Wildlife Tours in Mumbai

Situated on the Western Ghats, enriched by the niche of the sea life, residing in the Arabian Sea and bordered by the abundant forests and hills, Mumbai is more than a commercial pivot and can be viewed through the lens of Wildlife as well. Living in the heart of the city with concrete skyscrapers standing tall on the horizon, it is rather difficult to imagine that this city can offer something more natural. Many describe this city as the ‘New York’ of India as well. But when you get the time out from the rat-race and you yearn to indulge and scout out, wildlife tours in Mumbai can be a gateway to many such destinations in the outskirts to head out and explore. With Thrillophilia at your service, your search for a learning quest into the Wildlife close to Mumbai can come true anytime. Bordering with Karnataka, the options of Wildlife and endangered animal reserves are widened. The Western Ghats offers one of the richest flora and fauna of India and the number of locations to visit is in plenty. Thrillophilia has tie-ups with all the sanctuaries around and even organizes educational tours for all age groups.


Photography as both a hobby and a profession has got the interests of many people around the globe with social media being the catalyst here. Imagine having a photography workshop into the wild with animals moving around in their natural habitat. Thrillophilia also organizes such camps and activities that can include Wildlife tours in Mumbai. Is the city life of Mumbai becoming overwhelming or are you in Mumbai and have enough time to kill? Use this time and feeling as an opportunity and get to explore the wildlife on the Ghats. Every location will always have a different experience to present.

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