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12 Things To Do In Your Kerala Honeymoon Tour Package


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    Best of Kerala | Fly & Stay | 7 Days/6 Nights
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    Mesmerizing Kerala - 5 Nigths & 6 Days Ex. Mumbai
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    Wonders of Kerala - Fly & Stay Ex. Delhi
    • 01Best of Kerala | Fly & Stay | 7 Days/6 Nights

      Best of Kerala | Fly & Stay | 7 Days/6 Nights
      • d7 Daysn6 Nights
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      • Describing the God's Own Country, Kerala is actually a hard task but here comes an enticing tour package from Delhi that would cover the pulsating destinations Kerala is always proud of.
      • Start your journey from Munnar, the hilly region and continue through the seaside locations to the thick forests to the historical sites and capture some opulent moments in this small region of wonders alone.
      • Mark your footprints in Munnar, Alleppey, Kovalam and other parts of the capital city, Trivandrum while you partake in this 7 day tour.
      • The package includes food, accommodation and transportation during the entire trip which is inclusive of air transfers.
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      Kerala Honeymoon Tour Packages


      Marriages are made in heaven and what better way to create the first memories of togetherness than in ‘God’s own country’! Crowned as one of the best honeymoon destination in India, Kerala is blessed with several romantic destinations that sprouts love and tenderness.  Starting from majestically high mountains to dazzling rivers; surreal hill stations to lazy backwaters; extravagant houseboats to calming beaches - Kerala offers you a complete romantic escapade into wilderness. 

      Regardless of your constraints, there is always a Kerala honeymoon tour packages which caters to your needs perfectly. There is much that you can do on this tour, some of which are given below.

      Things to do on your honeymoon tour of Kerala:

      1. Houseboat Cruise in Alleppey 

      Image: Houseboat in Alleppey

      A houseboat cruise is a must have on every Kerala honeymoon tour packages. Create romantic memories with your beloved on a private Houseboat cruise in Allepey. Enjoy a tranquil and serene voyage while the 'Kettuvallam' effortlessly waddles through the mystical backwaters. Well-equipped with bath-attached bedrooms, open lounge and a small kitchen, this cruise will spoil the honeymooners with all the luxuries of a star hotel. A well-appointed crew constituting of a cook, guide and oarsman makes sure that the newlyweds are well taken care of as well. Snuggle up with your partner while the boat smoothly takes you on a soothing journey of a lifetime.

      [Enjoy your stay in a house boat with our Alleppey backwater tours]

      2. Camping in Wayanad 

      An enchanting green paradise, Wayanad is ensconced by the Western Ghats Mountains. Blessed with exotic forests, exciting wildlife and pristine surroundings, Wayanad offer the romantic couples a fair share of excitement and thrill on their romantic holiday. No Kerala honeymoon tour package is complete without a memorable camping trip at Wayanad.

      Wake up to a breathtaking sunrise with a symphony of birds, spend your day together hiking through the lush forest, pedal off on a forest trail or just sit back and breathe in the serenity of the valley. In the evening get mesmerized by the beauty of the sunset and enjoy a night under the star-studded sky.

      [ Spend time with nature and indulge in the  Best of Kerala Eco Tour]

      3. Go for Dolphin Spotting at Payyambalam beach

      Photo Credit- Ricardo Liberato

      Payyambalam beach is one of the most beautiful and mesmerizing beach in India. The long stretch of white sand along with crystal clear green-blue water makes it an ideal honeymoon destination. Rich in flora and fauna this heavenly beach is sure to carry away all your senses with a pleasant note. You can also enjoy a long romantic evening walk with your partner on the beautiful and placid beach of Payyambalam.

      While in Payyambalam remember to take up the thrilling opportunity of visiting the playful and fun-loving Dolphins in their natural habitat. An interesting attraction in the Kerala honeymoon tour package is sighting of these mammals. Well-equipped boats and experienced guides are sure to provide you with an unforgettable experience.

      [Enjoy the untouched beauty of the state in the Kerala Sightseeing Tour ]

      4. Go for Boating in Banasura Sagar Dam

      Live your dream of leisurely boating with your beloved alongside the azure waters, with a gently blowing cool breeze and a picturesque mountain range in the backdrop! This largest earthen dam of India, located at the base of Banasura Hills is a visual treat for the eyes. The most popular attraction at the dam is the variety of boating services available for the guests. Take your pick from the pulse-raising speed boat or the leisurely paddle boat.  Enjoy the panoramic views of the blissful surroundings while you travel through the quiet waters. With a heavenly vista, calm water and cool breeze Banasura Boating trip is a must on any romantic Kerala honeymoon tour packages.

      5. Spice Plantation Walk, Wayanad

      The enthralling spice plantations walks are a must for anybody visiting the beautiful town of Wayanad. It is said that ‘no Kerala honeymoon tour is complete without this walk.’ While exploring through the spice garden you also get an opportunity to treat yourself with the exotic smell and taste of freshly grown spices, amidst a lush and beautiful backdrop. Sage, cardamom, cinnamon, pepper, nutmeg, thyme, and vanilla are some of the spices that are popularly grown in these gardens. The visitors can even purchase freshly grown spices from the garden during their visits. Couples can also spend time bird watching, while walking in the serene surroundings.

      [Enjoy yourself with our Spice Plantation walk in Wayanad] 

      6.  Visit the Ruined Jain temple of Wayanad

      Built in the 13th century, this temple is one of the oldest Jain temples spread all over Kerala. It is also believed that this temple served as an essential commercial centre and ammunition store for the marching armies of Tipu Sultan. Confirming a strong existence of Jainism, this temple has a carving of Lord Mahavira in its innermost chamber. The main chamber of the temple is adorned with carved pillars. Although the splendors of these pillars have worn out over time, a trip to this shrine can still captivate you with its architectural brilliance. If historical sites interest you then do include this in your Kerala honeymoon tour packages.

      7. Take a Walk on Kuruva Island

      Kerala honeymoon tour offers you the mystical sight of the Kuruva Island - a heady mix of small streams, mini forests and bamboo groves. This highly preferred destination which is spread over 950 acres is a triangular piece of land encircled by the Kabini River on all sides. Cross the river on bamboo rafts and enter this beautiful land. If you are looking to get away from the hustle-bustle of normal lives, and get acquainted with your partner, this island is the answer to your prayers. There is nothing much to do here except soak up the sun. Just enjoy the company of your partner while you walk together getting lost in luscious greenery and scenic beauty of the surroundings. 

      [Traverse through fresh air and coniferous woods in the wildlife tour of Kerala]

      8. Visit Soochipara Falls

      Photo Credit- Rejoyce Hose 

      Thundering water cascading down 300 feet above ground is what the visitors are treated with when they visit the famous Soochipara Falls. Located about 13 km from Meppady, Soochipara Falls offers one of the most exhilarating picture of nature’s paradise. The awe-inspiring beauty of this destination will keep you mesmerized.  Engage in a playful water rendezvous with your partner in the numerous small spring and water pools in the vicinity or indulge in an exotic nature walk. You can also try your hand at various recreational activities like river rafting and rock-climbing. All in all an endearing date with nature in its full bloom.

      [Explore the best of Kerala's wildlife sanctuaries]

      9.  Go Para Sailing at Payyambalam Beach

      The Payyambalam beach in the Kannur district is a fairly secluded and desolated beach in the state. Although a relatively new entry in Kerala honeymoon tour packages, this beautiful beach is just the place for adventure lovers. The young couple can feel a rush of adrenaline while trying the ever exciting para sailing. The panoramic view from a height of 300 feet is something which you will always remember. You will get an overwhelmingly magnificent view of the Arabian Sea, the pristine white beach and the dazzling coconut groves. You can also try your hand on various water sports available at the beach like banana boat ride, ringo boat ride and boating,

      [Enjoy your farm stay in Marayoor Valley along with primitive cave drawing]

      10. Go for Calicut Boat tour

      The most endearing and enchanting attraction of Kerala is its mystical backwaters. No holiday to Kerala can be complete without a boat trip in the alluring backwaters of this green paradise. Calicut boat tour offers you an undaunted and pictorial view of ‘God’s own country.’ Travel with your spouse in a traditional houseboat called Kettuvallam, a specialty of this heavenly state. It is a comfortable option of accommodation that combines privacy and luxury both. The tour will allow you to enjoy the beauty of various rustic villages and settlements developed around the region. The luscious greenery and pristine beauty of undisturbed nature will mesmerize you with peace and serenity! 

      [Cherish the moments at Calicut Boat Tour with Thrillophilia

      11.  Cycling through Spice Plantations, Munnar

      Situated at the conjuncture of three mountain streams, Munnar is blessed with magnificently high mountains, deep-cut valleys and canyons. The climate and terrain of Munnar makes it an ideal ground for spice plantations.  Various spices like rosemary, mint, basil, sage and vanilla are vastly cultivated in separate sections of the beautifully etched spice plantations. The atmosphere here is rich with the sweet and pleasant smells of different spices. The exotic aroma of spices and the beauty of the gardens are sure to prove a sensory delight. A bike ride with your beloved through the lush green cover of these spice gardens can prove to be therapeutic.  

      [ Explore the  Spice Plantation with Thrillophilia

      12. Forest Trail in Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary

      Photo Credits- Pranav Bhasin- Flickr

      The thick and dense forest of Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary offers you an exciting opportunity to witness the rich wildlife of Kerala roaming and breathing freely in their natural habitat. Enroll for a pulse racing trek through the deep jungles of Periyar and feel the thrill of being so close to the wilderness. Accompanied by a trained personnel you can bump into the sanctuary’s famous residents like the Giant squirrel, Elephant, Bison, Deer and several other species. The trail passes through valleys and hills filled with a huge variety of tropical plants. Experience the blissful silence of the forest, where the only ‘noise’ is the chirping of birds and hustling of trees.

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