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  • Book Munnar honeymoon packages from Thrillophilia, and kick-start your married life. What can be better than touring absolutely serene environs, contrasting with the greens and spellbinding aroma with your partner? Well, Munnar is indeed your place to be, as it boasts with an exclusive range of sparkling waterfalls, tea estates, and luxury accommodations, which are a plus to an enticing honeymoon. 

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    Strengthen the bond while you witness a wide spectrum of packages which includes luxury tours, sightseeing packages, tea estate tour, and several others.

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    Pick up any of the Munnar honeymoon tours, be it the budget one or a tour to its natural splendors, all of them are well-curated with a perfect balance of leisure and eye-pleasing vistas which will just make your honeymoon even more romantic. So, leave behind the basics and stroll through the lush greens and scenic wonders of Munnar with your partner!

  • Best Munnar Honeymoon Packages

  • 01Exotic Munnar Luxury Tour

    Exotic Munnar Luxury Tour

    Get spoiled with an exclusive range of luxuries, with lavish Munnar honeymoon packages, which will make you fall in love with the beauty of the zone. Whether you are looking for an ultra-luxury stay at the upscale resorts or you wish for ultimate privacy, these packages are just apt for the purpose.

    Such packages extend an exceptional level of luxuries, which make them even more frequented by the honeymooners. The lure of the region is forever spellbinding and also owns a number of awe-inspiring places.

     With this package, you can cover Devikulam, Mattupetty Dam, Anamudi Mountain, Pothamedu View Point, Attukad Waterfalls, Eravikulam National Park, Tea Gardens, Eco Point, and several others.

  • 02Munnar Honeymoon Tour with Tea Estate Stay

    Munnar Honeymoon Tour with Tea Estate Stay

    Let the lush greens put you under a spell with its beauty and fresh aroma. A trip to Kerala is incomplete without the tea estates. Holding a top position in the list of Munnar honeymoon packages, this package inclusive of the comfortable stay at the tea estate.

    Wherever you go whatever you do the scent of the tea will always keep following you, which gives a sense of freshness and soothes your senses. With this package, you can stroll hand-in-hand with your partner, through the green plantations, where you can also capture amazing pictures, as it caters to excellent backdrops.

     With this tour, you can traverse Tea gardens, nature stay, coffee plantations, and several other places.

  • 03Munnar Honeymoon Package with Adventure Activities

    Munnar Honeymoon Package with Adventure Activities

    Is adventure your thing and you wish to take it along with your partner? Well, what can be better than Munnar honeymoon packages, which extend an amazing balance of leisure and adventures all at once.

    Whether you are searching for camping under the sky decked up with a million of stars, right between the lush green carpets or you are looking for hiking up the bewildering trails it owns, these packages are inclusive of all of it. Also, with these packages, you can feel close to nature, with stays at the tree forests.

     As a part of the tour you will be covering Devikulam, Mattupetty Dam, Anamudi Mountain, Pothamedu View Point, Attukad Waterfalls, Eravikulam National Park, Tea Gardens, Eco Point, and several others.

  • 04Munnar Honeymoon Package with Alleppey Backwaters Tour

    Munnar Honeymoon Package with Alleppey Backwaters Tour

    Tour Venice of South-India with your beloved! Coming over to the south for a honeymoon and skipping out on the backwaters, is just out of question. With this package, you can tour various dimensions of scenic wonders which Munnar holds. Apart from this, here you can also take a 360-degree view of the hillock, which showcases magnetizing vistas. Wondering why to choose this package? It caters to two major destinations of the southern segments, which are worth visiting.

    These packages put forward a classic melange of recreation and nature, which makes it even more favorable for honeymooning. Leave back the basics and book this package to make your tour, even more memorable.

    One this tour you can witness Alleppey backwaters, Devikulam, Mattupetty Dam, Anamudi Mountain, Pothamedu View Point, Attukad Waterfalls, Eravikulam National Park, Tea Gardens, Eco Point, and several others.

  • 05Enchanting Honeymoon Tour to Munnar

    Enchanting Honeymoon Tour to Munnar

    Explore the green carpets and spectacular backdrops of Munnar, with your beloved, which will be an amazing selection, as it owns a wide spectrum of alluring places. With this package, you can stroll through the tea estates, or witness the sparkling waterfalls it owns. Apart from this, you can also give your eyes a treat with the picture-perfect displays of the Anamudi peak, which is one of the highest peaks in here.

    Be it gazing at the wildlife at the
    Eravikulam National Park or hearing the voice echo back, at the echo point, this place is packed with a remarkable count of awe-inspiring destinations, which are just perfect to tour with your better half. The aura of the region is beyond one's imagination and draws honeymoon goers from all over.

    On this tour, you will be covering Devikulam, Mattupetty Dam, Anamudi Mountain, Pothamedu View Point, Attukad Waterfalls, Eravikulam National Park, Tea Gardens, Eco Point, and several others.

  • 066 Nights Munnar Honeymoon Package with Wildlife

    6 Nights Munnar Honeymoon Package with Wildlife

    Tour the wilderness of the segment with this package for two. Marking its place in one of the best Munnar honeymoon packages, this tour is a great pick if wildlife fascinates you. With this package, you can traverse the Eravikulam National Park which boasts with an excellent collection of flora and fauna. Apart from this, you can also mark your footprints at the Carmelagiri Elephant Park, where you can spot the giant elephants and also enjoy rides.

    On this tour, you can gaze at the jackal, jungle cat, wild dog, dhole, leopard and tiger, Nilgiri langur, and stripe-necked Mongoose. If wildlife interests you and your partner, then you can tour the greens and wilds of Munnar together.

     On this tour, you will cover the Elephant arrival point, Devikulam, Carmelagiri Elephant Park, Anamudi Mountain, Eravikulam National Park, Tea Gardens, Eco Point, and several others.

  • Romantic Places in Munnar

  • 07Devikulam

    Image Credit :

    This is a small hill station ahead of Munnar. Legends say that Goddess Sita took bath in a lake here, which is now called Sita Devi Lake. This, thus, attracts various Hindu travelers who consider the lake water to be sacred and pure. Furthermore, it is said that the lake water has medicinal properties. Apart from the sacred Sita Devi Lake, there are few other lakes and waterfalls. 

    Mattupetty Lake, which is located around 26 km away from the main city, is worth a visit. It is covered by lush green forests giving out a picturesque view. The Keezharkuthu Falls, one of the 
    best places to visit in Kerala, is also known as the ‘rainbow falls’. Located at the height of 1500 m this is the home to many medicinal and therapeutic plants. It’s popular amongst rock climbers and mountaineers.

     Devikulam P.O. Idukki 685613

  • 08Mattupetty Dam

    Mattupetty Dam
    Image Credit :

    The Mattupetty Dam was constructed between 1949 and 1953 with a purpose to store water and generate hydroelectricity. The dam has the catchment area of 105 sq km and is an important source of hydroelectricity and provides substantial revenue for Kerala. 

    Many birds and wild animals can be seen around the dam due to the availability of water. Tourists can get involved in water sports, which are organized by the District Tourism Promotion Council, Idukki, making it a must include place in your Munnar honeymoon package.

    Munnar - top station highway, Mattupetty, Kerala 685616

  • 09Anamudi

    Image Credit :

    At 2,695 meters, Anamudi is the highest peak in South India and the Western Ghat. The mountain got the name because of its resemblance to the elephant’s head. The word ‘Anamudi’ translates to the ‘elephant’s forehead’. It is located at the junction of the Anaimalai Hills, the Cardamom Hills, and the Palani Hills at the southern region of the Eravikulam National Park. 

    The hill is surrounded by the Asian Elephants, Nilgiri tahr, gaur, Nilgiri Marten, and Bengal Tigers. A newly discovered species of frog, Raorchestes resplendens, is found in the surrounding areas and is limited to only 3 km.

     Idukki District, Munnar 685602

  • 10Pothamedu View Point

    Pothamedu View Point
    Image Credit :

    The Pothamedu View Point is majestic and known for tea, coffee and cardamom plantation along with the picturesque nature’s beauty it offers. It is famous amongst those who love adventure sports, hiking and trekking. The Pothamedu View Point is visible from the Idukki Dam, which is at 60 km from the dam.

    From the viewpoint, one can enjoy the panoramic view of the nearby areas and the river Muthirapuzha. For photographers and leisure travelers, this is a perfect place to visit during your Munnar honeymoon package. The ideal season to visit the Pothamedu View Point is between August and May. This is a must visit place on your trip to Kerala.

    Pothamedu, Munnar.

  • 11Attukad Waterfalls

    Attukad Waterfalls

    This place is ideal for picnics and trekking and gives out the wonderful view of the waterfall along with the rolling hills. The Attukad Waterfall is located between Munnar and Pallivasal and is nothing but a feast to the eyes of the travelers during their Munnar honeymoon trip. One can have a memorable walk on the wooden bridge surrounded by the lush green and dark jungle. 

    The best season to visit this picturesque location and enjoy the most of it is a monsoon, when the waterfall is at its full force. For trekkers, trekking through the green surrounding is easy yet memorable.

    Attukad Waterfall Rd, Pallivasal, Kerala 685565

  • 12Eravikulam National Park

    Eravikulam National Park

    Situated on the Western Ghats, the Eravikulam National Park has a massive area of 97 km square, is at the Idukki district of Kerala and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its abundance collection of flora and fauna. This, in fact, is the first national park in Kerala. The national park is administered by the Kerala Department of Forests and Wildlife.

    There are approximate of 26 species of mammals in the park, which includes the largest population of Nilgiri Tahr. Other than this, there are gaur, Indian muntjac, sambar deer, golden jackal, jungle cat, wild dog, dhole, leopard and tiger, Nilgiri langur, Stripe-necked Mongoose, Indian porcupine, Nilgiri marten, small-clawed otter, ruddy mongoose, and dusky palm squirrel. Elephants do make a season visit.

    The Wildlife Warden Munnar PO, Idukki, Kerala, 685612

  • Romantic Things to Do in Munnar

  • 13Walk Through the Aromatic Tea Gardens

    Walk Through the Aromatic Tea Gardens
    Image Credit :

    Munnar is always connected with tea plantation. Your Munnar honeymoon package will be incomplete without having a visit to these tea plantations. Munnar is a place known for its wonderful tea cultivation and estates. Nobody will return home without tasting or shopping the tea of Munnar. 

    Do pay a visit to the Tea Museum at Munnar and get to know a lot about the long history of the tea plantation in the region. The Kannan Devan Hill Plantation, also known as KDHP, is India’s first tea gallery and is located at Nallathanni Estate in Munnar. Here one can take a voyage through the tea history and the journey towards becoming a famous tea plantation estates of South India. 

     Kanan Devan Tea Museum, Munnar, Idukki, 685612

  • 14Spot Giants at Elephant Arrival Spot

    Spot Giants at Elephant Arrival Spot
    Image Credit :

    While you experience a tremendous scope of lime green tinge area covered in lavish green terrain, you can witness the elephant trails as well. These are the most common sight and are called the Elephant Arrival Spot. 

    Located at a distance of 18 km from Munnar, you get to encounter the delight of riding the greatest warm-blooded creature - a lofty elephant. It is a fun trip for kids and additionally excited for the grown-ups. The elephants are very much prepared and agreeable to ride. 

    A mahout goes with each elephant while holding your well being under control. The ride is modest and very reasonable. This fascination ride will be a memorable trip of your life during your Munnar honeymoon package and will leave you asking for more of similar experiences.

    18 km from Munnar, en route to Top Station.

  • 15Talk to Yourself at Eco Point

    Talk to Yourself at Eco Point
    Image Credit :

    This exquisite place gets its name from the regular echo phenomenon. Echo Point, is a stop-over point for tourists traveling to the top station from Munnar. Since people love the phenomenon of echo, tourists spend their maximum time here enjoying this nature’s wonder.

    Visit this place and enjoy the maximum at the Eco-Point. If you a planning a honeymoon trip to Munnar then you must add this place in your bucket list for making your amazing.

     Munnar-Top Station Highway, Idukki District, Kannan Devan Hills, Kerala 685616

  • 16Rock Climbing & Trekking

    Rock Climbing & Trekking

    Get involved with nature whilst you enjoy the rock climbing and trekking at Munnar. Nature has a lot to offer to those who love it, and this can be witnessed here, in God’s Own Country. If you’re making a trip to Munnar, do make it a point to visit the Anamudi hills, which is the best place for those who love trekking.

    Many campers and travelers visit this spot every year and spend some quality time close to nature. Along with rock climbing and trekking, one gets to enjoy the variety of flora and fauna, many of which are only found in this area. Looking at the exceptionally great surrounding you feel like settling here only.

    Our Suggested Rock Climbing Locations:
     Manale Rock, Lockhart the mistea land, Munnar, Devikulam, Kerala.

    Trekking Locations in Munnar:

    Chokramudi - Bison valley.

    Idukki - Thodupuzha, Idukki.

    Kannan Devan Hills - Munnar.

  • 17Explore Blossom International Park

    Explore Blossom International Park

    A special attention nature lover, Blossom Hydel Park is the best place for you wherein you can drench yourself to nature’s wonders. Located at around 3 km away from the Munnar Town, this outlandish has an amazing collection of flora and fauna, like beautiful butterflies and migrated waterbirds attract tourists’ attention who are on their Munnar honeymoon trip.

    The area has a vast landscape full of garden and artificial waterfalls.

    Aluva - Munnar Highway, Moolakadai, Munnar, Kerala 685612

  • 18Stay in A Tree House

    Stay in A Tree House
    Image Credit :

    Tree houses are quite familiar in the area. They’re eco-friendly and they use single nail using materials like coir mats, bamboo poles, hay straws, live trees and others. In local language, it is called ‘Erumadam’. Traditionally, the tree houses were built by tribal people to hunt wild animals, but today, are used for refreshments and to enjoy nature. There are many tree houses in Munnar which you must include in your list of Munnar honeymoon package:

    Dreamcatcher Plantation Resort - 
    22 km from Munnar
    Address: Ratnagiri, Tea Company, Bisonvalley Road, Idukki District, Munnar, Kerala 685565
    Average Price: INR 2100-4000

    Nature Zone - 
    12 km from Munnar
    Address: Pulippara, Pallivasal, Nullatanni, Munnar, Kerala 685612
    Average Price: INR 5000 - 6500

    Ela Ecoland Nature Resort - 
    16 km from Munnar
    Address: Mankulam Road, Kallar - Vattiyar PO, Kallar Valley, Munnar, Kerala 685611
    Average Price: INR 3000-4000

    Kaivalyam Retreat Treehouse -
     12 km from Munnar
    Address: Moolakada, Pallivasal, Near Pallivasal Tea Factory, Munnar, Kerala 685612
    Average Price: INR 4500 - 6000

    Jungle Jive Treehouse - 
    13 km from Munnar
    Address: Muthuvankudi, Mary Land Road, Near Anachal, Munnar, Kerala 685565
    Average Price: INR 4000 -  7000

  • 19Enjoy Shikara Ride in Kundala Lake

    Enjoy Shikara Ride in Kundala Lake
    Image Credit :

    If you enjoy or want to enjoy Shikara ride, then come to Kundala lake in Munnar. It offers a similar experience which can be enjoyed with scenic tea gardens and hills. The Shikara ride is one of the best things to do in Kerala and it gets even more beautiful when you have such mesmerizing surrounding. making it one of the best experience on your Munnar honeymoon package.

     Top Station, Munnar.

  • 20Safari at Carmelagiri Elephant Park

    Safari at Carmelagiri Elephant Park
    Image Credit :

    The Carmelagiri Elephant Park is a private park, located at the Top Station highway. They offer elephant safaris, for a short duration, in the uneven paths of the hills and forest. Whilst on the safari, you can see the mesmerizing view of the giant mammal taking bathe, eat and spend time with their family.

    Furthermore, you can learn how the guides control and communicate with these elephants. Riding on the back of an elephant is memorable.

    Mattuppetty Road, Munnar, Kannan Devan Hills, Kerala 685612

  • 21Get Relaxed with Ayurvedic Spa

    Get Relaxed with Ayurvedic Spa
    Image Credit : stylecityblog

    Kerala State is known for its Ayurvedic treatments and spas. Whilst you’re holidaying in the God’ own country, you are bound to enjoy the Ayurvedic spas. This is known to provide an immense peace and is good for your health as well.

    There are many Ayurvedic spas in Munnar that you can surely enjoy. Thus, not only find the peace on the lap of the Mother Nature but also get relaxed through these Ayurvedic spas.

    Mayura Ayurvedic Centre
    Address: colony road, Munnar, Kerala.

    Aura Ayurveda & Spa (Broad Bean)
    Address: Chithirapuram p.o , Chithirapuram Powerhouse Road, Munnar, Kerala.

    The Grandspa Ayurvedic Wellness & Research Centre
    Address: Moolakadai, Munnar, Kerala.

    Ushus Ayurvedics Munnar | Massage Center In Munnar
    Address: Ushus Ayurvedics, Chithrapuram South, Munnar, Kerala.

  • 22Visit the Tea Museum

    Visit the Tea Museum
    Image Credit :

    Yes, you read it right. There is a tea museum in Munnar where you can know the history of the tea plantation in India and Munnar. The city has a rich history of tea plantation and that all can be witnessed in a tea museum.

    Walk through history, relive the past and take back with you an exceptional experience for the lifetime. The prominent one is the Tata Tea Museum, which is dedicated to the Tata Tea lovers. If you’re the one, then this is a paradise that you should never miss.

    Nullatanni, Munnar, Kerala 685612

  • Resorts in Munnar for Honeymoon

  • 23Mountain Club

    Mountain Club
    Image Credit :

    The Mountain Club is an impeccable mix that offers 5-star features and is advantageously located close to Munnar. This Club is keyed to be, at any given point, arranged to serve its visitors with completely serviceable facilities, gourmet food, and earnest administration, making it one of the best place to stay during your Munnar honeymoon trip.

    The club is surrounded by lush slopes of the Annamalai Ranges, with the towering heft of Anamudi, which is peninsular India's most elevated top, at 2695 meters.

    Conference hall, amphitheater, doctor on call, site seeing trip, campfire, and trekking experience.

    Chinnakanal, Chinnakanal Suryanelli Rd, Munnar, Kerala 685618

    Starting from INR 6500

  • 24Vanya Tree House

    Vanya Tree House
    'Where man goes back to his roots’ - with this slogan Vanya is exactly what it says. The resort is a replica of the life that is actually lived by people in treehouses in Kerala. They have ensured, their treehouse is surrounded by mother nature and the guests see how she keeps us nourished and self-sufficient. 

    Every aspect at Vanya is made in such a way as it reflects the appreciation for Earth and the surroundings.

     The resort is located near to Periyar forest on a 12 acres area. It has a unique forest ambiance property, solar and windmill electricity, traditional methods of storing and fetching water. They provide open air bathing area i.e. Marapura and natural scrub and pea paste instead of soaps. The solar plant and bird watching are major attractions.

    66th mile, Spring Valley, Kumily, Thekkady.

     One day and night stay for two people costs INR 19000
  • 25Camellia & Elettaria Twin Resort

    Camellia & Elettaria Twin Resort
    Image Credit :

    Camellia & Elettaria is the twin resorts located at 17 kilometers from Munnar. The nearest airport is the Cochin International Airport, which is 98 km from the resort. The place is spread in the 22 acres of land and is a perfect place to relax and enjoy nature at its best. The place is best to restore your souls with the sparkling excellence of the Chokramudi slopes and the Kannan Devan ranches. 

    This resort will be the best choice for the individuals who are going to Thekkady in the wake of investigating Munnar. The resort is designed in the European Architecture style and has Eight A/C Wooden Cottages, Eight wedding trip Suites and Eleven suit rooms with sitting out, Drawing room, room with the view to the wide valley and mountain, extensive European Standard washrooms and gallery (around 600 sq ft).

     Currency exchange, doctor on call, fishing and bird watching.

    Pottenkade PO, Ratnagiri, Bison Valley Road, Munnar, Kerala 685565

    Starting from INR 4300

  • 26Tea Country Resort

    Tea Country Resort
    Image Credit :

    Tea Country Resort is a unique resort that is designed meeting all the necessary requirement of a family resort. This is located in the backdrop of beautiful contours. Designed in an unconventional style, it gives out the memorable experience; from the entry till you leave the resort.

    Private garden with a scenic view.

    Thattathimukku, Chithirapuram, Idukki District, Munnar, Kerala 685565

    Price: Starting from INR 5500

  • 27The Fog Resort

    The Fog Resort
    Image Credit :

    The Fog resort is located at the running slope slants and the snuggling mist of Munnar and is 96.3 km away from the Cochin International Airport. The Bison Valley is 11.5 km away from the resort. The rooms and villas are elegantly worked with the sublime perspective of scene providing a variety of activities like billiards, Foosball, chess, caroms, cooking show, pit fire, sari/dhoti exhibit, b-ball loops and swimming pool with the children zone.

    Other than these indoor exercises the resort likewise offers activities of exercises to the visitor; the exercises incorporate tea/cardamom field visit, delicate trekking, elephant safari, flavor manor visit, Kathakali/military martial art show, jeep safari and a lot more. If you adventure freak then these activities in Kerala will leave you awestruck.

     Campfire, trekking, bicycle ride, Kathakali show.

    Eatty City Road, Chithirapuram, Munnar, Kerala 685565

    Price: Starting from INR 6400

  • 28Dream Catcher Resort

    Dream Catcher Resort

    Dream Catcher - a place that combines rustic natural beauty with urban, deluxe luxuries. Boating of personalized services and luxurious amenities, the cottage is often described as a dream come true by guests. Walk outside the property and enjoy hectares of tea and coffee plantations spread around you. Or enjoy barbecued delicacies in the stylish restaurant. The options are limitless at Dream Catcher. 

    Amenities: Free Wi-Fi, TVs,
    and private bathrooms, plus balconies with garden and mountain views. Breakfast is free. Other amenities include an international restaurant, and an Ayurvedic spa with a steam room, as well as tropical gardens with a fire pit, and a library.

    Tea Company, Bisonvalley Road, Ratnagiri.

     Starting from INR 3000

  • 29Nature Zone Resort

    Nature Zone Resort
    Ever been to a jungle resort surrounded by wild trees and luxury tents? If not, here is a chance to go to one such resort. Nature Zone is situated 6 meters above sea level. Guests are welcome to live in tent houses from where the view of the valley is impeccable. This is the reason you should include this place in your list of Munnar honeymoon package.

    It offers a 24-hour front desk as well. If you are an adventurous soul, you would be more than happy to stay in the tree houses. It offers a view of mountains and valleys from its veranda. Also, you can enjoy the open air restaurant with your favorite Indian, Chinese and European dishes on the plate.

    Amenities: Garden, airport shuttle, free parking, restaurant, room service.

    Pulippara, Nullatanni, Munnar, Kerala 685612

    Price: Starting from INR 5000

  • 30The Leaf

    The Leaf
    Image Credit :

    Covered in the misty nature, the Leaf Munnar is located just 12 km away from the Munnar Town. One can enjoy a lovely walk around the herb garden and listen to the melodies of wind. The villas offer a perfect blend of enchanting ambiance and luxuries.

    You can create beautiful memories with facilities and activities like swimming pool, multi-cuisine restaurants, children’s play area, basketball court, and others. Take your Sweetheart to an intimate romantic vacation and enjoy the romantic activities that Munnar offers.

     Clubhouse, basketball court, and plantation walk.

    Chithirapuram PO, Anachal - Amakandam, Munnar, Kerala 685565

    Starting from INR 6000

  • 31Whispering Meadows

    Whispering Meadows
    Image Credit :

    The Whispering Meadows has all the facilities that one would need for a comfortable stay. It is around 2 km away from the Pallivasal, around 8 km from the Munnar bus station and around 140 km away from the Cochin International Airport. It is a perfect summer hill station as it is located at the hillside overlooking the garden and blue mountains. The resort has 21 single/deluxe cottages.

    Campfire, badminton court and doctor on call.

    2nd Mile Palivasal, Kochi - Dhanushkodi Road, Idukki, Munnar, 685565

    Starting from INR 2000

  • Romantic Restaurants in Munnar

  • 32Saravana Bhavan Munnar

    Saravana Bhavan Munnar
    Image Credit :

    For those who always look for authentic South Indian cuisine should surely visit this restaurant. It has more than 100 restaurants in India and serves signature local cuisines at an amazing price.

    One has various options to choose from, like traditionally prepared parathas, appam, puttu, sambar-vada, a wide range of dosas and amazing filter coffee. It is advisable to make a prior-reservation.

    Recommended Dish: Rice dishes,

    Munnar Market, Nullatanni, Munnar, Kerala 685612

  • 33Rapsy Restaurant

    Rapsy Restaurant

    This restaurant is famous for the varieties of food it offers. One of the oldest restaurants, it serves omelets, beef-fry, shakshuka, Mexican salsa, and Kerela biryani. Though small, this restaurant has a huge reputation and attracts food-lovers throughout the year. The restaurant has an ambiance of a hole-in-the-wall, but the tasty food makes up for it.

    Main Bazaar, SH 17, Munnar, Idukki, Kerala 685612

    Recommended Dish: 
    Paratha (Indian-style flaky bread) and biryani.

  • 34Tree Top Restaurant

    Tree Top Restaurant
    Image Credit :

    This holds a good reputation amongst the few good restaurants in the town. This is known to have a good ambiance surrounded by lush greenery.

    They do offer a variety of cuisines, but their specialty is Kerala food; Kerala fish curry, Malabari curry, coconut thoran, and others. It has a tiny café, perfect for a calm evening with the loved ones.

    : Hotel Autumn Trees, Opposite Forest Range Office, NH 49, Devikulam, PO - Munnar.

    Recommended Dish: 
    Fish Curry.

  • 35SN Restaurant

    SN Restaurant
    Image Credit :

    This is an in-house restaurant and is one of the oldest one in Munnar. It serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines from various parts of the nation, like Rajasthan, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, and others.

    They are known to serve the huge thali meals from various regions. Some of the must-haves are appams, saag with bajra roti, dosas, Gujarati kadhi, seafood and others. It’s a perfect place for family dinner.

    A.M. Road, Munnar 685612

    Recommended Dish:
    asala Dosa.

Sightseeing in Munnar

Adventure in Munnar

Attractions in Munnar

Trekking in Munnar

Nature and wildlife in Munnar

Camping in Munnar



Attukal Waterfalls

It is one of the four main waterfalls of Munnar and is very popular among adventure seekers, as the dirt mountain path through the forest gives chills on every step towards Attukal Waterfalls. Take your swimwear as the pool at the bottom of the fall has enough water to dip and bath. 

It is highly recommended that you visit Munnar during Monsoon season if waterfalls top the list of ‘places to visit in Munnar.’ Attukal waterfall is located between Munnar and Pallivasal and can be reached by crossing a wooden bridge. 
The waterfalls in Munnar witness hordes of tourist every year and Attukal is one of those famous waterfalls which is mystically beautiful.

2nd Floor, Mermaid Complex, Nadaiyar road, Munnar 685612

Timings: 9 AM to 7:30 PM

One can pay INR 100 per person to a guide who can lead the trek through the narrow mountain path.


Pothamedu View Point

Drenched in the mist and greenery, Pothamedu viewpoint is a spot worth trekking to. This viewpoint enables a panoramic vista of the valley and if the day is clear, you can also see Muthirapuzha River and Idukki Arch Dam from quite a height. The view is made of a series of emerald hill slopes where tea, coffee, cardamom, and pepper make a blanket of green all over the hills.

While you are enjoying the mesmerizing view of the valley, take a sip of ginger tea from the only tea shop nearby and you would love spending your evening at Pothamedu. Watching the sun slide down the horizon in the vast expanse of the Sahyadri ranges is one perfect way of spending your vacation in this quaint town. 
Pothamedu is one of the many places to visit in Munnar which have a refreshing environ.

Pothamedu, Munnar.

Timings: 9 AM to 7:30 PM

Entry fee: 


TATA Tea Museum

If you are lucky enough to make it during the show timings, you will learn a lot that day. From the early history of Tea Plantation to how British brought Tea culture and cultivation in the region, the toil and hard work of the people who endured during those days, the machineries and tools, the entire process of cultivating, plucking, drying and final packaging of Tea; almost everything you learn in just a half an hour documentary that is played here. 

You will also get to see the typewriters, magneto phone, the hand tea roller,
and manual calculators and iron oven which have been very useful tools during the earlier days. This is one of the best tourist places in Munnar.

Nullatanni, Munnar, Kerala 685612

Timings: It remains closed on Monday and opens from 9 AM till 5 PM on all the remaining days of the week.

Entry fee:
The entry fee for adults is INR 75 per head and for children of a particular age group is INR 35.


Chokramudi Peak

This isolated elevated piece of a hill is a site that hooks you for hours. Chokramudi is situated at 7,200 ft above sea level in the Eravikulam National Park. It is short and easy trek which can be done in a day and since it comes under the national forest it is masked by lush green Shola forest. 

Pothamedu is the trek base which is situated an hour drive from Munnar and the trek can be of 4 to 5 hours covering a distance of 10 KM upwards. Soak in the fresh air when you reach the top of the peak, if you do an early morning trek, you can also witness the fiery sunrise and herds of Nilgiri Tahr departing for livestock. 
Chokramudi is indeed a great experience and one of the incredible places to visit in Munnar.

Idukki, Kerala 685565

Timings: All day.

Price: Prices may vary depending on the trek group you chose.


Eravikulam National Park

This national park is home to the endangered Nilgiris Tahr, which is located in Devikulam Taluk of Idukki district and covers a total area of 97 square kilometers. After the Nilgiri Tahr, Neelakurinji flowers are the second major attraction of this park because this flower blooms once after every 12 years. Anamudi (2695 m), the highest peak of south India also takes abode in Eravikulam National Park. 

It is under the care of the Kerala Department of Forest and Wildlife, Munnar and is situated along the crest of Western Ghats. The subtropical moist broadleaf forest and evergreen tropical forest are commonly known as “Shoals” in the region which is layered on the high hill slopes. The tributaries of Periyar and Chalakudy rivers chisel down these slopes in the form of small rivulets and you can also see Lakhom waterfall within the Park.

Location: The Wildlife Warden Munnar PO, Idukki, Kerala, 685612

7:30 AM to 4 PM on all the seven days of the week.

Entry fee: An entry fee of INR 65 for Indian citizens and INR 245 for foreign nationals.


Kundala Lake

Embark on a journey to Top Station and find this beautiful mirror-like lake after around 20 KM of a drive. The breath-taking backdrops of green hill slopes, the majestic sunrises, the unparalleled beauty of cherry blossoms and a blue blanket of the famous Neela Kurunji flowers which bloom only once every twelve year makes this place a dreamy location and is one of the main Munnar tourist places.

This artificial lake has Asia’s first Arch dam and the water engages the tourists in different kinds of boating experience such as rowboats, Kashmiri
shikara boats, and pedal boats. A vast golf course that belongs to Tata Tea Ltd and a nearby waterfall known as Aruvikkad Waterfall is also situated in proximity to the lake which can be visited in a single trip.

Kundale Lake, Kannan Devan Hills, Kerala 685615

Timings: All day.

Price: None.


Mattupetty Dam

Almost 13 km off the Munnar town, Mattupetty Dam is a famous holiday spot for tourists. This beautiful hill station is hemmed in by Anamudi Peak covered with undulating slopes of tea gardens with an emerald lake in the middle of the place where people often indulge in speed boating. 

Carefully watch the stillness in water; you would notice the rippling reflection of the lush tea gardens on the sides. The height at which Mattupetty is located is around 1,700 m which makes the Dam to be one of the highest Dams in Munnar. 

This is one of the attractions in Munnar that goes on everyone’s to-do list because Mattupetty is dream destination Munnar and the Dam falls en route. Just a few kilometers away from the Dam lies the lake which is settled amid the tea gardens and Shola forest; one of the places to visit in Munnar that goes without saying.

Mattupetty, Munnar, Kerala 685616.

All day.

Entry fee: 
INR 10


Photo Point

This is a picturesque curve on the Nilgiri slopes which is located at a distance of around 3 km from Munnar on the way to Top station and Mattupetti. Photo point truly justifies its name and if you do not think the location has nothing as such to offer while driving through the undulating plains, take a pause, come out of your car and get clicked here, you would notice how photogenic the place is. 

The flickering leaves of the tea garden and the twittering brooks, the scenic hills, and the floating clouds; everything in one picture, it is really an amazing location to take out your camera which makes it one of the best Munnar tourist places.

SH18, Kannan Devan Hills, Kerala 685612

 10 AM - 8 PM

Entry fee:


Top Station

Greeting visitors all around the year, Top Station Munnar lies amidst three mountain streams, at the confluence of Mudrapuzha, Kundala, and Nallathanni mountain ranges. Top Station is a part of reckoned Kannan Devan hill station encircled all around by magnificent views. Turn around your eyes and lose yourself in the sophistication of rich green valleys! 

Here, there are ample of Neelakurinji flowers blooming once after every 12 years. Tourists from far off places visit here for a picture-perfect shot of these rich and luxurious blue flowers. Once a while, this beautiful place was a well-known trans-shipment tea delivery point connecting Munnar with Bodinayakkanur. You can still find some remains of Top Station’s ropeway station there.

Never miss on to accompany yourself with your DSLR’s to snap down a panoramic view of the mighty Western Ghats. Standing at the top station, you can have a bird’s eye view of the township that lays all along the downfall.  All over the path that leads you towards Top Station Munnar, has a beautiful exhibit of blooming flowers. These belong to the rarest varieties and are endearing enough to leave you amazed with both their beauty and fragrance. 

Location: Top Station Hwy, Munnar.

Timings: 6 AM to 6 PM

Entry fee: None.



Around 15 KM from Munnar lies Rhodovalley which is famous for the blooming Rhodendron trees and there sits the peak of Meesapulimala at an elevation of 8000 ft above sea level. This is the first highest peak in the Munnar region that can be trekked as Anamudi has restrictions.

The peak shares the border of Kerala and Tamilnadu and is a moderate trek of one day that goes through passing eight hills to reach the top. The place is idyllic and is enough to attain peace making it one of the best Munnar tourist places.

Meesapulimalai, Idukki.

: All day.

Entry fee: None.


Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

Skirted by Eravikulam National Park in the south and by the Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary in the north, Chinnar wildlife sanctuary is home to the famous endangered India grizzled giant squirrel, and also a soothing habitat for Elephants, Hanuman Monkeys, tufted grey langur, Gaur, Spotted Deer, Crocodile, Tiger, slender Loris, Leopard along with a plethora of plant and bird species.

The Forest Department and the Eco-development Committees of the local tribal communities encourage eco-tourism in the sanctuary enabling a wild encounter in a friendlier manner.

Munnar - Udumalpet Road, Munnar, Kerala 685612

Timings: 8 AM - 5 PM

Entry fee: INR 10 for Indian adults, INR 5 for children and INR 100 for foreign nationals.


Lockhart Gap

Refreshing, picturesque and serene; Lock hart Gap is the landscape where floating mist is found on the blue layers of hills which can be seen from this spot in Munnar. Lockhart Gap is located at around 12 to 13 km from Munnar on the way to Mattupetti. 

The expansive panorama of green tea slopes, the streaks of white cotton mist and the ultra blue skyline made of mist-clad hills and the sharp winding mountain roads; the place is remarkably special if you want to spend an hour of solitude in this cave quiet valley. 

The name is referred to a gap between two mountains which looks like the shape of a heart which can be witnessed from this vantage point. Breathe the fresh tea scent and watch the clouds settling on the hilltop while the Sun is ready to leave, you will realize that you are at one of the best Munnar tourist places.

Location: Munnar-Madurai National highway, Mattupetti, Kerala.

Timings: All day.

Entry fee: None.


Lakkom Water Falls

This waterfall is part of the Eravikulam National Park and falls on the route to Udumalaipettai from Munnar. It originates from the Eravikulam stream at around 30 km off Munnar. Travel through the thick tea plantation on a narrow winding trail and witness this silky white magic of nature. In the clear water of the pool below, you can even see your toe twiddling on the rocks.

The water takes a plunge out of a thick green forest from afar and the sight of this small yet charming waterfall is spellbinding. There is a small shop situated a little away from the fall that serves mouth-watering Kerala food, like fish, rice, sambhar etc. It is one of the sightseeing places in Munnar which commands your attention.

Munnar - Udumalpet Rd, Marayur.

9 AM to 4 PM

Entry fee:
INR 20 


Rose Garden

The aromatic floating fumes of a plethora of plant species, fruits, flowers and crops in a 2acre stretch, brimming with varied colors on a 360-degree pan is a place that only lies in Munnar. One of the perfect Munnar tourist places which you just cannot afford to miss while you are in Munnar. 

This is actually a maze of a number of pretty flowers like Dahlias, Rose, Chrysanthemums, and plants like pepper, cardamom, vanilla etc at a height of 3500 feet above the sea level. The name sounds a little misleading in that way because there are a variety of flowers which are following the contours and slopes and beautifying the place and not just Roses. 
However, this is one of the attractions in Munnar that leaves a mark on the visitors. 

The spices and other fruits which are planted in this garden along with other flowers release unique fragrances in the air which makes you feel very refreshing while you are enjoying the sheer bliss of watching the beauty around.

Karadippara, Kerala 685561

INR 20 per person

10 AM to 5 PM


Wonder Valley Adventure & Amusement Park

This amusement park in Munnar is one of the few places to visit in Munnar to enjoy myriads of fun activities such as Dashing Cars, 12D Rider, Zip Line, Charlie Chaplin Walk, and Natural Waterfall under one roof. This one and only amusement park are situated at Anachal in Munnar. 

From rain dancing to Lazy river and Wave pool; the water activities are as thrilling as the adventure activities like rock climbing, rainforest trek trails. From Bungee Jump to Play port to nature walks and Treehouses; this place is painstakingly made for the sheer pleasure of enjoying the adventures.

This is one of the tourist places in Munnar that is packed with oodles of fun and joy and has something for everyone.

No. 89, Chithirapuram P.O, Anachal, Idukki District, Munnar, Kerala 685565

Entry fee:
INR 800 per person

8:30 AM - 5:30 PM


Carmelagiri Elephant Park

As the name suggests, at Carmelagiri Elephant Park, one gets to indulge in some exhilarating excursions which take around the park while you settle atop the back of an Elephant. Take a half- day or an hour-long tour of the rolling verdant slopes, sprawling tea plantation, and a vibrant park full of sky touching trees, you would love the wilderness of the place.

Keep your camera ready as you traverse around this scenic destination to click or to get yourself clicked. Hitching on the back of a Huge Elephant and traversing the park is a fun activity and can only be enjoyed at Camelahiri Elephant Park in Munnar.

 Mattuppetty Road, Munnar, Kannan Devan Hills, Kerala 685612

Timings: 9 AM to 5 PM

Entry fee:
INR 400 per head for a 15-minute ride.

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