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  • Did you know that taking safaris in Rajasthan is a great way to immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Rajasthan? The vast state has so much of beauty, heritage, and culture to offer to the interested tourist that it is impossible to know where to begin and end when planning a trip to Rajasthan. There is so much exotic variety everywhere and so many unique experiences hide in every corner of the state. Capturing all of it in a short trip seems virtually impossible. And that is why, taking safaris in Rajasthan is the best way to enjoy the best of Rajasthan. And to take things up a notch, you can actually take royal safaris in Rajasthan. Royal luxury and authentic Rajasthan are a match made in heaven, so you will be sure to have a memorable time that you can remember fondly for years afterwards.

    There are many types of royal safaris in Rajasthan. There are the usual car safaris and jeep safaris, but also the more exotic camel safaris, horse safaris and elephant safaris. Riding across the desert on a camel as you stop to visit major sites on your route is a sure-fire way of having an adventurous time while zooming along the dunes in a jeep has its own adrenaline-filled pleasures. Though the morning-time is a fun-filled time on a safari, the most exotic pleasure of a safari in Rajasthan is the camp that you set up in the desert at night. Sitting in front of a bonfire as the temperatures dip suddenly and the stars reveal themselves in all their glory, is not an experience to be had every day. But the royal safaris in Rajasthan allow you to have it. 

    You can explore the desert of Rajasthan on your safari or lose yourself in the beauty of the thick forests of the wildlife sanctuaries. You can choose to make a heritage safari or a city safari. You can plan your own itinerary or let yourself relax by handing over the planning details to your tour operator. There are many ways of taking a safari in Rajasthan, but whichever way you choose, you will find yourself enjoying yourself in ways you never thought possible. 

    Here is a list of the best safaris in Rajasthan:

  • 01Bishnoi Village Jeep Safari

    The Bishnoi Village Jeep Safari is also a perfect way to tour the regions in and around the beautiful city of Jodhpur. Since the people belonging to the Bishnoi clan are eco-friendly people, one can find a variety of flora and fauna. The mix of lush greenery and wildlife is a perfect way to enjoy a vacation.

    Therefore, by availing the Jeep Safari packages on offer, you will get to scour a larger area in a shorter amount of time, thus giving you the time to visit other places of interest in Jodhpur.

    The various wildlife safari and parks are a great place to discover the rich flora and fauna on offer. There will be an air-conditioned vehicle that will drop you from your hotel to a particular meeting point where a jeep will be waiting for you. The tour guides will brief you on the journey you will take. These Jeep Safaris will usually cover desert land, rocky areas and hills in a short span of time, saving you the effort of having to trek.

    Best time to go: Available round the year
    Duration of the safari: One Day

    Highlights of the safari: 

    Visit one of the most eco-friendly settlements in Rajasthan
    Witness vibrant range of flora and fauna in Bishnoi Village
    Enjoy a wildlife safari
    Cruise through the desert, rugged terrains and the sand dunes
    Spend overnight in traditional huts 
  • 02Wildlife Safari Ranthambore

    A Wildlife Safari through the Ranthambore National Park is also a great way to explore what Rajasthan has to offer. You will have the opportunity to sight imperial tigers and migratory birds in addition to a host of other varieties of wildlife at Ranthambore adventure.

    The tiger reserve is well-known all around India and should be on your list of places to visit when in Rajasthan. It should also be noted that while on this safari, all your meals will be provided and you will also be briefed on the journey itinerary.

    An overnight camp is also available for those that enjoy spending time in the outdoors. A lovely dinner will be prepared while the entertainment for the night will include everything from traditional folk music to a dance performance that is sure to make you feel good about your stay. In addition to birds and the tiger, you will also get to set your sights on crocodiles, bears, wild boars and various species of deer.

    Therefore, the next time you plan a trip away from home, choose Rajasthan. This place has so much to offer in terms of culture, places of interest and food. The people reflect the warmth and vibrant character of the rest of India.

    Best time to go: October - June
    Duration of the safari: 3 to 4 Hours

    Highlights of the safari: 

    Visit the enthralling Ranthambore National Park
    Explore the enchanting wildlife of Rajasthan
    Spot the majestic Indian Tigers and other wildlife species
    Enjoy bird watching and go trigger happy
    Spend overnight in the outdoors and revel in traditional foods and music
  • 03Camel Safari Pushkar

    One of the famous royal safaris in Rajasthan is the Pushkar Camel Safari, a tour of a small place called Pushkar which is often regarded as a pilgrimage place of interest. However, the safaris organised here are quite exhilarating too. The safari will take you through the villages where you will encounter rural village folk in their traditional attire before you make your way to your tents at night. These tents have blankets and bedding available to give you a good night’s rest.

    Gypsy dancers will provide you with entertainment for the night while you gorge on a sumptuous spread of local food. You also have the option of sleeping in a tent or under the stars. You will then wake up to a beautiful sunrise and memories of a wonderful trip.

    Best time to go: October to May
    Duration of the safari: One Day

    Highlights of the safari: 

    Witness the village life across Pushkar
    Explore the pilgrimage sites in Pushkar on a camel back
    Feel Rajasthan's eternal bonding with the camels
    Relish scrumptious Rajasthani dishes
    Spend overnight in the desert
    Enjoy astounding sunrise views
  • 04Nagaur Fair Horse Safari

    The city of Nagaur in Rajasthan is a beautiful and scenic city that truly represents the splendour of Rajasthan as a whole. The Nagaur Fair Horse Safari, also one of the best Rajasthan safaris, will give you the opportunity of riding a Marwari horse while indulging in a host of fun activities.

    It is useful to note that the Nagaur Cattle Fair is the second largest fair in the state and it showcases over 50,000 various breeds of cattle, horses, camels and bullocks. In fact, the cattle on display are all adorned beautifully in vibrant coloured garbs.

    The local people of the area perfectly complement their livestock by also dressing in their best colourful attire replete with turbans and long moustaches for the men and beautiful ethnic saris for the women. The fair is open to all and has become a famous tourist hotspot over the years.

    Visitors from all over the world have Nagaur firmly placed on their itinerary when they visit Rajasthan. In addition to showcasing cattle, there are other items of interest which are sold at the fair; these include camel leather accessories, iron crafts and wooden items, among others.

    However, in order to truly get a panoramic view of the entire fair, you should definitely consider going on a Horse Safari. Apart from great accommodation, you can also avail of overnight camping in Swiss tents. You will also be provided with all your meals and an experienced tour guide to accompany you on your journey.

    Best time to go: September to March
    Duration of the safari: 12 Nights / 13 Days

    Highlights of the safari: 

    Know more about one of the finest breeds of horses
    Ride through the Nagaur City on a Marwari horse
    Witness the second largest livestock fair in Rajasthan
    Buy finest quality leather goods, iron crafts and wood items
    Enjoy camping in Swiss tents and relish in flavourful Rajasthani dishes
  • 05Elephant Safari Jaipur

    Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan is well-known for its elephants in addition to the Elephant Safaris that it offers. These Elephant Safaris are one of the most thrilling ways for you to explore the countryside of the city of Jaipur. Most of these safaris will lead to the Amber Fort which is a private estate located in the green foothills.

    This is your best bet of getting away from the daily grind of city life and immersing yourself in the peaceful solitude of the countryside with a majestic animal for company.

    Most of the Elephant Safaris on offer will venture though various villages where you will find the traditional village folk immersed in their everyday activities, the agricultural fields where farmers will toil hard to grow crops for their livelihood, majestic hills that dot the landscape of the countryside in addition to ancient monuments that have stood as a reminder of the glorious past of the great land of India.

    You can also avail of the overnight camps on offer. Tents will be pitched for you to take shelter in for the night with the big night sky as company.

    You will also be guided by experts when you mount the elephant. A well-designed seat will provide comfort even as you embark on this journey. The person who will ride the elephant will guide the animal very carefully so that you experience a smooth ride.

    Most of these elephants are also decked in colourful decorations to give it a royal feeling. It should also be noted that these safari trips also provide you with all your meals along with a bar that is set up at night when the tents are erected for the night. Therefore, with the perfect combination of fun, adventure and relaxation, these Elephant Safaris are a great way to experience what Rajasthan has to offer.

    Best time to go: Available round the year
    Duration of the safari: One Day

    Highlights of the safari: 

    Explore the countryside of Jaipur on an Elephant back
    Visit the glorious Amber Fort in a royal way
    Catch the glimpse of Pink City's village life
    Enjoy the company of expert guides
    Know more about the majestic Elephants
  • 06Pushkar Fair Horse Safari

    The Pushkar Fair Horse Safari is considered as one of the best Rajasthan Safaris. By perching yourself on a horse, you will get a better view of the entire fair. India being a land that has countless fairs and festivals, this particular fair ranks pretty high on the list of the best fairs in the country. It is also a big hit among the tourists that visit the place during their vacations.

    It is considered as one of the biggest camel fairs in Rajasthan as well as the country.The fair was primarily a place where livestock would be bought and sold; however, over the years it has become an important and much sought after tourist destination. Also, they have countless competitions for the longest moustache as well as a bridal competition.

    These attractions are some of the main reasons why many people flock to this fair. You can enjoy all the sights and sounds of the fair while on horseback, thus saving you the trouble of having to wade through the crowds that throng the fair.

    Most of the Horse Safaris usually begin from the rocky hilly area and finish in the sandy area. When you avail of one of these Horse Safaris, you will be assured of receiving accommodation in a good hotel in the area as well as air-conditioned vehicles for transportation purposes. All meals will be provided on the horse riding days.

    You can also gain access to various monuments that can be found in the area. The tour guides are proficient in English and will ensure that your trip will be worth the while. When night falls, you will be entertained with music and dance performances. A farewell dinner will send you on your way once the entire safari is over.

    Best time to go: September to March
    Duration of the safari: 09 Nights / 10 Days

    Highlights of the safari: 

    Learn horse riding from expert guides
    Explore the country side of Pushkar on horse back
    Enjoy the rustic charm of the largest Camel fair in the world
    Visit some of the least explored places in Pushkar
  • 07Castle Horse Safari

    As mentioned earlier, Rajasthan is a land of royalty and opulent palaces which can be found in most cities of the state. The forts and castles that are found all across this great land should be visited just to admire the craftsmanship that went into building such beautiful pieces of art.

    The Castle Horse Safari has been created specifically to cater to the needs of those tourists who enjoy viewing these castles, forts and palaces. These horse ride safaris which are considered as some of the best royal safaris in Rajasthan will ensure that you get to view all the major palaces and forts in the area while you spend the night in one of the many historical castles.

    During your night stay at one of these castles, you will be given the royal treatment, providing you with a taste of how the Maharajas of eras gone by were treated during their reign.

    At night, just before dinner, you will be entertained with a Rajasthani folk dance and music show around the campfire. For those that seek adventure, these Horse Safaris will provide a great escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Your overnight stay in one of the deluxe tents will also be a pleasurable experience, something you will not forget in a hurry.

    Best time to go: September to March
    Duration of the safari: 13 Nights / 14 Days

    Highlights of the safari: 

    Visit various castles, forts and palaces on a horse back
    Experience the imperial rides with an expert guide
    Spend overnight in one of the historic castles
    Enjoy Rajasthani folk music and dance while relaxing beside a campfire
    Ride the horse in day time and stay in historic castles in the night
  • 08Rural Rajasthan Horse Safari

    Another one of the best Horse Safaris in Rajasthan is the rural horse ride safari. The duration of these safaris will usually extend from 8-15 days and will be a journey you will not forget easily. Most of the royal safaris in Rajasthan will take you on a wonderful journey through the Thar Desert where you will encounter the rich and vibrant culture of the land.

    The rural villages with their small mud huts are quite a stunning sight especially for foreign tourists who may experience these sights for the first time. The simplicity and warmth of the people will remain with you even after the end of the safari. However, before you embark on one of these Horse Safaris, you will first be picked up from the airport and then escorted to point of meeting for the Horse Safari.

    During the overnight stay at the hotel, you will be given a full brief of the places you will be visiting when on the safari. The horse riding team will then greet you in the morning and your journey will then begin.

    The journey will take you through the scrublands and rural areas of the region to the villages. However, you can be assured of pit stops where you will be provided with a scrumptious spread. Your overnight camp stay under the night sky will also be one of the highlights of your entire trip. Once the entire safari comes to a close, you will be escorted to your hotel with memories to cherish forever. These Rajasthan Safaris are a great way to embrace the rural culture of the region.

    Best time to go: September to March
    Duration of the safari: 08 Nights / 09 Days

    Highlights of the safari: 

    Experience the charm and appeal of rural Rajasthan
    Indulge in horse riding for 8-15 days
    Get riding tips from the expert guides and riders
    Enjoy overnight camping in the desert
    Witness and explore the rural culture of Rajasthan

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