8 Night Markets in Koh Samui That Are Shopaholic's Paradise!
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Koh Samui Night Markets

Fisherman's Village Walking Street, Lamai Night Plaza, Chaweng Walking Street, Elephant Walk Koh Samui, Chaweng Night Market, Nathon Walking Street, Sunday Lamai Street Market, and Mae Nam Night Market.

The night markets in Koh Samui are an important part of Thai culture, where you can see the true representation of their food, clothing, art, and more. These markets are full of life and will leave you with a lot of memories to take back home. If you want a true taste of Koh Samui, then you must head to famous markets such as Fisherman’s Village Walking Street and Mae Nam Night Market where you can see live performances and buy a bunch of interesting knick-knacks.

These night markets are also very famous for their street food, which is prepared fresh using local produce and authentic ingredients. You can also buy a lot of souvenirs from quirky markets such as Elephant Walk Koh Samui and Chaweng Night Market, which are bustling with stalls selling art, food, fashion, and much more. So, when in Koh Samui one must visit these blusting markets to take in the real vibe of the place.

Here are some of the best night markets in Koh Samui:


Fisherman's Village Night Market

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The Fisherman's Village night market is situated in Bophut. The nearby merchants of this little island accumulate and make it the biggest Koh Samui night market. You can see some vendors sitting on their floor mats or with the stalls.

The products sold here are assorted; they sell souvenirs, garments, toys, watches, electronics, and a lot more. However, Muay Thai dancers and other street artists are the main attractions of this market, which makes the market a stage itself. This place is always full of tourists enjoying the local culture of the area.

Further, voyagers relish Thai food, beverages, and main course meals. This street market also sells freshly caught lobsters and fish.

Location: Big C Supercenter Fisherman's village

Timings: Friday 17:00 – 23:00

Highlights of the Market: Fresh seafood

Ideal for: Shopping and Street Shows

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Lamai Night Plaza

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It’s the second biggest night market in Koh Samui Lamai, situated just down Had Lamai Road that takes place every evening. Take a quick walk down an alley, and you will find here a lot of locally created souvenirs of all sorts, from clothes and accessories to about anything you could imagine.

Whether you fancy a bizarre handbag to bring back home or are searching for authentic Koh Samui gifts for your family and friends, you'll discover it at Lamai Night Plaza. And yes, like any other market in Thailand, this place is also about bargaining. It's a fun place to comfort your shopping longings with several items and accessories and, obviously, local food when you get tired.

Location: Lamai Beach Road

Timings: Sunday 17:00 – 23:00

Highlights of the Market: Locally handcrafted items

Ideal for: Souvenir shopping

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Chaweng Walking Street

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The Chaweng Walking Market is, for the most part, about food exploration. Each night this little market over the road from Chaweng Lake serves tasty Thai cuisine along with various Western foods to visitors that too at low costs. When you get worn out from shopping, sit at any of the numerous food stalls that sell delicious barbecued chicken, rice bowls, and smoothies.

Even without shopping, one can invest some quality time with friends simply strolling at this Koh Samui night market after having a delicious dinner. There are likewise a few little bars that offer drinks, and you can tune into some live music as well. It’s an incredible spot to enjoy the nightlife.

Location: South of Chaweng Beach Road, opposite Bophut Police Station

Timings: Monday to Saturday 17:30 – 23:00

Highlights of the Market: Authentic Thai food

Ideal for: Enjoying Thai nightlife

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Elephant Walk Koh Samui

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This daily Koh Samui night market is a lot smaller in scale but will not fail to impress the visitors. In case you are searching for trendy and unique gifts items, this is a suitable spot for you.

You can discover distinctive and one of a kind clothing, spa items, and keepsakes – you won't be able to control yourself to grab some. But this market can be somewhat heavy on the pocket.

The market additionally has many well-known eateries around it. A notable element of eateries is there – all the restaurants have an eccentric seating style. They utilize cool kinds of stuff to decorate their places like painted oil drums as chairs.

Location: Bo Phut, Koh Samui District, Surat Thani

Timings: Daily 17:00 - 22:00

Highlights of the Market: Chic restaurant setting

Ideal for: Bizarre souvenirs shopping

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Chaweng Night Market Food Center

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The Chaweng Night Market Food Center is a huge food court, with a selection of local Thai food, European and international options and also a few small bars. As usual prices at Chaweng Night Market are very economical, with Thai meals from 70 baht and snacks from 50 baht.

Several stalls are made of higher quality than you would generally expect from a local market, especially the international food stalls. Enjoy the market and food while sitting at the chairs and tables section placed in the center of the densely-packed court.

Location: Pru Chaweng Night market Tambon Bo Put, Amphoe Ko Samui, Chang Wat Surat Thani

Timings: Daily 17:00 - 23:00

Highlights of the Market: Multi-cuisine market

Ideal for: Reasonable food and beverages

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Nathon Night Food Market

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Prior to dusk, little carts cluster around the old dock of Nathon in Koh Samui to create a traditional food market. It is where you can eat the best Pad Thai of your lives, as well as various other delicacies.

This place is gold for foodies! You will get almost any kind of food you like to eat. You’ll be spoiled for choices, as nearly every Thai street food is available in this market.   are real, and rates are affordable as well like other Night markets in Koh Samui.

Location: Ang Thong, Ko Samui District, Surat Thani

Timings: Daily 16:00 - 22:00

Highlights of the Market: Budget-friendly and assortment of food options

Ideal for: Pad Thai

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Sunday Lamai Street Market

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It’s amongst one of the big Night markets in Koh Samui that brightens the otherwise sluggish passages in Lamai. To have an ideal Sunday evening spend time here exploring the market spread across four lanes.

The souvenir and apparel choices at this market are quite diverse and have a wider range than the other mentioned markets. The street food is delightful as other markets and is moderately priced too. You’ll notice little pop-up stalls selling signature cocktails at 60 Baht price.

Also, street performers take center stage here with some lively theatrics and live music performance to glisten up the scene. Walking across this market will take nearly 2 to 3 hours, but it is hard not to get absorbed into the wonderful blend of colors, lights, and cuisines of this market.

Location: Northern end of Lamai beach road.

Timings: Sunday 17:00 – 23:00

Highlights of the Market: Clothes and souvenir shopping

Ideal for: Enjoy live performances and lively environment

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Mae Nam Night Market (Thursday)

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Another one of the famous night markets in Koh Samui which has a great variety of street foods and also, direct access to Maenam beach. This market is petite but well-established, in the starting you'll see food vendors selling snacks and fast food. As you head further, the stalls will be selling main course dishes, mostly hot curries with rice and sweet delicacies. 

Additionally, there’s a vibrant Chinese temple where island souvenirs are sold, such as handicrafts, knockoff items, toys, and so on. If you are here during Chinese New Year, better not chuck out this market from your itinerary. You’ll also love this place to enjoy some good food and a sunset walk on the Maenam beach after shopping.

Location: Tambon Mae Nam (Mae Nam Beach)

Timings: Thursday 17:30 – 23:00

Highlights of the Market: Various food stalls

Ideal for: Chinese new year celebration and Maenam beach

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People Also Ask About Koh Samui

  1. What can we do at the night markets in Koh Samui?

    1. Enjoy live music: The night markets in Koh Samui are known for their bustling environment and activities galore, which is why live music is an integral part of these markets. Places such as the Mae Nam Night Market and Fisherman’s Village Walking Street showcase some of the best local performers at the venue.

    2. Shop for local souvenirs: One of the best places to take back souvenirs from your vacation is from the night markets in Koh Samui. You can choose from hand-crafted wooden items, hand-stitched textiles, local spices and much more that you can get exclusively in these markets.

    3. Sample the local street food: Believe it or not, you can get some of the most authentic and delicious street food from the night markets in Koh Samui. These markets sell desserts, snacks, beverages, dim sums, pho, roasted meats and other delicious food that you can taste at a bargain.

    4. Buy designer goods at a discount: Speaking of bargains, these night markets are some of the best places to get designer goods and exotic handicraft items at a discount. The opportunity to negotiate the price is one of the quaintest features of the market and if you bargain enough, you can get some of the most precious things at insanely low prices.

  2. Which are the best night markets in Koh Samui?

    1. Fisherman’s Village Walking Street: If you are searching for the quintessential Koh Samui Night Market, then you must check this one out. You can get everything here, starting from accessories and jewelry to dried spices and quaint eateries.

    2. Elephant Walk Koh Samui: This Koh Samui Night Market is a favourite amongst youngsters since you get a load of trendy things like copied designer items, DVDs, quirky jewelry, spa items, souvenirs, international cosmetic products and some of the best popup restaurants in town.

    3. Chaweng Night Market: When on the lookout for authentic Thai food, the best place is this Koh Samui Night Market that sells some of the most reasonably priced Thai delicacies such as noodles, pho, dumplings, soups, and much more.

    4. Lamai Night Plaza: This bustling night market sells everything under the sun, starting from swiss knives to graphic t-shirts. If you are searching for a souvenir, you can certainly take back a few items from this quirky and eccentric market that sits in Koh Samui only at night.

  3. What is the best time to visit Koh Samui?

    Wintertime, which lasts from December to mid-February, is considered the best time to visit Koh Samui. This is the dry season in the area since it received heavy rainfall through the summer and monsoon seasons.
  4. What are the best things to buy from Koh Samui Night Markets?

    Koh Samui night markets sell a number of interesting wares including –
    - Jewelry
    - Accessories
    - Hand-crafted wooden goods
    - DVDs
    - Branded clothing
    - Copies of branded clothing
    - Shoes
    - Dried spices
    - Thai spices
    - Electrical goods
    - Spa products
    - Local artisanal textiles

  5. What are the famous foods to try in Koh Samui night markets?

    You can get some of the most delectable local dishes in these night markets. Some dishes that you absolutely must try include coconut ice cream, noodle soup with BBQ pork, charred rice noodles that are served with pork satay and thickened gravy, papaya salads, pho, dumplings, meat skewers, fresh seafood and much more.
  6. Why are night markets in Koh Samui so famous?

    Night markets in Koh Samui are much more than shopping hubs – they are cultural hotspots where you can see the entire Thai culture represented through the stalls, the music and the food. The markets are also famous for the sheer number of items that you can find here, starting from precious jewellery to cheap copies of famous branded clothing. These markets are also very famous for the availability of authentic street food.

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