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Chandra Tal Trek

The ‘Moon Lake’, as it is popularly called, is the source of the Chandra River that flows through the divine mountains to become River Chenab in Pakistan. Owing to the absolute clarity of the vast skies above, the Chandra Tal changes colours as the day goes by—turning various hues of red, orange, blue and green. Trekkers flock to revel in the scenery, and is undoubtedly among the must-do treks from Delhi. The best months to trek to the Moon Lake is from June till October, and the gradients are moderately-easy.

Distance from Delhi: 722 Kilometres approximately

Nearest Railhead: Joginder Nagar (narrow-gauge), Chandigarh (broad-gauge)

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What You Should Know More About Himalayas

  • Travel advice

    • When taking any of the Himalayan tours, you have to carry layers of warm clothes, socks, trekking gear, camping gear, sun screen, cold cream, moisturizers, safety and health emergency kit, gloves, hand warmers, many torches, wet tissues, swiss army knife, camera, GPS, snacks, water bottles, and anything else you can think of.

    • Choose a Himalayan trip and plan the itinerary. Whether you choose a pilgrimage trip, or an adventure and sightseeing trip, to any of the places that cover the Himalayan range, plan things you need prior to the travel.

    • Know the laws and regulations of countries like Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet if you are visiting any of them as a part of these tours. They have strict laws with regard to entering religious places.

    • You have connecting and direct flights to most of the places in the Himalayan trips. If you want to visit places like Kailash and Manasarover, or Hilly locations in Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Ladakh, Kashmir, or any of the hilly stations and trekking sites, you need to go by walking trails after you reach a nearby station. You can also hire a taxi if it is available.

    • A few sites for adventurous and trekking activities are done in forests, snow laden areas and places near streams, rivers, waterfalls; and might not even have a constructed road. You have to choose your own transportation or hire one to reach these sites.

    • Himalayan tours always need preparation for clothes and other safety items you carry. Most of these places are safe to travel, as long as you are not travelling as a lone backpacker.

    • Drinking and non veg is not preferred in most of the places covering the Himalayan region. You must always ensure, you stay sober and eat fresh vegetarian food that is more hygienic than meat available in these areas.

  • Drinking Laws

    There are strict laws for drinking in Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, and a few places in the Himalayan range in India. You must never carry liquor while travelling to these places from any other location.

  • Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

    Outdoor activities
    Trekking on the magnetic hill in Ladakh; taking a stroll by the Manasarovar River, white water rafting, kayaking, canoeing, and every other water sports in the Dehradun and other locations of Uttaranchal. Enjoy treks and view of mountain ranges in Sikkim and Darjeeling. Within India, there are humongous options for taking the Himalayan trips for adventurous activities. You get to do the rock climbing, mountaineering, snow skiing, jet skiing, travelling through cable cars, jungle and jeep safaris, and paragliding. 

    Temples, pilgrimage, and yoga retreats 
    The Char Dham yatra is known to be sacred to Hindus in India. They are all located within the Mountain range of Himalayas. Vaishano Devi yatra is one amongst the most sacred and highly revered pilgrimages that people from all over India take. Additionally, you can visit Rishikesh to experience spirituality through yoga and meditation. It has been a centre for learning yoga and wellness. You can also take the Valley of flowers trip, along with the Badhrinath and Kedarnath trip.

    Wildlife tours in the Himalayas
    May be if you are not up for a lot of water sports, you can go bird watching at various locations in Himachal Pradesh and places near Delhi. You can choose Sangla, Tirthan Valley, and Banjar Valley in Himachal Pradesh to view exotic species of birds, flora, and fauna. You can also take jeep safaris at the Corbett National Park, near Delhi. 

    Cross Country tours
    You can also take trekking, cultural, and sightseeing tours to Bhutan, Nepal, or Tibet. You can get a glimpse of the Eastern Himalayan culture when you visit this Dragon Kingdom of Bhutan. It is an autonomous country that has distinct culture and religious beliefs. Nepal has its culture similar to that of Hinduism. You can visit Kathmandu in Nepal for experiencing the Himalayan tour in this country. The experience of Tibet would be somewhat challenging, as it has the harshest cold climate and lesser population compared to that of other countries. 

  • Recommended reads for destination

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    Himalaya- The exploration and conquest of the greatest mountains on earth by Philip Parker

Traveller Tales from Himalayas


Aagam Rana

18 August 2015

The Trek To Rathong Glacier In Sikkim is a special, novel, and unique experience that I am excited and happy about sharing with you all. I remember reading about the famous treks in India in a travel blog and places like Gangotri, Kilimanjaro, Rathong were listed. I used to wonder what is so great about this place that most of the magazines gave such rave reviews about. When I saw the images of this place, I realized what a beauty this place indeed is. I since then have this place in my wish list of treks to take. I, however, did not find time or a perfect trek partner to go on this trek with. Finally when I did happen to take this trek, I was spell bound by the beauty of this trek. This place is beyond words – Absolute Brilliance and Class.


Bala Talwar

08 September 2015

Sikkim is one of the most beautiful places on earth. This is also a trekking paradise for those who are into this adventure. Among the various trekking destinations in Sikkim, Goechala Trek To Rathong Glacier In Sikkim is the best and well known trekking destination. It is such a beauty. Trekking here is such a brilliant experience. I had a great trek. I am so glad that I was able to take this trek. I loved it.


Samir Varman

09 November 2015

The Trek To Rathong Glacier In Sikkim was sheer brilliance. It was very much enjoyable and interesting. We had a fabulous time during the journey as well as in the trek. The weather was good and supportive despite what many call it as pretty cold, I was fine with the weather, Sikkim can get colder than this. The trekking was quite difficult and challenging though. Even for us who were into trekking for 2 years now, it was quite tough. Of course there were few professional trekkers who did do this trek with ease as they were into trekking more frequently and as a serious hobby, and they did share a lot of tips, and shared their tricks for a comfortable and safe trekking and mountaineering experience. I enjoyed the experience. I am so glad. Also, this trek was not that costly and it was in fact very inexpensive and nice. I loved this trek. I so recommend this.


Durgeshwari Deshpande

22 May 2015

My friends and I took this trek very recently, and it was an awesome experience. We totally loved it. It was not every day we get to see such beautiful lakes and glaciers in a natural set up. We had total fun. I enjoyed the trek completely. This is such a nice and a great experience that everyone should experience at least once in life. This place is quite cold, and without proper winter clothing and high cold endurance, it might get difficult to trek here. But trust me, it's really worth.


Suma Kocchar

23 February 2016

Sometimes, a long vacation is all you need to take when you need to feel rejuvenated. I took this trek recently and it was definitely the best trek ever. I so enjoyed it. It was an awesome experience. I so loved it. It was such a down to earth experience. Seeing the great hills, mountains, and the glaciers, we see the beauty and power of nature. It was just an awesome experience. I so loved it. Finally, completing the trek was such a proud and happy event.


Jai Pandey

09 November 2015

I had a really great trek here in Sikkim. I came here for a trekking experience with my friends. It was something that we wanted to take a long time, but it kept on being postponed, and finally when we did take it, it was an awesome experience. I totally loved it. It is very fruitful and great experience. We had an amazing trek here. The climate is so cold and great. This was my first long trek and I totally enjoyed it.


Avadhesh Kapoor

16 December 2015

Sikkim is a place of complete fun. It has a lot of amazing treks to take. This is my personal favourite. Being a trekking regular, I keep trying various treks, and this trek is something that I have tried thrice now. It is truly an interesting and a great experience. I loved it completely. Being an avid trekker, I can vouch for this trek to give you an amazing trek experience. It is totally worth it. Do try this trek.


Girindra Sethi

26 August 2015

Awesome trek: This trek is an amazing experience. It was totally worth it. I loved it totally. One must try to know the beauty of this trek. Else, it is pretty tough to explain in words on how beautiful this trek is or can be. Also, this trek is very inexpensive for the fact that this is a long trek. The only drawback though being the inexplicably high flight charges.


Deven Naik

18 October 2015

Sikkim is such a beautiful place. However, I always thought that this place was only about sightseeing until recently when I saw this trek deal and took it. It was such a nice experience. I totally loved the trek, and it was a great experience. It was a completely fruitful experience.

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