30 Places to Visit in Nainital 2021, Tourist Places & Attractions
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Tourist Places in Nainital

Nainital Lake, Naina Peak, The Mall Road, Tiffin Top, High Altitude Zoo, Lands End, Bhimtal Lake, Kilbury Bird Sanctuary, Kainchi Dham, Naukuchiatal and many more.

With so many places to visit in Nainital, it is extremely easy to plan a trip to India’s Lake City. Known for its beautiful lakes, charming hill station environment, and magnificent architecture, the town is visited by several holiday goers from all around the country. Extremely popular during the summer months of April to June, Nainital derives its name from the eye-shaped lake that is in the heart of this gorgeous hill station.

Depending on your likes and interests, you can choose from a plethora of tourist places in Nainital. Those interested in architecture and history could explore places such as St. John’s Wilderness Church and Gurney House. Nature lovers can pay a visit to the Hawa Caves for their network of caves and one of the many neighbouring hill station areas such as Sariyatal, Khurpatal, and Wonderland Waterfalls.
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Latest Information on Travelling to NAINITAL?

Entry is open from all domestic destinations. However, a Covid-19 negative certificate is mandatory. This includes flights, buses, trains or even private vehicles. The test should not be older than 48 hours.

  • Masks are mandatory while out in public places
  • All social distance norms to be followed when out in public
  • All markets, malls, parks, places of worship, except those in containment zones, are open.
  • Installation of Arogya Setu app is mandatory for travel. 
  • Thermal screening to be conducted for all passengers at airports and railway stations.
  • Thermal screening to be conducted for all passengers alighting at the nearest airports and railway stations (especially people coming from Delhi).
  • Symptomatic travellers will have to stay in institutional quarantine for 7 days.

Flights are functional to Pantnagar airport from various national destinations.


Various trains are running to Kathgodam Railway Station from Dehradun.

Local Transport

Local modes of transport like buses, taxis and autorickshaws are allowed to function with proper steps of sanitization.

The government of Uttarakhand has taken major steps of sanitizations to ensure the safety of travelers to Nainital. Thrillophilia recommends additional precautions such as social distancing, wearing a mask and washing your hand regularly for your safety.

Lockdown extended till 15th of June Updated: 12 Jun 2021

Uttarakhand Government has extended the covid lockdown till 15th of June due to rising COVID-19 positive cases

Place of worship in Nainital now closed to visit Updated: 08 May 2021

All religious places and place of worship in Uttarakhand have been closed for tourists.

COVID negative certificate mandatory to enter Uttarakhand Updated: 07 May 2021

Travellers need to present a COVID negative certificate to enter Uttarakhand.

Registration on the Smart City Web Portal is Mandatory For Entry Updated: 24 Feb 2021

All travellers visiting Nainital from other states will have to register on the Smart City Web Portal and upload the required documents for entry.

Mandatory Screening To Take Place At Borders Updated: 22 Sep 2020

A screening process will take place on entry at the borders of the state- be it by road, railway or air.

Must Visit Places in Nainital


Nainital Lake

Image Credit : Aman Aröra-Flickr

One of the most beautiful lakes of the country, Nainital lakes is known for its exquisiteness. It is one of the four lakes of Kumaun Hills which includes the Sattal Lake, Bhimtal Lake and the Naukuchiyatal Lake besides the Nainital Lake. The famous lake finds its mentions in ancient scriptures and many poems by prominent writers. Naina Devi Temple is situated on this lake where it is believed that Sati’s eye’s fell to earth after her act of self-immolation.

The lake is surrounded by the green hills which give the town a mesmerizing landscape. Being a natural freshwater lake, all nature lovers find the lake a charming site to sit, relax and spend some quality time either by oneself or with their loved ones. Lately, environmentalists have cited worries regarding the health of this lake and preservation measures are gaining momentum to save this natural treasure.

Your visit to Nainital Lake will be incomplete if you do not try out the famous boat rides. The activity will give you a picturesque view of the Lake District and an opportunity to click great pictures. If you’re a morning person, we say you go for a walk around this beautiful lake with fresh air and rays of sun pouring through the clouds before you embark upon the day adventures in Nainital. And if you don’t like mornings, an evening stroll by the lake is equally charming with all the bright lights across the night sky.

The price of boating in the lake: Starting INR 150(30 minutes)

Location: It is located in the city of Nainital which lies in Uttarakhand. The Sukhatal and Tallital bustands are nearby and thus you can choose to opt for roadways while travelling to the place in public transport.

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Tiffin Top (Dorothy's Seat)

Image Credit : draskd-Flickr

One of the popular picnic spots in Nainital, the Tiffin Top is a place where you can get enjoy the spectacular scenery of Nainital from its highest point. Also called the Dorothy’s Seat, it is located on the Ayarpatta Hills, offering a gorgeous 360 degree view of the Lake District. It was named Dorothy’s Seat by a British Army Officer in the memory of her wife Dorothy Kellet who died from septicemia.

The Kumaun Hills which surround this location give the place calm and serene scenery making it a delight for all visitors. If you love hiking, the Tiffin Top makes for an exemplary 4 km ride from the main city where you can go by foot or hire a pony that are easily available from the Mall Road. The horse riding up the hill is full of adventure and fun if you go with your friends and family. Other activities like Rapelling and Rock Climbing are also conducted in the Tiffin Top. However, most activities are recommended to be undertaken during the day to enjoy the experience.

The magnificent views and the panoramic landscapes offer an opportunity for photographers to capture one of the most amazing lakes and hills of the country. Nature lovers are sure to enjoy the beauty of this place which resonates with tranquility and exquisiteness.

    -Free Entry.
    -Round Trip Pony (Horse Riding) will cost between INR 500 to INR 700

Location: Ayarpatta, Nainital, Uttarakhand

Best time to visit: You can visit the place any time you want as it has no time restrictions. You must consider the climatic conditions before going to the place.

Snow View Point

Image Credit : draskd-Flickr
If we check out the most visited tourist spots in Nainital, Snow view point is surely the most visited and loved spot by people all over. The mountain also has a temple to which residents worship. While you move in the cable rope, you can have a great view of the Nainital lake.

Location: The point is around 3 Km from the town of Nainital and you can travel there through either cable rope or your car. If you are comfortable, you can also visit Snow view point by walking there or book a taxi if you prefer it.

Highlights: From the top of the mountain, you can have a full view of the city which looks just marvelous. If you notice, there will be a place which says The highest mountain in the British empire. Before Sikkim became a part of India, Naina Devi was India's highest peak.
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High Altitude Zoo

Image Credit : Arsh-Flickr

The High Altitude Zoo, officially known as GB Pant High Altitude Zoo, is a one-of-a-kind zoo that is known for its intriguing location at 2,100 meters above sea level. Expanded across 4.6 acres of lush greenery, the zoo was built in 1984 and is one among the only three high altitude zoos in India. Home to numerous endangered and rare species of birds and animals, the zoo allows you to spot Royal Bengal tigers, Tibetan Wolves, the Himalayan Bear,

Hill Partridge, Kalij Pheasant, and Red Junglefowl. Most of the inhabitants of the zoo are either adopted by animal organizations or individuals. Located between the Great Himalayas and the Shivalik Range, the zoo provides its visitors a spectacular landscape to admire and be lost in.

Location: Tallital, Nainital, Uttarakhand 263002, India

Highlight: Fauna

Price: INR 50  for adults, INR 20 for children, INR 25 for still camera, INR 200 for professional video camera, Entry free for senior citizens and people with special needs


The Mall Road

Constructed during the British colonial rule, Mall Road is the primary road which goes through the core of the Nainital town parallel to the lake, interfacing the two closures of the town. It is now named as the Govind Ballabh Pant Marg. The road is one of the most vibrant places to visit in Nainital.

Mall Road has a number of hotels, travel agencies, banks, showrooms, department stores, shops, restaurants and cafes. You will find some of the best hotels and restaurants of Nainital located on the Mall Road.It is one of the busiest and crowded during the day time. Parking is prohibited and the road is closed for vehicles during the peak seasons so that the tourists can easily walk besides the lake on this famous road in Nainital.

With the cool wind blowing over the lake through the road, a night walk around the mall has its own particular appeal. It is a famous shopping center among tourists and provides a splendid view of the Nainital Lake. Some specialties which you can find here include unique candles in different shapes and sizes. Wooden artifacts and locally produced handloom products are also popular among the tourists.

Handicraft and gift items adore the shops here and a delight for tourists looking for shopping on a holiday.Also an interesting fact about this place is that many popular Bollywood movies like Kati Patang and Koi Mil Gaya were shot here.

Location: Mall Road, Nainital, Uttarakhand

Eco Cave Gardens

Image Credit : sightseeings.co

Situated within proximity of Nainital's famous Mall Road, Eco Cave Garden is one of those tourist places in Nainital which have gained importance in the recent past. A cluster of natural caves transformed into a cave garden, Eco Cave Gardens is home to 6 intriguing animal-shaped caves that offers children as well as adults an opportunity to experience several animals in an almost-natural habitat.

Adorned with a musical fountain with audio-visual effects, the caves also have a series of exquisite hanging gardens along the caved pathways. Dedicated to the wildlife species of the Kumaon region, the Eco Cave Gardens is of high importance to Nainital tourism.

Location: Sukhatal, Mallital, Nainital, Uttarakhand 263001, India

Highlight: Cave Gardens and children entertainment

Price: INR 60 for adults, INR 25 for children, INR 25 for camera

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Nainital Ropeway

One of the primary tourist places in Nainital, specifically for family vacationers, Nainital Ropeway sees hundreds of visitors daily. A three-minute ride over the spellbinding landscape of Nainital, the aerial ropeway takes you from Mallital, near Mall Road, to Snow View Point which offers one of the most astonishing views in Nainital.

Constructed with Swiss technology, the ropeway offers a steep climb up and down the hill and can carry a maximum of 11 passengers in each of its two-cabin cars. While the market at the starting point of the ropeway offers an amazing opportunity to shop for candles and pinewood souvenirs, the Snow View Point, at 2270 meters above sea level, presents you with an unadulterated view of the Great Himalayas.

Location: Ropeway Rd, Mallital, Nainital, Uttarakhand 263002, India

Highlight: Cable car and views

Price: INR300 return for Adults, INR 200 return for children aged 3 to 12


Naina Peak

Situated at an altitude of 2,615 km, Naina Peak is known for its breathtaking bird's eye perspective of the town, the Himalayas and furthermore, the immense breadths of the Terai areas of Kumaon. The Nanda Devi Peak and the mountains of the Tibet border are visible from the top of this peak. Also known as the China Peak (before the 1962 Indo-China war), it is situated at a 10 km distance from the Tallital Bus Stand of Nainital. The famous place is one of the most recommended places to visit in Nainital on a vacation.

It is a delight for individuals who adore strolling. One can go for long strolls, breath fresh air and appreciate the picturesque excellence. Because of high elevation and rich green forest path, Naina Peak is likewise a most loved place in Nainital for trekking. The trek to Naina could be a little tricky, covering a length of 6 km from Mallital. One can reach the place by t riding a horse or by navigating the sloping ways. From Snow View Point or Mallital, one can hire pony or horses to visit this peak.

No shops are accessible on the peak. In this way, it is best recommended for you to carry your own eateries and drinking water for your picnic. Enjoy a photography session as the place offers some of the best perspectives of the snow-clad pinnacles of Himalayas. The place is well-known among the travelers for its sentimental nightfall and dawn.

Location: Naina Peak, Nainital


Lands End

Image Credit : wikimedia
If you want to have a stunning view from a mountain top, Lands end is probably one of the best places to head. The best part about this spot is that visitors don’t need to climb much and can reach the place which is rightly named as Lands end.

Location: Lands end is at a distance of around 4 KM from the town. Transportation and reaching there is not a hassle and you can easily get to the place. You can walk up to the top or simply ride on a horse back to reach the Lands end.

Highlights: The view is something which people visit the place for. The top view from the mountain is exhilarating and lets you view the plains and the Khurpa Tal. Overall, the mountain is surrounded by beautiful villages and pine forests all over. The place will get you a nice touch with nature if you haven't had it lately.

Bhimtal Lake

Image Credit : Raja Harjai Follow-Flickr
It is a famous lake located in the town of Bhimtal. The reason why it is so famous is because of the masonry dam built in the year 1883 which enabled a good storage facility. It has a catchment area of around 17.12 sq km which is quite large.

Location: The lake is located in Bhimtal, which is a famous town in Nainital. It is more than 22 km away from Nainital. If you want to reach a railway station from here, the nearest one is Kathgodam which is at a distance of 20 km from the lake.

Highlights: The Bhimtal lake is the largest lake in the region of Kumaon, which is popularly known as the lake district of India owing to the density of lakes present here. This lake helps in providing drinking water as well as makes sure that the different species of fishes are habitable here.
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Explore All (23)

Nainital Top Attractions

Places To Visit In Nainital
04 December 2020
Minakshi Mukhopadhyay Bara Bungalow Gethia, Nainital
It was our first visit to Nainital. We have chosen this place to celebrate my mother's birthday with a family trip. Booked it through Thrillophilia, the deal was pocket friendly with great offers and no hassle in check in and check out at the property. Our stay was of 2 days and we have chosen the Oak room which has a very cool theme and we loved the property. I and my brother have also booked a romantic dinner for our parents to let them spend quality time and they enjoyed it. The staff was cooperative and very friendly. Everyone wished my mother including the manager. Taking back a lot of remembering, Thank you so much the resort staff and Thrillophilia
01 February 2020
The location of the resort is so amazing you can see the beautiful nature from there, a perfect place for an amazing and relaxing weekend. The greenery everywhere was so refreshing, I totally enjoyed the bird watching and have played all the indoor outdoor games with my friends. It was a nice experience there. Thanks to Thrillophilia, Will surely make bookings and travel with you again!
18 December 2019
I went to Nainital with my family on a weekend and we booked Manu Maharani from Thrillophilia as they provide stays with activities. It was easy to book online through this site. The hotel was so beautiful, the entire property was well maintained, the garden area was so beautiful, The staff was so friendly and cooperative. The Spa session was very calming. The food was tasty. Thanks for the wonderful stay experience.
19 December 2019
This is one of the best stay in Nainital. The amazing view from the room is outstanding and rooms were well maintained & the food was really good. The Lake facing rooms are super cool. We enjoyed a lot there and I highly recommend this resort to stay in Nainital.
15 January 2020
I booked Seasons Hotels By Xperience and it was an amazing stay, our room was well equipped with all the basic amenities. The staff members were very helpful they have greeted us very politely each time and have sorted all our problems. We have also visited the Naina Devi temple and the Naini Lake which is close to the hotel. The hotel was an excellent stay and recommended for family holidays. All thanks to Thrillophilia for providing us the discounted stays with activities.
22 March 2021
We would like to thank Thrillophilia for the amazing photos. The photographer was very professional and suggested various poses. Thanks for making our trip memorable!
09 January 2021
An amazing trip to the Lakes of and around Nainital. Support received was amazing and the operator was friendly, safe and informative. The car was clean and sanitized and gave a comfortable experience.
11 January 2020
Had a great time at the resort with guided nature walk which was complimentary with this package. We had a lot of fun at this property. Very satisfied with overall experience, from booking to check out.
21 November 2019
We arrived the resort around 11 am but the rooms were available at 2 PM and we do not wanted to waste our time so have kept our luggage and went for sightseeing. The lake was around 2 km from the resort. It was a picturesque view with greenery everywhere enough to take our tiredness away. Back to the resort for relaxing. The heritage room had a good view of the hills and has a large open space in the children's park. Thanks to Thrillophilia for great deals with discounted offers with hassle free check-in and check out.
17 November 2019
This is the best property you'll come across in Nainital. It suits every kind of travel perfectly. Whether it is solo, couple or family. The best part about the property is the hospitality and friendliness of the staff. Bonfire with evening snacks has made our evening. A must-visit resort. Will highly recommended.

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People Also Ask About Nainital

  1. What are the famous places to visit in Nainital in winters?

    1. Naini Lake: A popular hub for tourist activity during the summer months, Naini Lake offers a vastly different yet stunning sight during the winter months. As the temperature starts dropping below zero, the lake freezes over, offering a postcard-like winter scene.

    2. Naini Peak: Trekking to Naini Peak is one of the most popular activities in Nainital during winters. Once at the hilltop, trekkers are met with the stunning panoramic sights of the surrounding snow-clad peaks.

    3. Eco Cave Gardens: A fascinating natural retreat in the heart of the mountains, the Eco Cave Gardens offers seven natural caves that can be explored through a narrow winding path. The hanging gardens here add the charm of the attraction.

    4. Snow View Point: Nainital’s oldest viewpoint, the snow viewpoint can be reached on foot as well as via a ropeway cable. Best enjoyed during the snow-clad winter months, the Snow-View Point offers a stunning view of the surrounding mountains.

  2. What are some famous places to visit in Nainital with family?

    Nainital is a place that has an abundance of natural beauty to offer. Some of the famous places to visit in Nainital with family are:

    1. Naini Lake: One of the top Nainital sightseeing options is this serene lake that reflects the colour of beautiful green hills and mountains surrounding it. Take a trip across the lake on one of the vibrantly coloured boats.

    2. Tiffin Top: Tiffin top is located at a height of 2290metres. Imprint the breathtaking view of Himalayas on the background and the Nainital below from the peak. Snow Viewpoint: This viewpoint looks majestic in winter when covered in snow. It offers a memorable view of the snow-capped Himalayas and offers aerial ropeways to the peak.

    3. Nainital Zoo: for people who are not interested in adventure activities, the Nainital zoo should be a necessary visit. It has some of the exotic and endangered animals like Himalayan Black Bear, Tibetian Wolf, Japanese Macaque among many others to witness.

    4. Bhimtal Lake: For a leisure afternoon, take a boat across the Bhimtal lake, while enjoying the splendid nature. It is the largest lake in the Kumaon region, with one of the best views surrounding the lake, an island at the centre that is being developed as a tourist attraction.
  3. What are the best places to visit in Nainital at night?

    1. Naina Devi Temple: Remaining open until late hours, the Naina Devi Temple is one of the biggest attractions in Nainital. Housing several colorful shrines, the Temple nestles on the bank of the famous Naini Lake. 

    2. Mall Road: Offering a stunning view of the Naini Lake, Mall Road sprawls in the heart of the city. With several shops staying open till late, Mall Road is one of the most popular nighttime visits in Nainital. Wares at the Mall Road stores include handicrafts, handmade clothing, souvenirs, and more.

    3. Tibetan Market: If you’re a shopaholic, Tibetan Market in Nainital is an absolute must-visit for you. The stores at the market boast of colorful locally spun clothes, accessories, affordable gadgets, jewelry, and much more.

    4. Tiffin Top: Offering a stunning panoramic view of the sleepy mountains, Tiffin Top is one of the most visited vantage points in Nainital. The view from here is especially resplendent during nighttime when the entire city appears to be lit up under the open starry skies.
  4. What are the best places to visit in Nainital for couples?

    Many Nainital tourist places are private, making it an ideal spot for couples. Some of the best places for couples in Nainital are:

    1. Sariyatal: A lake with pristine water body, picturesque surrounding, and boating facility, Sariyatal lake is one of the prime Nainital tourist places. This spot is private and does not receive an overwhelming amount of tourists, making it perfect for couples.

    2. Lover’s Point: The name itself suggests that this is an ideal spot for couples. With a calm, serene environment surrounding this place, Lover’s Point also provides a good vantage point to get a view of the city from atop. You will have to take a small hike to reach the peak.

    3. Astronomical Observatory: Make your date night with you more romantic and unconventional by taking your partner to observe the stars, moon, and other celestial bodies.

    4. Naini Peak: If you are a couple who enjoys taking fun adventure trips together, take a small hike up to reach Naini peak from where you could enjoy the magnificent snow-capped Himalayas.

    5. Binayak: One of the thrilling places to visit in Nainital, Binayak is a trekking trail that will never disappoint you. You could enjoy a trekking trip through the towering pine trees with amazing views of the Himalayas. The trekking generally lasts for 3-5 days.
  5. What are the best resorts in Nainital?

    The resorts in Nainital are spread across close to various major Nainital tourist places. The popular resorts that are the talk of the town are:

    1. Jungle Pool Khurpatal: This resort offers individual cottages for a private and comfortable stay for its guests and is located near some of the popular places to visit in Nainital like, Nainital Lake, Eco cave gardens, etc.

    2. Balaut Resort: Located near some of the popular Nainital sightseeing like Bhimtal Lake, Naukuchiatal Lake is the Balau resort. It also offers cottages or Swiss camp setup, from which guests can choose as they desire. It is located near the River Gola and hill forest surrounds the backdrop.

    3. Lakeside Inn: Located at one of the top Nainital sightseeing sites, this Inn is comfortable and well furnished. With a breathtaking view of the Nainital lake from bedrooms. The rooms have ceiling to floor windows which are perfect to enjoy quiet time from the rooms and looking at nature outside. It also offers a cable car to Snow View Peak.

    4. The Pinewood: Close to the Nainital Lake, Naini Peak, and Tiffin Top is this resort. The resort offers a comfortable stay in a well-furnished room. The resort offers soundproof rooms that are perfect for privacy, separate smoking rooms, and tea/coffee maker in each room.
  6. Which is the best time to visit lakes in Nainital?

    If you are looking to spend a calm vacation, the best time is from Spring to early Summer (March to June). The temperature during these months can be somewhere between 7°C and 27°C. If you are hoping to see snowfall, you could visit from October to February.
  7. Is Naini Lake an artificial lake?

    No, Naini Lake is not an artificial lake. Shaped like a kidney, Naini Lake is a freshwater body. The lake is surrounded by three peaks of its three sides - Naina Peak on North West, Tiffin Top on South West, and Snow View Peaks on the north Side. The lake receives its water from the flows of surrounding hill slopes and springs. It is believed that the lake was formed tectonically, Balia Nala being the primary stream that feeds the lake.
  8. What is famous in Nainital?

    If you are planning a visit to Nainital, then there are a lot of places to keep you hooked. Situated in the lap of nature, the Naini Lake is the most popular place to visit in Nainital. Other areas of tourist interest include:
    Eco Cave Gardens, Naina Devi Temple, Mall Road, Snow View Point, Tiffin Top, Naina Peak, Jeolikot, Neem Karoli Baba Ashram, Himalayan View Point, Land’s End, Pangot, G.B. Pant High Altitude Zoo, Hanuman Garhi, Nainital Ropeway, Peora, Khurpa Taal, Astronomical Observatory, Sariyatal, Gurney House, St John Wilderness Church and Sitabani among others.
  9. Which is the best time to visit Nainital?

    Being a hill station, Nainital offers a pleasant atmosphere round the year and is an ideal place to visit in all seasons. You can enjoy breathtaking sight of the landscape between the months of March and June, when colourful flowers adorn the surroundings.

    If you are a winter enthusiast who loves snow, you can also visit the hill station between November and February, when it is covered in a white blanket. The cheapest season to visit Nainital is between June and September when the place observes rainfall.
  10. Is there snowfall in Nainital?

    Nainital observes a cold winter between the months of November and February with the temperatures dropping below zero degree Celsius.

    If you are fortunate, you may witness snowfall in Nainital in the months of December and January. Enjoy the pleasure of experiencing a white Christmas and a New Year in Nainital as the hill station is most likely to receive snowfall in December end.

  11. What is famous for shopping in Nainital?

    The Mall Road is the most popular place for shopping in Nainital. With a large number of shops, the market offers items like fruits, woollen items, uniquely designed candles, Bamboo fabric, Pine Tree craftworks and the Bells of Gorakhal’s Golu Temple.

    If you are a food enthusiast, you may want to try the Bal Mithai Sweet of Nainital. Apart from Mall Road, you can visit Bara Bazar, Tibetan Market and Bhotia Bazaar for shopping.

  12. Is Nainital safe to visit in December?

    Nainital is a safe place to visit throughout the year, even during December as the hill station experiences sub-zero temperatures. If you are a snow enthusiast, you can visit the place in December end or January to experience snowfall. The place is well connected to nearby major cities, reducing the chances of road blockage during winters.
  13. How can I reach Nainital?

    The best and the most convenient way to reach Nainital is by road. NH 87 connects Nainital to nearby major cities like Rudrapur and Haridwar. Many cabs and bus services also run from Delhi, which connect the two cities by a 6-7 hour long drive.

    The nearest railway station from Nainital is Kathgodham, which is located at a distance of 35 km and is well connected to Delhi, Lucknow and Howrah. By air, you can reach the airport in Pantnagar, which is located at a distance of 65 km. From there you can take a cab to reach Nainital.
  14. Is it safe to drive from Delhi to Nainital?

    A lot of people drive from Delhi to Nainital to spend a happening getaway from their routine. The distance between Nainital and Delhi is 300 km, which can be covered in 9 hours.

    While the route is scenic, it is advisable to reach Kathgodham or Haldwani till sunset if you are an inexperienced driver. If you are an experienced driver who can ride in hills at night, it is safe to cover the hilly terrain from Kathgodham to Nainital.
  15. Is Nainital good for honeymoon?

    Nanital offers breathtaking views of the landscapes. A lot of couples throng the place to celebrate their honeymoon and spend some romantic moments in the lap of nature. The onset of winter in October-November is the best time to visit Nainital as the climate is pleasant.

    Nainital has a lot to offer to the honeymoon couples in the form of shopping and food. You can also go boating in the picturesque Naini Lake with your partner to experience romance in the middle of the mountains.
  16. What should I wear in Nainital?

    Being a hill station, Nainital experiences a significant change in climate in every season. If you are travelling between March and June, you can wear loose clothes that are ideal for summers and spring. If you are travelling between July and September, you are likely to witness rainfall so it is advised to pack accordingly.

    If you visit Nainital during the winter months between November and February, you may experience chill at night as the temperature drops below zero degrees, especially during December-end. It is advisable to carry woollen clothes during this time as the region is likely to witness freezing temperatures and snowfall as well.
  17. How many days are enough for Nainital?

    Nainital is one of the most popular hill stations in India, and there are a lot of places in the surrounding regions which you can visit. You can explore Nainital in 2-3 days as it offers a lot of lakes and other sightseeing options besides shopping in the markets.

    You can also spend an entire day trekking the Naini Hill for picturesque views of the Naini Lake. A two-night stay in Nainital will allow you to cover pretty much every destination in the hill station and in surroundings, that are worth a visit.

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