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25 Things to do in Chiang Mai


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  • h7 Hours
    Flight of the Gibbon - Ziplining Tour at Chiang Mai
  • d4 Daysn3 Nights
    Multi Adventure Tour in Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • d5 Daysn4 Nights
    Golden Triangle Tour in Chiang Mai, Thailand
    • Being a natural and cultural destination you will find many things to do in Chiang Mai. It hosts a wide variety of historical temples and attractions all of which falls under walking distance from each other. Just backpack all your things and take a walk to Doi Suthep is considered to be one of the best spiritual destination which stands as a testimony to the refine architecture and a deep focus on the Lanna culture. For animal lovers, one can visit Chiang Mai Zoo which exhibits an impressive wildlife.

      The Chiang Mai Safari features Savanna safari, Predator Prowl, Jaguar Trail which you can travel via tramp or an foot. While wandering you cannot help but take notice of Wiang Kum Kam which is an ancient city which displays stone tables, Mon inscriptions. Buddhist sculpture, earthernware and pottery amongst others.
    • Adventurous Things to do in Chiang Mai

    • 01Invoke in Trekking

      With its amazing trekking trails, Thailand is definitely a haven for adventure enthusiasts. Chiang Mai deserves special mention because the landscapes here are remarkably beautiful. It is also home to Thailand’s 3rd tallest mountain, Doi Luang, which is at 2225m above sea level.

       Location: Some areas that provide you awesome trekking trails in Chiang Mai are Doi Inthanon National Park, Khao Yai National Park, Umphang and Chiang Deo. Trekking tours are available from 2 to 4 days in these areas.

      Highlights: Trekking across the national park crossing the two main rivers of Mae Tang & Ping can raise your adrenalin to great heights. If you love to see the remote village lifestyles, you can tour around areas of Umphang.

      Approximate price ranges from 6200 THB to 16900 THB per person depending on the number of days
    • 022 Day Jungle Trekking & Camping Package

      2 Day Jungle Trekking & Camping Package
      • d2 Daysn1 Night
      • lChiang Mai
      • NNNNN1 review
      • supplier
        Code: 5276834
      About the Activity: 
      • Embark on an amazing journey through breathtaking landscapes of thick jungles near Chiang Mai.
      • Start your tour by getting picked up from your hotel or guesthouse in Chaing Mai at around 8:30 AM
      • After you get picked up you will be driven up north for around 1 and a half hours to the starting point of your amazing trekking experience. 
      • Stop by a quaint tribal village and learn the ways and lifestyle of the local tribes.
      • Start your 4-5 hour trek through the beautiful sprawling jungle, with abundant greenery and stunning  views. Visit a bat cave, relax and enjoy stunning nature around you before dipping into the waterfall for a relaxing swim. 
      • Stay at a pristine jungle camp and get closer to nature in the midst of abundant greenery.
      • Conclude your tour by trekking back to the car and depart for Chiang Mai at around 5:30 PM.
    • 03Chiang Mai City Cycling Tour

      Chiang Mai City Cycling Tour
      • h10 Hours
      • lChiang Mai
      • NNNNN1 review
      • William
      About the Activity:
      • Begin your tour at about 9.00 AM in the morning from Chang Moi and get ready for  ultimate fun.
      • Visit Chiang Mai Historical Museum and Navel Temple to witness the 700 hundred year old white Buddha.
      • Marvel at the sights of Wat Phra Singh and admire the exquisite Buddha image of the mysterious origins.
      • Enjoy a delicious Thai lunch and then visit the Wat Chedi Luang which was once the home of the Emerald Buddha.
      • Visit the largest and dry goods market on the banks of the Ping River.
      • Ride through the Iron bridge and pedal through the Chaing Mai's Night Bazaar.
      • Stop at the famous temple built by the silversmith's to honor the Buddha and Lord Ganesh and admire their work.
      • End your trip at 7 PM with lots of memories.

    • 04Elephant Discovery

      Are you interested in learning about pachyderms and want to witness their lifestyle from up-close? Elephant discovery tours on Chiang Mai are great choices for you. Through these tours, you get to observe these elephants, feel them, understand their intelligence and develop a great bonding with them. You get to travel through scenic jungles and interact with tribal people in this tour.

      Location: These tours are available across all operators in Chiang Mai.

      The best thing about discovering elephants on these tours is that guests get to go the rain forest to find out the pachyderms. Elephants are not forced to stay anywhere in a camp but are allowed to roam around freely in the rain forest. Guests are given special training to deal with the elephants. 

      Approximate price starts from 2400 THB to 4500 THB per person

    • 05Multi Adventure Tour in Chiang Mai, Thailand

      Multi Adventure Tour in Chiang Mai, Thailand
      • d4 Daysn3 Nights
      • lChiang Mai
      • NNNNN1 review
      • supplier
        Code: 9994040
      About the Activity:
      Fixed Departure: Everyday
      • This 4 days/ 3 nights package exclusively takes you through the beautiful paths of Chiang Mai with some adventure activities such as white water rafting, mountain biking and trekking.
      • During your trip, you get a chance to explore the traditional sites of Chiang Mai, observe the very local lives of Thai people and enjoy their food as well.
      • Hike to Doi Suthep hilltop, enjoy biking through local villages up to Wiang Kum Kam and also indulge in river rafting in the Mae Taeng River.
      • This package is inclusive of food, accommodation and transportation during the trip that consists of airport pick up and drop off.
    • 06Flight of the Gibbon - Ziplining Tour at Chiang Mai

      Flight of the Gibbon - Ziplining Tour at Chiang Mai
      • h7 Hours
      • lChiang Mai
      • NNNNN1 review
      • supplier
        Code: 4975899
      Flight of the Gibbon !
      • Embark on the longest zip-lining activity in Asia, at Chiang Mai to observe the green canopy with its inhabitants in a closer vision.
      • Relish the 5 kilometer long zip-lining with 30 stations and some are extended up to 50 meter above the valley floor.
      • Zipline on Asia's longest single zipline flight of 800 metres !
      • Get picked from your hotel in a Mini-Bus for different sets of zip-lining viz. for sunrise package: around 6:30am, for day package: around 08:30 AM or at 09:30 AM and for sunset package: between 12:30 and 01:30 PM.
      • Listen to the shrieking cicadas and bubbling mountain streams while you engage yourself in this adventure and enjoy the flight with the gibbons and have a rare contact with the wildlife.
      • The Flight of the Gibbon course is cleverly designed to make it as varied and exciting as possible. It isn’t just a case of ziplining from one platform to another. The length and height of the ziplines vary and they are interspersed with Indiana Jones-esque rope bridges to add to the action. 
      • Just when you begin to get comfortable with the ziplining, something new is around the corner to keep you on your toes.
      • You’re eased in to the action gently with a couple of short ziplines to make you feel comfortable before the ‘Big Daddy’ faces you. And when you see how fast the people in front of you appear to be going, the blood starts pumping through the veins.
      • You will spend a total of 3 hrs on the zipline.
      • Wind up the thrilling event after 7 hours and return to your hotel carrying a sack filled with tranquilizing experience.
    • 07Bungee Jumping

      Are you looking for some high adrenalin activities when you are visiting Chiang Mai? Bungee Jumping is one of the apt choices for you. Free fall from a height and experience nature in a topsy-turvy way. Don't miss a chance to try this exciting activity while you are in Chiang Mai.

      Jungle Bungee Jump Centre.

      Highlights: Bungee jumps at Chiang Mai are located at at least 50m above sea level and provides you with a scary yet exciting view of the beautiful island below in all its greatness. Guests can be assured of their safety as they are seated comfortably on high-quality and highly durable electronic machines. All jumpers are given insurance along with goodies like T-shirts, certificates and CDs. As you go up, you will feel excited about seeing people look like ants below.

      Approximate price starts from 2000 THB to 3000 THB per person
    • 08Kayaking

      Water activities are best enjoyed in the northern part of Thailand. When you come to Chiang Mai, enjoy Kayaking like never before, without any apprehensions. You will be provided with all the requisite training and gears for the same, so you will have nothing to fear.


      Image Credits : Lynne Hand

      Location: All over the island, especially Mae Ngat Valley, Mae Wang Valley, Chiang Dao Jungle, Sirilanna National Park etc. These trips can be undertaken all through the year.

      Enjoy the excellent scenes presented by lush, green & dense forest as the natural force of water takes you along in your respective kayaks. If you have an eye for adventure, you can choose jungle kayaking trips as well, as it will take you through to the remotest areas of Chiang Mai forests.

      Approximate price starts from 1700 THB to 5500 THB per person based on the route chosen and the challenges involved
    • 09Adventurous Mountain Biking

      Image Credit :
      With its excellent & adventurous roads, Chiang Mai is a haven for mountain bikers. You can drive down leisurely to see the hills and lakes move past you or you can travel through remote villages to see the culture of the tribal people living here.

      Image Credits : Scott Pulver

      Location: Doi Suthep National Park is the area from where most of the hikes begin.

      Highlights: Try out the cross country rides, downhill bike trips, mountain range trips, scenic trips and leisure rides when you visit Chiang Mai. This is not only a great fitness exercise but will help you appreciate the natural extravaganza of Chiang Mai in a better way.

      Approximate price starts from 1250 THB to 2700 THB depending on the level
    • 10ATV

      One of the best ways to explore Chiang Mai fully is by undertaking ATV (All -Terrain Vehicle) tours. As the name indicates, these vehicles are apt for all kinds of challenging terrains available in the market. Imported vehicles with high-quality safety standards are used for these tours.


      Location: All over the island.

      Highlights: These tours are very much in demand, so book in advance to ride through mountains, forests, waterfalls, lakes, streams and other beautiful landmark sites of Chiang Mai. Take up these off road trips without fail as the thrill that you get when you ride your own ATVs is something that cannot be described in words.

      Approximate price starts from 1950 THB to 3950 THB per person depending in the capacity of the vehicles.

    • 11Indulge in Cycling

      Cycling is one of the best forms of exercise for one’s body. To stress this importance and to make tourists understand the beauty of the island better, Chiang Mai operates many bicycle tours. Admire the breathtaking beauty of this region while cycling in Chiang Mai. Guests taking up cycling tours will be accompanied by guides who will show you the way and alert you of any photo-worthy spots on the way. They train you fully well to ride on the tough terrains. All of these tours are certified by Thailand Tourism Authority; so guests have nothing to be apprehensive about.

      Location – Nam Phrae Hills, Buddhist Monasteries, Doi Lom and much more.

      Highlights –You can opt for half a day, one day, 2 days or 3 days tours based on your time and budget constraints. Tours are categorised by difficulty levels; hence you can choose the one that suits you the best. 

      – Around THB1550 for half a day tours, THB2100 for full day tours, THB4200 for 2-day tours and THB 5900 for 3-day tours.

    • 12Rock Climbing

      Image Credit : Global Leadership Adventures
      There are many limestone caverns and rocks in the hills of Chiang Mai. This makes rock climbing one of the exciting adventure sports activities here. Thailand is becoming one of the hubs of rock climbing, thanks to Chiang Mai Island.

      Location: Crazy Horse Buttress is where this activity starts taking action. The place has 16 crags and 200 sports routes that offer unlimited entertainment to tourists coming here. Rock climbing is done all through the year at this place.

      Highlights: Ensure that you have all the safety gear and equipment necessary for rock climbing before you proceed. All gears are available for rent at famous rock climbing venues in Thailand on a piece by piece basis or as a full set. 

      Approximate price starts from 1875 THB to 3195 THB per person
    • 13Meet the Challenge with White Water Rafting

      The beautiful rivers of Northern Thailand combined with excellent natural elements like climate, mountains, and abundance of natural beauty, are perfect places if you want to enjoy white water rafting. Bring out the best in you as you break through the waves of the crystal clear water. This is a double treat for the adventure seekers and the nature lovers. Location: Mae Wong River. You can choose from only white water rafting or you can combine this with elephant discovery and moon rafting tours as well.

      Image Credits : Neil Hinchley

      Location: Mae Wong River. You can choose from only white water rafting or you can combine this with elephant discovery and moon rafting tours as well.

       Whitewater rafting can be enjoyed here through the months of July to March, as this is when the rivers are in full flow. English speaking tourist guides inform you of all the precautions that you should take and train you very well before you take up the trip. TThetours are accredited by the Thailand Tourism Authority; hence, you can be pretty assured about their quality. 

      Approximate price starts from 1800 THB to 4000 THB per person depending on the inclusions and the trip

    • 14Elephant Camp

      Thailand is famous for elephants. There are lots of elephant camps here, especially on the northern side, which tourists can enjoy to a great extent. Chiang Mai is no exception to this rule. Through these elephant camps, you develop a special relationship with the pachyderms and get to observe them closely.

      Location: Though there are many elephant camps in Chiang Mai, some of the famous ones are Patara, Four Seasons Golden Triangle Tented Camps, Elephant Nature Park, Thai Elephant Conservation Centre, Chai Lai Orchid and Baanchang Elephant Park.

      Highlights: Choose only those tours where you get to ride naturally on the elephant’s back. If there are any straps or seats tied around the elephants or if tours involve seating 2 people on an elephant, avoid it all costs, as these can be quite stressful and dangerous for the welfare of these animals. 

      Approximate price starts from 5800 THB for full day and 3800 THB for half day per person
      Elephant Camp and Orchid Sightseeing Tour in Chiang Mai

      Elephant Camp and Orchid Sightseeing Tour in Chiang Mai

      NNNNM0 Reviews

      h4 HourslChiang Mai


      Starting from


    • 15Full Day Trekking & Bamboo Rafting Package

      Full Day Trekking & Bamboo Rafting Package
      • h10 Hours
      • lChiang Mai
      • NNNNN1 review
      • supplier
        Code: 5276834
      About the Activity: 
      • Embark on an amazing journey through breathtaking landscapes of thick jungles near Chiang Mai.
      • Start your tour by getting picked up from your hotel or guesthouse in Chaing Mai at around 8:30 AM
      • After you get picked up you will be driven up north for around 1 and a half hours to the starting point of your amazing trekking experience. 
      • Start your 3 hour trek through the beautiful sprawling jungle, with abundant greenery and stunning  views. Visit a bat cave and relax and enjoy nature around you before dipping into the eaterfall fro a relaxing swim. 
      • Enjoy an amazing bamboo rafting experience in a nearby river. 
      • Conclude you tour with amazing memories as you drive back to Chiang Mai at around 5:30 PM.
    • Fun Things to do in Chiang Mai

    • 16Doi Inthanon National Park

      This place is a must-visit for adventure lovers. The park forms part of the Doi Inthanon mountain range, a part of the mighty Himalayas. There are many small and big peaks here with heights of about 865m to 2565m above sea level. Doi Intahnon is the tallest mountain in Thailand.

      Location – Chom Thong District.

      Highlights – The view from here is absolutely stunning. Take a trek through to the peaks, enjoy the early morning sunrise, waterfalls and don’t miss the Siamese sakura flowers in full bloom during the months of December & January. Main camp site, the tall summit, Two huge stupas (Phra Mahathat Naphamethanidon & Nophamethanidon), Kaew Mae Pan Nature Trails, Bird-watching, large number of waterfalls and Brichinda Cave are the major highlights.

      50 THB per person and 20 THB per child for the locals; 300 THB and 150 THB per child for foreigners
    • 17Visit Art In Paradise 3D Museum

      Chiang Mai, one of the famous islands in northern Thailand, is a land of many treasures and gems. Art in Paradise 3D Museum is one of them. This is a museum which houses interactive and creative images using lots of techniques. This museum was constructed by a Korean, Jang Kyu Suk and it has paintings done by 14 painters from Korea.

      Location – Chang Klan Road.

      Highlights: A total of 130 creative and visual paintings of the museum can be put into 6 main compartments – underwater world zone, wildlife zone, classic art zone, East Zone, European Zone and surreal art zone. Illusion art is the major highlight of this museum. This is the world’s biggest 3D art museum. 

      Open from 9AM to 9PM on all days of the week.

      180 THB per person and 120 THB per child for the local, 300 THB per person and 200 THB per child for foreigners

    • 18Up and Above in Hot Air Balloon

      A trip to the island of Chiang Mai is definitely incomplete without a ride on a hot air balloon. Go past the magnificent mountains and look for the lush green land below, where nature is in its most sublime form. As you go past the beautiful streams, lakes, and waterfalls, you feel on top of the world – literally and figuratively.

      Image Credits : Mr & Mrs Backpacker

      Location: Usually Horizon Village Resort, located at about 10km from Chiang Mai.

      Highlights: Pilots of hot air balloons usually take off from the Horizon Village& Resort at Chiang Mai; however details may change based on weather conditions. Stay alert and look for updates from your tour operators on balloon venue and take off timings. Post your flight, enjoy the complimentary breakfast buffet with Champagne celebrations at this resort. Get a flight certificate issued by the pilot as well. 

      Approximate price starts from 8970 THB per person

    • Things to do in Chiang Mai at Night

    • 19Head out for a Night Safari

      Experiencing a night safari is probably one of the rarest experiences that you will get to enjoy in Chiang Mai. The nocturnal zoo here is only the world’s third such zoo and an important landmark destination for tourists arriving here.

      Location: Hang Dong District.

       This is the only place in Thailand , where you can spot close to 1400 animals (including 134 endangered species) taken care of in a very professional way. Do not miss the exciting shows that happen here in the form of Tiger Shows, Night Predators and others. There is a mobile audio tour and musical fountain to give you amazing company in this zoo which is open from 11AM to 10PM on all days of the week. There are educational centres for kids as well, where children get to learn about new animals.

      Price: Approximate price starts from 880 THB per adult and 400 THB per child

    • Offbeat Things to do in Chiang Mai

    • 20Bo Sang Handicraft Village

      Bo Sang Handicraft Village at Chiang Mai is one of the best places to go if you are a keen lover of handicrafts. If you have been amazed by Thai handicrafts all the while, this village is the place where you get to witness the process of making these high-quality items like fans, paper lamps, wallets and all related products. Do not miss the Bo Sang Umbrella & San Kamphaeng Handicrafts Fair conducted here during the 3rd weekend of January.


      Location: About 8km towards the south-east of Chiang Mai.

      : From here, you get to purchase the best quality of umbrellas & parasols in the world. The prices are highly reasonable for the quality. You can purchase excellent souvenirs from here at highly affordable costs; the artisans do not try to exploit you, so you don’t have to negotiate with them.

    • 21Fishing

      When you come to Chiang Mia, one of the most beautiful islands in Northern Thailand, you must compulsorily try out fishing here. Most of the resorts organise fishing tours and also provide you guides who will train you on how to attract fishes with relevant baits. If you are lucky, you can get hold of a huge catfish and get it cooked fresh from your resort’s kitchen.

      Location: There are 4 main areas where you can try out fishing – Bo Sang Fishing Park, Chiang Mai Fishing Park, Pai Piranha Fishing Park and Teak Tree Fishing Park.

      One of the key aspects of fishing in Thailand is that you get absolute peace as the resorts give you private access to certain key fishing areas. There are hundreds of species of fishes in these lakes.

      Approximate price starts from 6000 THB per person

    • 22Elephant Nature Park

      Based in Ratmakka Road, the Elephant Nature Park offers an excellent tour programs for its visitors which includes scenic and adventurous trips and multiple ways to be up close with the gigantic mammals and know more about their conservation of the same. The paved pathway of the ruiral countryside in the Nature Park provide an ideal site for a drive and visualize plenty of rescued animals leaving happily and roaming in the sanctuary. There are special programs which entitles hands on experience with the beautiful elephants and taking care of them. The park has exclusive pick up and drop facility for the visitors. There are arrangements of single day visit, multi day visit and also an exclusive package for night stay.

      : 1 Ratmakka Road, Phra Sing, Chiang Mai, Thailand

      Timing: 8am-5:30pm

      Price: Single day visit (with transport & lunch) 2,500 Baht (adults), 1,250 Baht (children)
    • 23Kalare Night Market

      Based towards the end of Night Bazaar, this is one of the prominent markets of Thailand, though the same remains much less crowded. It is much less hectic and it holds a host of shops like artistic studios, garment shops, Jewellery stores, accessories, shoes, gift items and souvenirs. This is almost like an undercover arcade where there are various shops and food court supporting coupon dinning. Here one can find foods of all kinds and can enjoy delicious cuisine of almost all continents. Other attractions here include Thai dance performances which changes every week and puppet shoe which is quite popular among the young crowd. The Warorot Market at a distance of 2 minutes from Kalare Night Market is famous for fresh vegetables and meat.

      Open on
      : Mon to Sunday, from 7pm to Midnight

      Highlights: Have a sketch of own by talented sketch artists

      Location: Chang Khlan Road, Thailand
    • 24Trek to Mountain Doi Inthanon

      The Doi Inathanon hike is one of the popular hiking trails for adventure lovers. It is the highest mountain peak at 2565 meters at about 100km south west of Chiang Mai. The hiking trail starts from road 1009 and covers a distance of 4.5kms which takes about 3-5 hours time depending on the hikers to the summit of Doi Inthanon. Immense natural beauty covers the trail with dark evergreen forest and sight of colourful birds. It is better to take a guide at the base of the trekking trail as they have good idea about the roads within the forests and they can share the knowledge about the area too. The guides are usually from the local villages and charges approximately 200 Baht for the trip. The park also charges a fee for its natural trail. It’s about 100 Baht for foreigners, 20 Baht for Thais and 30 Baht for the car.

      Difficulty Level
      : Moderate

      Best season for trekking: Almost throughout the year
    • 25Baan Pha Dang to Huay Kukap

      When exploring nature along with fetching a decent knowledge about the hilly tribes is the motive behind a trekking trip then Chiang Mai trekking tours are the best, specially the Baan PHA Dang to Huay Kukap trek. The 3 hours trekking trail starts from the meditation cliffs and traverses through the exotic mountain cliffs, meandering streams and several local villages comprising of Hill tribes. Being a part of panoramic Northern Thailand it crosses eye catching destinations on its way like Mae Taman and finally reaches Huay Kukap which is popular for the beautiful hill tribe village. The best part of this trekking trip is enjoying the up close the lifestyle of the villagers and knowing more about their days in this area. The trekking can be done by trekkers with minimal knowledge or by amateurs by following the guidelines of the authorities.

      Difficulty Level
      : Moderate

      Best season for trekking: During cooler days of December to February