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Igatpuri Villas

Vue Villa V2, Nature’s Dreamland Villa, Sabera Villa, Arowana Villa, Spandan Holiday Villa, Salsa Villa, Trident Villas, O Two Villas, Sky Water villas and many more.

Taking some time out and enjoying the much-deserved vacation especially in the Igatpuri villas might just be the right idea of a great time. Blessed with countless breath-taking views this place is a true paradise for the nature lovers. While vacationing all you need is comfort and peace, and what could be better than lavish villas!

Surrounded by magnanimous mountains, shimmering waterfalls, and dense forests, their charm is just one-of-its-kinds and is perfect for staycations. There are many beautiful villas in Igatpuri that offer a combination of modern facilities and a relaxing stay at once.

Some of the villas are constructed in the Victorian or Edwardian style that will give you the vibe of a large country house. While some of them come along with adjoining courtyards for the guests to enjoy their cup of tea sitting and experiencing the natural charms of the locale. In all, there is something for everyone's needs!

Here are some of the best villas in Igatpuri:

25 Ratings
Superb 25 Ratings
25 Ratings Ratings
Luxury Nature Villas in Igatpuri
  • 2D/1N
  • Igatpuri
  • 2D/1N
₹15,999 ₹12,999
Location: Igatpuri, Maharashtra

Check-in Time:
 1:00 PM
Check-out Time: 11:30 AM

Enjoy an ideal vacation that takes you to the untouched beauty of nature that lies in Igatpuri. Experience the perfect blend of luxury and scenic natural beauty that allows you to enjoy splendid views of misty hills, charming gardens, lush landscapes along with great comfort and luxury. 

This stay experience lets you avail a private villa which is fully air-conditioned and comprises of spacious rooms with attached washrooms. You shall be provided with a private swimming pool and a fully equipped kitchen where you can prepare delicious meals during your stay. Also, there are other facilities within the villa premises such as parking, disco lights for party and food on order. 

You can spend some delightful moments with your loved ones by enjoying indoor and outdoor activities in the lawn area. Besides, there is a provision of caretaker service and help desk inside the villa which would ensure no hassles within your stay period. 

Places to visit nearby:
Dhamma Giri - 4.2Km
Myanmar Gate - 4.1km
Vihigaon Falls - 9.7Km

How To Reach: 
Nearest Railway Station is Igatpuri Railway Station, 3.4kms from the stay. The location is accessible through public and private transportation.

Packages Offered:
Click on the 'Book Now' button to find the following option:

Private Villa Stay: Inclusive of staying in an air-conditioned room in a villa with attached washrooms, private swimming pool, kitchen and other amenities. Also includes indoor-outdoor games and disco lights for the party.
Per room occupancy: 3 people
Maximum occupancy: 10 persons
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36 Ratings
Superb 36 Ratings
36 Ratings Ratings
Luxurious Poolside Villa, Igatpuri
  • 2D/1N
  • Igatpuri
  • 2D/1N
₹16,999 ₹14,999
Location: Igatpuri, Maharashtra 

Check-in Time: 
12:00 PM
Check-Out Time: 2:00 PM

You won't believe your eyes to experience the mesmerizing beauty of the surroundings that engulf this luxurious villa accommodation. Get drowned amidst the utmost serenity of lush green landscape and misty ambience of this hill-station, Igatpuri.

You would be provided with comfortable accommodation in a 5 BHK villa that exhibits fully air-conditioned rooms with luxurious furnishings and equipment. The villa also consists of a jacuzzi and swimming pool where you can enjoy delightful moments with your loved ones. Besides, you would be provided with other amenities like parking, caretaker service, in-house restro and no shortage in water supply. 

On booking this package you would be allowed to grab delicious complimentary breakfast. You can also order other meals from the adjacent restaurant and in-house kitchen on paying additional charges. In addition to all these, you get to enjoy activities like Board Games, Outdoor Games (DIY), Swimming and Bonfire.

Places to visit nearby:
Dhamma Giri - 3.9kms
Myanmar GAte - 3.8kms
Vihigaon Falls - 13kms

How To Reach: 
The location is based at a distance of 3.4 km from Igatpuri Railway station and is easily accessible through private and public transportation.

Packages Offered:
Click on 'Book Now' to find the following options: 

5 BHK Villa Stay: Inclusive of a villa stay with air-conditioned rooms with jacuzzi and swimming pool along with activities. Also includes amenities and breakfast.
Maximum occupancy per room: 4 persons
Total occupancy: 20 persons
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32 Ratings
Superb 32 Ratings
32 Ratings Ratings
Family Villas in Igatpuri with Private Pool
  • 2D/1N
  • Igatpuri
  • 2D/1N
₹38,400 ₹35,000
Location: Igatpuri, Maharashtra

Check-in Time: 12:30 PM
Check-out Time: 11:00 AM

Grab this villa stay experience to enjoy an exotic stay with your family amidst the charm and calmness of the famous hill-station in Maharashtra, Igatpuri. Enjoy your perfect holidays and spend wow moments with your loved ones in this picturesque spot that contains the mesmerizing beauty of the Western Ghats mountains and lush greenery.

This villa stay experience provides you with three options that are absolutely ideal for you and your family. The options contain 3bhk, 4bhk and 5bhk villa accommodation where all the options consist of comfortable furnishings along with necessary equipment. The three options are equipped with attached washrooms and living areas for a delightful stay experience. On opting for the 5bhk villa you shall be able to enjoy the provision of a private jacuzzi swimming pool with valley view.

During your stay, you get to grab delicious complimentary morning breakfast. Also, you can prepare or meals from the in-house kitchen and avail the benefits of a cook (on nominal charges). The stay experience also includes adventurous activities like Bonfire, Outdoor activities (DIY) and Sightseeing (DIY) and music.  You can also savour on delicious barbeque on paying additional charges.

Places to visit nearby: 
Kalsubai Peak Mountain - 5 km
Tringalwadi Fort Mountain - 5 km
Arthur Lake Lake - 5 km
Bhatsa River Valley River - 7 km

How to Reach:
The location is based at a distance of 5 kms from Igatpuri Railway Station and is easily accessible through public and private transportation.

Package offered:
Click on 'Book Now' to find the following options

Variant 1:
3-BHK Villa stay: Inclusive of a villa stay with 3 bedrooms, living room with attached washrooms. Also includes breakfast, activities and other amenities.
Maximum occupancy: 15 persons

Variant 2:
4 BHK Villa stay: Inclusive of a villa stay with 4 bedrooms, 2 living rooms with attached washrooms. Also includes breakfast, activities and other amenities.
Maximum occupancy: 20 persons

Variant 3:
5 BHK Villa stay Inclusive of a villa stay with 5 bedrooms, private jacuzzi swimming pool with valley view, 1 living room with attached washrooms. Also includes breakfast, activities and other amenities.
Maximum occupancy: 25 persons
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38 Ratings
Very Good 38 Ratings
38 Ratings Ratings
Private Villa with Pool in Igatpuri
  • 2D
  • Igatpuri
  • 2D
₹17,500 ₹15,000

Location: Igatpuri, Maharashtra

Check-in Time:
 12:00 PM
Check-out Time: 10:00 AM

Embark on a delightful stay experience in the midst of scenic beauty of Igatpuri. Enjoy to the fullest with the provision of a private pool and grasp immense peace from the dense vegetations that surround this luxurious accommodation.

Avail the benefits of staying in this furnished villa that comes with 4 rooms which are fully air-conditioned and contain attached washrooms. The villa is also contained with 2 swimming pools, a fully equipped kitchen where you can prepare delicious meals according to your desire. Also, there is the provision of a parking facility and playground area so that you can enjoy fun-filled activities with your loved ones.

Also, you are assisted with facilities like caretaker service, non-stop water supply, help desk assistance and meals on order. Don't miss out the chance of enjoying an ideal vacation with your loved ones in Igatpuri and get back home with a bunch of memories.

Places to visit nearby:
Railway lake & municipal lake - 3 km
Bhauli dam - 4 km
Igatpuri market - 3 km

How To Reach: 
Nearest Railway Station is Igatpuri Railway Station, 3.4kms from the stay. Location is accessible through public and private transportation.

Packages Offered:
Click on the 'Book Now' button to find the following option:

Private Villa Stay: Inclusive of staying in an air-conditioned room of villa with attached washrooms, 2 swimming pool, kitchen and other amenities. Also includes indoor-outdoor games.
Per room occupancy: 3 people
Maximum occupancy: 8 persons
Number of rooms: 4

If your group exceeds 8 persons, per extra person shall be charged 1000 rs.

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41 Ratings
Superb 41 Ratings
41 Ratings Ratings
Relaxing Villa Stay with Pool at Igatpuri
  • 2D/1N
  • Igatpuri
  • 2D/1N
₹2,099 ₹1,300
Location: Igatpuri, Maharashtra

Check-in Time: 12:00 PM
Check-out Time: 11:00 AM

Igatpuri, famous for its unbounded serenity and composition of lush flora-fauna culture, serves as a perfect spot for your weekend getaway. This relaxing villa stay would provide you with immense peace to rejuvenate yourself, from the hustle and bustle of the city. The lush green beauty and mesmerizing surroundings will take your heart away

You get to enjoy comfortable accommodation in an air-conditioned villa that exhibits 3 bedrooms along with attached washrooms. The rooms are occupied with luxurious furnishings that imply TV, fridge, king-sized beds, D J system, and modern equipment for a splendid experience.

During your stay, you are entitled to savour on delicious veg/non-veg meals in the form of breakfast, lunch and dinner. In addition, you can enjoy activities like swimming, a bonfire with music along with outdoor games. Also, the villa comprises of other necessary facilities like parking, wifi and swimming pool within the premises.

Places to visit nearby: 
Bhavali Dam - 5 Kms
Dhammagiri Vipassana Centre - 3 Kms
Camel Valley - 4 Kms

How to Reach :
The location is based at a distance of 6.2 km from Igatpuri railway station and is easily accessible through public and private transportation.

Package offered :
Click on 'Book Now' to find the following options: 

3BHK Villa stay: Inclusive of villa stay with air-conditioned 3 bedrooms, attached washroom, swimming pool and Kitchen. Also includes meals and activities with other amenities.
Occupancy per room: 3
Total occupancy: 12
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35 Ratings
Superb 35 Ratings
35 Ratings Ratings
Hill View Villa in Igatpuri
  • 2D/1N
  • Igatpuri
  • 2D/1N
₹15,999 ₹13,999

Location: Igatpuri, Maharashtra

Check-in Time: 12:00 PM
Check-out Time: 10:00 AM

Igatpuri, bestowed with unexplored flora and fauna culture and views of lush greenery, becomes a prominent spot for all the nature lovers. This villa in Igatpuri comprises of hill views on all sides and you shall be constantly surrounded with peaceful ambience and scenic nature views. 

This private villa stay experience comes with great comfort and delight with the provision of an infinity pool. The villa premises is equipped with attached washrooms, a kitchen with all necessary equipment and modern furnishings so that you do not encounter any hassle during your stay. Besides, you would be provided with other facilities like parking, plunge pool, dance floor, kids play area, and food on call. 

During your stay, you are entitled to enjoy activities like 
Swimming, Barbeque (on request), Loud Music, Electronic Games and Indoor-Outdoor Games (DIY). Don't miss out the chance of gathering endless moments with your loved ones at such exotic accommodation and take back home some great memories. 

Places to visit nearby:
Dhamma Giri - 4.5kms
Myanmar GAte - 4.4kms
Vihigaon Falls - 15kms

How To Reach: 
Nearest Railway Station is Igatpuri Railway Station, 5.9km from the stay. Location is easily accessible through public and private transportation.

Packages Offered:
Click on the 'Book Now' button to find the following option:

Private Villa Stay
: Inclusive of a villa stay with infinity pool, attached washrooms, kitchen and other amenities. Also includes Complimentary Tea and Coffee and activities.
Maximum occupancy: 15 people 

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29 Ratings
Superb 29 Ratings
29 Ratings Ratings
Private Bungalow in Igatpuri with Swimming Pool
  • 2D/1N
  • Igatpuri
  • 2D/1N
₹10,000 ₹8,999
Location: Igatpuri, Maharashtra

Check-in Time: 12:00 PM
Check-Out Time: 11:00 AM

Don't miss out the chance to enjoy the untouched beauty of flora and fauna culture and embrace the blessings of nature that prevail in Igatpuri. Avail the private bungalow accommodation to head out for the perfect weekend getaway amidst nature with your loved ones.

Enjoy the comfort of a fully air-conditioned private bungalow, consisting of 5 spacious bedrooms that are equipped with modern furnishings and equipment. The private bungalow also contains a swimming pool and is surrounded with charming garden for an exotic experience. In order to enhance your comfort, the bungalow is comprised of attached washrooms, parking, TV and caretaker service. 

This stay experience is inclusive of delicious veg and non veg meals that would be provided in breakfast, lunch, dinner, hi-tea and snacks. Also, you are sure to enjoy unlimited memories on going through activities like Table tennis, Chessboard, Carrom board, Badminton, Music System and Private Garden.

Places to visit nearby:
Vaitarna Dam - 8 kms 
Tringalwadi Fort - 6.4 kms
Amruteshwar Temple - 9.3 kms

How to Reach:
The location is based at a distance of 1.2 km from Igatpuri Railway station and is easily accessible through private and public transportation.

Package offered :
Click on 'Book Now' to find the following options: 

AC Bungalow Room stay: Includes staying in an air-conditioned private bungalow a swimming pool and 5 bedrooms. Also includes all meals with hi-tea along with attached washrooms, activities and amenities.
Maximum occupancy per room: 4 persons
Total occupancy: 20 persons
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O Two Villas

O Two Villas
Image Credit : otwovillas.com

One of the most stylish and popular Igatpuri Villas in Nashik District, O Two is known for its chic interiors and modish rooms with modern amenities. Surrounded by luxuriant and well-kept lawns, it overlooks the gigantic Sahyadri range.

The beauty of the place is the mystical mountain wrapped in fog when you wake up early for a cup of tea which you surely wouldn’t want to miss. A distinctive blend of nature with contemporary aura is intermingled in this experience of utter bliss.

Enjoy the first cup of tea complimentary by the management and later use the fully equipped kitchen to be enjoyed by you and your family. Ample parking space with music system and disco lights for an eventual party mood is also offered here.

Location: Plot No.53, Ritiksha Homeland

Price: From Rs 13,000 per night


Vue Villa V2

Vue Villa V2

This vacation home has 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, LCD TV, a well-stocked kitchen and a beautifully decorated dining area. The property has access to 24 hours free WI-FI and valley facing balconies to sight the beauty.

An option of buffet breakfast is available for the guests and for those who wish to cook for themselves can do so in the modernistic kitchen provided in the property. The rooms are large and can accommodate a large group or a family.

Vue Villa is a lovely bungalow with large terrace and an expansive pool to relax with a huge playground for kids to play. You can find a number of shopping zones, scenic points and cafes surrounding Vue Villa.

Location: Mahindra Automotive Factory, 16, Ritiksha Homeland, Gut No. 310

Price: From Rs 15,000 per night


Nature’s Dreamland Villa

Nature’s Dreamland Villa
Image Credit : naturesdreamland.com

Located between green carpeted hills is one of the most nature centric villas in Igatpuri. 12 beautiful Swiss-themed cottages are constructed along the large swimming arena. Cottages are equipped with modern amenities with 24/7 Wi-Fi and foolproof security and are beautifully constructed with a sit-out to enjoy the backdrop.

Beautiful Karaoke nights can be enjoyed here for unparalleled fun with family and other guests. An open-air restaurant offers multi-cuisine delights with all-day dining options. You can spend a great time at the pool or ask the travel desk to arrange tours to close by locations like Ramghat, Tapovan, Pandav Leni caves and much more.

Location: Plot No 538, Mango Farms, Malunje Village, Waghere

Price: From Rs 1,600 per night


Sabera Villa

Sabera Villa

The humble Sabera Bungalow is the most simplistically designed villas in Igatpuri. Rooms are air-conditioned and there is a lush garden outside the rooms. There are 2 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms. Rooms are well-equipped with TV and all satellite channels for your entertainment.

You can cook in the kitchen which is equipped with modern needs like microwave, fridge and dishwasher. You can spend a considerable time in the garden or choose to take a ride with the bicycle rental services provided by the management here.

Location:  Dak bungalow road church hill

Price: From Rs 11,400 per night


Arowana Villa

Arowana Villa
Image Credit : thearowanavilla.com

This wooden beauty is amongst the most demanded Igatpuri Villas with 5 well-furnished air-conditioned rooms. All the rooms are loaded with options that every visitor needs for a comfortable stay.

Complimentary breakfast with hot beverages is also offered to all the guests. Big spacious lawns with private swimming pool define the essence of the offerings. The rooms above offer mesmerizing views of the shimmering water body.

For great and entertaining nights indulge in Karaoke nights or simply sit back and enjoy indoor games like chess and carrom.  The wooden floored villa is a great diversion from hassled and busy life.

Location: Vaviharsha gaon Goti - Trimbakeshwar road

Price: From Rs 20,000 per night


Spandan Holiday Villa

Spandan Holiday Villa
Image Credit : spandanholidayhomes.com

Situated on the Lake of Vaitarana Backwater, Spandan home is surrounded by thick forests, chirping birds and bright panoramic views. It is located very close to Vipassana, a renowned meditation center for everyone to experience.

Compared to other villas, the Spandan spares you the trauma of cramped and overcrowded facilities. For people who admire and embrace nature, you can set your own adventure clock ticking with activities like rock climbing, trekking and adventure sports activities.

The property has fully furnished rooms with modern amenities. For those who are newly married, honeymoon suites with private swimming pool also are available. Every room has a gazebo pond and a garden with organic vegetation. The In-house restaurant offers Indian cuisines fresh in taste and appeal.

Location: Vaitarana Dam, At/post: Zarwad, Bk.Tal: Trambakeshwar

Price: From Rs 6,200 per night


Salsa Villa

Salsa Villa

The property is located roughly 9 km from the Sri Kala Rama Swami Temple and provides free access to the internet and a complimentary breakfast to its guests. Four rooms define the pride of Igatpuri Villas with conveniences like tea/coffee maker, mini-bar.

Each room is air-conditioned and a private kitchen is installed in the room itself. You can indulge your mind in reading from the latest resources available in the well-stocked library. The common living area has a Victorian feel to it with red and orange shades dominating the interiors.

A calm and serene walk in the garden will do you good. The perfect blend of great hospitality and around at farming offering modern conveniences, make sure you make a stop here.

Location: Survey No 122/2, Mhasrul Adgaon Link Road, Panchavati

Price: From Rs 18,000 per night


Sky Water villas

One of the most affordable Igatpuri Villas, Skywater villa is synonymous with luxury and comfort. The villa consists of 5 bedrooms, a spacious living room and a fully equipped kitchen to show your cooking skills. You can also enjoy with friends and family at the party deck specifically for all your get together.

A Jacuzzi for your relaxation can also be found here along with 5 bathrooms. The lovely bungalow has 24 hours power back up in addition to television with all satellite channels. Kitchens have a microwave, washing machine, toaster with pots and pans to ensure you have everything to cook a great meal.

The infinity pool can be accessed to feel cool and rejuvenated. With music system and electronic games available throughout, you will surely feel entertained and relaxed at the same time

Location: Mystic Valley Spa & Resort, Skywater Villas & Lifestyle, Old Mumbai-Agra Rd, Talegaon

Price: From Rs 13,000 per night


Hideout Villa

Located in one of the lushest green surroundings away from the hula boo of city life is the modern looking Hideout villa.  The property has a beautiful and well-manicured lawn which looks ravishing when it is raining. A small swimming pool behind the facade of the bungalow is all you need when you have to relax while sipping your drink.

Ample parking space is available along with a small area when one can get host private parties and get together. The living room and bedrooms are modest and have a comfortable vibe to it. The kitchen is well-stocked with provisions and modern tools of cooking.

The outside of the property is full of green wonders and an evening walk here will surely do you good. It is surely one of those Igatpuri Villas which will make you feel at home.

Location: H NO 409/02 Khambale, Trimbakeshwar

Price: From Rs 8,500 per night


Trident Villas

Trident Villas
Image Credit : tridentvillas.in

One of the most beautiful villas in Igatpuri, the Trident Villa offers great accommodation with barbecue facilities. A fireplace resembling a wooden house is also present in the common area in this magnificent property.

Every room has a flat screen with satisfying facilities for the millennial guest. The big swimming pool can be enjoyed for a day’s activity with fun showers and sprinklers to add to the fun. A flourishing courtyard overlooks the humble hills presenting spectacular views of nature's wonders.

You can spend some quiet and serene moments by the pool or choose to take a peaceful walk on the patio. You can cook your own meals or enjoy a barbecue party with management providing you with all the provisions.

Location: Trident villas and holidays inside Manas lifestyle resort Igatpuri

Price: From Rs 11,000 per night


Hometown Villa

Take a dip in the outdoor infinity pool or hot water tub in the modern bathrooms, the purpose has to be a relieving and stress-free time spent. There are 5 rooms with Jacuzzi offering great views and are well-equipped with everything a comfortable room needs.

The interiors of the living room are tantamount to a designer villa. Every room has a flat screen with all the entertainment and music channels installed in it. The kitchen is well-equipped with all the kitchenware including coffee machine, oven, washing machine and microwave.

There is a common lounge for those who like to watch a show together or simply engage in a nice conversation. If you like dining outside, arrangements can be made for an outside dining area.

Location:  284 A/B, Mumbai Agra Road, Talegaon

Price:  From Rs 12,000 per night


Trirashmi Villa

The well-maintained and consistently rated property has 3 bedrooms which can accommodate 8- 10 guests at a time. Situated at the foothills of the Pandava caves, you can surely explore the Villa for a great family retreat.

All the necessary comforts are present here with workspace designed for comfort working on your gadgets. Every room has a TV with fitted cable with modern bathrooms with hot water options. One of the best Igatpuri Villas it has been consistently scoring high on cleanliness and maintenance and is a great getaway for all of you.

Survey No 192/1A, Trirashmi Villa, Plot No 35, Pathardi Phata

From Rs 5,000 per night


Sunshine Villa

Located amid dense fog in the early morning is the beautiful Sun Shine Villa. The location is settled near natural scenic beauties and an absolute must –visit if you are looking to unwind from a hectic week. A small lush garden adjoins the interior of the bungalow and an indoor swimming pool presents a comfortable option for some repose.

The rooms are very simple yet elegant which has all the comforts. A common area with television is placed if you need to get a dose of your entertainment. You can also sit on the extended veranda to enjoy what nature offers to you. A kitchen with minimal options is also provided for you to feel at home.

Location:  Bungalow No. 3, Fog City, before Manas Resort, while coming from Mumbai

Price: From Rs 3,300 per night


Sunrise Villa

One of the top accommodation places in Igatpuri, Sunrise Villa is a premium luxury villa. A perfect getaway for family and friend outing, the place is well-guarded with tight security and great facilities to make your stay worthy.

Spacious rooms with well thought out essentials are provided to the guests. All kitchen essentials are stocked here if you feel like treating everyone with your tempting food. The property is located amidst dense foliage with an olive lawn and a cool blue swimming pool for your leisure.

Location: Mumbai - Agra National Hwy, Wadivarhe,

Price: From Rs 10,200 per night

Newly Added Igatpuri Experience
"one of the best Trek celebrated Independence Day at top, enjoyed a lot by exploring new peoples, I would specially thanks the best ,caring and friendly host Atit and Smith team who assured me that I m solo traveler while coming to trek but while going I will be hand full of memories, and really the same thing happened with me and these guys kept their words . \nfinally I will conclude it was really awesome day thank you thrillophilia for making my day. "
"Thank you Thrillophilia for making the adventure worth it. My group of 8 is really glad by your service and the team of instructors really made us comfortable! We would choose Thrillophilia in the near future for all our adventures! Thanks a lot."
04 February 2020
I have done 4-5 treks before also but, This was my first experience with Thrillophilia. While booking on mobile app, I faced a problem of Transaction not getting successful, then I tried on website from my PC and it was done. This was the only hurdle I faced throughout the whole experience of trek with Thrillophilia. Also, I wanted to opt for another instructor as my friends were appointed with a different instructor, so I called on the helpline of Thrillophilia and they did it without any hassle. It was a night trek hence we were told to gather at Kasara Railway Station at 11 PM to start the tour. As we reached there, we met our Instructor and he did all the necessary things to take the whole crowd to the Kalsubai base village. It took 1.5 hour from Kasara to base village and the arrangement was precise of taking everyone together in Bolero Vans. As we reached there everyone was told to freshen up for a bit. Washroom was made available in a house of the base village. After that a simple Introduction and Briefing was done before starting to climb the peak. We all started at 3 AM and reached at the top at 6.15 AM. After reaching at the top, it was a mesmerizing view. It is 100% worth visiting Kalsubai for the view and the feeling which you will get after reaching at the peak. It was 26th January, so all 200-250 trekkers hoisted the flag and sang National Anthem. Cool breeze was blowing, Sun was rising slowly and the words of 'Jana Gana Mana' altogether created a different vibe. I can't explain it in words, it can be only felt by visiting at the peak.... After all this, all were taken down the peak for refreshment/breakfast which was arranged by Thrillophilia. It was not so good and I was not even expecting it to be better. Then it took just 1.5 hours to me to reach to the point in base village from where we had started. All other groups were coming back as per there speed and capacity. After returning back, some Boleros were arranged for the people who wanted to return back to Kasara ASAP, it was very helpful and convenient. Nice arrangement. Overall experience with Thrillophilia was very good. Nice arrangement was done, travelling and all other things were taken care of. And as per my knowledge, no one faced any kind of problem due to inappropriate management. So, a big thumbs up for Thrillophilia and the Instructors.
01 February 2020
One of the best trekking experience. My 1st SOLO on 2020's Republic day with strangers. Great, Peaceful and adventures experience. I would love to join them again in Monsoon.
15 September 2019
The best arrangements I have experienced in a while. The team was quite good and kept motivating to move forward. I have been doing treks quite often but I guess this experience was one of it's kind. The food arrangements and the travel arrangements were on the mark
04 January 2021
It was first experience with family on camping and was really awesome experience during entire stay. Fully relaxed and enjoyed during stay. Food, snacks are also homemade and tasty. Staff is really co-operative and polite. Ultimate experience. MUST visit at least once as it really different than other tours.
29 December 2020
Awesome place to hang out with friends. Must visit the camp, as the location is settled near to dam. One can experience mesmerizing natural beauty of western Ghats, beautiful sunset, then live music along with BBQ. Refresh yourself with tea in the morning and go out for trekking with guide. You can avail all the necessary items just in one call, the guides and hosting is superb. It was altogether an awesome experience.
"awesome experience. must visit this camping once in life. beautiful place. it is at Kaluste Dam near Igatpuri. live music, snacks, BBQ, born fire, full night enjoyment along with very good dinner and refreshing tea and breakfast in the morning. awesome from this place you can view Alang, Madan,Kulang hills also you can take guide for trekking. excellent experience."
"Awesome experience hotel room was good as shown in pictures. I have visited this Mystic valley 2nd time. this time I had package from Thrillophilia which included food, lunch dinner n breakfast all were good and multiple options. Must go for this package. We did went for Tracking arranged by hotel it was good experience. Evening time they had Karoke n live music event at garden area, magic show, horse riding, pot making my kid enjoyed a lot."
12 March 2020
I have done trekking earlier but this trek was completely different, we started the trek at midnight and it was an unforgettable experience, we visited the peak and the weather was a bit cozy. The guide was energetic right from the start and showed us the best path. We all enjoyed it and had the best memories there.

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