Boating in Rajasthan

The Rajputana land of Rajasthan has numerous activities to offer to the tourists. This colorful land packs in an action filled holiday for the tourist. From camel safaris, to sand dune visits, checking out forts and palaces, jeep safari, hot balloon rides, the tourist will never have a dull moment in Rajasthan. To indulge in the best boating tours in Rajasthan, you can even book a boating tour in Alwar. The banana boat ride in Siliserh Lake in Alwar will undoubtedly give you a much required adrenalin rush. You can opt for this activity with friends and family but avoid children as this ride is little risky. Wear proper safety gear and be all braced up for a wet journey on the super- fun inflatable banana boat. This bumper tube just blazes across the blue waters of the lake. In case banana boat ride seems little scary you can go in for a motorboat ride which is relatively safer.


The calm waters of the lake present a wonderful motor boating experience. You can opt for a private tour or join a group as per your wish and budget. If you are in for a romantic ride opt for a sunset dinner on a boat with your special one. Another boating tour which you can book in Rajasthan is Chambal River safari in Kota. This tour is simply perfect for a nature lover. On the boat safari in Chambal you’ll witness spectacular beauty of the valley. This best boating tour in Rajasthan will offer you a chance to see wildlife such as otters, turtles, crocodiles and gavials from close quarters. This boating tour is quite exciting as it places you right in the lap of nature. The beauty and charm of a boat safari in middle of the desert area is simply amazing.

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