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Elephant Trek Koh Samui

Browse through a wide range of Places for Elephant Trekking in Koh Samui is Samui Elephant Sanctuary, Namuang Safari Park, Funny Day Safari, Mr. Ung's Magical Safari Tours, and many more.

Embraced by the Gulf of Thailand and the Indian Ocean from all sides, Koh Samui is an exotic destination accommodating palm-fringed beaches and coconut mangroves, but people all over the world are more fascinated by the elephant trekking in Koh Samui.

They say that elephants are animals with a great memory, but the great land of Koh Samui (Samui island) makes sure you remember your experience at the there for years to come. Koh Samui elephant trekking scenario is one of the most famous in the world, and why not? The samuli islands have inhabited these ancient beasts and till date they are being nurtured by places like the Samui elephant sanctuary and Namuang Safari park, which are committed to give these elephants the natural and gentle lifestyle they deserve. 

As visitors, you get to visit these beautiful animals in their most authentic form, free from chains and all the ruthless practices. Walking with these elephants and feeding them with your hands is one of the most unique and explicit experiences which you can have only in the beautiful lands of Koh Samui. 

Here are some of the best places for elephant trekking in Koh Samui:


Samui Elephant Sanctuary

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Samui elephant sanctuary is the first ever elephant sanctuary which is based in southern Thailand. The Samui elephant sanctuary is basically a retirement home for elephants that have spent their lives working ruthless jobs in tourism and other industries. Samui elephant sanctuary gives you a chance to feed, bathe and walk with these ancient creatures that have graced this beautiful land.

Samui elephant sanctuary is one of the most important jewels in the crown of Koh Samui elephant trekking. Samui elephant sanctuary puts on a display of explicit transparency, letting all its visitors know where the elephants have come from and how they are been taken care of.

Best time to visit: All the seasons are suitable for a visit to the Samui elephant sanctuary.

Price: Starting from Rs 6,704/-.

Timings: 9am-5pm.

What to wear: Do wear sports shoes, because there can be a lot of standing while watching those elephants but also wear something that you don’t mind getting dirty

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Namuang Safari Park

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Namuang safari park is a place that helps you gain the best experiences of your life. A perfect destination to take your family and spend some quality time in the company of the beauty that Namuang safari park is.

The safari tour in the Namuang safari park takes you on an adventurous trip through the dense forests of Namuang and gives you a chance to walk and feed the elephants. Keep your fingers crossed, because you might get an opportunity to cuddle with a baby elephant.

The overall experience would also be great as well, as you’d get to witness many historic monuments on your way back. But what stays in your mind, is the presence of those beautiful elephants.

Best time to visit: The whole year is suitable, but the monsoon at Koh Samui peaks in November so beware and check the weather forecast beforehand if you are about to visit during that time.

Price: Starting from Rs 20,400/-.

Timings: The safari is generally 8 hours long which starts from early morning. You can choose a time that suits you if you’re booking a private safari for a large group of people.

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Funny Day Safari

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If you are looking for a really fun way to explore Koh Samui which includes leisure with a pinch of adventure then funny day safari is the place to go. Funny day safari includes elephant trekking in Koh Samui through the 40,000 square meters of the elephant camp which is just miles away from the fishermen’s village.

Therefore authentic Thai food is on the cards, which you would experience at the villages nearby. Be ready to pet and cuddle with baby elephants and have an experience that you would remember for life.

Best time to visit:: The whole year is suitable, but the monsoon at Koh Samui peaks in November so beware and check the weather forecast beforehand if you are about to visit during that time.

Price: Starting from 6200/-.

Timings: Tour begins in the morning and lasts until 6-7 hours.

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Mr. Ung's Magical Safari Tours

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This is yet another adventurous experience of a safari where you would be able to experience some of the greatest monuments and locations Koh Samui has to offer. Take the magical safari and cut off from the conventional roads and indulge into some off-roading in order to find yourself in the best rain forests on the planet.

As we know that elephant trekking in Koh Samui is the most joyous thing to do, Mr. ung’s magical safari tours don’t rob off of that joy either. Aside from giving us a very close and personal experience with these ancient beasts, it also gives us a glimpse of other animals such as the Thai monkeys and so on.

Not only the natural beauty but also the ancient beauty is covered in this tour, as visits to the great Buddha statue, the mummified monk and the grandparent's rock are vital parts of this tour

Best time to visit: The whole year is suitable other than the monsoon season. A little care is to be taken during the monsoons.

Price: Starting from Rs 13,000/-.

Timings: The tour begins in the morning and takes about 8-9 hours.

What to bring: Cameras, suitable footwear, swimming clothing, towel.

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People Also Ask About Koh Samui

  1. What sanctuaries are famous for elephant trekking in Koh Samui?

    1. Samui Elephant Sanctuary: Samui Elephant Sanctuary is the winner of the Best Animal Welfare Award by the Tourism Authority of Thailand in 2019. Along with active and fun elephants, you can also witness the old elephants relaxing in their retirement homes.
    2. Namuang Safari Park: A combo of the adventure park, elephant show, and jeep ride to the mountains and waterfalls in the park, Namuang Safari Park offers you the perfect place for elephant trekking.
    3. Samui Elephant Haven: Samui Elephant Haven stands by its name and provides a comfortable open space for elephants to roam around which means you get to witness the elephants in their personal space.
    4. The Surin Project: The Surin Project brings you to Asian elephants which are raised in healthy surrounding where they believe in neither riding them more circus.

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