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Chiang Mai Water Sports Packages

Duration Price
Whitewater Rafting in Chiang Mai with Trekking7 hours
INR 7,352

There is no doubt that there is a plethora of Water Sports in Chiang Mai, which have made it a popular tourist destination in Thailand. The natural landscapes, forested beaches as well as pristine waters of Chiang Mai have been attracting travellers from all over the world. For those looking for budget friendly trips to Thailand, the diverse range of water activities in Chiang Mai offers an exciting and affordable option to explore the stunning aquatic attractions of the region. From snorkelling and scuba diving to boating, wakeboarding, parasailing as well as white water rafting, there is some water sport for every adventure junkie in Chiang Mai.

Located in Northern Thailand, Chiang Mai is the largest city in this mountainous region. The turquoise waters here are perfect to indulge in exploring the mysteries of the hidden underwater world with sports like snorkelling. One can also enjoy the calm waters by kayaking and boating while enjoying the serene natural views. For a more adventurous experience, you can also try white water rafting here, which is a relatively new sport in Chiang Mai.

The water sports in Chiang Mai offer tourists the best way to explore the amazing natural beauty of the sea, in addition to fulfilling their adrenaline rush. From banana boat rides and paddleboarding for amateurs to thrilling adventures for the more daring, Chiang Mai water sports are some of the best things to do on a holiday here.

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Chiang Mai Water Sports FAQs

What are the best water sports to do in Chiang Mai?

1. Kayaking: Kayaking is one of the best Water Sports in Chiang Mai. It is amongst the most adventurous ways that you can enjoy the scintillating natural beauty of this city. Great for tourists of all ages, all you need for a kayaking tour is your kayak and a paddle.

Once you are out into the waters, you can enjoy soaking in the serene natural vistas, diverse countryside, lush jungles as well as majestic cliffs, surreal lagoons, mangrove swamps and hidden sea caves, among other things. The clear waters here will also offer you sights of beautiful marine creatures.

Location: Mae Ngat Reservoir
Timing: November to April

2. Rafting: Another one of the top Water Sports in Chiang Mai is rafting. Also known as white water rafting, this sport lets you embark on a one-of-a-kind voyage on rubber rafts and ride past the gushing rapids of the river.

Great for amateurs as well as experienced rafters, this water sport also offers you a chance to soak in the spectacular views of the jungles and mountains of Chiang Mai, as you pass by quaint villages, beaches and other natural landscapes. All you need to do is to hold your raft tight and be prepared to be splashed with cold river waters!

Location: Mae Taeng River
Timing: July to February

3. Paddle Boarding: Of all the Water Sports in Chiang Mai, paddleboarding is quite possibly the most relaxing and exciting, all at the same time. During your Thai holiday, simply head over to the beautiful Mae Ngat Valley and witness the immense natural beauty of the land here.

Then, after a short training by experts, wear your life jackets and helmets and head out into the water with your paddleboards. You can choose to sit or lie on your boards, or even stand up on it to propel yourself in the water. It may look difficult, but this water sport is quite easy to grasp, and even more exciting when you get the hang of it.

Location: Mae Ping River
Timing: November to May

4. Tubing: One of the best Water Sports in Chiang Mai, tubing should definitely be on your list of things to try during your holiday here. If you wish to explore the serene natural wonders of Chiang Mai, without having to indulge in exhausting sports like jet skiing or rafting, tubing is the activity for you.

Simply lounge around in large rubber tubes which are attached to a bigger boat, and cruise through the river past scenic landscapes, villages and more. Tubing is best for those who wish to have a lazy day out in nature, with the cool weather and sun shining down.

Timing: November to July

What is the best time for rafting in Chiang Mai?

The best time for rafting in Chiang Mai is from the end of June to August. This is because it is during these months that the rivers are in full flow, with gushing rapids, and cool weather, which makes it perfect to cruise past easily without any untoward incidents.

What is the cost for kayaking in Chiang Mai?

The approximate cost for kayaking in Chiang Mai ranges between 700 THB to 1000 THB. This cost is estimated to be around INR 1,500 to INR 2,200 per person. The cost also varies from one kayaking spot to another, the time of the day and year, as well as the other facilities available at the spot.

What are the important things to remember while going for rafting?

- It is best to choose a licensed and professional rafting operator to enjoy rafting in Chiang Mai.
- You must always wear a life jacket or personal floatation device when going for rafting, along with other protective gear such as water shoes and helmets.
- Always ensure that you are wearing the correct outerwear for the day, such as a wetsuit, splash jacket, river shoes and sunscreen.
- Always carry a bottle of water along with dry snacks to ensure that you are hydrated and to curb exhaustion.
- It is best to know some of the common swimming techniques before going for rafting.
- Always listen to your guide’s instructions during rafting.

Is there any age limit for Paddle boarding?

No, there is no age limit for paddle boarding in Chiang Mai. Since it is a relatively easy water sport, people of all ages can do it. However, it is best to have parental support and guidance for children below 8 years of age.

Is Chiang Mai good for water sports?

Yes, Chiang Mai is a great place to enjoy a wide range of water sports. The waters here are perfect to try a plethora of activities, from parasailing and jet skiing, to boating, tubing, white water rafting, snorkelling and more.

Chiang Mai Water Sports Reviews

N Sheshgiri
Reviewed: 28 Mar 2022
I’d recommend this package if you’re someone with prior experience in adventure sports, because it can be quite taxing on the body. However, if you’re experienced, the whole thing is just lovely. The tour takes you on a 10 kilometer trek to the top of the falls from where you start rafting. My frien... Read More
Tilottama Tilottama
Reviewed: 28 Mar 2022
I am down for anything adventurous, and when I found about this trekking and rafting activity by Thrillophilia, I knew I had to take part in it. We rafted in the grade 3 and 4 level waters of the Mae Taeng River, and then went trekking for 3 kilometres. Our guide was great, and this experience will ... Read More
Jyoti Prakash
Reviewed: 28 Mar 2022
This was my first time trying out rafting. Nevertheless, this was one of the most fascinating adventure sport that I indulged in and I highly recommend it to everyone. Water rafting chiang mai is a definite addition to your travel itinerary.

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