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Best Trekking Tours in Mumbai



Sucheta Namboothiri

04 January 2016

Challenging but worth it. Landscapes are beautiful. It was well organised trip right from the transportation to the food arrangements. Our guide was very good and had lot of knowledge about the place. From the peak view is mind blowing.


Bhushit Joshi

12 November 2015

This was truly a rejuvenating and refreshing experience for me and my family. This fort is Surrounded by a dense forest, the Takmak Fort offers splendid views.

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Tanushree Verma

21 November 2015

Rajmachi Fort is located near near Lonavala. We walked and trekked about 20kms from Lonavala station to Rajmachi fort. We have to cross a U-shaped valley. On the way, we came across many waterfalls among which few were really beautiful. We went for trekking in the month of August i.e. rainy season. Its best o go there in during rains because rains keeps you fresh and energetic in that location. Near fort there is a very small town. The local people give their homes on rent and also provide food. The food is really very good and cheap too (keeping the location in mind). We can travel more than half of the way by vehicles. There are no toilets...we have to do it in open :P Its a must visit place. One cannot forget this experience!


Vishwamitra Khatri

14 September 2015

Lohagad trek was really easy, and easily exessaible. we tooka train from pune to lonavala and got down at malavi stn. we started our trek from the malavi station. it was a really easy and beautiful trek. the rain made it perfect to climb making it a bit adventurous. once on top you will actually fall in the love of the view. pne side yoou see beautiful pawna lake and another side the express highway and kamshet hill. it was really good we had a group who was chill and wanted to explore. also, dont forget to go to the scorpion stretch!. its amazing part of the fort and a long beautiful walk. just go for it and enjoy the rains.


Trisha Mukhopadhyay

01 January 2016

The bus journey to Lonar was very exciting. We reached there early morning and the weather was very pleasant. Breakfast was served after sometime and then the group leaders took some time to give us an insight about the day. The entire day was very exciting and there were activities spread out throughout the day. Foods were really good. Star gazing at the night sky was the best part of this trail in Lonar.


Arjun Kapoor

01 December 2015

It was such a blissful experience for me and my other friends. Never though we can have such a peaceful and quiet trekking experience around a busy city like Mumbai. The trekking trails were all green in colour as the monsoon was already there. We got everything that we were promised. Moreover, it was very easy to book the package and the trek guides and arrangements made was really good.