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Chiang Mai Adventure Packages

Duration Price
Chiang Mai Bungy Jumping15 mins
INR 3,859
Whitewater Rafting in Chiang Mai with Trekking7 hours
INR 7,352

Ziplining, Atv-Ride & Rafting, City Cycling Tour, Camping, Trekking, Elephant Care & Camping, Hot Air Ballooning in Chiang Mai, Kayaking and many more. Explore!

There are many activities that you can do on a budget friendly trip to Thailand like hot air ballooning, zip-lining, kayaking, trekking, river rafting, canoeing, cycling, and ATV rides, adventures in Chiang Mai are endless. The mountainous city of Chiang Mai has a highly rugged topography with dense jungles, sky towering mountains, Mae Taeng River, abundant flora and fauna that makes it a dream destination for adventure lovers from all across the world.

Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand has a pleasant climate all through the year making it easy to hike and camp in the forests and sanctuaries. If you are looking for incredibly challenging outdoor activities right in the lap of Nature, adventure tours in Chiang Mai are the best thing you could gift yourself.

There are also several other bewitching adventure activities in Chiang Mai that one could indulge in - you can go on a biking tour along the Mae Hong Son Loop, embark a trekking journey with the locals or even explore the Buddhist temples and Sunday markets of Chiang Mai.

Outdoor activities in Chiang Mai are safe as they are usually performed under the supervision of professional and well-trained trainers. You can also request for English speaking guides and trainers to make your adventure experiences even more comfortable and hassle-free.

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Chiang Mai Adventure FAQs

What are the famous adventurous activities in Chiang Mai?

1. Ziplining: Fancy exploring the jungles of Chiang Mai like Tarzan? Ziplining is one such Adventure activities in Chiang Mai that zoom you through thickly wooded rainforests letting you enjoy the canopy of the gigantic trees, chirping of birds and the rumbles of the mountain streams.

You can indulge in individual ziplining, couple ziplining, superman zip lining, or walk through the sky bridges with harnesses protecting you. Ziplining in Chiang Mai is something that promises ultimate heart-thumping adventure.

2. Atv-Ride & Rafting: This thrill ride on an ATV vehicle takes you on an elevation of about 600 meters through the jagged and unexplored terrain of the countryside of Chiang Mai; yet, it is perfect for beginner level and expert ATV riders.

Rafting in Chiang Mai happens by the Mae Taeng river. This scenic river has class III-IV rapid sessions and white river rafting here is sure to give you some hair raising moments.

3. City Cycling Tour: Grab yourself a cycle and pedal through the city of Chiang Mai visiting all the major attractions of the city at your own pace and choice. A few attractions that you cannot afford to miss are Chiang Mai Historical Museum, Navel Temple, Wat Phra Singh, Wat Chedi Luang.

Later in the evening, ride to the Night Bazaar and get an insight into the bustling market activities of Chiang Mai and shop for souvenirs.

4. Trekking: Being a mountainous city, Chiang Mai boasts of some picturesque trekking trails in Thailand like the trek from Muang Kurt to Huay Kukap, Baan Pha Dang to Huay Kukap and trek to Mountain Doi Inthanon. If you are a beginner, you could enjoy basic trekking trails along Pilgrims trail up to Doi Suthep mountain.

Thrill-seekers who would love to set out on an adventure could trek up Doi Luang Chiang Dao, Thailand’s third tallest mountain. Enroute the Adventure tours in Chiang Mai, you can enjoy the lush forest cover, stunning landscapes around and many tribe villages.

5. Camping: Camping promises Adventure in Chiang Mai right in the lap of Nature. There are several camping sites in Chiang Mai with all modern facilities like bathrooms, showers, and small huts/tents on rent that make camping hassle-free.

Some of the popular campsites in Chiang Mai include Doi Inthanon National park, The Mae Ping National Park, The Ob Luang National Park, Padang Camp, and Mae Taeng River Camp situated on the banks of Mae Taeng River. From the camp, you can expedite into the jungles with guided trekking and hiking tours or experience Adventure in Chiang Mai with activities like ziplining, bungee jumping, and river rafting.

6. Elephant Care & Camping: Chiang Mai is the home to many domesticated elephants and the parks and sanctuaries that allow the tourists to camp with the elephants. On such camps, you can watch these huge mammals getting involved in their daily routine, feed them fresh bananas and sugarcane or even give them a nice bath in the nearby river.

Some of the best places in Chiang Mai to enjoy elephant camping are Rantong Save and Rescue Elephant Centre, Mae Ping Elephant Village, Maetaman Elephant Camp, and Maesa Elephant Camp.

7. Gibbon Chiang Mai Segway Tour: The Gibbon Segway Tour tops the list of Adventure tours in Chiang Mai and lets you explore the rendezvous city of Chiang Mai leaving no stone unturned. The tour agency takes you on a guided tour around the attractions of Chiang Mai and its neighborhood and allows you to indulge in some of the Adventure in Chiang Mai like zip-lining, hiking and river rafting.

During the later part of the day, you will also be taken to the Mae Kampong village where you can visit interact with the friendly local people and get an insight into their daily routines.

8. Hot Air Ballooning in Chiang Mai: Hot Air Ballooning is one of the most sought-after adventure activities in Chiang Mai that lets you float above the treetops and below the clouds. You can marvel at the bird’s eye view of the picturesque countryside landscapes like lush green rice paddies and forests below.

The feeling of the fresh wind caressing your face as you glide through in your hot air balloon is something to behold for a lifetime. Sunrise and sunset view from a hot air balloon are stunning and after the activity, a certificate to acknowledge your ride in a hot air balloon will also be signed and given by your pilot.

9. Kayaking: You can paddle on the Mae Taeng River that runs through Chiang Mai and explore the untamed Nature of the city. The teeming mangrove forests, swift rapids of the Mae Taeng River, creepy caves and the steep rocks along the course of the river make kayaking win the best Adventure in Chiang Mai competition hands down.

You can also stop by many countryside villages and enjoy a meal or coffee and even go for a quick fishing session.

Which are the best theme parks and water parks in Chiang Mai for adventure?

1. Grand Canyon Water Park: With numerous deep dive rides, high jumping rides and adrenaline rushing water slides, Grand Canyon is a great destination for a day out with friends and families. The inflatable boats are great ways to warm up your tiny tots for real-world adventures.

2. Tube Trek Water Park: Spread over whooping 50,000 square kilometers, this theme park is divided into four zones - Kid’s Pool Phase, Splash Pool Phase, Wave Pool Phase, and Lazy River Phase. Rides like The Boomerang Capsule, The Giant Slider, The Wavy Sea, etc promise unadulterated Adventure in Chiang Mai.

3. Friendly Slip n Fly: Friendly Slip and Fly is a compact tourist attraction with fun-filled water rides that are suitable for the entire family. You can spend about an hour or two enjoying a refreshing day out with your friends and family.

4. Hidden Village Chiang Mai: This is a dinosaur-themed park where there are many living size statues of dinosaurs, prehistoric animals, and giant flowers placed strategically in many zones like Giant Insect zone, Animals zone, Big flower zone, etc. If you are traveling with kids, this place is a must-visit.

What is the best time for camping in Chiang Mai?

The best time to visit Chiang Mai for camping is during the months from November to February as the weather is sunny, cool and pleasant with very little precipitation.

Is there any type of restriction to go for Rafting in Chiang Mai?

Yes, Rafting in Chiang Mai demands strong fitness levels from an individual and hence, people with heart problems, pregnant women, people suffering from back pain are advised to refrain from performing this activity.

What are the things to keep in mind when going for Trekking in Chiang Mai?

-Wear comfortable clothing and sturdy hiking boots for the trek.

-Carry plenty of water and snacks to keep yourself energetic all through the trek.

-Do not forget to carry sunscreen and bug repellent as it could get really sunny and the bugs are fierce.

-If you are on a multi-day trek, have a professional guide and adhere to his instructions.

-Trekking trails could be closed on rainy days. Hence, check the status of the trek plan once before you reach the base point.

What are the best adventures in Chiang Mai for couples?

1. Trekking: Navigating through the natural beauty and lush green forests of Chiang Mai is perhaps one of the most romantic activities you can undertake as a couple. There are several exciting trekking tours you can choose from.

2. Bathing the elephants: 
Elephants are an important part of the culture of this place, and you can spend your afternoons with elephants while washing them, playing with them and watching them thrive in their natural habitat.

3. Cycling tours of the city: 
Exploring the city as a couple on a pair of bicycles is an exciting and memorable activity that is going to give you a unique perspective of the place and its culture.

4. Jeep safari: 
Meandering through the wilderness of Chiang Mai in a jeep is one of the best ways to explore the ecosystem. It is also an incredibly romantic activity to participate in as a couple.

What are the best adventure parks in Chiang Mai for families?

1. Phoenix Adventure Park: The Phoenix Adventure Park is ideal for families, offering a host of exciting activities like zip-lining, trekking hiking, climbing and much more throughout its sprawling property.
2. Flight of Gibbon: This is one of the must-do activities in Chiang Mai that you can enjoy as a family. It consists of the world’s longest zip-lining activity that goes over acres and acres of rainforests in Thailand.
3. Chiang Mai Elephant Home: This is an adventure park that is especially enjoyable for children who can check out these magnificent beasts in their natural habitat and even interact with them from a very close distance.
4. Pyongyang Ziplining and Jungle Coaster: This adventure park uses all the natural elements of Thailand and especially Chiang Mai to create an environment of fun, adventure and excitement. Activities like zip lining and the roller coaster are ideal for families.

Which are the adventurous activities to do in Chiang Mai with kids?

1. Ziplining: If your traveling with kid above 3 meters in height, you can take them for ziplining through the forest canopies. Most of the tour operators who organize Adventure tours in Chiang Mai encourage kids to experience this nerve-wracking experience.

2. Chiang Mai X-Centre: If you are kids are strong-hearted ones, take them to the Chiang Mai X-Centre located in Mae Rim. This adventure centre has a plethora of thrilling activities like road trail biking, ATV tours, indoor drift karts, zorb balls, bungee jumping and pain ball.

3. Night Safari: This activity takes you on a safari after sunset so that you can witness the nocturnal animals and their lives. The park also has a lake with a walking trail where kids will enjoy spotting the birds like cranes and harmless animals as rabbits.

4. Elephant Nature Park: The park has more than 35 free-roaming elephants and if your kids love animals, take them here and they will enjoy feeding, giving a bath and playing with these huge mammals.

5. Wat Umong or ‘Tunnel Temple': 
Located amidst serene forest cover, a series of mysterious underground passageways take you to the 'tunnel temple'. Kids will definitely enjoy this tunnel adventure. Once at the temple, kids can also enjoy feeding the catfish and turtles at the temple lake.

What are some offbeat things to do in Chiang Mai?

1. Enjoy the Cafe Scene: Chiang Mai is the home to a number of unique cafes like the Jungle De cafe situated by a waterfall, Brand New Field Good cozily perched amidst lush paddy fields, and fairytale-themed Whimsical Mermaid Lagoon. Many more interesting and quirky cafes make you wonder if coffee can get better anywhere else in the world.

2. Ride the Mae Hong Son Loop: The Mae Hong Son Loop is one of the best biking circuits in northern Thailand. The hill tribes and dramatic scenery around with thick woods and waterfalls en route make this biking corridor a no-miss thing when you are in Chiang Mai.

3. Spend Time with a Local: The Thai people are welcoming and the hospitality of the tribes is overwhelming too. You can spend a couple of days with them learning their daily routines or even enroll yourself for cooking or trekking classes with them.

4. Explore the Buddhist Temple: Chiang Mai is surrounded by a number of pagoda styled Buddhist temples that are nestled amidst dense forests. The prominent ones are Wat Doi Suthep, Wat Phra Singh, Wat Pan Tao, Wat Chedi Luang, and Wat Umong and one can feel the calm spiritual aura engulfing these wats right when you step in.

5. Wander the Sunday Walking Street Markets: The city centre of the Old City becomes vibrant and bustling every Sunday night with local market activities. Rows of shops selling artifacts, souvenirs, apparel, local Thai food lure locals and tourists and you can walk through the streets enjoying shopping or treating yourself to the local foods.

6. Do a Meditation Course at Wat Doi Suthep: Doi Suthep Vipassana Meditation Centre inside the Doi Suthep temple holds meditation classes for a period of anywhere between 3 to 28 days. You will be taught to concentrate on your breathing and focus on your inner self.

7. Cliff Diving at the Hang Dong Rock Quarry: Once a quarry, the Hang Dong Rock Quarry is now a massive pool with glistening turquoise green waters. One can dive from the cliffs surrounding the pool and indulge in the sheer thrill. If you look forward to some swimming, you can do that too in the pool.

Are the adventure activities in Chiang Mai safe?

Yes, the outdoor activities in Chiang Mai are absolutely safe as they are performed under the supervision of experienced trainers. Also, most activities kick-start with a quick briefing about the safety measures to be followed during the activity. Travelers are required to strictly adhere to the instructions of the trainer and wear all safety precautions like life jackets, harnesses, etc. throughout the activity.

Chiang Mai Adventure Reviews

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Tilottama Tilottama
Reviewed: 28 Mar 2022
I am down for anything adventurous, and when I found about this trekking and rafting activity by Thrillophilia, I knew I had to take part in it. We rafted in the grade 3 and 4 level waters of the Mae Taeng River, and then went trekking for 3 kilometres. Our guide was great, and this experience will ... Read More
Jyoti Prakash
Reviewed: 28 Mar 2022
This was my first time trying out rafting. Nevertheless, this was one of the most fascinating adventure sport that I indulged in and I highly recommend it to everyone. Water rafting chiang mai is a definite addition to your travel itinerary.
Akshita Khatri
Reviewed: 13 Oct 2019
You have got to try bungee jumping in Chiang Mai, especially since you also get to enjoy some of the most beautiful views of the city as you jump. I booked my ticket through Thrillophilia, and would do it again when I get the chance.
Dr Sah
Reviewed: 10 Feb 2019
It’s a super fun bungee jumping experience right on the top of a river. If you ask your instructor, they’ll extend the cord to the maximum length so you get to take a dunk at the bottom. In any case, the harnesses are tight and well roped so there’s no fear while leaping off. They also give you a ce... Read More
Prince Kumar
Reviewed: 12 Mar 2019
My partner and I had a fun time trying out this amusing bungee jumping at Chiang Mai. We ere extremely grateful to thrillophilia for planning out bungee jumping chiang mai at such reasonable prices.

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