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Trekking Places Near Mumbai

Andharban Forest , Kalsubai, Rajmachi Fort , Lohagad Fort, Karnala Fort , Kanheri Caves , Harischandragadh Fort , Garbett , Mahuli Fort , Tikona Fort and many more.

Quaint environment, lush green hills, mesmeric landscapes, vibrant trails, and an ultimate source of a thrilling adventure - Trekking near Mumbai brings you closer to nature’s glory and impeccable beauty of Western Ghats. Away from the chaos of the city, trekking gives you moments of solitude and peace.

Treks near Mumbai come across peaks with varying heights and difficulty levels that make them suitable for all sorts of trekkers. The soothing energy and freshness of dense forests drift you away from all the worries. Picturesque hills and surreal sights are enough to turn your holiday into the most amazing experience. For adventure enthusiasts, trekking spots near Lonavala and Durshet are great options to feel the adrenaline rush.

Also, trekking places near Mumbai like Rajmachi Fort, Visapur Fort, and Lohagarh fort allows you to discover Maratha's history while a paradisal view of Andharban Forest Trek, Kalsubai Trek, Garbett Trek are enough to quench the thirst of any adventure seeker. If looking for a perfect way to spend weekends, trekking is the ultimate source of exploring the outdoors and rejuvenating yourself.

Here's a look at some of the most popular trekking tours in and around Mumbai.

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"one of the best Trek celebrated Independence Day at top, enjoyed a lot by exploring new peoples, I would specially thanks the best ,caring and friendly host Atit and Smith team who assured me that I m solo traveler while coming to trek but while going I will be hand full of memories, and really the same thing happened with me and these guys kept their words . \nfinally I will conclude it was really awesome day thank you thrillophilia for making my day. "
"Rajmachi trek was an amazing experience, of course given its beauty any nature lover would get mesmerised, BUT what matters more in such trekking experience is the trekking companions. Sagar Shinde is a great guy and true professional, he went beyond and make us have a great experience even though our trekking group reduced to just a couple of us. I am posting some pics that would be just glimpse of trek and the one with the trek guide Sagar who helped us trek such beautiful place."
"sandan valley trek and waterfall rappelling visit..."
"Thank you Thrillophilia for making the adventure worth it. My group of 8 is really glad by your service and the team of instructors really made us comfortable! We would choose Thrillophilia in the near future for all our adventures! Thanks a lot."
"It is one of the most beautiful and easiest trek around Mumbai .It should be on the top of the bucket list for those who love rain and waterfalls.The best time to go for this trek is in monsoon. The only drawback is if you go late in morning then it gets crowded."
enjoyed. well organised - thanks
24 February 2021
It was a wonderful experience... Thank you Team for this amazing experience
The Trek was amazing!! Not Complaints about that but it wasn't well organized. We were supposed to board the bus at 7 but we boarded the bus at 10:30. We were supposed to reach bari and start the trek by 2 am. But we reached at 4 am and started the trek at 4:30. And we also missed the sunrise. This really needs to be taken care of
12 March 2020
I have done trekking earlier but this trek was completely different, we started the trek at midnight and it was an unforgettable experience, we visited the peak and the weather was a bit cozy. The guide was energetic right from the start and showed us the best path. We all enjoyed it and had the best memories there.
Very good place and worth visiting. The guide was excellent and tell us the stories of the place, we really enjoyed his company. We had a group of 16 and we had unlimited fun in just a short span of time. A big recommendation from our side.

People Also Ask About Trekking in Mumbai

  1. Which are the best treks near Mumbai?

    Choosing the best among all is quite a difficult task. To make it easy for you, here’s a list of the best treks in Mumbai.

    1. Andharban Forest Trek: The majestic hills and the verdant sights of almost all the treks near Mumbai are enough to ignite the excitement in trekkers. Covered with dense forest, Andharban Forest Trek will thrill you with cascading waterfalls and green-clad hills. A Sahyadri forest in the Tamhini Ghats, Andharban forest is a treat for the eyes. The trek starts from the Pimpri dam and ends at Bhira dam covering a distance of around 13 km.

    Pimpri, Maharashtra
    Price: INR 1.240 per adult

    2. Kalsubai Trek: There are too many trekking places in Mumbai that are thrilling and adventurous. One of the highest peaks in Maharashtra at an altitude of 5400 ft., the Kalsubai trek is admired for the blissful greenery and mystic beauty. Captivating sunrise view fills the heart with joy, making Kalsubai one of the best options for trekking near Mumbai. This trek offers mystic views of several other ranges like Alang, Kulang, Ghanchakkar, and more.

    Location: Igatpuri, Maharashtra
    Price: Starting from INR 549 per Adult

    3. Rajmachi Fort Trek: 
    The tiny piece of paradise is characterized by water springs, lush greenery, and captivating hues, making it a legendary trek for adventure enthusiasts. At an altitude of 2700 ft., the place has two forts, Manaranjan Fort and the Shrivardhan forest. This trek includes exploring the village life, captivating sunrise, and picturesque sites, and is considered to be one of the best trekking places near Mumbai.

    Location: Lonavala
    Price: Starting from INR 1,299 per Adult
    Timings: 7:00 PM to 12:00 PM

    4. Lohagad Trek: The most popular trek near Mumbai is to Lohagad Fort which is located at a height of 3,389 ft., offering spectacular views. With historic relevance, the place is enriched with picturesque landscapes. Wrapped with lush green moss, the fort is situated on the ranges of Sahyadri hills and consists of four doors. This trek includes witnessing the four gates, named- Ganesh Darwaja, Hanuman Darwaja, Narayan Darwaja, Maha Darwaja.

    Location: Lonavala
    Price: Starting from INR 680 per Adult

    5. Karnala Fort Trek: Trekking in Karnala gives you ample opportunities to observe the community and nature’s incredibility at the same time. The Karnala fort, located on the hill, was built even before 1400 AD. This trek is short and relaxing, making it one of the aptest trekking places near Mumbai for beginners. The fort is 125 ft. high surrounded by the bird sanctuary which gives you an additional spot to visit. 

    Karnala, Maharashtra
    Price: Starting from INR 1,129 per Adult
    Timings: 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM

    6. Kanheri Caves Trek: Situated within the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, the caves are adorned with ecstatic Buddhist artwork which signifies the great rock-cut masterpieces. This place of trekking in Mumbai will make a place in the hearts of trekkers that admire sculptures, paintings, and inscriptions. This trek is devised to provide you with the experience of magnificent Indian culture, without compromising your comfort and convenience.

    Near Borivali, Mumbai
    Price: starting from INR 600 per Adult
    Timings: 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM

    7. Harishchandragad Fort Trek: it an altitude of 4,665 ft., the Harishchandragad Trek thrills experienced trekkers as it is challenging yet rewarding. The trek is quite a popular spot for tourists. The intrigued caves all around the fort turn the trekking experience into delight. This trek includes rappelling and camping that adds more adventure. The major attraction of the trek is Konkan Kada and the holy Ganesh Cave.

    Ahmednagar, Maharashtra
    Price: Starting from INR 1,720 per Adult

    8. Garbett Trek: With scenic views and pleasant moss, the Garbett Plateau Trek is exhilarating and fun. The steep slopes and rocky passages make the trek even more exciting. This trek near Mumbai offers a surreal view of the Matheran.  Garbett Trek gives the opportunity to not only capture the beauty of the Garbett Plateau but also to see ecstatic views of reversed waterfalls. 

    Diksal, Maharashtra 
    Price: Starting from INR 1,199 per Adult
    Timings: 8:00 AM to 8:30 PM

    9. Mahuli Fort Trek: Just 92 km away from Mumbai. The Mahuli Fort is situated on a secluded hill on the west of the Sahyadri Range of Mountains. Enveloped with lush green forests and misty clouds, the fort trek is a paradise for all rock climbers. The trek includes guidance from the professional to assure your safety and to and fro meeting point transportation to make your trek hassle-free.

    Thane, Maharashtra
    Price: Starting from INR 700 per Adult
    Timings: 7:00 AM to 9:30 PM
  2. Which are the best Forts Near Mumbai For Trekking?

    Some of the best forts that are within 120 km from Mumbai are Harishchandragad Fort, Rajmachi Fort, Mahuli Fort, and Lohagad Fort that are loved by adventure seekers looking for trekking near Mumbai. The following is the list of the best forts near Mumbai for Trekking:

    1. Visapur Fort: Forts near the ‘entertainment city of India’ allures the trekkers for an exhilarating adventure and are considered to be one of the best trekking places in Mumbai.
    At an altitude of 1084 meters, Visapur Fort provides a thrilling and must-to-do experience. Especially during the monsoons, the place is seen in its glory with the green hues covering the landscapes.

    2. Alang Fort: Plateau with intriguing caves and cisterns, the Alang Fort promises a thrilling experience that gives an adrenaline rush to the trek lovers. One of the toughest spots for trekking in Mumbai, the trek is suitable for experienced ones.

    3. Tikona Fort: One of the popular trekking spots, the Tikona Fort is at a height of 3500 meters. The Pawna Dam here offers breathtaking views. Located 122km away from Mumbai, the place offers a great trekking experience.

    4. Ratangad Fort: With a mesmeric rock cavity known as ‘Nedhe’, the Ratangad Fort offers stunning sightseeing and scenic backgrounds. The fort is at a distance of 142 km from Mumbai and is known to be 2000-year-old.
  3. What is the best time to go trekking near Mumbai?

    The best time to go trekking near Mumbai is either during the winters or monsoon months as summers can get extremely warm. However, during the monsoon months of July to September, some places receive heavy rainfall, making them less idle for trekking. Therefore, October-March is idly the best time to go trekking near Mumbai.
  4. How difficult is Rajmachi Trek?

    Rajmachi Trek’s difficulty level is from easy to high or moderate, depending on the route you take. The trek is easier if started from the base village Udhewadi, making it suitable for beginners. The experienced ones can take the route of Kondana Caves or Tungarli Lake as it is quite difficult.
  5. Is the Lohagad trek easy?

    The Lohagad trek is easy which makes it appropriate for the first-time trekking experience. The trekking route can easily be covered even at the time of monsoon. Novice trekkers can experience the thrill of trekking at Lohagad. The trek is easy due to its straight path which would feel like a leisure walk.
  6. Is the Rajmachi trek difficult?

    The difficulty level of the Rajmachi trek is medium. Trekking routes from the Tungarli Lake or Kondane Caves can be difficult for beginners. Trekking in the monsoon here is difficult as the path becomes a little slippery. However, taking a different route like the one from the base village of Udhewadi is preferable for beginners.
  7. Is the Kalsubai trek difficult?

    The Kalsubai trek is moderately difficult as the route passes through fields, jungles, streams, and rocky terrains. For beginners, the trek is usually difficult. The trail is easy at the starting, but it becomes a bit difficult on the way up. For trekkers' safety, iron ladders are built along the vertical hill.
  8. How can I reach Harishchandragad from Nasik?

    You can reach Harishchandragad from Nasik by bus, car or train. Going by car is convenient but buses are also available from Nasik to Alephata. You can change the bus from Alephata to Malsej Ghat to reach Harishchandragad. The railway station nearest to this trekking spot is Nasik Road and Karjat.