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The water sports in Koh Samui can be called a hub for every adventurer who seeks for nothing but the best of water activities. This island in Thailand is power-packed with plentiful activities to invest your time in during our visit to this holiday land. They are easily accessible on the many beaches on this island and are priced at different rates based on the number of minutes and skill involved.

Flyboarding, kite surfing, windsurfing, deep sea fishing, and stand up paddleboarding are some of the unique water activities in Koh Samui which are sure to leave you flabbergasted and enthused. Besides these, the island hosts a lot many other water adventures like sailing, surfing, jet skiing, parasailing, kayaking, canoeing, banana boat ride, and speed boating. The sea by this island has a wide variety of aquatic life which you can see for yourself through scuba diving and snorkelling.

These Koh Sui water sports are not limited to only those who have mastery in swimming; they are comfortable enough for even basic-level swimmers, and some even non-swimmers. The instructors make sure that you are in the activity to enjoy, and to break all boundaries of fears; therefore, they provide one with enough training to excel in the adventure and feel like a conqueror!

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Sunrise & Sunset Stand up Paddle-boarding in Koh Samui
Sunrise & Sunset Stand up Paddle-boarding in Koh Samui


Koh Samui

About the Activity:Explore the silent side of the Gulf of Thailand with two hours of stand up paddleboarding in the serene waters of Koh Samui. You can make your selection from two different schedules either the morning time to witness the beautiful sunrise or the evening time to take a glimpse of the setting sun. With this tour, you will be picked up from the hotel(only for selected hotels) and then head to any one of the Bangrak Beach or Choeng Mon Beach. You will be assisted by the English speaking guide who will give instructions about the boarding techniques. Follow the instructions and explore the beauty of waters!Sunrise paddling5:30am-6: 00 am: hotel pick up for selected areas only.6:00am orientation before paddleboarding starts (10 minutes)Paddleboarding (1.5-2 hours)Snack time before the tour ends (5-10 minutes)8:00am travel back to hotel.Sunset paddling 4:30pm-5:00pm: hotel pick up (selected areas only)5:00 pm orientation before paddleboarding starts (10 minutes)Paddleboarding (1.5-2 hours)Snack time before the tour ends (5-10 minutes)7:00pm travel back to hotel

24 Ratings


24 Ratings

₹ 3,100

Water Sports in Koh Samui | Book Online & Get Flat 24% off
Water Sports in Koh Samui | Book Online & Get Flat 24% off


Koh Samui

Located on the wholesome beach, Water Sports in Koh Samui provide you with the best experiences. Once you arrive here, you will be thrilled with the picturesque and panoramic views of the great sea and lush reefs. Here, you will learn how to surf, how to ride a jetpack, how to ride a  flyboard, how to catch your own waves and how to find a new you. If you are a beginner or you are a pro at any of these water sports, this place will surely enhance your abilities. If you are a thrill-seeker who is looking for some fun activities, then this package is for you. Know before you go: - Koh Samui water activities are not recommended for people with back problems.- The activity is not private, you will be accompanied by other guests too.- A moderate physical fitness level is recommended.- People having serious medical conditions like heart problems should not try this activity.- The place is not wheelchair accessible.- The staff will be friendly as well as experienced.- To enjoy the activity to its full, try to stay calm.- The package only includes the activity, additional things like food, etc., are not included in the package- Free pickup and drop services will be provided from your stay.- All the instructors here are professional.- Training about basic movement and safety will be provided.- Minimum age requirement is 4 years.- Guests between 4 to 18 need to be accompanied by an adult.- Elderly people and beginners can also try this activity without any problem.- The experience can be canceled if the weather is not appropriate.- Pets are not allowed on the beach.- If you do not need a transfer service, you can directly reach the beach.
Very Good

39 Ratings


39 Ratings

₹ 3,719

₹ 2,919

Jet Ski Tour Koh Samui | Book Online @ Flat 25% off
Jet Ski Tour Koh Samui | Book Online @ Flat 25% off


Koh Samui

The Jet Ski Tour in Koh Samui is a one-of-a-kind tour that you can enjoy on this island. Giving tourists a chance to explore some of the most scintillating coasts around the Gulf of Thailand, this package also lets you do that on a jet ski. So just hop on and enjoy an exciting day out on sea with your friends and family.What To Expect:Explore The Beautiful Coasts Around Thailand On A Jet Ski:In this unique Jet Ski in Koh Samui tour, expect yourself to be mesmerised by the beauty of the coasts that are scattered around the region. By playing with the waves in the crystal-clear waters, you can also uncover a lot of the secrets of Koh Samui, all during a jet skiing experience. Enjoy A Great Snorkelling Session:With this package, you also get to enjoy snorkelling in the shallow waters of one of the Five Islands. Expect to marvel at the vivid and brightly coloured underwater life around the southern region of the island of Koh Samui, where snorkelling is one of the best activities you can enjoy. Led By An Experienced And Professional Guide:This package is led by a professional guide who has substantial experience in jet skiing. The guide will not only help to teach you tips and tricks for a great jet skiing experience, but will also keep you safe during the tour. Hotel Pick Up And Drop Off Included:By availing this package, you will get a complimentary pick up as well as drop off services from your hotel in Koh Samui. You can now travel without any problems and enjoy an exciting tour with your near and dear ones.Know Before You Go:Timings Of The Tour:Morning Tour: starts from 10:30 a.m.Afternoon Tour: starts from 02:30 p.m. 

28 Ratings


28 Ratings

₹ 21,764

₹ 17,411

Scuba Diving Koh Samui | Book Online & Save 30%
Scuba Diving Koh Samui | Book Online & Save 30%


Koh Samui

Scuba Diving Koh Samui will take you to the two beautiful diving locations of Koh Taho in the exotic island of Koh Samui and enjoy exciting water adventures underwater with native fishes and vibrant coral reefsWhat to ExpectLearn Scuba DivingUnleash the explorer in you and get ready for an exhilarating basic course on scuba diving. Beat the wind with a Speedboat RideDash through the crystal clear waters of Koh Samui in a speed boat to reach the two scenic locations for diving at Koh TaoGet fascinated by the beauty of the underwaterPlunge into the deep blue waters and explore the underwater life and get ready to meet some of the unique marine life. Be surrounded by the native fishes and enjoy the beauty of the colorful coral reefs.Know Before You Go:Pick up/Drop off: Hotel/Place of accommodation Type of transfer: SharedTour Duration: 8 hoursStarting Time: 09:00 AM
Very Good

23 Ratings


23 Ratings

₹ 14,474

₹ 11,974

Koh Samui Snorkeling Tour | Book Online & Get 22% off
Koh Samui Snorkeling Tour | Book Online & Get 22% off


Koh Samui

Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the entire world. It’s a beautiful country with lots to offer, from it’s unique traditional culture to the amazing landscape.  Thailand has many islands that attract many visitors all year round for their scenery and outdoor water fun. One of the most popular activities done around the Thailand islands is snorkelling. Snorkelling in Thailand is unlike any other place in the world. Koh Samui is one of the best places in Thailand for snorkelling. It’s definitely worth the visit if you have the opportunity.Koh Samui is a well-known island around Thailand. It’s the second largest island in Thailand and is a great destination for anyone looking to experience paradise. Koh Samui has a lot to do for tourists with its numerous resorts, beaches, and shopping. The beaches are characterised by white sand and blue water. The Koh Samui beaches are a major draw for tourists for relaxing or enjoying the water. Snorkelling, diving, kayaking are all available options to take part in while at Koh Samui. Snorkelling is a visitors favourite.Koh Samui is one of the best places for snorkelling around the world. The island and its surrounding areas have a vibrant marine life and a wide variety of underwater landscapes for exploring. Koh Samui is close to a national park which has preserved and supported a lot of the marine life growth in the area. It’s also nearby several other islands making it a great location to start your journey and experiencing the highly visited snorkelling destinations around Koh Samui. Koh Samui is surrounded on all sides by various beaches, and some of these are good snorkelling spots before you venture to the nearby areas.Go snorkeling at some of the top sites to be found in the Gulf of Thailand. Explore the vivid marine life on a coral reef teeming with tropical fish. Enjoy snacks, fruit, and beverages along with a Thai lunch. Your day trip includes the use of snorkeling equipment, guided instruction and round-trip hotel transport.Know Before You Go:Pick up/Drop off: Hotel/Place of accommodationType of transfer: SharedTour Duration: 9 hoursStarting Time: 10:00 AM

30 Ratings


30 Ratings

₹ 10,778

₹ 8,278

Skydive Thailand Koh Samui | Book & Get 1000 Cashback!
Skydive Thailand Koh Samui | Book & Get 1000 Cashback!


Koh Samui

Get thrilled on all the way down to the earth from a great height in this Indoor Skydiving in Koh Samui activity. Relish sighting the varied landscape of the island on your way and relive your adrenaline rush as well. What to expect?Defy gravity and get blown awayAt the indoor skydive Koh Samui facility, you can spend time defying gravity and be blown away by the artificial machinery away from the earth. You will surely have a sensation of falling from great heights.Get strapped and learn all basics of skydivingAt the indoor skydiving facility, you will be able to learn all the basic techniques of skydiving and what moves are necessary for the actual flight. Once you are thorough with the skills, you can go ahead with a number of practice sessions before attempting the dive.Experience the adrenaline rushSkydiving is literally one of the most thrilling and exciting adventure sports in the realm. When you jump off from a great height and get blown away by a strong wind, the experience you collect on your flight down to earth will at all times be a great memory for you. Know Before You Go:Tour Duration: The total duration of this activity is 2 hours. Tour Schedule: This indoor skydiving activity can be carried out from 12:00 PM in the afternoon to 9:00 PM in the evening. The last entry into the centre should be made one hour before the time of closure i.e. 8:00 PM in the evening. Address: The indoor skydiving hotspot is located at EasyKart Koh Samui, Chaweng Lake (Soi Reggae) and 3/196 M.2, Bophut, Ko Samui, Surat Thani 84320.

26 Ratings


26 Ratings

₹ 4,365

₹ 3,492

People Also Ask About Water Sports in Koh Samui

  1. What are the best water sports in Koh Samui?

    1. Flyboarding:

    If you wonder how those aquatic birds take long leaps on the water before they make a dip downwards, then here’s your chance to feel like one. Flyboarding is one of the newest additions in the water activities in Koh Samui.

    This activity involves standing on a board that will propel into the air due to water pressure following which you will be able to sashay on the water.

    Location: You will find several organizers conducting this water sport on one of the many beaches; you will surely be able to accomplish this sport at Chaweng Beach.

    Price: Ranges between 1300 Baht to 4000 Baht (USD 41.44 to USD 127.50) based on the number of minutes you want to pursue the activity.

    Difficulty Level: One can learn Flyboarding in about ten minutes based on your confidence level. While it may look tough, once you step on it, it will seem quite simple. It does require good physical ability and understanding the skill though.

    Best Time: November to March

    2. Scuba Diving:

    Koh Samui is on the bucket list of every person who is a fan of Scuba Diving. This tropical land of warm water and beaches is home to a vast diversity of marine life which you can witness when you take a trip underwater through Scuba Diving. 

    For those who are thinking about how you will do it, then you should know that you can even take proper training before you go ahead with it. Amateurs can go for a more straightforward dive route that is much near the coastlines, while they also have provision deep in the sea for experienced divers.

    Location: There are several diving spots in Koh Samui that are each more fascinating than the other like Japanese Garden Beach Diving, Southwest Pinnacle, Sail Rock, Chumphon Pinnacle, Koh Tao, Ang Thong Marine Park, and in PADI.

    Price: The price will depend upon the location you choose, and the expertise you are at, but the prices start from 4,000 Baht (USD 127.71); the cost is less for certified divers and more for learners. Mostly, this cost does not include the cost of diving equipment.

    Difficulty Level: Average; you must ensure that you take enough training from the instructor even if it is a primary dive.

    Best Time: March to April is the best time for diving on this island since it is Koh Tao’s Whale Shark season.

    3. Snorkeling:

    The island of Koh Samui is renowned across the globe to be a host of the best Snorkeling Experience amongst the many other places in the world. This water sport is a more relaxed version of Scuba Diving wherein you get a Snorkel to breathe underwater (tube).

    Since this island is a paradise to spot many species of marine life, Snorkeling can be adventurous, yet a soothing experience, since you are away from the land noises!

    Location: The best beaches to revel in Snorkeling when on this island are Coral Cove, Choeng Mon, Silver Beach, Taling Ngam and Ao Phang Ka.

    Price: This would also depend on the organizer you pick, the Snorkeling spot, and several minutes, but the prices start from 2,000 baht (USD 63.75).

    Difficulty Level: Snorkeling is easier than Scuba Diving with a similar experience. Even non-swimmers can partake in this adventure, and you do not need as much training as Scuba Diving.

    Best Time: The water is clear and calm in June, July and August with sunny days, which makes it a favourable time for Snorkeling in Koh Samui.

    4. Kayaking:

    Kayaking is a great way to galvanize your holiday body and mood into some action where you pedal into the Sea for a blissful experience.

    Sit comfortably on this long boat, and explore the ins and outs of the water, lagoons and caves. Kayaking is the best feature to visit the Ang Thong National Park.

    Location: You will encounter several organizers for Kayaking on one of the many beaches on this island; the best route is Chaweng Beach to Koh Matlang, or a ride till the Ang Thong National Park.

    Price: Starting from 2000 Baht/hour (USD 6.86)

    Difficulty Level: Easy; even a beginner can handle a kayak boat if you stay in full spirits

    Best Time: December end to September

    5. Stand-up Paddle boarding:

    Also called SUP, this activity is amongst the highlights of the water sports in Koh Samui. In this activity, you stand up on a board and balance yourself. You use a paddle to move along in with the water.

    Experience people in Koh Samui have developed such a steadiness that they even do an entire round of Yoga on these boards amidst the tropical water. Standing up on this board during sunrise is one of the most extraordinary things you would have done on this holiday.

    Location: The best beaches for SUP are Choeng Mon Beach, Bangrak Beach and Chaweng Beach.

    Price: Starting from 200 Baht/hour (USD 6.39)

    Difficulty Level: Most of them provide free mini-trainings to get a full picture of this activity before you set sail on the board. It is comfortable for even a beginner to accomplish.

    Best Time: Tourists prefer a time between June to August since the water is calm during these months.

    6. Surfing:

    If challenge is your thing, then Surfing on the Koh Samui Island is meant for you. It is essential that you know that this water sport is all about thrill, and anyone afraid of water, speed, and falling should probably avoid going for this activity.

    During surfing, one needs to be able to battle the waves of the sea and get above them on a surfboard. The skill is not to lose your balance on the waves. There are some short courses accessible for those beginners who want to try their hands on this adventure.

    Location: Chewang Beach is the best for surfing on this island.

    Price: Starting from 280 Baht/ hour (USD 9)

    Difficulty Level: You should opt for a short course if you aren’t proficient because this water sport is stimulating.

    Best Time: November to February is the best time for there are enough waves to make the most out of this adventure.

    7. Kite Surfing:

    This unusual yet thrilling water adventure allows you to surf on water, and then drift into the air for about ten seconds. Your board is attached to a huge kite, which works when the breeze is right.

    Although it might seem complicated for a beginner, you might catch glimpses of some experienced Kite Surfers performing flips in the air before landing back on the water.

    Location: Kite Surfing should be experienced nowhere else than on the best spots which are West Coast around Nathon or at Maenam Beach

    Price: Starting from 4000 Baht (USD 127.50)

    Difficulty Level: Average; you need quite some practice.

    Best Time: Anytime between February to March since this activity requires strong winds.

    8. Canoeing:

    Practice the skill of rowing as you set out on a venture on the sea to explore the island on a very personal perspective. Paddle away on the calm water while dolphins visit you time and again to keep that cheer going.

    Look out for different species of marine animals while in the middle of the sea; consider yourself lucky if you spot some sea turtles! Get a never-before look of the forests that surround the water and the coastline far away when you are participating in this water sport in Koh Samui.

    Location: You can take this adventure from one of the many beaches and ride till Ang Thong Marine Park or to Tai Palo. The best place for canoeing is Koh Mae Koh.

    Price: Starting from 1,300 Baht/ person (USD 41.5)

    Difficulty Level: You will need an instructor who can guide you on this soothing adventure; once you know that, the activity is in-between easy and hard.

    Best Time: December to March or May to July 

    9. Speed Boating:

    Have an encounter with the best on the water surrounding Koh Samui when on a speedboat ride. You can even go for private, VI P and chartered speedboats that take you around the coastlines to the centre from where you can see the water glisten with the sun rays.

    With this water sport, you can visit the Ang Thong National Marine Park, or even combine it with your Snorkeling/ scuba diving activity. A private speedboat ride can also whisk you away on a secluded island where you can spend time in solitude.

    Location: Available on almost all the beaches on the island.

    Price: Starting from 4,000 Baht/boat (USD 127.50)

    Difficulty Level: Very easy

    Best Time: March to September

    10. Parasailing:

    Parasailing is amongst those Koh Samui Water Sports that opens the doors to an aerial view of the island when a speed boat lifts you much above the sea. The sound of the cool whooshing breeze that hits your face is an unforgettable adventure that you will cherish for a long time.

    Talk to your instructor on the boat for some extra thrill, and he will make sure that you make several dips in the water before he sanctions your parachute to retake flight!

    Location: Hands down, Lamai Beach and Bophut Beach is the best location on Koh Samui Island for Parasailing. Chaweng Beach also conducts this activity.

    Price: Starting from 2,000Baht (USD 63.75); the prices differ on the number of minutes

    Difficulty Level: Average; you do not need to know the skill, or swimming to partake in this water activity. An instructor will walk you through the entire method.

    Best Time: November to April; July

    11. Jet Skiing:

    If there’s water and there’s a probability for water sports in the region, then you must not miss out on Jet Skiing; Koh Samui Island is also famous for the same. This water activity allows you to touch the expansive sea while you speed like a jet on clear water!

    This is amongst those adventure sports that pump up your adrenalin to make your holiday feel like a ‘complete’ one. Take a sigh of relief if you don’t know swimming because that cannot stop you from getting some of this thrill.

    Location: You can Jet Ski on almost all the beaches, but Lamai Beach is the best.

    Price: Starting from 4000 Baht/person (USD 127.71)

    Difficulty Level: Easy

    Best Time: Anywhere between April to September is the best time for Jet Skiing on this tropical island.

    12. Banana Boat Ride:

    Every beach person loves the Banana Boat Ride and you will too once you get on this inflatable boat. A Banana Boat Ride is amongst those water activities in Koh Samui that you can delight in with your group, and yet not have a lot of physical activity to do.

    The group needs to sit behind one another in a line on this banana-shaped boat, while a speed boat drags you along on the sea. Watch out for the waves and the sudden turns that make you stumble and give you the ‘whoa’ moments that you signed up for.

    Location: Available on all beaches; this boat ride is most prominent on Chewang, Lamai and Lipa Noi areas.

    Price: Starting from 500 Baht/person (USD 15.94)

    Difficulty Level: Easy

    Best Time: November to April

    13. Wind Surfing:

    This combination of sailing and surfing emerges at its best in this region of the world like nowhere else. It is essential that you know at least the basic level of swimming to sign-up for this water sports in Koh Samui.

    You might also require some hours of practice before you can take a steady boat out on sail tearing against the winds. Don’t forget to look around at the quaint view between the sea while you are at it.

    Location: Available on almost all the beaches; Chewang beach is the best choice.

    Price: Starting from 4000 Baht which also includes a learning session (USD 127.50)

    Difficulty Level: Difficult

    Best Time: November to April

    14. Deep Sea Fishing:

    If a lot of thrill or pump is not your thing, then fret not; Koh Samui Island has a lot in store for those too who are visiting to enjoy in tranquillity. Fishing is one of the calming water activities in Koh Samui that can engage you in a time of some quiet time while you make a big catch.

    A boat will ride you in the middle of the sea, where you can partake in some Deep Sea Fishing while you look at the abundant marine life on the top layers of the water splashing away. You can carry your fishing equipment, or rent it from the company that organizes your tour.

    Location: Available from almost all the beaches

    Price: Starting from 1,500 Baht (USD 47.59)

    Difficulty Level: Easy

    Best Time: Throughout the Year

    15. Sailing:

    Reach out to the far horizon like the captain of a ship as you stand on your sailboat to explore the Sea that surrounds Koh Samui Island. Not many of us know how to sail a boat, and they would be more than willing to offer you a one-day learning course before you take your boat on the water that provides mesmeric scenery.

    You can take a one-day trip with your honeymoon partner or take this trip for several days with an experienced group of sailors.

    Location: Samui Archipelago, The Gulf of Thailand, Koh Tao and Koh Phangan should be your best choice when you to go Sailing in Koh Samui.

    Price: Starts from 2,500 Baht (USD 79.69)

    Difficulty Level: Easy

    Best Time: Throughout the year 

  2. What are the best beaches in Koh Samui for water sports?

    It is a known fact that the water sports in Koh Samui are nirvana for all the water and adventure lovers. Every beach on this island conducts the many water activities that are available here. Chewang Beach is a haven where you are sure to find an organizer for almost every water activity if you don’t want to go on a location hunting spree.

    Every beach though has its own speciality. For example, if you want to go on a Banana Boat Ride then Chewang, Lamai and Lipa Noi areas are premier locations for it. Choeng Mon Beach, Bangrak Beach and Chaweng Beach are the best places for Stand-up Paddleboarding (SUP), and Lamai Beach is best for Jet Skiing.

  3. Are there any famous water parks for water sports in Koh Samui?

    Coco Samui Water Park did allow visitors to participate in some fun water sports activities like bumper boats, but sadly, this water park is closed permanently. There are other water parks on this island though where you can glide from high water slides until you take a dip into a pool.

    One of them is the High Park Samui that rests atop a hill providing an enchanting view of the mountains. It boasts of the most massive water slide of the region that can take one’s breath away! Another water park where get more of the water is Pink Elephant Samui Water Park, which is a favourite amongst kids owing to their design of a ‘kiddie pool’. Adults find their tall water slides, wave pool and lazy pool most exciting.

  4. What is the best time to visit Koh Samui for water sports?

    The best time to participate in the Koh Samui Water Sports varies depending on the activities you pick. While some need calm water, some events require large waves and strong winds.

    Most of the tourists who visit this region prefer to drop by between November and March; but if you are visiting to get a grip on some of their sports activities, then you will have to make sure you have made your bookings during the right months.

    One of the water activities in Koh Samui that you can enjoy throughout the year is sailing. The Best time for other activities are:

    - November to April- Parasailing, Banana Boat Ride, Wind Surfing.

    - April to September- Jet Skiing

    - March to April- Scuba Diving (Whale Shark Season)

    - June to August- Snorkeling, SUP

    - November to February- Surfing

    - February to March- Kite Boarding.

    You might find people conducting these water sports even during the other months, but the mentioned months is the best period.

  5. What water activities can small kids do in Koh Samui?

    Most of the water activities in Koh Samui do require children to be at least twelve years of age so that they can independently perform these sports. Activities like Speed boat, Banana boat and Sailing may allow children younger to this age if accompanied by an adult.

    Parents should take complete responsibility for their children when they are on the boat. It is best that you check with your organizer and instructor before you make bookings for your children.

  6. Can a non-swimmer indulge in water sports in Koh Samui?

    Yes absolutely, a non-swimmer can also indulge in the water sports in Koh Samui. Most of these adventure activities are conducted after some training, with life jackets, with instructors on board as well as lifeguards who are always alert. Once you know how to balance yourself in that activity, then you might not worry about swimming at all.

    That said, one might feel more comfortable being around water when you know how to swim. It is advised that you stay calm even if you do not know how to swim because the life jackets do not let your drown and help you float on water. Some activities like Wind Surfing may require a basic-level swimmer to partake in this adventure.

  7. What happens in case of any medical emergency during water sports?

    Some of your Koh Samui water sports activities may include insurance, but some might not; this would depend on your activity planner, and the cost you are paying for that activity. You should know that lifeguards are always in place on all of the beaches where water activities are steered.

    They make sure that people who slip and are not calm are always reached out to on time. Also, instructors usually make sure that you are prepared for such kinds of situations.You should be aware that the Koh Samui Hospital is always prepared to tend to patients who have undergone a medical emergency in the sea.

    It is essential that you make sure that you are not allergic to seawater, or marine corals/fishes. Carrying your personal medication is vital.

  8. What is the minimum age required to do water activities in Koh Samui?

    The minimum age required to do water sports in Koh Samui depends entirely on the activity you pick for them. For example, Flyboarding needs one to be at least twelve years or above to partake in this thrilling adventure.

    This is only to ensure the safety of children as little children could lose their calm amidst an experience. You might have to check with your organizer about the minimum age limit before you book an activity.

  9. What are other things to do in Koh Samui?

    Water sports in Koh Samui may be the significant allurement of the tourists who visit this island in Thailand, but there is a lot more you can do here for the rest of your day. Some other attractions of Koh Samui are:

    - Visit the Ang Thong Marine Park

    - Relax at the various beaches

    - Go sightseeing to places like Laem Sor Pagoda, Wat Khunaram, Big Buddha Shrine, Bhoput’s Fisherman’s Village, Na Muang Waterfall, Hin ta and Hin Yai Rocks, Secret Buddha Garden, Mummy Monk, Chaweng Walking Street, and Samui Butterfly Garden.

    - Join a cooking class to learn Thai cuisine

    - Take an ATV Ride

    - Go Karting

    - Mountain Biking on the Maenam Valley area

    - Camping at various locations

    - Witness a crocodile show

    - Watch a Ladybird show

    - Set off on an elephant trekking journey

    - Party!

    - Take a Fox Ride that is available at several locations

  10. Can I wear spectacle/contact lenses during water sports in Koh Samui?

    You may not be very comfortable wearing spectacles while you are enjoying yourselves in one of the water sports in Koh Samui. Most of these adventure sports are high-speed ones that could lead your glassed to fall into the water. According to medical practitioners, you can wear contact lenses while performing in some water sports like Scuba Diving or Snorkeling since your eyes will be covered with underwater glasses.

    Some of these water sports may splash some water into your eyes, which might cause discomfort if you are wearing contact lenses. Since it is Sea water, it could also cause slight irritation or burning sensation in your eye. Mud, dirt or sea salt may also enter your eyes, which could also be a cause of concern. You must know that sea water is not very good with contact lenses, and they may wear off sooner than it should have.

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Albanian Lek
AMD - դր.
Armenian Dram
ARS - $
Argentine Peso
AWG - ƒ
Aruban Florin
BBD - $
Barbadian Dollar
Bangladeshi Taka
BMD - $
Bermudian Dollar
BND - $
Brunei Dollar
BOB - Bs.
Bolivian Boliviano
BSD - $
Bahamian Dollar
Botswana Pula
BZD - $
Belize Dollar
CAD - $
Canadian Dollar
Swiss Franc
CNY - ¥
Chinese Renminbi Yuan
COP - $
Colombian Peso
Costa Rican Colón
Czech Koruna
DKK - kr.
Danish Krone
DOP - $
Dominican Peso
DZD - د.ج
Algerian Dinar
EGP - ج.م
Egyptian Pound
ETB - Br
Ethiopian Birr
FJD - $
Fijian Dollar
Ghanaian Cedi
GIP - £
Gibraltar Pound
Gambian Dalasi
Guatemalan Quetzal
GYD - $
Guyanese Dollar
HKD - $
Hong Kong Dollar
Honduran Lempira
HRK - kn
Croatian Kuna
Haitian Gourde
HUF - Ft
Hungarian Forint
IDR - Rp
Indonesian Rupiah
Israeli New Sheqel
JMD - $
Jamaican Dollar
Kenyan Shilling
KGS - som
Kyrgyzstani Som
Cambodian Riel
KYD - $
Cayman Islands Dollar
Kazakhstani Tenge
Lao Kip
LBP - ل.ل
Lebanese Pound
Sri Lankan Rupee
LRD - $
Liberian Dollar
Lesotho Loti
MAD - د.م.
Moroccan Dirham
Moldovan Leu
MKD - ден
Macedonian Denar
Myanmar Kyat
Mongolian Tögrög
Macanese Pataca
Mauritian Rupee
Maldivian Rufiyaa
Malawian Kwacha
MXN - $
Mexican Peso
Malaysian Ringgit
NAD - $
Namibian Dollar
NIO - C$
Nicaraguan Córdoba
NOK - kr
Norwegian Krone
NPR - Rs.
Nepalese Rupee
NZD - $
New Zealand Dollar
PEN - S/
Peruvian Sol
Papua New Guinean Kina
Philippine Peso
Pakistani Rupee
QAR - ر.ق
Qatari Riyal
Russian Ruble
SAR - ر.س
Saudi Riyal
Seychellois Rupee
SEK - kr
Swedish Krona
SLL - Le
Sierra Leonean Leone
SOS - Sh
Somali Shilling
Salvadoran Colón
Swazi Lilangeni
THB - ฿
Thai Baht
TTD - $
Trinidad and Tobago Dollar
TZS - Sh
Tanzanian Shilling
UYU - $U
Uruguayan Peso
UZS - so'm
Uzbekistan Som
Yemeni Rial
South African Rand
JPY - ¥
Japanese Yen