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Explore best offers on Camps near Bir at Thrillophilia. This week’s most exciting deals for you are -  Camping And Trekking Experience In Bir(Cashback upto Rs 1500) and Camping and Paragliding in Bir starting from Rs 4,000/-. Book Now the best Camping packages in Bir offering the best of inclusions designed to pamper you on your Bir trekking vacation.

Camping in Bir Billing is the most offbeat and adventurous experience that one can take part in the scenic Kangra Valley of Himachal Pradesh. Proud in the experiences and adventures offered in this scenic hill station, the best way to enjoy this place to the fullest and connect with it on a level never known before is to let go of the many hotel stays here and instead opt for camping instead. Nothing will be as rewarding as ditching the traditional hotels and go for a camping adventure in the valleys and atop hills in Bir Billing.

With a lot of options in campsites in different locations, Bir Billing is a paradise for people looking to have an adventure of every kind at the same place. Be it a jungle stay, a hilltop stay or a camp in the snow, Bir Billing has something for everyone who comes here seeking some sort of adventure and take back a lot more memories.

Speaking of memories, no one would mind to take back with them a little bit of Bir’s sand in their shoes when you go back to join your life back in the city. And these Bir Billing camps are exactly that, a welcome getaway from the boring monotonous life that everyone leads.

And the most amazing part of these campsites is that you can combine these tours with the many and many activities available in here. Camps in Bir Billing include the various options of budget, standard and luxury stays depending on the kind of tents that are used to create the campsite. Together, these elements make up the entire adventure of camping in Bir Billing.

Proudly called the paragliding capital of India, the first and foremost thought that anyone harbors about a visit to Bir Billing is of soaring high. Many camps in the region offer amazing and unforgettable experiences of soaring through the sky in the day and sleep looking at the same sky in the night.

Bir is the second highest and second best paragliding take-off site in the world, and an experience of camping in this paradise treats a person to amazing views of scores of gliders flying through the mountainous skyline of this amazing hill station.

And not just paragliding, Bir Billing is also equally favorite for adventurists who seek trekking opportunities. And since this place is a premier hill destination, there is no small number of trekking trails in the region. The experience of pitching a tent in the open green grassland, and then leaving for a trek in the nearby regions is something you would surely love doing.

Even if its the other way round, that you have to trek through the forests of Oak and Rhododendron to reach your campsite, and then pitch your tent in an amazing meadow, the entire experience is rewarding beyond imagination. A bonfire at the end of the day under the starry sky, the warmth of the flames, stories shared with your campmates and time spent singing and dancing along will only make the whole effort worth it all. A very famous and noted name of a trek in Bir Billing is that of Rajgundha and Barot Valley.

And apart from trekking, there are many other adventure sports in Bir Billing that make overall experience of camping here more and more amazing. You can do mountain biking, visit the several monasteries, go to the deer park, watch some of the most amazing sunsets, try the awesome local food and many other things to do in Bir Billing. And all of this can be enjoyed in their rawest form while camping in a beautiful meadow or grassland somewhere in Bir Billing.

The whole point is that amongst the main reasons why people visit Bir Billing is for the adventures and beautiful sights that are spread all over this place. And to stay in a hotel, within 4 walls and a window to look out of, is not the most sensible way. It stops you from connecting to what you really wanted to do here. And on the other hand, camping will not only give you freedom, it will free your spirit to take laps of happiness around the city and experience the best of everything that Bir Billing has to offer. So be it paragliding, trekking, mountain biking, sightseeing or a balanced culmination of all of these together, the best way to stay here is camping in Bir Billing
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Up in the Air: Paragliding in Bir-billing from Delhi Featured
Up in the Air: Paragliding in Bir-billing from Delhi


Bir - Billing

Bir, a small town in the Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh is a prominent location serving adventure thrills to adventure lovers who come from the nook and corners of the vicinity to witness the Tibetan population, beautiful monasteries, and educational institutions. The location implies a perfect getaway destination for nature’s lover, where one can enthral in a quiet stroll while feasting on the bounties of nature present here. While for an adventure seeker Bir-Billing paragliding experience is something that would quench their thirst for adventure.  About the activity:- This exciting adventure and fun-filled package for 2 days allow you to enjoy the maximum amidst the snow-covered peaks and valleys of Bir- Billing in Himachal Pradesh. - Pack your bags and proceed from Delhi to Bir Billing to partake in different activities on the ground and high above the sea level with paragliding and extensive camping in Bir Billing.- Relish delicious breakfast and lunch or dinner that is inclusive in the package. - Get the sleep under stars in tents moreover transportation is inclusive of pick up and drop off from Delhi.- All equipment, meal areas, accommodation, etc. are sanitized before and after every use to ensure the utmost safety and hygiene of the travellers.- The package comes with two options through which you can choose the package with or without the paragliding activity.How to reach?The campsite is located just 2.5 KM away from Bir bus stand, which is easily accessible by sharing vehicles or private transportation.

232 Ratings


232 Ratings

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INR 4,100

Adventurous Fly Camp in Billing
Adventurous Fly Camp in Billing


About the activity: This camping experience in Bir and Billing is a perfect place where the paragliding world cup takes place and is one of the most famous places in Himachal for paragliding.With this experience, you can fly like a bird and land to the foot of the hills and enjoy the thrilling view of the hills all over you!Bir is on the edge of a forest that has been given a sanctuary status and has found a place in the international paragliding circuit.Experience a trek to Raj Gunda side and take in the mystical aromas of the tea gardens around Billing as well.At an elevation of 7,600 ft (2300 meters), the take-off site is a small meadow at Billing 14 km from where you can experience sheer delight as you fly! 
Very Good

39 Ratings


39 Ratings

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INR 4,800

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10 October 2019
Me and my friends had a great time. We stayed in camps and they had an amazing view as well as ambience there. We trekked along Abu, our guide there who helped us throughout. The trekking was worth everything. We had a bonfire and music night which was another addition to everything amazing that we experienced. All of this was above expectations for us.
22 November 2018
Really very exciting experience and receiving and support, food taste and support additional as per our needs. Team work is really very impressed. Chandra
03 January 2019
Wow!! what ana amazing Experience it was. Celebrating the new year in Bir with paragliding. Had an amazing time there. Meals provided was very tasty. We also got comfortable accomodation. overall it was an amazing celebration. Thanks to team Thrillophilia.
I celebrated my new year 2019 with my friends at this awesome place. We enjoyed so much. It was the best way to start your new year. Kudos to team Thrillophilia for such arrangements.
07 January 2019
Awesome tour. From neat and clean campsite to trek and hikes, monastery visit, DJ party and fireworks on new year eve everything was amazing. The best part of the tour was flying like a bird with paragliding it was such wonderful experience. Thanks to team Thrillophilia for making my New Year 2019 celebration memorable.
It was a totally complete package which fulfilled us with amazing and unique experience, We had an amazing stay, good foods, and the activities were the main highlight of this camping, Felt really great in the lap of nature around.
There were so many different variants that you could choose from. Our group decided to book the Dome Tents with Double sharing occupancy. The food that was provided was also very amazing and were very hygienic. It was great. I highly recommend it.
The campsite was covered with lush greenery and sitting there and just relaxing was great. It was the only day during our trip that all of us had enough time to spend with each other and we talked and laughed and had an amazing time there with a lot of fun.
The views of the waterfall were really fascinating and bathing in the waterfall was really an exciting thing to do. The second day we again had a trek to go for and the view of the mountain ranges from there are breathtaking. It was an amazing experience camping with Thrillophilia.
Camping at Bir Billing was the best idea for conducting the yoga sessions and we booked it for 3 days. Thrillophilia even provided us with additional discounts on group booking and the offer was a fascinating one. The staff was informed prior to it and they arranged a place to carry the yoga session. Even they twist the menu according to our needs and are really helpful. The trek to nearby places is interesting. We went for a nature walk and enjoyed the bonfire in the evening. It was a successful session with a few foreign clients as well and we are really happy with their services. A big thanks to Thrillophilia for all the services provided to us.

Bir - Billing Travel Guides

People Also Ask About Camping in Bir - Billing

  1. Which are the best camps in Bir billing offering discounts?

    If you want to enjoy the unadulterated beauty of the Bir, go for camping. It is a divine experience that is beautiful way beyond words can express it. Click here to book Thrillophilia's Camping package offered with a great discount.

  2. What are the best places to visit in Bir Billing for first time travellers?

    Adventure activities like paragliding have transformed Bir from a sleepy little town to a tourist destination that is worth visiting. Click here to see the list of popular attractions to visit in Bir Billing.

    Bir Landing Site - It offers soul-stirring views of the sunset.
    2. Chokling Monastery - This magnificent monastery is painted in white and is adorned with other bright colours.
    3. Deer Park Institute - It is one of the most reputed centres for the study of classical Indian wisdom.
    4. Chowgan Tea Gardens - Situated in lower Bir hat has many verdant tea plantations with many different types of teas grown.
    5. Dharmalaya Institute - Eco-campus in that stresses on the importance of compassionate and green living.

  3. How to book Paragliding in Bir Billing at best price?

    Bir Billing is a tempting destination for all paragliding enthusiasts. Book now Thrillophilia's Paragliding Tour Package Under Rs 2000/- for a fascinating paragliding experience.

  4. What is the best time to visit Bir Billing for camping?

    Camping in Bir Billing should be planned in the months of summers starting from April to June. This is the time when the weather remains pleasant with temperature lying between 11 °C and 25 °C making it the best time to set camps in Bir. This is the time when the winds are at its best for paragliding with the air current thermals of 6-12 meters per second

  5. Is it safe to go for camping in Bir Billing?

    Yes, it is absolutely safe to erect Camps in Bir Billing. The only things you would need to take care of is wild animals, cold and rain pour. You might take a local person or a good guide with you to deal with wild animals and pack efficiently to stay clear of cold and rain.

  6. What other kind of activities are there in Bir Billing apart from camping?

    Bir Billing is a popular adventure destination and is known all over the world for paragliding. Following are some activities you can try in Bir Billing apart from camping:

    • Paragliding
    • Trekking
    • Hiking
    • Mountain Biking
    • Photography
    • Monastery Visits
  7. Which are the best places for camping in Bir Billing?

    1. Shivirama Camping: A luxury campsite located in the heart of the hills, Shivirama Camping offers well-furnished camping tents along with a restaurant. 
    2. Connect: A camping hostel with an emphasis on spiritual studies, Connect stresses on one’s need to communicate with nature. Nestled amidst pine groves, the secluded campsite offers modest tents for stay, along with a number of adventure sports facilities. 
    3. Camp Kasbah Bir: Idling in a small valley, this luxury camp offers well-furnished swiss tents for stay. The laidback campsite offers a number of outdoor sports facilities for children.
    4. The Blue Camp: Offering stunning panoramic views of the surrounding mountains, The Blue Camp features luxurious wooden cottages for stay.
  8. Why is Bir Billing so famous for camping?

    Bir Camping is famous because Bir is the highest peak in the region with exciting flora and fauna to cherish throughout the stay. You can overlook the mighty mountains while sitting amidst dense woods possessing distinct flowers and various birds and animals.

    You can even have a good collection of pictures. Last but not least, Bir is the capital for paragliding in India which attracts more people to the place to experience the same.

  9. What shall be the right number of days to spend there in Bir Billing?

    Bir Billing is not spread across a vast area and has a few tourist places to visit. It is popular for its share of adventure activities, especially paragliding. So, you can easily explore the place in 2-3 days.

  10. What will be the timing and expenditure for paragliding in Bir Billing?

    Paragliding packages in Bir Billing start from INR 2,200. This package offers you a paragliding experience of approximately 1 hour.

  11. Can we do camping in Bir during monsoon also? What is the cost of camping in Bir Billing?

    Yes, you can do camping in Bir Billing during monsoon but it is not recommended as there is a possibility of heavy rainfalls ruining your camping experience.

    You can experience the fun of camping in Bir Billing with packages starting from INR 800.

  12. Will there be any meal included in Bir billing camping package?

    Yes, there will be fresh meals included in Bir Billing Camping package where you can choose between veg and non-veg options.

  13. How to reach Bir from Delhi?

    By Air: You can catch a flight from Delhi Airport to Kangra Airport in Gaggal in Dharamshala which is the nearest airport from Bir Billing just 67.6 KM away. You may hire a cab for further commute or local transport is also an option.

    By Train: You can also book a train to Ahju, the nearest railway station. If couldn’t find one then you may go for Chauntra Bhaterh or Baijnath Mandir. Again from there you would need a cab to commute further with an option of local transport open for you.

    By Road: You may like to travel via NH-44 to reach Bir Billing which would cover 517 KM and take 10-11 hours.

  14. How do I reach Bir Billing, Himachal Pradesh from Chandigarh?

    Bir Billing is located at a distance of 285 km from Chandigarh and is well connected by road. You can either take a direct bus to Bir from Chandigarh or take a bus to Baijnath or Palampur from Chandigarh which is located at short distances from Bir Village.

    The nearest airport to Bir Billing is in Kangra which is located at a distance of 65 km from Bir Billing. Flights between Chandigarh and Kangra are available.

  15. What is Bir famous for?

    Bir is known as the capital of paragliding. It is renowned as the best place for paragliding with good airflow and splendid terrains to overlook. Summer would be the perfect time to experience paragliding along with camping in Bir Billing.

    But monsoon and winters are also open for visits as monsoon would give a better experience with flourishing flora and fauna whereas in winters you can see sun-kissed land covered in white snow. These seasons could be hard for trekking but nevertheless Bir Camping would still be exciting.

  16. What sort of food will there be during camping? Will there be barbeque and bonfire as well?

    The sort of food available during the camping depends upon your package. Some packages include vegetarian meals and some include non-vegetarian meals, too. In order to avail of barbeque and bonfire, you need to buy a package that includes these.

  17. What type of toilet facility will be there on campsites?

    Toilet facility depends upon the package you are purchasing. With some packages, you are accommodated in Swiss camps that have their separate toilets. While some packages include normal tents for which there is common toilet facility.

  18. Will I get medical aid in case of any emergency?

    First aid facility is available at Bir Billing camps. However, it is recommended that you carry your first-aid kit and medicines (in case of any ailments). In case of any emergency that needs expert help, you will be taken to the nearest hospital.

  19. Which places are good for sightseeing in Bir Billing?

    Bir Billing has a few good sightseeing places you can visit on your trip. They are as follows:

    • Choukling Monastery
    • Shiv Temple
    • Chamunda Devi Temple
    • Deer Park Institute
    • Sherab Ling Monastery
    • Bir Tea Factory
    • Tibetan Colony
    • Drukpa Kagyu Monastery
  20. Will there be special camps for couples?

    Yes, you can get a camp on double sharing basis for you and your partner.

  21. What if it will rain while camping in Bir Billing?

    If it rains while camping in Bir Billing, you won’t be able to enjoy the bonfire. Nothing else will get affected since the tents provided for camping are waterproof, so there is nothing you need to worry about.

  22. Can we smoke/drink at campsites?

    No, you are not permitted to smoke or drink alcohol at Bir Billing camps because the campsites are ecological.

  23. Will there be bonfire? Can we dance and sing at the campsite?

    Yes, there will be a bonfire. And, yes, you can dance and sing at the campsite provided the music or the noise is not too loud. Moreover, dancing and singing late night may not be allowed because of the campsites being in ecologically active zones.