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  • Chiang Mai is mostly known for its trek routes, beautiful landscapes and the hospitality provided by people. Besides elegant mountains and lush jungles, Chiang Mai is mostly famous for its elephant camps. You can experience elephant bathing, feeding and riding in these elephant camps. We have mentioned two must-to-visit Chiang Mai elephant camps.

    It is the time to learn how to take bare back elephant rides at the Baan Chang Elephant Park. The Baan Chang Elephant Park is a beautiful sanctuary located at Mae Taeng. You can enjoy quality time with the elephants. There is a special training program, in which you can learn elephant feeding, how to give a shower bath to elephant and how to do their medication.

    One of the excellent places for family outings, where you can interact with this beautiful animal. The 'Elephant Owner for a Day' is a special programme created for everyone to learn and interact and take care of an elephant such as any owner would do on a daily basis.

    Here are some of the best Chiang Mai Elephant Camps:

  • 01Rantong Save and Rescue Elephant Centre

    Rantong Save and Rescue Elephant Centre were established in 2009 with the motive of rescuing ill-treated elephants and saving them with proper shelter, food, and healthcare. Though this initiative started with a single elephant but it, later on, got transferred into a business. Tourists visit this destination on a daily basis and enjoy interacting with the elephants and help them in their daily schedule which is an equally interesting activity. In the centre there are various single day programs as well as multiple day schedules and transportation is available from the hotel.

    : Chiang Mai, Thailand

    Timing: 8am-5:00pm
  • 02Mae Ping Elephant Village

    Image Credit : Adam
    One of the main attractions of Chiang Mai is the multiple elephant camps and training schools spread across the location. This is all the more since elephants consisted of an integral part of Thailand rich and royal culture. However among all these camps the Mae Ping Elephant Village comprises of special importance because here the camp thrives to take care of the former working elephants and most of them have real mahouts or trainers who are professionals and knows how to take care of these gigantic animals. Moreover its a real training camp and not just set for the tourists.

    Image Credits : Adam

    One can enjoy good interaction with the elephants in presence of the trainers like feeding and bathing them. Also the elephants put a great painting show to entertain visitors.

    Location: 60km north of Chiang Mai
  • 03Maetaman Elephant Camp

    Image Credit : Miguel Vicente Martínez
    Located at a distance of less than an hour from Chiang Mai this camp is located in forested environment. With a total strength of 60 elephants these elephants are owned by mahouts who are experienced professionals training the animals. The visitors here can enjoy exclusive time with the gentle giants and spend quality time helping with their daily activities. Even the baby elephants are a joy to see, feed and bath. There are opportunities to take bare back elephant ride and enjoy interacting with them.

    Image Credits : Miguel Vicente Martínez

    The environment here is very good and clean and all the elephants are well maintained and properly taken care of. Apart from the usual interaction elephant show, ox cart rides and bamboo rafting are premier attractions. There is opportunity here to purchase real elephant paintings as a souvenir. 

    : Rim Tai, Mae Rim, Chiang Mai, Thailand

    : 7:00am to 4:00pm
  • 04Maesa Elephant Camp

    Image Credit : Jinny
    If the love is for Asian elephants then the apt place to get close to them is the Maesa Elephant Camp. The camp is by far the largest one in an assembly of domestic elephants in the Northern part of Thailand. It also showcases the most entertaining as well as educational elephant show which has managed to enlist itself in Guinness book of Records 2005. The camp houses nearly 80 elephants which were all employed in timber and logging industries but with the modern process, they are all now taken care of in these centers for conservation and training.

    Image Credits : Jinny

    Visitors can enjoy the location playing with the baby elephants, feeding and bathing them and also interacting with the same. The elephants draw excellent pictures which can be purchased here. 

    : Tapae Road, North of Mae Rim, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

    Price: Entry: 200 Baht,

    Elephant ride: 1200 Baht for 1 hour and 800 Baht for 30mins
  • 05Four Seasons Golden Triangle Tented Camp

    65km from Chiang Mai International Airport, the Four Seasons Golden Triangle Tented Camp is a ideal location to enjoy elephant trekking, pleasant stay, excellent meals and superb spa treatment. The arrangements are superb with 15 tents with white crisp bedding, copper tubs, and leather recliners setting the jungle safari mood. The brilliant ambience of the forested environment, the excellent elephant rides and superior Thai massage after a elephant rides along with excellent relaxation makes it a preferred destination in Thailand.

    One can explore the flora and fauna, get up close with the elephants and enjoy a entertaining day with the luxury of a resort to stay. Riverside pool and river boat trips are some additional entertaining activities done here.

    Location: 4 hours drive from Chiang Mai City.

  • 06Thai Elephant Conservation Centre

    The government owned Thai Elephant Conservation Centre was established in 1993 and from then it has been a pioneer attraction and a prominent tourist destination for all visitors. Having a strength of nearly 50 gigantic mammals, this camp entertains the visitors with an opportunity to experience being up close with the elephants and help them feed, bathe and play. The employees here are well trained and can share immense knowledge about these animals, their conservation process and environmental protection.

    The animals here stay in private stables where they do their daily chores. The most entertaining part is watching these elephants play musical instruments or paint which is truly outstanding. The conservation centre is about 70kms from Chiang Mai and closes by 3:30pm as the animals then retire for rest in the jungle. 

    : 28-29 Lampang-Chiang Mai Highway, Thailand

    Timings: Till 3:30pm daily

    Price: Admission: 200Baht and Training: 3500Baht
  • 07Chai Lai Orchid Elephant Camp

    Image Credit : PROBertrand Duperrin
    To experience the best eco travel tour and immerse in the beauties of nature Chai Lai Orchid Elephant Camp is the best experience. One can spend the days, feeding, bathing, playing and taking care of the gentle giants. There is option for elephant ride which is equally interesting. The visitors of this camp need to accommodate in eco hut and enjoy the panoramic beauty of nature. Be it river rafting or swimming in the cool pools, enjoying the mountain sun or tasting the sweetest juicy fresh fruits, life here is simply entertaining.

    Image Credits : su-lin

    Elephant experience here can be either enjoyed with a single elephant or with shared elephant. With friendly staff and excellent trainers the experience is a pleasant one guaranteed.

    Location: Mae Win, Mae Wang, Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • 08Thai Elephant Home

    Image Credit : Cedar
    One of the best destinations to enjoy brilliant time with the gentle giants, Thai Elephant Home is located in Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. The camp has sufficient number of elephants all rescued and conserved in the camp to make them lead a happy life. Tourist can visit the destination and enjoy feeding, bathing and taking care of both the bigger and baby elephants.

    Image Credits : Cedar

    There are several packages which can be opted for to ensure some decent time spent playing with these animals. It’s a eco friendly tourism where apart from enjoying the elephants one can also take pleasure in beautiful lush greenery and natural pools. The home has beautiful eco huts on a twin sharing basis with all necessary utilities for travellers to enjoy their stay for as long as they want.

    : 2 Kuedchang Maetang Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • 09Woody’s Elephant Training

    Image Credit : Venson Kuchipudi
    Located in Mae Tang, Chiang Mai, Woody’s Elephant training camp is almost a sanctuary where elephants are treated as family members, taking utmost care of the same. The elephants live here happily and contented with peace and harmony in utmost care. The elephants are given training as mahouts or profession trainers and they mix easily with the humans. The visitors can interact with them as per guidance from the trainer and enjoy an instant friendship with the gentle giants. Woody Trek is one of the premier attractions in this place where there are options of 2-3 days trekking in midst the forested areas and enjoys nature at its best.

    Image Credits : Nicole Hanusek

    The basic commands to control the elephant, feeding and bathing them, enjoying virtual shower are some of the interesting activities performed here. One can expect transportation facility like pick up and drop off from hotel from the camp.

    Location: 59/3 M.1 T.cuodchang A.Mae Tang, Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • 10Jumbo Elephant Camp

    Image Credit : Dan Costin
    Jumbo Elephant Camp is known for the authentic elephant experience in Thailand. Located in Elephant Valley about 40kms from Chiang Mai, this is a beautiful camp established in 1999. A perfect location for trekking and rafting one can have excellent elephant experience in this camp interacting with them in every way. The daily routine of the elephants are being shared with the visitor where each visitor is allotted a single elephant.


    Image Credits : Visnu Pitiyanuvath

    The trainers are experienced mahouts sharing their knowledge about elephants from ancient times. The expert trainers help in river rafting, bamboo rafting, swimming in the waterfalls and experiencing the local wilderness. One can stay at Pagoda Inn at the heart of the city with all necessary amenities.

    Location: Chang Moi Soi, Amphoe Muang, Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • 11Elephant Life Experience

    The only name that pops up in mind, while speaking about boutique elephant camp in Thailand is E.L.E or better known as Elephant Life Experience. The beautiful place provides an opportunity to all its visitors to come close to elephants and spend quality time with them. They can share their daily routine where the visitors can better interact under the expert guidance of the trainers. The camp has beautiful natural setting with cascading river flowing close by.


    The environment is peaceful and harmonious to match the temperament of the gentle giants. There are lodges for comfortable accommodation where all necessary facilities are available. It’s a romantic gateway where the vacation can truly turn special in the midst of natural beauty.

    Location: Mae Taeng, Chiang Mai, Thailand.
  • 12Baan Chang Elephant Park

    Based at a distance of 50 minutes from Chiang Mai, The Baan Chang Elephant Park is a beautiful sanctuary located at Mae Taeng. The place is by far one of the best locations to be up close with elephants and enjoy quality time with them. It’s a beautiful park dedicated to provide good life to the elephants. The special program named as Magical Elephant Mahout Training is scheduled here to make the visitors learn, know more and interact with this giant, clam and beautiful animal. Elephant feeding, elephant bath, bare back elephant ride, their medication and interacting with them all are included in this program. It organizes usually a day tour where lunch is included in the package.

    Image Credits : Dave Lonsdale

    : Ratchadamnoen, Chiang Mai, Thailand

    Price: Starting from 2900 Baht
  • 13Chiang Dao Elephant Camp - Training Center

    At Chiang Dao Elephant Camp - Training Center primary importance is given towards making the elephants feel comfortable in a natural environment. As a result the camp provides an experience to its visitors which combine both jungle activities and training schedules with a one to one interaction with a single elephant making the whole experience more interesting and absolutely unforgettable. There are about 32 elephants which provide excellent rides in the adjacent teak forest and the nearby Ping River. The highlight of the destination is watching the baby elephants get trained in the morning with lessons on how to walk, how to bath etc. Bamboo rafting sessions are also available here on the Ping River. A visit to hill tribe village is also organised.

    Chiang Mai-Fang Road, Chiang Mai, Thailand

    Timing: Open daily from 7 am Price: Starting from 60 Baht.
  • 14Elephant Nature Park

    Based in Ratmakka Road, the Elephant Nature Park offers an excellent tour programs for its visitors which includes scenic and adventurous trips and multiple ways to be up close with the gigantic mammals and know more about their conservation of the same. The paved pathway of the ruiral countryside in the Nature Park provide an ideal site for a drive and visualize plenty of rescued animals leaving happily and roaming in the sanctuary. There are special programs which entitles hands on experience with the beautiful elephants and taking care of them. The park has exclusive pick up and drop facility for the visitors. There are arrangements of single day visit, multi day visit and also an exclusive package for night stay.

    : 1 Ratmakka Road, Phra Sing, Chiang Mai, Thailand

    Timing: 8am-5:30pm

    Price: Single day visit (with transport & lunch) 2,500 Baht (adults), 1,250 Baht (children)
  • 15Patara Elephant Farm

    One of the excellent family outings can be scheduled at Patara Elephant Farm where the exclusive Elephant Care Program includes interaction with the wonderful elephants and getting to know more about this gigantic mammal. The training and interaction session includes health check up og elephants, taking care of the pregnant female elephants, walking with them, feeding them, making them drink water and accompanying them in their bathe time. A bare back ride on these elephants is equally entertaining and quite adventurous. Special time is allotted for baby elephants where one gets to play, feed and bathe with them. There is both half a day and full day program package in these elephant farm.

    Image Credits : Mike Gifford

    : Chiang Mai, Thailand

    Timing: 8am-5:30pm



Doi Inthanon National Park

This place is a must-visit for adventure lovers. The park forms part of the Doi Inthanon mountain range, a part of the mighty Himalayas. There are many small and big peaks here with heights of about 865m to 2565m above sea level. Doi Intahnon is the tallest mountain in Thailand.

Highlights - The view from here is absolutely stunning. Take a trek through to the peaks, enjoy the early morning sunrise, waterfalls and don’t miss the Siamese sakura flowers in full bloom during the months of December & January. Main camp site, the tall summit, Two huge stupas (Phra Mahathat Naphamethanidon & Nophamethanidon), Kaew Mae Pan Nature Trails, Bird-watching, large number of waterfalls and Brichinda Cave are the major highlights.

Location -
 Ban Luang, Chom Thong District, Chiang Mai

Timings: 5:30am to 6:30pm

INR 650/THB 300

Wat Chedi Luang

Built during the rule of King Saen Muang Ma in the 15th Century, Wat Chedi Luang is a Buddhist temple in Chiang Mai. If you are a history buff or an architecture aficionado, you are going to love a short visit to this magnificent temple complex. Though the tests of time have diminished its original grace, the temple still stands imposing and impressive.

Due to its great religious significance among the locals, it is also visited in great numbers by devotees, especially at Visakha Buja. In addition to a unique style of architecture, an emerald image of Lord Buddha, a pillar and a gum tree are the focal points for tourists here.

Location: 103 Prapokkloa Rd, Tambon Si Phum, Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai

Timings: 6 am to 5 pm

Entry Fee: Free


Chiang Mai Night Safari

A must try activity while you are touring Chiang Mai, Night Safari is a delightful experience where you get to spot a wide range of nocturnal animals. In this activity, you board an enclosed tram at night and get close to rare species of animals. Spread across an area of 132 hectares, this nocturnal zoo in Chiang Mai is modelled after the concept of Singapore Zoo.

The park claims a collection of 1400 animals in total. Buffet dinner and Musical Fountain are just additional treats you can enjoy while you are here. If you are looking for Chiang Mai attractions that you can visit with your family, this nocturnal zoo in Chiang Mai is one of your best bets.

Location: 33 Moo 12, Tambon Nong Kwai, Amphoe Hang Dong, Chang Wat Chiang Mai 

Timings: 11 am to 10 pm

Entry Fee: INR 215/THB 100


The Tiger Kingdom

The Tiger Kingdom is a great combination of tourism with wildlife preservation. The preservation provides the opportunity to get up close and personal with several Indochinese tigers of varying ages and sizes that have been raised by hand in captivity since birth. The vicinity also boasts facilities to camp for the night with several amenities.

Things to Keep in Mind: Before entering the visitors are asked to leave the belongings outside in a locker, remove your shoes and wash hands.

  Rim Tai, Amphoe Mae Rim, Chang Wat Chiang Mai 50180

8 am to 6 pm.

Price: Starts from INR 1530/THB 700

Flight of the Gibbon

Flight of the Gibbon, which had its first operation became wildly popular amongst travelers in Laos, now has expanded to include a spot in the jungles of Chonburi, an hour's drive from Bangkok. Billed as Thailand's premier zip line canopy tour, this adventure takes you deep into the jungles around the Chompoo Wildlife Sanctuary, where you travel above the forest floor from platform to platform via a series of ziplines suspended high in the air.

Trained Sky Ranger guides to ensure safety and leave you to soar amongst the treetops, with chances of spotting wild boar, macaques, barking deer, and hornbills. An exhilarating adrenaline-filled Timings is assured.

106 Village, No.3, Huai Kaeo, Mae On District, Chiang Mai 50130

Timings: 6 AM to11 PM.

Price: INR 7580/THB 3599


Sunday Walking Market

One of the liveliest tourist places in Chiang Mai where you can spend a pleasant evening with your family and friends, Rachadamnoen Road is the venue for Sunday Walking Street Market. For Shoppers, there are streetside stalls selling goods at cheap prices and air conditioned malls where you can buy branded products.

Though you can find a wide range of products here, handicrafts made from wood, paper, silk, metal, ceramic, and glass dominate the market. And for epicures, the market offers a variety of options in the form of streetside cafes, upscale restaurants, and even food stalls.

Before sunset, the market comes into motion and remains active till midnight, making for a perfect choice for a memorable Sunday evening.

Location: Rachadamnoen Road, Chiang Mai

Timings: 4 pm to midnight

Entry Fee: Free Entry


Art in Paradise Museum

Your search for the most fun places to visit in Chiang Mai ends at Art in Paradise Museum. The museum boasts of a large and impressive collection of 3D images and paintings creating fun moments for you and your family. When you pose in front of these paintings, it creates the illusion as if you are a part of the scene.

Thus, a photography session here is a must. The museum is divided into six themed zones: underwater world, wildlife area, dinosaur zone, surreal art, classic art, and ancient Egypt. For a memorable experience, visit and explore each of the zones.

Location: 199/9 Changklan Rd, Tambon Chang Khlan, Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai

Timings: 9 am to 7 pm

Entry Fee: INR 650/THB 300


Wat Phra Singh

Buddhist temples are one of the major highlights of Thailand. Wat Phra Singh, located in the northern most island of Chiang Rai, is one of the oldest Buddhist temple of the island country. One of the main attractions of the temple, the gold-plated Pagoda is located right beneath the viharn in this temple.

Highlights - Constructed during as early as 1385, this temple, constructed in white and gold, contains the highly revered Phra Singh Buddha image in its sanctum sanctorum. With great decors, antique golden motifs in pure Thai Lanna style, the temple contains the ubosot, viharn and a chapel bearing the footmarks of Lord Buddha.

2 Samlarn Rd, Phra Sing, Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai, Chang Wat Chiang Mai

- 6 am to 5 pm

 - Free


San Kamphaeng Hot Springs

Simply among the best places to visit in Chiang Mai where you can relax your tense muscles and prepare yourself for another day of exploration, San Kamphaeng Hot Springs is ideal for spending a day relaxing. The water springs feature a temperature of 105 degree Celsius.

The site has long pools where visitors can be seen dipping their feet and there are also separate pool for kids. And when you come out of the pool after a calming long dip, do not forget to try the food options available nearby serving local delicacies. To add more relaxation to the overall experience, visit one of the several massage parlours near the pools.

Location: Tambon Ban Sa Ha Khon, Amphoe Mae On, Chang Wat Chiang Mai

Timings: 7 am to 6 pm

Entry Fee: INR 217/THB 100


Bo Sang Umbrella Village

A stop at the Bo Sang Umbrella Village, gives you a chance to see a lot of beautiful painted Umbrellas and also Fans. Renowned for its wonderful handcrafted products and its magnificent natural surroundings, a visit to this place allows you to learn more about the traditional industries and culture of Thailand.

: Bo Sang Umbrella Village boasts a string of souvenir shops, showrooms and workshops, most devoted to the production of paper and bamboo umbrellas and parasols. However, prices aren't very reasonable.

Location: 1014, Tambon Ton Pao, Amphoe San Kamphaeng, Chang Wat Chiang Mai

Timings: 8:15 AM - 5:00 PM

Price: Entry is free


Huay Kaew Waterfall

The list of the most exquisite natural tourist places in Chiang Rai is incomplete without a mention of this piece of nature’s art – Huay Kaew Waterfall. Located in close proximity to Chiang Mai Zoo, this waterfall offers perfect space and atmosphere for rejuvenation and recreation.

The inviting views and the lovely ambience of this site attracts tourists and picnickers alike to come experience a state of pure relaxation while being surrounded by a pristine verdure. On a picnic here, you can not only admire the visual and auditory appeal of the waterfall, but also indulge in activities like hiking and photography. There are a few pools here with clean water where one can swim and bathe.

Location: Chang Phueak, Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai, Chang Wat Chiang Mai

Timings: 8 am to 5 pm

Price: Free Entry


Kalare Night Market

One of those places in Chiang Mai that brim with a wealth of cultural experiences for visitors, Kalare Night Market is a perfect spot to experience the rich nightlife scene of the city. Lively with the presence of enthusiastic locals and foreigners, it is less hectic than its counterpart, Chiang Mai Night Bazaar.

From jewelry and clothing to artworks and electronics, a wide array of products can be bought here. Additionally, an open food court and entertainment zone add to the appeal of the market, making it a haven for those looking for a fun evening in the city. While you are here, do not skip to catch a nightly traditional Thai dance performance.

Changklan Road, Chiang Mai

5 pm to Midnight

Entry Fee:
Free Entry


Thai Elephant Conservation Centre

Creating a peaceful and safe environment for Asian elephants to thrive, Thai Elephant Conservation Center is one of the best places to see in Chiang Mai. Offering the visitors an impressive selection of varied experiences that are both entertaining and educational in nature, this is the only elephant camp in Thailand that is owned by the government.

The camp houses more than 50 elephants that are looked after by mahouts and trained by experts. You will be surprised to know that elephants here can create music and paint, that you will get to see during the shows held every day. Those willing to spend more time with these elephants can book a stay at the conservation center.

Location: Wiang Tan, Lampang

Timings: 8 am to 3:30 pm

Entry Fee: Starts from INR 445/THB 200


Grand Canyon Chiang Mai

Developed in an abandoned limestone quarry, Grand Canyon is a waterpark in Chiang Mai, apt for kids and adults. Greatly loved by the locals, this waterpark is also counted as one of the most happening tourist places in Chiang Mai. Just wear the lifejacket and plunge into the water to swim to your heart’s content.

In addition to an inflatable obstacle course which is the major attraction here, the park features several slides, a short zipline, and wakeboarding experiences. And when you are done immersing yourself in the fun of splashes, you can spend some peaceful moments at the café and the restaurant located within the park.

Location: Nam Phrae, Chiang Mai

Timings: 9 am to 6:30 pm

Entry Fee: INR 1000/THB 450 Baht per person


Saturday Walking street market

Another exciting entry on the list of the best places to visit in Chiang Mai, Saturday Street Walking Market is best known for its bustling traditional bazaar scene with huge variety of products being sold at cheap prices. It doesn't matter whether you are a foodie, shopaholic, or somebody seeking a fun filled evening in Chiang Mai, Wui Lai Market, that turns into a street walking market on Saturdays is a spot loved by locals and tourists alike.

Silverware, aluminium sculptures, ornaments, clothing and, handicrafts – you can find it all here. To increase your hunger, you will find plenty of stalls and small eateries sending aromatic air in all directions. Ultimately, you can avail of Thai massage service within the market when all the exploration has tired your body.

Location: Wua Lai, Chiang Mai

Timings: 5 pm to 11 pm

Entry Fee: Free Entry


Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden

Any list of the most serene Chiang Mai tourist places is incomplete without a mention of Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden which is a blessing for nature lovers dwelling and visiting the city. Set in a valley amidst rainforests, the garden is a whiff of fresh air for locals and tourists. A visit to this garden is a learning experience where you get to know about a wide range of flora Thailand is blessed with.

You have the option to rent a motorbike if you are not in the mood to tour the place on foot. A 30 minute drive separates the garden from the city centre, and travelling to this site is a pleasant experience owing to the beautiful scenery en route.

Location: 9 Mae Raem, Amphoe Mae Rim, Chang Wat Chiang Mai

Timings: 8:30 am to 5 pm

Entry Fee: INR 220/THB 100

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