Best Camping Tours in Igatpuri - 2019

Camping in Igatpuri is certainly one of the best weekend ideas for those who are seeking a change of scenery and mood. The quaint hill town of Igatpuri in Maharashtra is blessed with some scenic campsites that have the perfect atmosphere for camping.

The bank of Mukane Dam Lake is one such perfect campsite where you can not only bask in a refreshing aura but can also partake in a wide array of thrilling sports. As you engross your senses in action while participating in kayaking, rafting, tubing, and swimming, you will feel disconnected from your routine worries.

The outdoor experience of camping in Igatpuri offers you an opportunity to revitalize your strength by spending quality time in the lap of nature. The charm of living in such a picturesque, natural setting will definitely affect your mind and soul in a positive way.

Sit under an open sky at night and stargaze, put your courage to test by indulging in exhilarating water sports, and make some new friends – this experience is full of possibilities. Besides, you are also recommended to pack your camera for the camping tour, as you will certainly come across a number of scenes you would want to capture.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Camping in Igatpuri

  1. Which are the best Campsites in Igatpuri?

    Igatpuri is a town with the picture-perfect landscape and has a number of excellent spots, which serve as great campsites. Check out the best ones!

    Vaitarna Lake:
    Located at a short distance of 23 km from Igatpuri city centre, Vaitarna Lake is one of the most exquisite campsites in the region. Away from the cacophony and polluted air of the cities, this campsite has lush greenery on all sides and a very refreshing atmosphere.

    Owing to its proximity to the cities such as Mumbai and Pune, scores of city-dwellers spend their weekend's camping by the banks of this lake and participating in thrilling adventure sports. Paddleboarding, stargazing, swimming, and kayaking are few of the delights for thrill junkies that can be paired with camping here.

    Location: Near Shahpur Village, Nashik

    Mukane Dam:
    The serene lake built over Mukane Dam makes for a picture-perfect spot for camping in Igatpuri where you can come with your friends and family, pitch your tents, and spend a carefree weekend. Presenting a wide array of activities like night trekking, stargazing, archery, kayaking, and rafting, this campsite is roughly 30 km from Igatpuri. You can also consider diving in the lake and swimming to your heart’s content.

    Location: Mukane, Igatpuri, Maharashtra

    A popular campsite near Igatpuri, Bhandardara Lake is well-known in Maharashtra for its remote location and charming landscape. Capture the fun moments you spend here with your loved ones, feast on a BBQ dinner, absorb the tranquility of nature, and share stories over a bonfire gathering. Since the lake is far away from light and air pollution, you can clearly see and recognize constellations and planets on clear sky nights.

    Location: Ahmednagar, Maharashtra

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