Things to Do in Lavasa

Activites to Do in Lavasa 

Lavasa is considered India’s first planned hill station and has exotic scenic beauty. With lush green landscape and a pleasant hilly weather, there are a plethora of things to do in Lavasa. Lavasa is best known for its exhilarating watersports activities.

This is primarily because of the advantageous location this place has, on the banks of the Warasgaon Lake. If you are an adventurous person, looking out for exciting water activities, Lavasa is the best place to go to. Riding a water bike, Jet Skiing or Kayaking you can try out all the daring watersports activities at a very reasonable price in Lavasa. 

If you are traveling with your family, pedal boating is a great attraction in the place. A great spot for bird watching, Lavasa offers you a beautiful nature trail, which is a 2 hour long walk across the city. Apart from the fun and adventure, visiting the Temghar Dam and the Bamboo Crafts factory are the other interesting Lavasa activities.

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Lavasa Things To Do FAQs

What are the best things to do in Lavasa?

1. Flavors of Lavasa: The Lakeside Promenade at Lavasa is a great place for all the food lovers. This place is filled with a variety of restaurants serving national and international cuisines to replenish your appetite. This is definitely one of the Lavasa things to do, if you are in the mood for good food.

2. Dive-in for Watersports: A major attraction of Lavasa is its location by the Warasgaon lake, that allows for a varied range of water sports like water volleyball, kayaking, jet skiing to take place. The Lakeshore Watersports, Xthrill Adventure Academy and Panshet Dam are the three best places for the adventurous tourists who would love to enjoy water sport activities.

3. Tryst with History: Amongst the other exciting things to do in Lavasa, taking a tour around the historical places of ancient Maratha period found in this city, can be a pleasant journey. A visit to the Tikona fort is a must, as we have all spotted this place in a lot of Bollywood films.

4. Experience a beautiful Sunset: If you have spent a tiresome day in sports and sightseeing and other exciting Lavasa activities, sunset would be the time to stand quiet and absorb the calmness of nature. The Warasgaon and the Temghar Dam are both scenic attractions in this regard.

5. Capture the moment: Bring back memories of this wonderful place and rejoice all the memories by taking beautiful photos at exotic viewpoints. The Ghangad Fort, Devkund Waterfalls and Tamhini Ghat are must visits when you go to Lavasa.

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What are the best adventure water sports to do in Lavasa?

1. Kayaking: The experience of kayaking through the beautiful Dasve lake at Lavasa will give you a leisure worth remembering. Apart from Lakeshore, another option for a magnificent kayak ride would be at the Panshet Dam, approximately 30 kms from Lavasa. It is one of the most coveted deeds amongst all the other things to do in Lavasa.

2. Jet Skiing: This exciting watersport is like riding a motorbike on water. It is a fun activity for all age groups and helps in burning calories too. Jet Skiing is definitely one of the most exciting Lavasa activities, as it is the only location in Maharashtra where you can enjoy this.

3. Waterfall Rappelling: Better known as Canyoning, this is a thrilling adventure in which you have to descend a mountain which has a waterfall flowing.

Geared with a harness, all you need to do is fall backwards along with the waterfall and have a fun filled experience. The Xthrill Adventure Academy located in the sprawling expanse of the hill station allows you to indulge in this activity along with other sports like valley crossing.

4. Water Biking: This is a fun way to propel yourself across water. The pedals on the bike make it easy for anyone to navigate. It is just like cycling.

This activity which can be mostly experienced in foreign countries can also be enjoyed at the beautiful Panshet Dam in Lavasa. The Panshet Dam also provides opportunity for a number of other watersports which well answers the question of what to do in Lavasa?

5. Water Volleyball: As the name suggests, water volleyball is quite the same as a normal volleyball game, except that it is played in water. Get your adrenaline boosted up to enjoy this fun filled water sport activity at Lakeshore Watersports, Lavasa.

6. Pontoons, Bumper & Pedal boats: These are three different types of boats.  The pontoon is larger, relaxing and can be enjoyed in groups. The pedal boat is perfect for a magical time on the water alone or with someone else. On the other hand, the tube like bumper boat is an amusement park activity.

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What are the best things to do in Lavasa with family?

1. Informative Excursion: An educational tour for children is a must incorporation in your list of things to do in Lavasa. The number of dams and forts spread across the city making it exciting for the curious minds of children. The Tikona and Ghangad forts especially belong to the ancient Maratha period, and exploring such places with your family is always a delight.

2. Fun Day Out: The Vortex Splash Pad ensures that every member of your family has a gala time. Enjoy pool play and urban oasis in a place which combines entertainment and relaxation. If you are looking for what to do in Lavasa, head here with your loved ones.

3. Aqua Magic: The Lavasa Oase musical fountain is a popular outdoor recreational activity among tourists. Enjoy splendid views of water dancing to musical tunes. The lazer animation show makes the visit memorable.

4. Eat-out with family: Take out your family for a fine dining experience in this small city of Lavasa, that has a varied range of restaurants and cuisines. You can also take your family for a drive to the luxurious Ekaant resort for a splendid meal.

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What are the famous things to do in Lavasa for couples?

1. Date to the Promenade: Take your beloved out for a beautiful evening walk to the Promenade. The place has a wide range of restaurants serving delectable cuisines and fancy interiors. Be sure to add it to your list of things to do in Lavasa, and your partner will be impressed.

2. Rejuvenate with Your Lover: The Dasvino Town and Country Club located on the outskirts of the city is the most luxurious place where you can spend quality time with your loved one. The place has a spa and a salon allowing for a fine rejuvenation. It is the best place for romantic weekend stay for couples.

3. Viewing Beauty With Love: Spending a fun filled day of watersports and varied adventures with your partner, an ideal evening would be to feel the peacefulness of nature’s bounty by a quiet landscape. The Warasgaon and Panshet dams are places to stand by and enjoy absolute beauty.

4. Romance by the Waterfalls: Thinking of what to do in Lavasa? Take a tour to the magnificent Devkund Waterfalls with your beloved to experience its surreal surroundings. The place is a treasure hidden amidst the dense forests of Lavasa and allows for enchanting activities like camping and trekking.

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What are the amazing things to do in Lavasa at night?

1. Chug it Up: What to do in Lavasa at night? For a fun night out in this quiet hill station, the best idea is to visit Past Times, a stellar pub located in The Waterfront Shaw Hotel. This is a favorite of youngsters in the city and remains crowded at late-night hours. Sitting inside this pub, enjoying its cozy seating arrangement, perfect cocktails and great music makes it a night worth remembering.

2. Grill on Fire: The city of Lavasa has a number of fine dining restaurants for you to visit. The Waterfront Shore, Oriental Octopus, All American Diner are few of the luxurious restaurants that can please your palate.

3. Light Up the Campfire: Things to do in Lavasa includes the option of camping as well, which is organized in a few places; the Devkund Waterfall region being one such example. Experience the nightlife while camping in Lavasa.

4. Among the Stars: In order to relax at night all you have to do is climb up to the roof. Sit back, watch the stars and feel at one with nature.

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What are the best things to do in Lavasa during monsoon?

1. Breathtaking Walk in Nature: The nature trail walk takes almost two hours and is an amazing tour with incredibly beautiful stops in between. During the monsoon season the place has excellent scenic beauty that will take your breath away. The guide will make you stop at picturesque viewpoints including stops to watch colorful butterflies and lovely birds.

2. An Indoor Retreat: A great option amongst things to do in Lavasa during monsoons. The Dasvino Town and Country Club is an extremely luxurious venue with a host of indoor activities like squash, snooker and table tennis.

A perfect place to enjoy a vacation during monsoons, Dasvino is a famous tourist attraction in Lavasa. Stay indoors and enjoy the beautiful view around during the lovely monsoon season.

3. Dasve through the Binoculars: This is a favorite for all bird lovers, as you can catch a glimpse of some exotic species of birds here. During monsoons birdwatching might be a little difficult, but this place has gorgeous scenic beauty in this season and would be worth your visit.

4. Temghar in Monsoon: Visiting Temghar during rains is one of the unique Lavasa things to do. It is a visual treat to watch the lake brimming with water during the monsoon season. The Temghar Dam is the sole provider of electricity to the entire Lavasa, and with the accentuated water force in the monsoon season, it is more exciting to stand by the dam and watch its operation.

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How many days are enough for Lavasa?

Ideally if you want to take in the sights of Lavasa, a two-day-one-night package should be perfect. The scenic beauty and fun activities make Lavasa a fantastic weekend getaway. There are plenty of things to do in Lavasa if you choose, so you can spend your time engaged in various activities.

What can I buy in Lavasa?

Make your trip memorable by visiting Bamboosa, the local bamboo craft factory nestled in the hills. Not only can you learn about the many uses of bamboo, but you can also purchase handcrafted trinkets and furniture. It is a wonderful opportunity to get acquainted with the bamboo decor as part of the Lavasa things to do.

Is Lavasa safe to Travel?

Yes, the roads from Pune to Lavasa are very safe. They are well maintained, and there aren't any sharp turns particularly. Apart from the comfortable commute, the quiet tourist spot is welcoming to families and couples, ensuring their safety. However, it is best to be wary about the possibility of petty crimes if one ventures out too much at night. 

Since Lavasa is safe for all tourists, it is popular amongst families and couples. However one should not be out at night to stay safe from petty crimes.

What are the best treks in and near Lavasa?

1. Hidden Nature Trail: The prettiest things hide in plain sight. This is certainly true for the nature trail passing through the Ekant Resorts. The narrow path is cleared out and coupled with steps to take you to the prettiest viewpoints. Carry your camera, and enjoy the sights as one of the pleasurable things to do in Lavasa.

2. Jungle Trek and Caves: If you want to get lost in the meandering pathways amidst a jungle, this is the trek for you. It is close to the Eco Village and the road leads right to the caves. The three hour trail promises adventure and great beauty.

3. Walk to the Tamhini Ghats: A little way away from Lavasa is the Tamhini village. You can go on treks from the village to the ghats which offer breathtaking views. The best part is the ease of walking. Most of the path requires you to descend. The rest of the trail is normal walking on flatlands. It is a simple yet rewarding experience.

4. Stroll along the Mulshi Dam: The Mulshi Dam is an eco tourism spot with stunning vistas. Take a walk along the dam, and drink the sights in. It is more of a leisurely stroll than a trek.

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What are the best places for camping in Lavasa?

1. Xthrill Adventure Academy: Xthrill organises some of the best camping tours that you can look out for in Lavasa. Camping at Bembatmal offers an adrenaline rush and a chance to pamper yourself. Enjoy the view of the backwaters of Warasgaon Lake while in the luxury of your air-conditioned tent.

2. Riverside Camping at Mutha River: Enjoy an assortment of water activities like river rafting while staying in your individual tents on the bank. It is one of the best things to do in Lavasa.

3. Rustic Campsite: Eco village is budget friendly and located close to the Warasgaon Dam. Unwind with the lake on one side and Sahyadri hills on the other, as an essential 'Lavasa things to do' experience.

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How to reach Lavasa from Mumbai and Pune?

Reaching out to Lavasa from both Mumbai and Pune is very simple. There are no rails connecting to Lavasa, the closest railway station is Lonavala railway station which is just 29 km away. From there you can hire a shared taxi or a private one.

But if you wish to go on a budget then you can also hire a roadways bus which operates continuously on that route. If you are reaching out to the Pune Airport then from there the Lavasa is just 68 km. Connectivity to Lavasa from both the cities Mumbai and Pune is amazing and one can reach the destination by several modes of transfers.

What is the best time to visit Lavasa?

The beauty of Lavasa is forever enticing and it can be toured anytime. But to be specific in the months of March and September are the best. As at this time, the weather turns even more pleasant and it becomes the most preferred time to enjoy various activities here.

Whether you are a person who loves the sea cool breeze or the little warm sun, this is a perfect place for you as here the weather is just amazing. The temperature ranges from a minimum of 6 degrees Celcius to a maximum of 36-degree Celsius which is just fine to witness several things to do in Lavasa.

How far is Pune from Lavasa and how to reach there?

The distance between Lavasa and Pune is just 60 km and it can be easily accessed from any point of the town. There are regular buses which will take you from Lavasa to Pune at a very nominal charge but if you wish to reach and little early then you can hire a private or a shared taxi which are always available.

But there are no flights or rails which connect the two cities, traveling by road is the only option available. Due to its close proximity to the city, it serves as an excellent getaway option for the Punaikars.

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What is Lavasa famous for?

Lavasa is a famous getaway as it lies close to Pune. Something which contributes to its tourist traffic is thrilling activities. At this place, you can pump up the adrenaline with mountaineering, hiking, and several other activities. You can also witness camping along the lake which is just one of its kind experiences.

Lakeshore watersports is another place where you can enjoy a plethora of water sports and make your summers a memorable one. So begin your trip to the planned city and explore the verticals.

Lavasa Things To Do Reviews

Chandresh Paneliya
Reviewed: 20 Nov 2020
We enjoyed Xthrill Lavasa one night stay included three meals it was regular tasty food. We had wonderful experience of adventure activities like Burma bridge , archery and Zip line. Nice morning trekking under guidance of Milinbhai who is humble and full knowledgable about whole Xthrill. We had ... Read More
Chandresh Paneliya
Chandresh Paneliya
Chandresh Paneliya
Chandresh Paneliya
Dhanpati Tandon
Reviewed: 24 Jan 2020
Really this activity should not be missed when you are around Lavasa, We received a call for the location pick-up, and on-time we get pick-up. the jeep was nice and comfortable, we visited multiple waterfalls and we spend a great time at each by clicking good photos, This trip lasts for 3-hours and ... Read More
Gobinda Gowda
Reviewed: 16 Jan 2020
Good views and great campsite location, camping with Thrillophilia was always great, good vendor, and everything was nicely arranged. Kudos
Balachandra Bhattathiri
Reviewed: 15 Jan 2020
Watersport activity was exciting and great fun, great family fun, Must-visit, and take your family there they would like it.
Gajadhar Gandhi
Reviewed: 15 Jan 2020
We were able to cover this beautiful place through this one-day trip from Thrillophilia, nice transport with a professional driver
Smita Asan
Reviewed: 09 Jan 2020
Photographer was humorous and friendly, the photos are so beautiful, definitely, you can go with this for the best photos

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