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Best Biking Tours in Mumbai



Govinda Chopra

16 March 2017

Our trip was for 17 days bike tour in Ladakh. It was one of the most amazing trip. We were provided with our bikes 350cc Royal Enfield and 200cc. Those were the best and riding through the rough terrains in those beasts is something which we all want to do once. We also had a spare bike and a jeep with us throughout the trip. The accommodation and transport facilities provided to us were impeccable. The food was extremely good and our guide was very well versed in everything. He used to take care of everything for us. The camping tents were good as well. Would definitely love to visit again.


Gudakesa Bhattacharya

31 July 2015

For those of you who do not know, Manali is a beautiful hill town on the banks of the Beas River. This is where this amazing bike ride starts. This is the most precious bike trip that I have taken in my life time. What a fun bike ride it was. No wonder this place is so famous and these bike rides are this expensive. This trip was heart warming and nice. The best part of this trip was the Bara Lacha La which is also popularly called the Switzerland of India. The soft breeze while driving gives a weird sense of independence. I so loved it.


Dayaananda Bhattacharya

16 March 2015

It was morning time when we started pedalling and got to enjoy the morning beauty of the city that never sleeps. After arriving at the dock, we witnessed the fishermen getting busy with their catches. Visit to Bombay Panjtapole was also very exciting along with a visit to Mumba Devi Temple. After all these, we also ride around Marine Drive, Crawford Market, and several other stunning places. The 4 hours spent on cycling along with the guides and instructors was just an unforgettable experience!


Mandakini Nehru

27 February 2016

The walk From Dabhosa Waterfall to Sakhare Village was a revelation indeed as the place is simply beautiful and filled with so many natural wonders that you can enjoy with your loved ones! There are several photos one can click here and the resort in itself is very calm and tranquil.


Anilaabh Bharadwaj

10 December 2015

This was the best place and I can say that because my kids just loved it. A best learning experience for all of us. I think it high time we teach our kids the importance of living close to nature and this is one place that helps you teaching your kids these values.


Somnath Johar

17 March 2016

The best thing that I loved about our stay at Sajan Resorts is that its actually a stay in nature's abode in true sense. Such a nice break from the normal city life and the entire region is so calm and peaceful. A delightful experience!!!