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  • Chiang Mai Night Bazaar is one of the city’s main night-time attractions, especially for families, and is the modern legacy of the original Yunnanese trading caravans that stopped here along the ancient trade route between Simao (in China) and Mawlamyaing (on Myanmar’s Gulf of Martaban coast).

    Today the night bazaar sells the usual tourist souvenirs, similar to what you’ll find at Bangkok’s street markets. In true market fashion, vendors form a gauntlet along the footpath of Th Chang Khlan from Th Tha Phae to Th Loi Kroh. In between are dedicated shopping buildings: the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar Building is filled mainly with antique and handicraft stores.

    Across the street is the Kalare Night Bazaar selling upmarket clothes and home decor. Behind the collection of shops is the Kalare Food Center.

    Here are some Best Chiang Mai Night Markets:

  • 01The Night Bazaar

    Based on the eastern side of the old walled city, on the Chang Khlan Road, The Night Bazaar is one of the preferred destinations for the shopping lovers. During the day hours the place remains filled with shops, restaurant, snacks eateries, pizza outlets and shopping arcade but all this only fails to match the charm that the Night Bazaar produces in the same location. One can find here goods of all kinds be it clothing, electronic items, accessories, shoes, household items and many others. The key skills for shopping here is bargaining so for the best deal bargain more. About 20 to 30 percent reduction in the prices asked should be made for good deal. There is availability of both branded and local goods.

    Image Credits : David McKelvey

    Open on
    : Monday to Sunday, from dusk to Midnight

    Highlights: Daddy’s Pizza and Steakhouse Restaurant serving Chinese food.

    Location: Chang Khlan Road, Thailand
  • 02Anusarn Night Market

    Based near the bottom end of famous Chiang Mai Night Bazaar, this market is a pleasure to visit. Having its own charm this is equally popular as the famous Night Bazaar. During day time the vendors of the market are usually are not present though the eateries, bars and permanent shops remain open. The market starts in the evening and the key attraction of the market is the low cost delicious meals available here. Be it Asian, Seafood or Indian cuisine all remains available here. Another attraction is the open air Thai message which charges around 60 THB for ½ hour and 120 THB for 1 hour. Apart from this one can find shops of all kinds of goods that includes clothing, electronic items, gift items, accessories, shoes, music stores, and household items


    Open on
    : Mon to Sunday, from 7pm to Midnight

    Highlights: Fish Massage

    Location: Chang Khlan Road, Thailand
  • 03Kalare Night Market

    Based towards the end of Night Bazaar, this is one of the prominent markets of Thailand, though the same remains much less crowded. It is much less hectic and it holds a host of shops like artistic studios, garment shops, Jewellery stores, accessories, shoes, gift items and souvenirs. This is almost like an undercover arcade where there are various shops and food court supporting coupon dinning. Here one can find foods of all kinds and can enjoy delicious cuisine of almost all continents. Other attractions here include Thai dance performances which changes every week and puppet shoe which is quite popular among the young crowd. The Warorot Market at a distance of 2 minutes from Kalare Night Market is famous for fresh vegetables and meat.

    Open on
    : Mon to Sunday, from 7pm to Midnight

    Highlights: Have a sketch of own by talented sketch artists

    Location: Chang Khlan Road, Thailand
  • 04Sunday Walking Market

    Based almost in the middle of the old walled city area of Chiang Mai, the market stretches for almost a km from Phae Gate to Ratchadamnoen Road. The road also famous by the name of walking street remains close on Sunday for the traffic so that all can enjoy the Sunday Market here. The Sunday Market remains very much crowded with both locals as well as tourists. Unlike Night Bazaar one can find here exclusive handicrafts and art of the Northern Thai inhabitants. There are shops of various other goods like clothing, accessories, home décor etc which are perfect for both own use and gifting others. After dark, the Sunday market gets more entertaining with different dance shows and entertaining programs. It’s a km long market and has much to explore.

    Image Credits : Connie Ma

    Open on
    : Mon to Sunday, from 4pm to Midnight

    Highlights: Thai Foot Massage

    Location: Ratchadamnoen Road, Thailand
  • 05Saturday Walking street market

    Based on the opposite side of Chiang Mai Gate, Wui Lai Market or Saturday Market is another popular market in Thailand. On every Saturday the 1 km stretch market area remains close to traffic so that visitors and locals can shuffle around various shops and purchase goods according to preference. There are plenty of shops in Saturday Market almost like Sunday Market on all goods but the silversmiths shops are the primary attraction here because of the silverware sculptures and goods available here. Apart from this one can find clothing, belts, lanterns, candles, perfume, shoes, street performers, food stalls, sketch artists, wood carvings and woodwork ornaments, housewares etc. Evening time remains entertained with local night show and puppet show.


    Open on
    : Mon to Sunday, from 4pm to Midnight

    Highlights: Thai Massage and 7 Eleven Supermarket.

    Location: Wu Lai Road, Thailand
  • 06Bo Sang Handicraft Village

    Bo Sang Handicraft Village at Chiang Mai is one of the best places to go if you are a keen lover of handicrafts. If you have been amazed by Thai handicrafts all the while, this village is the place where you get to witness the process of making these high-quality items like fans, paper lamps, wallets and all related products. Do not miss the Bo Sang Umbrella & San Kamphaeng Handicrafts Fair conducted here during the 3rd weekend of January.


    Location: About 8km towards the south-east of Chiang Mai.

    : From here, you get to purchase the best quality of umbrellas & parasols in the world. The prices are highly reasonable for the quality. You can purchase excellent souvenirs from here at highly affordable costs; the artisans do not try to exploit you, so you don’t have to negotiate with them.

  • 07Chang Puak Gate Night Market

    One of the most attractive markets Chang Puak Hate Night Market is quite famous among the tourists. For all those who love to walk around the streets and check out different shops this is the ideal location. With outstanding collection of various goods like clothing, perfume, , wood carvings and woodwork ornaments, shoes, street performers, belts, lanterns, candles, food stalls, sketch artists, house wares one can find it all here. It is quite crowded place and there are unique vendors who sells exclusive Thai foods which is quite delicious and mouth watering. Apart from this there are other stores of clothing, shoes, and accessories with reasonably good stock.

    Open on
    : Mon to Sunday, from 4pm to Midnight

    Highlights: Thai Massage

    Location: Prathu Chand Puak, Thailand
  • 08Kat Rin Kham Night Bazaar

    Kat Rin Kham Night Market is in Chiang Mai. It is a lesser known market as compared to the other night markets in this area and is most popular amongst students. They have a perfect mix of everything that comes to your mind, ranging from food stalls, clothes shops, plastic shops, tattoo studios, salons, home décor stores etc.

    Highlights: Famous among young adults and students, this market remains open from 6 PM till midnight. It is a really busy market and has amazing food to offer. You get great stuff at really cheap prices and also can bargain for an even more discount. It has a few craft stores as well, which is loved by the people.

    Location: Right across the main entrance of Chiang Mai University, Huay Kaew road, Chian Mai.

    Price: Experience the night bazaar for free. Pay for the stuffs and services you buy. 
  • 09Warorot Market (Kad Luang)

    Situated approximately two minutes from the Chang Mai Night Bazaar and sitting beside the Ping River, Warorot Market is a daytime hub of Locals. It opens early in the morning and closes when dark. You can buy almost anything from here. This is basically a Local market where you get goods better than a tourist market at even cheaper prices.

    Highlights: Everything is here, fresh vegetables, fruits, flowers, bakery items, handicrafts, souvenirs, ceramics, clothes etc. Also, it is an amazing place to try on local snacks and sweets from the food stalls in this market. There are back and side streets around the Warorot market full of hill tribe and Northern Thai Handicraft products. Visiting this market is a must when you are at Chang Mai to witness local Thai shopping.

    Location: Near the Chang Mai Night Bazaar, by river Ping.

    Price: The experience is free.