the world who rules a large chuck of the world’s economy is a land of rich culture and traditions. The Japanese still follow their culture and tradition with great respect despite of being so much developed and this co-existence is really worth appreciating.

    Infrastructural Development

    Despite going through such horrors or destruction not even a century back, Japan has managed to be the most infrastructural developed country in the world. When you roam on the streets of Tokyo, you will feel that you are 50 years ahead of time or walking in a wonder land or different planet altogether. Most of the technology here is something you have never witnessed.

    Local Lifestyle
    The people of Japan are very simple and cultures. They are very strict about their etiquettes and manners especially when it comes to public behavior. Japanese people still follow their traditions and live in a particular lifestyle, no matter how much advancement they have made. They still eat their traditional food, enjoy festivals and respect religion.

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