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  • Young travellers will find many things to do in Koh Samui both natural and man-made. You will get a chance to see mummified monks, Hin Ta & Hin Ya rocks, waterfalls and much more. For people who are looking for some religious beauty can see the big Buddha which looks simply mazing during the sunset. And for nature lovers one can visit Ang Thong Marine National Park to have a look of the tropical blue islands.

    The body of Samui’s mummified monk are on the display and can be found in Wat Khunaram. You can also witness the splendid Samui Aquarium with Tiger Show. For some fun and enjoyment one can be a part of Ladyboy Caabaret shows which are quite interesting to view.

    Here are some of the best things to do in Koh Samui:

  • 01Scuba Diving in Koh Samui

    Image Credit : Ryan Lackey
    Beautifully manicured, Koh Samui is nothing less than an extravagant Hollywood celebrity. It is stunning, graceful and just so beautiful! Explore the largest island in the Gulf of Island through diving. The region is filled with dive sites that have stunning, marine ecosystem. Divers here get the incredible opportunity to see Hawksbill Turtles, Whale Sharks and Green Turtles surrounded with branded sea snakes, reef fish and moray eels.

    Image Credits : bhinddalenes

    :For diving, Sail Rock is the prime place with colorful coral gardens. Chumphon is another place, which is recommended for advanced divers.

    : Prices can range anywhere from 5000 to 15000 Bhat, depending on diving courses. Certified divers can pay from 4000-6000 Bhat for two dives.

    Best Time
    : The best time for diving is from March to May and then from September to October, which are the peak seasons.

    y Level: PADI courses have different courses depending on difficulty levels. Expert guidance needed.
  • 02Go Karting

    If you want the adrenaline rush and wish to socialize near the glittering waters of Koh Samui, then Go Karting is the activity you have to try! The tracks for go karting here are usually 500 meters or more and you get to experience different categories for go karting. Those with a bit of a practice can enjoy pro-kart riding 13HP, four stroke engines that will reach speeds of over 70 km an hour. Otherwise, there are options like kids’ karts available. These karts are automatic, so no worries about your safety.

    Image Credits : chill

    : Bophut is an excellent place to enjoy go karting experiences.

    Cost: When it comes to go karting, you may have to open your wallets wide, because the activity can be expensive. Pro-karting can cost you up to 800 Baht for 10 minutes. Kids’ rides are cheaper.

    Best time:  Throughout the year.

    Difficulty level: Low, if you opt for beginner’s course. Choose pro-courses if you are well versed with go karting.

  • 03ATV in Koh Samui

    Get ready for ATV Koh Samui adventure. The incredible sceneries of the place, the stunning natural beauty and the overall rugged terrain makes the Gulf of Thailand exceptionally good for All-Terrain Vehicles. You can get American built Polaris for rides and you can have some rugged machines for a lean, mean ride! If you love quad bikes and the rush of adrenaline, then these rides are right for you! ATV adventure in Samui is unparalleled, especially if you want to explore invigorating hilly terrain and foliage filled jungles around the place.

    : One can enjoy this activity at Maenam and Bophut in the morning, or at Taling Ngam and Lamai in the afternoon/evening.

    Cost: Prices depending upon the bike, price rages from 1000-8200 baht per person for an hour. This includes protective gear for riding, rain coat on a rainy day, fruits and insurance.

    Best time: All around the year.

    Difficulty level: Easy if you know how to drive.

  • 04Mountain Biking in Koh Samui

    Explore Thailand in ways you wouldn’t have imagined! Experience the stunning panoramas of Koh Samui with mountain biking tours. Ranked as one of the best activities, mountain biking is all about jungles, beaches, small villages and farms. The rides can be anywhere from 20 to 70 km depending on the difficulty levels. The island is approximately 90km on its own. Tours are often organized at off-beaten tracks to facilitate closer interaction with the nature.

     Location: For variable terrain, opt for Maenam Valley area. If you are interested in explored steep hills, choose Chaweng and Lamai region. For real testing and professional action, go towards the south of Nathon.

    Cost: Half day tours cost approximately 2,000 Baht. Full day tours can cost 5000 Baht while custom made tours are more expensive.

    Best time: April to September is the best time. But you can do it all around the year.

    Difficulty level: Easy. Choose rugged terrains only if you have previous biking experience.

  • 05Sea Walking in Koh Samui

    An exciting, unforgettable experience that’s perhaps unique to Koh Samui. Sea walking is an innovative activity that allows you to explore tropical paradise in Gulf of Thailand. The tropical walks don’t require any diving lessons and the idea simply requires you to wear brass diving helmets. Sea walking is an excellent way to explore the tropics, or it can even pave way for your first scuba diving lesson. Tours usually involve guides so that you are safe.

    Location: Koh Tan, Koh Nang Yuan and Koh Tao are the best destinations for sea walking in Koh Samui. It is the latest underwater fun that doesn’t require certification to dive.

    Cost: Costs start from 1500 Baht an hour.

    Best time: Sea walking is one of those activities that can be enjoyed all around the year.

    Difficulty level: Easy. Sea walking was introduced as a sea exploration alternative for diving, which is difficult.

  • 06Camping in Koh Samui

    With millions of visitors every year, Koh Samui has now become a backpacker’s loved destination. It is simple, beautiful and incredibly attractive. And camping or hiking is now an option in Samui. Earlier, the activities were slightly restricted, but you can now enjoy camping at the grounds of some of the most stunning mountains in Samui. Campers can be a part of a trek that usually lasts for a maximum of four hours. After the trek, campers and the guide can set up camps and enjoy bird’s eye view of the nature.

    Location: Hin Lad Waterfall, areas near Lipa Noi Viewpoint, Magic Garden and Maenam Viewpoint are the best places for enjoy camping at Koh Samui.

    Cost: Costs vary. Average camping costs are about 4000 Baht per person. This includes food and trek charges as well.

    Best time: While you can enjoy camping all through the year, the best times are from April to September.

    Difficulty level: Very Easy.

  • 07Parasailing

    Image Credit : Bert Dickerson
    Glide through the air. Feel the wide. Experience incredible nature. Be like a bird with parasailing opportunities in Koh Samui. Parasailing is a big activity in Thailand, particularly in Koh Samui, where people opt for the water sports because it’s exhilarating and adrenaline pumping.

    It is even an alternative for those who might feel scared jumping off a plane with a parachute. Two to three people can fly at a time along with the crew member for safety.

    Image Credits : Pandiyan V

    Location:The beaches in Koh Samui are excellent for parasailing, particularly places like Bophut Beach, Lamai Beach and Maenam Beach.

    Cost:The average costs 200-2000 baht a person.

    Best time:November to February is the best time to enjoy parasailing. But don’t worry if you are here during some other month. You can easily enjoy parasailing during off-season.

    Difficulty level:Easy, especially when individuals are accompanied by a safety crew member.
  • 08Paragliding

    Image Credit : SeaDave
    Strap yourself to a parachute, jump and get ready to fly the winds with paragliding. The sports activity is getting immensely popular in Koh Samui as it allows gliding past the air, provides bird eye view of place.

    When you decide to go for paragliding, ensure your safety. Choose a fully licensed and insured water sports company that can actually fuel your adventures.

    Image Credits : Matthias Mueller

    Location: Paragliding is recommended on the South East of the island of Koh Samui. However, if you are getting expert support and training, you can choose other regions as well.

    Cost: Average costs for paragliding are 3000-5000 Baht depending on which company you choose for the services.

    Best time: The adrenaline fueling activity can be enjoyed all through the year.

    Difficulty level: Although, paragliding can be scary for some people, it is actually quite easy if you understand instructor’s guidelines.
  • 09Canoeing

    Image Credit : Jim Purbrick
    When you first fly to Koh Samui, you will notice a cluster of islands. But the place goes beyond that. It is stunningly beautiful and the crystal blue waters are exhilarating. Explore those waters with Sea Canoe activities, which will make your trip more rewarding.

    Hop on a fully equipped boat and travel along the coastlines of Koh Mae Koh, the most popular canoeing destination. During canoeing, you will also get to witness the foliage jungles of the place while experiencing dolphins, occasional sea turtles and other aquatic animals.

    Image Credits : nucksfan604

    Location: The tour is generally led towards the Ang Thong National Marine Park. You may also get to visit Koh Wao or Tai Plao during the tour.

    Cost: Costs per day may range from 1300-2500 Baht per person, depending on the boat chosen and the number of people in a single canoeing trip.

    Best time: The best time is from December to March and May to July.

    Difficulty level: Medium difficulty, requires an instructor.
  • 10Windsurfing

    One of the reasons why Koh Samui is so popular among millions is because of the fact that, this destination is one amongst many places in Thailand that offers plenty of opportunities for rejuvenation, especially for activities like windsurfing. Since Koh Samui is a growing destination for scuba diving, the waters here are warm, crisp and clear, making them perfect for windsurfing. All you have to do is get a sailboard and ride on the waters of Thailand!

    Location: The beaches on East Coast are perfect for this purpose, particularly in places like Chaweng and Lamai. Apart from these places, you can enjoy at Bophut and Maenam.

    Cost: The courses normally start at1800 for 1 hour and 5000 for 5 hours, per person. Prices for advanced courses may be slightly higher.

    Best time: Best time for windsurfing is from November to May.

    Difficulty level: Difficulty level is medium, but you may need to take beginner’s classes to get a hold on the activity.

  • 11Kite Boarding in Koh Samui

    The third largest tropical island in Thailand, Koh Samui is well known for its scenic beauties and large coconut trees. It is here you can enjoy kiteboarding or kitesurfing, which is a form of surface waterboarding that has elements of surfing, paragliding and snowboarding all in one. In this sports, you ride a small surfboard that is propelled by the water using a large kite. Now, that’s the kite you are going to be harnessed with. Sounds interesting, doesn’t?

    Image Credits : trudelle


    : The best locations for Koh Samui includes Maenan, Bophut and others. If confused, consult an instructor to help you with the best kite boarding spots. You want places that have the right kind of wind.

    Cost: Renting equipment for kiteboarding can cost you anywhere from 4,000 Baht to 12,000 Baht a day, depending on what you want. Board and harness rentals are cheaper.

    Best time: The best time for kiteboarding is from November to February, when the winds are just right for the adrenaline rushing experience.

    Difficulty level: It could be difficult for individuals who have never tried the sports before. You may need to take assistant courses to be better at the activity.

  • 12Snorkeling in Koh Samui

    Image Credit : randomix
    The Turtle Island of Koh Samui is excellent for snorkeling. The underwater world and its charismatic, exotic marine life are must explored. A number of full and half day tours are organized in the place, offering intoxicating above-below waves’ experiences that leave an indelible imprint on the mind. Depending on the provider, these snorkeling tours can include kayaks and marine park admission fees, resort transfers, food, towels, personal tour guides and boat equipment.

    Image Credits :

    : The best places for snorkeling are in Koh Tao, Koh Nang Yuan, The Anghthong National Marine Park and Koh Pha Ngan.

    : Snorkeling costs are anywhere from 2000-4000 Bhat depending on the provider.

    Best Time
    : March, April and May are the best times for exploring Koh Samui and nearby areas through snorkeling.

    ty level: Snorkeling is easy after prior briefing by expert and tour guidance by a professional.
  • 13Golfing in Koh Samui

    Image Credit : tony moore
    When there’s abundance of natural beauty around you, consider golfing to invigorate your mind and rejuvenate your spirit. Live a luxurious life and enjoy a memorable vacation with golfing in Koh Samui.

    The Gulf of Thailand has several golf areas and green regions to best enjoy golfing. The golf courses have 9 hole courses where anyone, from a novice to an expert can enjoy playing. 4 wheel drive vehicles are in these places for safety. Golf courses, located at the furthest point of the mountain are the best, providing bird’s eye view while you enjoy a game.

    : Throughout Koh Samui.

    : In country clubs, prices can vary anywhere from 5000-15000 Baht per person. These prices may be discounted or include several benefits.

    Best Time
    : Throughout the year.

    ty: Medium difficulty. In case you don’t know golf, consider taking training classes for practice.
  • 14Kayaking in Koh Samui

    Image Credit : Sébastien Bertrand
    Sea is the best place for anyone who wishes to enjoy the tropical beauty and the marine life. With a huge range of options for those who like to keep it wet, Samui is now the Mecca of water sports. Warm seas surrounding Koh Samui allure the visitors to enwrap themselves in the gentle lap of the Samui's sea.

    Image Credits :

    : Coral Island as well as the Ang Thong National Park is the place to go. The sites have warm and clear water, overhanging cliffs and caves. Ang Thong National Marine Park also has an alluring collection of 50 limestone formations as well as the rock islands. You may even get a golden chance to view the hidden lake, 'golden bowl' that is enriched with the exalted cliffs.

    : Prices are variable, but be prepared to pay, somewhere around 2000 Baht for adults and 1300 Baht for children.

    Best Time
    : The suitable time for kayaking is during late December to September. The Ang Thong National Park remains closed every year during November and early December.

    Level: Kayaking is easy but be careful and listen to the expert during the introductory sessions.
  • 15Elephant Trekking in Koh Samui

    Image Credit : Lindz Graham
    The mighty elephant is the national animal of Thailand. It is a symbol of both strength and royalty. There just couldn’t be anything better than experiencing the verdant lushness on the big back of elephants.

    Image Credits : John Abel

    : Namuang Safari Park provides elephant trekking of jungle trips. Elephants pass exotic fauna and flora, and stop along refreshing waterfalls along the way, including the island's most famous waterfall, Namuang 1, where you can dismount and take a refreshing dip.

    : You can take a ride for half hour or one hour and you’ll be charged accordingly. The price for ½ hour is 600 Baht for adults and 300 Baht for children and the price for 1 hour is 1300 and 800 Baht for adults and children respectively.

    Best Time
    : You can enjoy elephant trekking all year round.

    Difficulty Level
    : It is easy so anyone who loves these friendly creatures must definitely go for it.

  • 16Jet Skiing in Koh Samui

    Image Credit : Bert Dickerson
    Extensively beautiful, Koh Samui paves an excellent pathway for jet skiing. The place has been in the tourism business longer than any other Thai Island, which is why jet-skiing tours, classes and activities are well-developing. The glossy island is perfect for enjoying jet ski for a real sea adventure. Usually, the safaris are for 3 hours, you get to fly over the sea and the horizon while enjoying the beauty of small virgin islands located nearby. You can also stop at virgin beaches for snorkeling and other water related activities.

    Image Credits : Bert Dickerson

    : The jet skiing tours begin from any Koh Samui beach and take you to Koh Tan, Koh Mudsum and the Five Islands. Grandmother and grandfather rocks may also be seen during the tour.

    : The price is 8000-10000 Baht for two people, including snorkeling equipment and drinks.

    Best time
    : From April to September.

    Difficulty level
    : Easy with the right jet-skiing equipment and good trainer.
  • 17Sky Fox Ride in Koh Samui

    Image Credit :
    Experience the skies with the Sky Fox Ride in Koh Samui. A once in a lifetime opportunity, this unique zip-line cable rides are all about exploring the beautiful Thai island while getting a bird’s eye view of panorama. Zip line rides here reach a staggering high and you get to taste adventure. Overhead series of thick cables carry people from one platform to the next. So, you will be zooming along high speed amongst the treetops. Cable and safety equipment are a part of the ride and you can insist on getting full-insurance for this adrenaline rushing adventure.

    Image Credits :

    : Maenam, Bophut, Choeng are the popular locations. Other locations include Chaweng and Lamai.

    : For six rides, the prices can be anywhere from 1300-1500 Baht.

    Best time
    : These rides are great option all through the year. Morning and noon is the best time.

    Difficulty level
    : The zip line rides are easy, but can be intimidating. Get the right coaching for an easy ride.
  • 18Sailing in Koh Samui

    Image Credit : David Rubin
    A glittery, glamorous island, Koh Samui in Thailand serves as a one stop destination for sailing. One can easily rent catamarans, luxury boats, sailing yachts and speed boats to enjoy sailing. For better experiences, opt for a customized fleet with efficient crew that can offer you tailor made sailing experiences. The luxurious crafts will give you once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy the splendors of clear blue waters while you enjoy exploring white sandy beaches and stunning sceneries.

    Image Credits : David Rubin

    : Samui Archipelago is one of the best locations to explore the exotic islands while sailing in Koh Samui. The Gulf of Thailand has several other idyllic islands such as Koh Tao and Koh Phangan where one can sail.

    : Depending on the number of people, the sailing boat and other factors, prices per person varies from 2,500 Baht to 3,500 Baht.

    Best time
    : December to April is the best time.

    Difficulty level
    : Very easy.
  • 19Stand Up Paddling In Koh Samui

    Image Credit :
    Stand up paddling is the latest water sports to hit the Samui’s shores. Koh Samui, one of the most glittering islands in Thailand is a perfect place to learn and enjoy Stand up paddling, which is different from surfing in the sense that it doesn’t requires waves and therefore, it is not risky. All you have to do is be a beach bum! It basically involves oversized surfboards where you stand and paddle. They are pretty stable as you don’t have to deal with the larger waves. As you learn, you can move onto smaller and faster boards. Plus, some of them have clip-in sail features for versatility.

    Image Credits : Visit St. Pete/Clearwater

    :Ban Tai, Big Buddha Beach, Taling Ngam Beach and Lamai Beach are excellent for stand up paddling.

    :The rental prices for Stand up paddling is about 200 Baht an hour and 4,500 Baht a week.

    Best time
    :The increasingly popular sport can be enjoyed early in the morning any time of the year.

    Difficulty level
    : Easy to learn with a trainer. Learning on smaller boards could be difficult.
  • 20Deep Sea Fishing

    Image Credit : hewy
    If you are an adventurous person who likes sunrise, the sea and thrill of fishing, then deep sea fishing is n activity just right for you! You can opt for morning or night fishing experiences where you can even have a bit of snorkeling fun!

    Packages usually include a tour guide, as well as equipment for fishing, a boat, transfers, baits, refreshments, dinner or lunch. You can experience deep sea fishing games with your friends and family or enjoy socializing with other deep sea fishers out there.

    Location: Deep sea fish areas are most popular near the Ang Thong Marine Park.

    Cost: Per person costs are usually1500-3000 on an average. Night time deep sea fishing trips may be more expensive.

    Best time: The activity can be enjoyed throughout the year.

    Difficulty level: Difficulty levels are easy. But any prior experience in fishing can be of great help.



Ko Lao Liang Beach

If you thought that all of Thailand’s finest islands had been ruined by mismanaged development, Ko Lao Liang will prove you wrong. A little-known remedy for travellers seeking breathtaking Andaman Sea 
scenery without the crowds, the isolated pair of islands doesn’t even register among Trang province’s more popular destinations. Part of Mu Ko Phetra National Park, Ko Lao Liang’s two islands stand side-by- side some 40 kilometers west of the mainland. All facilities are set up on the southern island, Ko Lao Liang Nong, or “Little Brother Island.” Sporting sunrise views to Ko Sukorn, almost-white-sand beach touches clear teal water that blends into deep emerald and azure blue as you reach the hard coral.

Activities: Rock climbing, Kayaking and snorkeling are famous activities on this beach. 

Location: Hat Samran District

Ko Samui

KoSamui is one of the favorite destination among travelers from all over the globe looking for some fun-filled time and looking for a high life. The gorgeous trail of the white sandy beaches adorning the azure waves, soothing sunshine combined with the warm Thai hospitality are some added perks that make this place all the more favorite. This delightful island has much more to offer than just crystal clear waters and sandy beaches; while here you can choose from an array of restaurant and bar that will cater your taste buds and will keep you longing for more.

Things to Do: While in KoSamui, you just cannot miss traditional junk cruise – this enthralling cruise is conducted over a traditional styled wooden ‘junk boat’ which will take you to a mesmerizing journey to the neighboring island KoPhaNgan. Explore the beautiful – vividly colored underwater, admire the stunning beauty of this coral island and finally get ready to capture beautiful shots of various tropical fishes easily visible under the transparent water.

Getting there: The easiest way to reach KoSamui is via an overnight train journey from Bangkok to SuratThani. From here, you head straight to KoSamui via ferry. This delightful 2 hour boat ride will take you to KoSamui, on way get ready to pass the beautiful islands of Ko Tao and KoPhaNgan.

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