Trekking in Bir - Billing

Bir - Billing Trekking Packages

Duration Price
Rajgundha Trek With Barot Valley2 days
INR 3,680
Rajgundha Trek1 day
INR 3,000

Trekking in Bir

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Having scenic views of himalayas, Trekking in Bir Billing is very popular as it is the highest peak in the region where tourists come to hike. With splendid terrains and amazing climatic conditions, Treks in Bir Billing makes the whole experience worthwhile. As always, trekking puts your strength to test which upon clearing you are rewarded with the pristine backcountry away from the monotonous hustle bustle of the city. 

While the summit has splendid views of valleys, you can also spend infinite time watching birds and gazing at the stars travelling in the sky. Bir Billing trek takes you through trail amidst dense woods and rich flora-fauna which is perfect for capturing frames for your collection. And once you are exhausted, a beautiful sun drowning behind the mountains could freshen you up for the night full of dance and music around the bonfire near your campsite. 

Although the terrains flourishes to its best in the monsoon but if you plan your trek in those months then it is advisable to take all your gears as you might face leeches en route along with damp and slippery routes. If you are ready to deal with them then you will be presented with greener lands and colourful flowers. So, make your mind and pack your bag to unleash your wilderness on the trails sheltered by dense woodland.
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Bir - Billing Trekking FAQs

Which are the best places to visit in Bir Billing with friends?

Adventure activities like paragliding have transformed Bir from a sleepy little town to a tourist destination that is worth visiting. Click here to see the list of popular attractions to visit in Bir Billing.

Bir Landing Site - It offers soul-stirring views of the sunset.
2. Chokling Monastery - This magnificent monastery is painted in white and is adorned with other bright colours.
3. Deer Park Institute - It is one of the most reputed centres for the study of classical Indian wisdom.
4. Chowgan Tea Gardens - Situated in lower Bir hat has many verdant tea plantations with many different types of teas grown.
5. Dharmalaya Institute - Eco-campus in that stresses on the importance of compassionate and green living.

Which are the top activities to do in Bir Billing with best offers?

There are so many enthralling and unique activities to do in Bir. Check out the list of the best things to do in Bir with upto 40% discount offered.

Paragliding In Bir Billing, Flat 21% Off
2. Camping Paragliding, Short Trekking in Bir Valley
3. Trekking Paragliding and Camping in Bir Billing with Flat 20% off
4. Have a Thrilling Experience of Hang Gliding
5. Thrilling Mountain Biking Experience

What is the best time to go for trekking in Bir billing?

Best time to engage in Treks in Bir Billing is the months of summers starting from April to June. The weather remains pleasant where temperature can fall as low as 11 °C and rise as high as 25 °C. Summer gives the air current thermals of 6-12 meters per second for a flawless paragliding.

What is the minimum age for trekking in Bir billing?

There is no minimum age for trekking in Bir Billing along with paragliding. But you can book your own tickets only if your age is above 18 years. Otherwise, you will have to be under your parent’s supervision.

What will be the cost of trekking in Bir billing?

The cost for trekking in Bir Billing would be 1,450 INR per person which would include trekking, camping and paragliding in India’s top destination for paragliding. In the two days tour, the payment would cover some of the meals and snacks too.

Which is the highest peak for trekking in Bir billing?

The highest peak for trekking in Bir Billing is Bir with a height of 1,525 m or 5,003 ft. It is in Kangra District in Baijnath region in Himachal Pradesh. It is also ranked as the best place for paragliding in India which would be accompanied by a refreshing trekking amidst one of the best versions of nature.

Do we need to book a group tour for Trekking?

It is not necessary to book a group tour. It could be a solo booking also because you will be joining a bigger group while initiating the trek. Though it is important that you should be accompanied by someone while trekking and it is not ideal to do it solo and Thrillophilia is there for that.

Where can one get a discount on Camping and Trekking in Bir Billing?

If you want to enjoy the unadulterated beauty of the Bir, go for camping. It is a divine experience that is beautiful way beyond words can express it. Click here to book Thrillophilia's Camping package offered with a great discount.

What things I must carry while trekking in Bir billing?

First of all, you should keep in mind that you need to pack as light as you can. So you will have to ensure that you carry just the right things which would be needed during the whole journey.

Although you are suggested not to compromise on carrying heavy woollen clothing, windproof jacket, thermal inner-wear, trekking shoes and an id card. You might also want to carry sunglasses, camera, earphones and a book.

Is it safe for a solo female to trek in Bir billing?

Yes, Treks in Bir Billing are safe for a solo female as upon booking you will get a group while initiating the trek. Although it is not ideal to go solo and have a good group which you will get once you reach the gathering point. Along with that, a good guide to lead you all the way to the summit is also very essential and Thrillophilia is taking care of that.

What kind of Food will be provided to me? Will it be packed food or not?

You will be provided options in both veg and non-veg food while you are on the tour. It will be freshly cooked local recipes.

What kind of sleeping bags will be there during the trek in Bir?

The kind of sleeping bags provided to the trekker depends on the package they opt for. But generally, regular sleeping bags which could keep you warm in -6 °C are provided to the trekkers opting for packages inclusive of it.

What is the level of fitness expected from the trekkers?

Basic level of fitness is expected from the trekkers. One should be eating properly with some light exercise and that would do. If this is not the case with you then it is suggested that you should start going for a morning walk and eat fresh food and fruits. That will fulfil the need of the required fitness.

How far is Bir Billing from Dharamshala?

Bir Billing is 65 KM far from Dharamshala. You can only use the roads to travel this distance. You may want to board a local bus or hire a taxi to commute to Bir. Or if you have your own vehicle then it is best to drive on your own. It would take you around one hour to cover this distance where you will be accompanied by valleys, trees, waterfalls and more.

Is there snowfall in Bir Billing?

Yes, there is snowfall in the months of winters which is preferred by some people to trek. Trekking in these months gives one of the best experiences as the trail is covered with snow along with all the nearby mountains.

This could be made perfect with snow falling at the same time. People also prefer going for a paragliding ride to watch this scene from the top.

How can I go to Bir Billing?

By Air: You can catch a flight to the nearest airport from Bir Billing is Kangra Airport in Gaggal in Dharamshala which is 67.6 KM away. You could hire a cab or use a local bus to commute to Bir Billing from there.

By Train: The nearest railway station is Ahju followed by Chauntra Bhaterh and then Baijnath Mandir. You can find a train to one of these railway stations and further commute via a hired taxi or local bus.

By Road: Bir Billing is very well connected with good route via roads. You can use local transport or hire a vehicle to drive to Bir Billing.

Can we trek in Bir during Monsoon?

Yes, Treks in Bir Billing could be conducted during Monsoon with slightly more care than regular months as you might encounter leeches. Although it would be a better experience, with flora and fauna at its best but you would need proper gears to tackle with sudden rains, chiller atmosphere, dampened routes and leeches. Overall monsoon would be a unique experience for you.

What are the accommodation facilities available for trekkers in Bir billing?

Accommodation facilities provided to the trekkers could be tents, hostels, homestays or anything. In case of an overnight stay at the campsite, trekkers would get tents whereas if the trek is of one day then the base camp would be their ultimate accommodation which could be any of the above mentioned.

Is there any specific list of things I should carry during trekking?

Although you should pack very lightly but somethings are there which should not be compromised at all. The list encircles winter wear, thermal wear, waterproof and windproof jacket and gloves, sunglasses along with good quality shoes which perfectly fits your feet to avoid frostbite. You can also carry things to keep you engaged like earphones, camera and a book.

What kind of climate is there in Bir billing?

Summer: In summers the climate is mild and generally warm sustaining a very pleasant environment for travelling, trekking, camping and other adventurous activities. Moreover, it is the best season to experience paragliding.

Winter: In winters you will experience a harsh climate where the temperature goes below zero along with snowfall in the extreme times.

Monsoon: In monsoon, you will experience light to heavy rainfalls along with some landslides. Besides that, you will find the place in its best form.

Can I go for solo trekking?

Ideally, you should not go for solo trekking as support is very much needed during the hike. You should opt for one of these options:

- Book a tour with Thrillophilia where you will eventually get a group full of adventure seekers.

- Grab your friends and pack their bags to accompany you to the trek to make some memories together. Make sure to plan beforehand!

- Ask some local people who can help you guide throughout your trekking journey.

How safe is trekking in Bir billing?

Treks in Bir Billing are very much safe except you need to take care of the following things:

Wild animals: You must note that you might find some wild animals during your journey and you should be ready to face them. Either you should have good experience of that or you should be with someone having the same.

Cold: You will face cold temperatures at night and with the elevation too. So wear thermal wear inside your clothes to protect you from cold and pack some good woollens and windproof jackets and gloves.

Rain: You might want to consider that you can experience frequent rain pour for what you should be carrying waterproof jackets and gloves.

Bir - Billing Trekking Reviews

Bhadra Bhat
Reviewed: 15 Feb 2020
Rajgundha Trek should not be done by itself because you need a guide to know about the routes and at some point, the climb is also a bit steep and one can not do it all alone. Thrillophilia has the best of the people for this trek and the staff was really friendly. The bonfire was the best during ou... Read More
Bhargavi Dutta
Reviewed: 16 Feb 2020
The trail is really less visited and thus provides the best experience of lush greenery and mesmerizing scenic beauty from the summit point.
Satyen Asan
Reviewed: 15 Feb 2020
Himachal Is a great place to spend time and Rajgundha Trek is among the best. I went on this trek with my family and had a great time there. I Want to thank the organizer of this trek for providing such amazing services.

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