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    Museums of Jaipur

    The pink city has several sight-seeing places like forts and palaces that are world famous. The historical significance of many of these tourist spots in and around the city of Jaipur have put this city on the world map. Among these the museums of Jaipur are one of the key tourist attractions. These museums have a number of exhibits that have been handed down through generations and are of immense historical value even today. The many pieces of art and sculpture and artefacts are all heritage pieces on display and are of immeasurable value and significance.

    The antiques in the museums of Jaipur tell a story of intrinsic workmanship and royal lifestyles that were led in the resplendent homes of kings and queens of this princely state. There are an astonishing number of royal objet d'art, ceremonial dresses worn by royalty, pottery and metalwork and wood carvings and other artefacts at the museums here that give us a peek into the royal lifestyles and the rich art and architecture of the place. Many people who visit the museums here go back several eras in time and are left feeling nostalgic and enriched by the experience.

    For art and history lovers, the museums are a must-visit and its paintings and sculptures are a  joy to behold. The vast miniature paintings that you see here by renowned artists can make your trip  truly worthwhile.

    Some of the famous museums of Jaipur:

    1. Albert Hall Museum

    While Jaipur boasts of a large number of museums, One among the the oldest and most visited museums of Jaipur is Albert Hall. Hordes of visitors visit every year. This museum was built in the year 1868 and has a wide array of intriguing exhibits. The well-known Albert Hall was built in the year 1868 by Sawaj Ram Singh 11 and is built along the lines of the famous Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

    Image Credit: Lev Yakupov - Flickr

    At the Albert Hall Museum you can see a wide array of portraits and paintings, brassware, woodwork and pottery, sculptures and carpets on display. You will also see some of the finery that was worn in the form of ceremonial dresses of the royal families, displayed here.

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    These take you back to the rich art and culture of the region of those times. There is also a green house, an aviary and a zoo on the premises to make it an entertaining visit while you are here. 

    2. Dolls Museum

    You can also plan a visit  to the Dolls Museum in Jaipur that boasts of a scintillating array of dolls in all shapes, sizes and a variety of costumes as well. This lovely place was built in the year 1974 and reflects the cultures of different states of  India with dolls dressed in the State’s traditional costumes.

    The doll museum is just 4 km away from the city centre and is a treat for the eyes. You will see dolls dressed in the costumes of the brides of Gujarat, Mysore, Kerala, Bengal and Punjab. These dolls are resplendent in their bridal finery and a treat to behold. There are also dolls from the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Punjab and Assam.

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    If that is not enough to take your breath away, you can see dolls dressed in the national costumes of countries Uganda, China, New Zealand, Britain, Mexico, Spain and USA to name a few. Some of the dolls also sport Bharatnatyam, Odissi, Kuchipudi and Kathakali attires and they are truly enthralling to the thousands of visitors who flock here.

    3. The City Palace Museum

    Image Credit: Tim Moffatt - Flickr

    The City Palace Museum  is another museum that you can visit during your stay in Jaipur. This is in the heart of Jaipur is truly magnificent and was built by Raja Jai Singh 11. A magnificent brass gateway awaits you here which is the entrance of the palace building. This museum is especially important as it occupies almost one-seventh of the city’s total area.

    At the entrance is the famous Mubarak Mahal which is home to the textile division of the Raja Sawai Man Singh 11 Museum. Apart from these you will also see the Sri Govind Dev Temple, the Diwan-e-Khas, the Chandra Mahal that showcases the Rajput school of Art and on the 4th floor you will see the Shiva Nivas with its beautifully decorated mirror work that is embellished with gold and mica leaves.  

    Image Credit: Jean-Pierre Dalbéra - Flickr

    The Chandra Mahal is now called the 'Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II Museum' . You can also see the royal clothes worn by Emperors of yore, as well as many handicrafts and artefacts that belonged to the royal family that lived here.

    4. The Government Central Museum

    The Government Central Museum is another of the renowned museums in Jaipur and one of the oldest in the state. This was designed by Sir Swinton Jacob and was built in the year 1876. It is understood that this museum was built by King Edward V11 when he visited India as the prince of Whales. In this museum you can see the Egyptian Mummy that belonged to the Ptolemaic Epoch. 

    This museum was also renovated in 1959 and various miniature paintings of Rajasthan can be seen here. You can also see the motifs in Mehndi Mandana, a speciality of the women of Rajasthan as well as puppetry shows from Rajasthan that are held here. The central gallery here also showcases Rajasthani music and dance. Folk instruments like Yacha, Dadh, Satari, Iktara, etc are also displayed, making it a virtual inventory of music forms and instruments. The dance forms showcased here also include Kathak and other folk dances like Dandia .

    As you can see, the museums of Jaipur have put this capital city of Rajasthan on the world map by showcasing the rich heritage and royal lifestyles of a bygone era. The Maharajas and Maharanis who lived and reigned here in royal splendour are well represented in these museums most of which are located in the palaces that they reigned.

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