8 Best Things to Do in Tosh - 2020 (Photos & Reviews)

With a vast bucket of things to do in Tosh, here one can make the best of memories with a bag full of exciting activities. Tucked amidst the Parvati Valley, this places exhibits spectacular images of natures artistry. Whether you are seeking for a peaceful walk along the Parvati river or wish to savour lip-smacking delights at colourful cafes, here you can find every little thing. Famed for its hippie culture, Tosh draws tourists from all over the map and is well-suited for solo as well as group excursions. 

Located at an elevation of 2,400 m, this place is always a part of every traveller's bucket list from both near and far, making it a frequent tourist destination.Wondering about what to do in Tosh? Here, you can take a nature walk to Malana, witness the hot spring water of Manikaran Sahib, hop in the streets of Tosh, and a whole lot more. Heard about the Kheer Ganga trek? Hike up the bewildering trails, which will never fail to bewitch you as it holds an exclusive array of picturesque vistas. 

The key feature of this region is that it can be toured anytime as it is weather friendly and showcases alluring pictures of nature. Love taking a part of the trip back home? Here you can buy exquisite souvenirs as a memory of the wonderful trip and cherish it lifelong.

Here are some of the best things to do in Tosh:


Walk by the Parvati River

Walk by the Parvati River
Image Credit : media6.trover.com

Marking its place in one of the best things to do in Tosh, a walk in the serene environs of Parvati river is indeed an unmissable part if you trace the region. Located at an elevation of 7,900 ft this enticing river exhibits spellbinding images of lush green blankets contrasting with the sparkling azure of lake. 

If you are visiting with your partner then what can be better than walking hand-in-hand with your beloved at this tranquil setting.

Location: It is located at a distance of about 10 km from Kullu.

Timings: One can visit the Parvati river anytime!

Entry fees: There is no fee to walk beside the river but if you wish to enjoy camping then that’s paid.

Visit Manikaran Sahib

Visit Manikaran Sahib
Image Credit : wikimedia.org

Yet another destination marking its place in the list of serene lands is, Manikaran. Settled in the Parvati Valley, at an altitude of 1760 m, this lovely town attracts visitors from all the divisions. 

Manikaran Sahib the Sikh pilgrimage, is a site with tremendous religious significance and is visited by devotees from all over the region. Furthermore, the suburbs of this picturesque destination are divine and, excellent for harmony dwellers.

Location: The exact address of Manikaran Sahib is Hari Har Ghat, Manikaran Road, Distt. Kullu, Manikaran, Himachal Pradesh 175105.

Timings: It is open all the time, from sunset to sunrise.

Entry fees: There is no entrance fee for Gurudwara.

Take a Long Walk to Malana

Take a Long Walk to Malana

Of all the things to do in Tosh, witnessing this appealing hamlet which holds the fragments of history is indeed inescapable. If you are an adventure buff then it's truly a paradise for you, with plenty of exciting adventures. Located 9,938 ft above the sea level, this is one of the most magnetizing tourist destinations. 

While you take a walk to Malana, you can savour the true essence of tranquillity. So leave behind the basics and get equipped to trek up to the Chanderkhani Pass and Rashol Pass, the attractions of the Malana village.

Location: Is located at a distance of almost 40 km from Tosh and en-route one can also visit Manikaran.

Timings: One can walk to Malana anytime, but witnessing early sunrise and sunset is well-suited.

Entry fees: There is no fee to visit Malana.

Trek to Kheerganga

Trek to Kheerganga
Image Credit : pinimg.com

Pondering about what to do in Tosh? Experience the “Once in a lifetime experience” at the Kheerganga trek which is a combination of easy and challenging terrains. This place is undoubtedly heaven for an adventure buff as this place is brimming with a bounty of wonders of scenery. 

The serenity is entwined in the aura of the hillocks and is ideal for obtaining solace in the laps of verdant nature.

Location: It is located at a distance of about 7 km from Tosh.

Timings: One can trek up the trail anytime!

Entry fees: There is no fee, but you need to pay if you opt for tents or cottages.

Try Israeli Food

Try Israeli Food
Image Credit : myjewishlearning.com

Give your taste buds a treat with authentic Israeli food which is worth drooling over! If making a visit with your bunch of folks then this is a not to be missed activity. Here you can savour delectable delights like Falafel, Hummus, Shawarma, and several other variants. 

With amazing cafes like Buddha palace, Pink Floyd, Cafe Freedom, and numerous others you can taste the exotic Israeli cuisine.

Location: Streets of Tosh are flooded with Israeli Food joints.

Timings: From early morning to the evening one can enjoy authentic Israeli Food.

Entry fees: The cost for two is about 300 INR for a basic meal.

Shop Souvenirs

Shop Souvenirs
Image Credit : cloudinary.com

Don’t you dare miss out on wandering in the local streets of the quaint town, which is indeed one of the best things to do in Tosh. Who doesn't loves taking a part of the trip back home? 

Here you can explore like a true explorer as the streets are plush with semi-precious stones, woollens, loose t-shirts and a whole lot more which is just perfect for buying.

Location: One can buy souvenirs from local streets of Tosh.

Timings: The markets open from morning 10:00 AM to evening at 8:00 PM.

Entry fees: There is no fee to enter the square, only pay for what you like.

Take a Spring Water Bath

Take a Spring Water Bath
Image Credit : s4.scoopwhoop.com

Yet another unreal amaze lying in Manikaran, is the Manikaran Gurudwara which features the hot spring water, said to have utmost medicinal powers. Here one can immerse in a state of elation as the environs are a perfect blend of tranquillity and freshness. 

This spiritual site is toured by devotees from everywhere and is a prominent pilgrimage site.

Location: The exact address of Manikaran Sahib is Hari Har Ghat, Manikaran Road, Distt. Kullu, Manikaran, Himachal Pradesh 175105.

Timings: It is open all the time, from sunset to sunrise.

Entry fees: There is no entrance fee for Gurudwara.

Cafe Hopping

Cafe Hopping
Image Credit : staticflickr.com

Witness the enchanting yet colourful cafes of Tosh!  With cafes like Cafe rock and roll, Woodrose cafe, Buddha palace, Pink Floyd, Cafe Freedom, and numerous others you can enjoy mouth-watering delights, which will never fail to amaze you with its exotic flavour. 

Here you can witness the wonderful hippie culture and make a grove at the trance music which makes these cafes even more lively. Be it the authentic Israeli food or local cuisine here you can have everything.

Timings: From early morning to the evening one can enjoy authentic local cuisine.

Entry fees: The cost for two is about 300 INR for a basic meal.
Newly Added Malana Experience
17 July 2014
Loved the trek..though trek was a little diffiuclt,,but the scenic beauty and the peace it provides is worth the penny spent and pain taken for the trek.Its a must visit place at least once i n a lifetime!!
09 March 2014
Malana had always been on my 'Wish-list', finally got a chance to visit this hippie land. Amazing village- more than localids you see Firangis here. Loved the entire trek. The place is so beautiful and calm, not one I felt the need of coming back.
Hi guys, I am from manali, live in bangalore. I am proffesional Sales guy who deal with fortune 500 companies and sell them events. parvati valley- guys just visit once, then parvati valley will call you again n again. note: never ever share negative vibes- vth people, natuire and animals. karma - himalayas run on.. give respect, be good to yourself, eat smoke cream, decide what you want in life...m goin to orrow valley..ryte now i am in offfice itrs raining outside, tmorow m gonna on the high way to valley..m gonna leave the office everything, need some tyme for myself...never ever give up in life..i believe in good deeds. Cream ol u get in himalayas. the pure malana cream, tosh balls,manali finger, chapati,charas sticks many more diffrent types of cannabois sative.. do not carry much money vth yuh...do not stay in hotels, keep calm and stay in tents wherever u wanna be, just travel, explore, click n keep clean. u know what u do not need any reviews to go up there. ol u need is love towards yourself, n if u r really thinling to do smthing in your life or u have done something just go n spend some days over there. its not about parties or about the stfff, kts ol about nature. Get Connect to nature feel the parvati gestures and take care of it... do not hesitate to talk to anyone. Respect the culture of malana- they have there own rituals, as bieng himachali i know how much it matters to them, do not disturb any creature,just be the good soul, do goood deeeds, fukc u cant even imagine how crazy awsome blessed u gonne feeel once yuh up there.. best way to go parvati valley- delhi to manikaran volvo bus...travel in night from delhi u gonna reach early morning 6-7 at kasol. get down , smoke some joints think wt uh wanna do, wanna go malana coool! Its really good if yu have guide vth youh. coz there are lotts of things u need to care about. may be there vl be no wifi bt u will find better conmnection. Love peace trust believe power...boooom
29 September 2015
Kasol and Malana were two places that I had always dreamt of visiting and damn this place is beautiful. Malana is a typical village that has more number of foreigners than Indians. Loved the entire village trek. View is great, people are awesome. Loved the entire trek.
06 January 2016
Had an awesome trek here. Very well conducted and professionalism at its best. NOT one thing went wrong and that is really saying something!
Malana Magic Valley Camping has the best of natural views and it was really less crowded there and one can enjoy quality time with friends there.
The jeep safari was ultimate fun and when we hit off-road it was epic and thrilling. We had to hold tight as the road was stony and we continuously moved. The trek was again so much fun and we got to see the best views of Malana Village. Thank you Thrillophilia for a memorable experience.
It was the best activity we had done in Kasol. It's a completely fun and thrilling activity to do for and Thrillophilia has the best of people to conduct it.
The waterfall trek was real fun here especially when you are travelling after the monsoon. The trees were more green and the flowers were in full bloom. It was a perfect location for nature photography and flaunting on Instagram. The staff there was so much welcoming and we had a great experience of camping with Thrillophilia.
15 July 2015
The Malana Village Trek is one of the popular Trekking spots in Himachal Pradesh. This is near the famous Chandra Khanni Pass. I did a little bit of research before going here. Malana in Himachal Pradesh is a tribal village, and this is considered as one of the oldest democracy in the world. The trek starts at Manali, and the trek ends at the Baralacha Pass on the Manali-Leh road. We took a flight to Manali, took this trek, and after that we went to Leh from the Baralacha Pass. It was a lovely week we had here.5/5

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