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    Rappelling in Sikkim

    Rappelling in Sikkim - It will pull the ground beneath your feet when you discover the potentials of Sikkim adventures.

    Dont go by the size of the state, look at the adventurous activities Sikkim has to offer. Deep in mysticism and beauty, Sikkim is a favorite haunt for those who come for an adventure.  With picturesque breathtaking views nestled deep in the Himalayan belly, the region has plenty of natural springs, rovers, dense thickets and meadows to feast your adventurous souls on. No wonder trekking in Sikkim along with other activities is fast growing in popularity, and adventure seekers from all over the world throng this place every year to satiate their exploration needs.

    Interesting points Sikkim has on offer

    1. The monasteries of Sikkim for sure are the main attractions, the Rumtek monastery being the most famous amongst all of them
    2. You could even immerse in the sparkling beauty biking on the fringes of the famous Tsongmo Lake.
    3. Trek along the famous Nathu la pass if you want
    4. Join the jeep safari tours to visit Chungthang and Kabi lungstok as well.

    And in addition to all of the aforementioned places, Sikkim allows the adventurous at heart to engage in other thrilling activities, such as mountaineering, rafting, rappelling etc.

    The best time to visit

    Sikkim is at its best when the summers are on, the weather isnt hot, in fact summers here are very pleasant. Do not think of rappelling or joining any adventure tours during the monsoons, because Sikkim is known for the mud slides and land slides, which are frequent when the rains lash.

    Rappelling and other adventure activities in Sikkim

    If you are looking for true excitement and adventure, Sikkim wouldnt disappoint. Visitors always have their full engaging in various adventure sports out here. The biggest challenge thrown to you would be conquering the snow capped peaks, you can do that by engaging in rappelling or even by trekking, the choice is yours. The breathtaking beauty around which would engulf you while you engage in adventure activities cannot be penned down in a few words, you have got to be there to experience the bounty of nature. No wonder Sikkim is a desirous destination, thronged by many every year.

    Rocky challenges and adventures in Sikkim

    The region has plenty of natural resources and hence attracts many adventurers to come and explore.  The rocky cliffs beckon the rappelling seeker and the trekking enthusiast in equal measure. The base of the mountain ranges offers other activities as well, which include mountaineering, paragliding, cave exploration and even camping the night out as well. With rich bio-diversity to its name, Sikkim is surely a one of a king eco tourist destination which no one should miss.

    Rappelling as an adventure thrill

    Rappelling in Sikkim along with trekking and rock climbing is fast gaining popularity. These three activities in Sikkim are being sought after as hot cakes fresh. You have competitions for rock climbing and rappelling in Sikkim these days and there are many government organizations promotion the adventure sport with full gusto.

    Some of the Major peaks of Sikkim

    1.  Mt. Khanchendzonga
    2. Mt. Jopuno
    3. Mt. Narshing
    4. Mt. Khanchenghyao
    5. Mt. Kokthang
    6. Mt. Kumbarkarna
    7. Mt. Kabru Forked
    8. Mt. Kabru Dome
    9. Mt. Siniolchu
    10. Nepal Peak
    11. Gocha Peak
    12. Tent Peak
    13. Mt. Simvo
    14. Mt. Pandim
    15. Mt. Gurudongmar
    16. Mt. Punari
    17. Mt. Rathong
    18. Mt. Kabru
    19. Mt. Thingchinkhang
    20. Freys Peak
    21. Mt. Lamo Andgen
    22.  Brumkhangtse
    23. Mt. Jopuno to name a few.

    If you are looking at trekking in Sikkim or need help with finding the right package for rappelling in Sikkim, you have thrillophilia at your service, get in touch!!