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    Gagron Fort Trek

    Gagron Fort  is among the rare forts which are both a vana and a jala durg - i.e. both water-protected and air-protected.

    It is surrounded by forests and has behind it the Mukundarrah range of hills.

    Gagron is a result of sacrifice of the womenfolk and superb heroism of its Khinchi rulers.

    Immortal Raja Achaldas Khinchi held this fort valiantly against the Mandu ruler Hoshang Shah of Malwa.

    When he was sure of defeat he along with his battalion of Rajputs rushed out of the open flung gates of the fort and attained martyrdom.

    Their ladies performed Johar.

    Gagron was once a teeming city in medieval India.

    It ranked supreme in this part of Malwa when Bundi / Kota / Jhalawar were yet to appear as states on the princely map of the country.

    How to get there

    By Air: The nearest airport is at Udaipur, about 284 kms away from Jhalawar.

    By Train: The district is connected with rails at four places viz. Jhalawar Road, Choumahala, Pachpahar and Bhawani Mandi which comes in the way of Delhi-Mumbai broad gauge line of Western Railway.

    By Road: Almost all the towns and most of the important places are well connected with the district headquarter.

    The Jaipur-Bhopal National Highway also passes through Jhalawar.

    Nearest Town: Kota

    Distance: Delhi - Jhalawar : 584 km

    Best time to visit: October to March

    Exact Location: 12 km away from Jhalawar.


    While trekking in this area keep in mind that make sure that you do not dirty the surrounding places.

    All the waste should be gathered and disposed off away from the camping site.

    Other Attractions

    • Jhalawar Fort (Garh Palace)
    • Government Museum
    • Bhawani Natya Shala
    • Ren Basera, Jhalara Patan
    • Gagron Fort, Buddhist Caves and Stupas
    • Atishay Jain Temples
    • Chandkheri (Khanpur)
    • Bhimsagar Dam, Dalhanpur (Chhapi Dam)
    • Bhimgarh - Kakuni
    • Manohar Thana Fort
    • Jain Swetambar Nageshwar Parshwanath Temple (Unhel) and Fort of Gangdhar.

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