Car Rentals in Mumbai

While availing the service of car rental in Mumbai, you will get a chance to enjoy the revolutionized modern day transportation experience of enjoying tourist destinations at your own pace. It is definitely a great move to opt for when you get a wide range of cars that are well maintained and well serviced to give you a personalised feel on the road at pocket friendly prices. You can choose from hatchbacks to sedans and from SUVs to luxury cars. The cars available for rent are properly serviced from authorised service centres and have been well maintained to give you a premium feel. You will get to choose from sedans like Chevrolet Sonic Sedan and Hyundai Accent, hatchbacks like Tata Indica and Maruti Suzuki Swift, and premium cars like BMW X3 and Audi A4.

Opting for car rental services in Mumbai, you will get to enjoy a couple of one day trips in the weekdays and make a blast taking a weekend drive for a perfect escape of the hustle and bustle of metropolitan life. You can choose to head out to Gateway Of India, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Elephanta Caves, Juhu Chowpatty, Marine Drive, Haji Ali Dargah, Shri Siddhivinayak Mandir, and Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya.

Check out the best cars for rent in Mumbai that suits you perfectly and then drive to every single destination that has been intriguing you for a long time. You can also choose to take some weekend trips to Mahabaleshwar, Panchgani, Lonavala-Khandala, Alibaug, Lavasa, Ratnagiri, Shirdi, and Karjat.

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Mumbai Car Rentals FAQs

Which are the best cars available for rent in Mumbai?

 1. Chevrolet Sonic Sedan: Chevrolet Sonic Sedan is a hatchback or compact sedan car with a 5 person seating capacity and a 6-speed shiftable automatic transmission. The car has a 1.4-litre turbocharged inline-4 gas engine and offers a mileage of 14.2 to 14.49 kmpl.
2. Hyundai Accent: Hyundai Accent is a premium hatchback or 4-meter sub sedan with a seating capacity of 5 people. The car has a 1493 cc to 1599 cc engine that runs on petrol, diesel, CNG, and LPG with manual transmission. 
3. Chevrolet Equinox: Chevrolet Equinox, a 5-seater SUV crossover car, is a compact SUV with a turbocharged engine that runs on gas. The car has a 9-speed automatic transmission and 170 hp to 252 hp engines. The mileage of the car is 22-28 MPG (miles per gallon) in cities and a mileage of 28 to 39 MPG on highways.
4. Tata Indica: Tata Indica is a hatchback car with 5 seater capacity and has a spacious cabin with 220 litres boot capacity. The car has a 1405 cc engine that uses petrol, diesel, and CNG as fuel with an F-shift manual gearbox. The car gives a mileage of 13.5 kmpl on all types of fuels.
5. Suzuki Swift: Suzuki Swift is a hatchback car with a seating capacity of 5 people and has a DualJet petrol engine with a 5-speed manual and automatic transmission. The car has an 1197 cc engine that gives a mileage of 23.2 to 23.76 kmpl. The car comes with dual airbags, hill hold control, electronic stability control, auto AC, LED headlamps, and many more such features.
6. BMW X3: BMW X3 is a luxury SUV with a 5 seater capacity and has a sporty look with a panoramic sunroof. It comes with a 1998 cc petrol engine and a 1995 cc diesel engine, both of which have 8-speed automatic transmission. The premium features of the car include fog lamps, automatic tailgate, floating-type touchscreen system, etc. 
7. Audi A4: Audi A4, a 5 seater sedan, has a 1998 cc turbo-petrol engine that gives a mileage of 17.42 kmpl and also has a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. The car includes safety features like 8 airbags and electronic stability control while other advanced features include powered front seats, sunroof, climate control system, and touchscreen infotainment system. 

What is the price for renting a car in Mumbai?

Chevrolet Sonic Sedan: INR 2,594/day
- Hyundai Accent: INR 2,594/day
- Chevrolet Equinox: INR 3,242/day
- Tata Indica: INR 3,995/day
- Suzuki Swift: INR 3,476/day
- BMW X3: INR 4,311/day
- Audi A4: INR 24,596/day

Which are the best luxury cars for rent in Mumbai?

 1. Audi A4: Audi A4 is a luxury car with a top speed going up to 241 kmph and a mileage of 17.42 kmpl. This luxury sedan comes with a turbo-petrol engine and automatic transmission. The advanced features of the car include electronic stability control and 8 airbags, a sunroof, powered front seats, etc. Audi A4 can be taken as a car rental in Mumbai for a price starting from 12601 rupees per day. 
2. BMW 3 Series:
The luxury car BMW 3 Series offers a mileage of 11.86-20.37 kmpl with a sporty design. The car has 6 airbags, child seat anchors, a sunroof, ambient lighting, wireless charging, etc. You can take this car rental in Mumbai for 8 hours/80 km at a price beginning at 9000 rupees.  
3. Mercedes GLS 400 4 Matic SUV: Mercedes GLS 400 4Matic, a luxury car with 5 seater capacity and mileage of 8.5 kmpl. The car has a petrol motor engine and automatic transmission. The safety features of the car include 8 airbags, a tyre pressure monitoring system, and child seat anchors. This car is available for rent in Mumbai at a price starting from 25000 rupees for a period of 8 hours/8 km. 
4. Audi A6: Audi A6 is a luxury sedan, offering a mileage of 14.11 kmpl. The car has a powerful petrol engine with a dual-clutch automatic transmission. The car has 8 airbags for safety, front and rear parking sensors, an electronic stability program, a wireless phone charger, etc. This car can be rented in Mumbai at a price beginning at 15000 rupees for 80 km/8 hours.
5. Bentley Convertible GT V8: Bentley Convertible GT V8, a luxurious and comfortable car, has advanced features like a twin-turbocharged engine and 8-speed automatic transmission. The mileage of the car is 12.5 kmpl and has an insulated fabric hood that can be folded. The car can be rented in Mumbai for a trip at a price starting at 125000 rupees for 80 km/8 hours. 

Which are the best cars available for rent in Mumbai airport?

1. Toyota Etios: Toyota Etios is a 5 seater family sedan with manual transmission and a mileage of 16.78 to 23.59 kmpl. Etios offers both diesel engine and petrol engine with power steering. The car has a boot space of 595 litres, offering ample space for storing your luggage. This car has a standard safety kit with seatbelts for all the occupants. The price of this car rental service in Mumbai starts from 1800 rupees for a period of 8 hours with an 80 km limit.
2. Ertiga: Ertiga is a compact car with a seating capacity of 7 people and a petrol engine with SHVS mild-hybrid technology. The car offers a mileage of 17.99 to 19.01 kmpl. If you wish to get the best car rental services in Mumbai airport, then you can opt for Maruti Suzuki Ertiga at a price of a minimum of 2100 rupees for a maximum of 8 hours. The boot space of Ertiga falls between 209 to 803 litres, varying as per its variant.
3. Toyota Innova Crysta: Toyota Innova Crysta is a sedan with 7-8 seater capacity and an option to choose from an automatic or manual transmission. The car offers a powerful diesel and petrol engine to choose from. The renting price for this car from the Mumbai airport starts from 4000 rupees for a maximum of 8 hours.
4. Honda City: Honda City is a special sedan with a 5 seater capacity and offers a mileage of 17.8-24.1 kmpl. The car comes with a petrol engine and diesel engine with an option of manual and automatic transmission. The car has a standard safety kit that includes up to 6 airbags. Honda City is available for car rental services in Mumbai airport for a price starting from 2500 rupees for a period of 8 hours maximum.

What are the general terms and conditions for renting a car in Mumbai?

The car rental services in Mumbai operate under certain terms and conditions:
- The individual who has taken the car on rent is considered as the temporary owner of the car and owes all responsibility of the vehicle. 
- The customer is entitled to submit all the necessary documents at the time of taking the delivery of the vehicle as well as should pay the security deposit amount. 
- The customer should follow all the rules and regulations while driving the vehicle and should not exceed the permitted kilometer, duration, and speed. 
- The customer will be charged for all rule violations. 

What documents will be required for renting a car in Mumbai?

When you are taking a car rental service in Mumbai, you will need to submit a copy of the valid identity proof which can be your Aadhar Card or Voter ID Card, or Passport. You will also need to submit your driving license. If you are a foregin individual, you would need to submit the driving license of your home country as well as an international driving licence.

What documents should I ask while renting a car?

When taking the car rental in Mumbai, you should ask them for a copy of the vehicle registration documents, insurance papers, as well as a valid pollution certificate as well.

What are the important things to remember when taking a car on rent?

Here are some of the best things that you need to remember while taking a car rental in Mumbai:
- You need to go for a complete physical verification of the car and capture images from all sides for proof.
- You need to take a test drive of the vehicle to get a hands-on experience of the vehicle condition.
- You should check the condition of the interiors, lights, brakes, tyres, and engine.
- You should also check the validity of the vehicle documents.

Which are the best places for weekend getaways near Mumbai by rented car?

 1. Pune: Pune happens to be one of the bustling metropolises in the Indian State of Maharashtra. It is very often referred to as the Oxford of the East because of its diverse communities and activities. You will get to enjoy a perfect blend of old age charm and modern age lifestyle in this place. Pune is also called the cultural capital of Maharashtra as you will come across many ancient places of worship as well as colonial structures.  Some of the most sought after places to visit in Pune are Osho Ashram, Shaniwar Wada Palace, Aga Khan Palace and many others. 

Best time for road trip: October to February
Distance from Mumbai: 147.8 Km

2. Lonavala: Lonavala, a picturesque hideaway away from the city's commotion, is one of Maharashtra's most popular tourist destinations. This hill station has a beautiful location with lush green valleys, breathtaking waterfalls, tranquil lakes, and amazing caverns. Visitors are always impressed by the numerous places to visit in Lonavala, which include historical landmarks, natural beauties, religious attractions, and so on. It's also the ideal destination for a relaxing weekend!

Best time for road trip: October and May
Distance from Mumbai: 83.1 Km

3. Khandala: Khandala is a small hill station located at a short distance from Mumbai, India's capital city. Khandala is aptly regarded as a natural paradise, with its stunning perennial lakes, lush mountain ranges, thick green woods, and cascading waterfalls. A large number of tourists come to this location in search of adventure, as it offers a variety of adventure sports such as mountain climbing, trekking, and rock climbing. 

Best time for road trip: October and May
Distance from Mumbai: 79.8 Km

4. Goa: Goa stands in stark contrast to India's other bustling urban destinations, with golden sand beaches, tangled palm trees reaching for the sky, and a laid-back vibe. Goa's natural beauty and peacefulness will revive you, and its busy calendar of events and activities will keep you busy throughout your free time. Enjoy your evenings at various famous beaches of Goa and engage in beach parties at night. Unique Portuguese-influenced food, mediaeval cathedrals and temples, vivid wildlife, and fascinating spice plantations are among the attractions. 

Best time for road trip: November to February
Distance from Mumbai: 577.4 Km

5. Kolad: Kolad is gaining immense popularity as an adventure sports destination with provisions for rafting, rappelling, and kayaking. It is known for its cascading waterfalls, green meadows, and picturesque backdrop of the Sahyadris. The river Kundalika is a major draw here, particularly for those interested in white water rafting. Aside from that, there are a few forts, dams, and waterfalls, making Kolad a great vacation spot with something for everyone. Kolad is known for its waterfalls, rugged geography, and rocky mountains. 

Best time for road trip: November - February
Distance from Mumbai: 122 Km

6. Igatpuri: Igatpuri, a hill station, is literally a paradise for nature lovers and a favourite weekend getaway for Mumbaikars. Igatpuri is an excellent spot to go rock climbing and trekking, in addition to seeing historical forts, gorgeous waterfalls, and lofty mountains.  Bhatsa River Valley, Camel Valley, Konkankada Valley, and the Randha Falls, all embellished with rivers and waterfalls, are some of the breathtaking places for photographers and nature lovers in Igatpuri. If you are someone who loves to spend time in the midst of alluring nature, then heading out to Igatpuri during the monsoon season would be just enthralling. 

Best time for road trip: June to September and November to March
Distance from Mumbai: 120.8 Km

7. Mahabaleshwar: Mahabaleshwar is a famous hill station in the Indian State of Maharashtra that is known for its numerous rivers, streams, picturesque cascades, beautiful peaks, manicured and lush green dense forest, waterfalls, hills, and valleys. It is considered to be a popular weekend retreat from Mumbai as well as a Hindu pilgrimage site. It was the summer capital for Britishers in the past because of its enchanting natural beauty and cool climate condition. Mahabaleshwar has various tourist attractions, including forts, temples, lakes, and more. Pratapgarh Fort, Venna Lake, Mahabaleshwar Temple, Krishnabai Temple, Lingamala Falls, Tapola, and Panchgani are some of the most important places to visit in Mahabaleshwar.

Best time for road trip: March to June
Distance from Mumbai: 263.3 Km

8. Karjat: Karjat is a wonderful tourist destination that is popular for its rich historical heritage and thrilling adventure opportunities. There is an abundance of flora, as well as temples with intriguing architecture. The city also has a long and illustrious history, and visitors are frequently interested in learning about it throughout their stay. The different adventure sports that may be tried in Karjat are one of the things to do here. Aside from that, the city is full of lush foliage, waterfalls, and rocky terrain, making it ideal for a weekend vacation.  

Best time for road trip: March - June
Distance from Mumbai: 62.7 Km

Which are the best places to visit in Mumbai by rented car?

1. Gateway of India: The Gateway of India, which is located next to the iconic Taj Mahal Palace and faces the vast Arabian Sea, is awe-inspiring in every possible way. Visit this amazing destination early in the morning or late in the evening to enjoy the cool breeze of the sea without the crowds. You can click various photographs as a memoriam.
2. Siddhivinayak Temple: In this temple, Lord Ganesha's auspicious idol is made out of a single black stone with the trunk bent to the right, making it unique. The temple has stunning architecture and the inner roof has special gold plating. The fact that eminent celebrities and politicians visit Siddhivinayak temple is one of the key reasons for its popularity.
3. Marine Drive: Marine Drive is the perfect place to unwind and share some romantic moments on a lovely evening. This is also one of Mumbai's most popular nightlife destinations. In the evenings, when people relax and enjoy the magnificent view or go for a stroll, this lovely spot in Mumbai comes alive. Thanks to the streetlights that make the road appear like a string of pearls and create the illusion of a necklace, the Marine Drive is also known as the "Queen's Necklace," and is considered the best route for a night stroll.
4. EsselWorld: If you're looking for some excitement and adventure in Mumbai, EsselWorld is a great place to visit with the whole family. This popular amusement park offers a wide variety of colourful and thrilling rides to give you the adrenaline rush you crave while flying through the air or plunging into cold water.
5. Mumbai Film City: The Mumbai Film City is a wonderland of theatres, parks, lakes, recording studios, and grounds that are rented out for Bollywood film shoots. You can take a bus tour of the film city to see the famous sets of popular sitcoms and movies.
6. Juhu Beach: Nothing could be more beautiful than sitting on a breezy beach with your loved one, watching the crimson sun and the luminous orange sky. Juhu Beach is a scenic location in Mumbai that is frequently visited by couples seeking a romantic getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. It's the perfect place for spending a soothing and calm evening.
7. Colaba Causeway Market: It is a commercial road and one of the best shopping areas in Mumbai. If you're looking for a good shopping spot in Mumbai, look no further than Colaba Causeway Market. Demonstrate your bargaining skills by purchasing some of the great items available at this bustling market.
8. Madh Island: Madh Island connects you to rustic farmlands and quaint fishing villages and is home to serene beaches such as Aksa, Silver, Erangel, and Dana Pani, as well as a small Portuguese fort. It is bordered on the east by Malad Creek and on the west by the Arabian Sea. You can easily reach this tranquil island by ferry from Versova and spend a relaxing weekend there.

What is the best time to visit Mumbai?

The best time to visit Mumbai would be from the month of October to the month of February when the winter season is prevalent. It is just perfect for sightseeing tours and outdoor travelling and you will fall in love with the climatic condition that is moderate and pleasant.

Which are the best places for a one day trip near Mumbai by rented car?

 1. Alibaug: Because of the significant tourist traffic all year, Alibaug has acquired the nickname "mini-Goa." It is brimming with sandy beaches, clean, unpolluted air, and a plethora of forts and temples, guaranteeing that despite its small size, there is never a dull moment. Alibaug is known for its various beaches, all of which are only a few minutes' drive apart, so you won't have to worry about choosing which beach to visit and which to skip.
Kihim Beach and Mandwa Beach are two other popular beaches in the area. Mandwa Beach is famous for the numerous movie shoots that take place there. From its bay, the beach offers a wonderful view of the Gateway of India, and one can lay on the sand and sip a cold drink under the orchard of coconut trees that line the beach and Nagaon Beach.

Best time for road trip: November to February
Distance from Mumbai: 96 Km

2. Elephanta Caves: Elephanta Caves are a masterpiece of Indian architecture, portraying Indian mythology in every detail. There are primarily seven caverns where one can study the true beauty of old Indian architecture. Aside from that, out of all the caves in this area, Cave One is the most magnificent.
This cave has been cut out in a fashion that exemplifies Buddhist architecture. Furthermore, according to local legend, the Elephanta caverns were built by artists without the use of their hands at all. Elephanta caverns are also well-known as a trekking destination. One of the two canons near Elephanta Caves can be reached by trekking here. 

Best time for road trip: June to August
Distance from Mumbai: 25.4 Km

3. Karjat: Karjat is a famous location close to Mumbai for hikers and adventure seekers. If you wish to spend some time away from the monotony of city life, then Karjat is truly a wonderful place to head out with your loved ones. There is an abundance of flora and fauna, as well as age old temples with intriguing architecture. You can also plan out a trip to Kothaligad Fort, which is considered to be one of the most popular hikes in the area due to its simple climbs. 

Best time for road trip: March to June
Distance from Mumbai: 62.7 Km

4. Karnala: Karnala is an excellent place to visit for a holiday or a fast weekend getaway. Karnala's Bird Sanctuary, which is home to over 150 permanent and 37 migratory bird species, is a popular destination for nature lovers and bird watchers. The park has also been home to three rarest birds: the Ashy Minivet, Three-toed Kingfisher, and Malabar Trogon. You can rent a car in Mumbai to head out on birdwatching tours at the Karnala Bird Sanctuary which is known for its pleasant and calm surroundings. This tourist attraction is very much popular for offering a wide range of trekking experiences through the alluring natural routes. 

Best time for road trip: September, December, June
Distance from Mumbai: 47.8 Km

5. Lonavala: Lonavala is Maharashtra's most popular hill station and the best destination to visit during the monsoon season. It is a popular camping, trekking, and other adventure sports site due to the abundance of waterfalls, lakes, and hills in the area. In Lonavala, there are a number of interesting locations to visit. The splendour of this town will astound you, from vantage points with panoramic vistas to age-old forts.
Bhaja caves, Bushi dam, Karla caverns, Rajmachi fort, and Ryewood lake are among the main tourist sites in Lonavala. Lonavala is also known for its hikes, such as the Andharban walk, which begins in Pimpri and ends in Bhira. Also, breathtaking vistas of the Sahyadri hills, forested regions, and golden sunsets can be found at spots like Tiger's Leap, Amrutanjan Point, and others. You can go for a day picnic or spend the night camping by taking a
car on rent in Mumbai

Best time for road trip: October to February
Distance from Mumbai: 83.1 Km

6. Durshet: You can conquer the enormous slopes and catch a glimpse of nature's ethereal splendour at Durshet. Durshet is also a popular destination for hikers and mountaineers as well as it is home to various historic temple ruins and historic monuments, including the collective Siddi Ashtavinayak Temples. The devotees from all around the country come here to seek blessings and enjoy the spectacular view of the nearby lakes, rivers, and waterfalls. There are a variety of different activities for individuals looking for thrills and excitement to send their adrenaline soaring. 

Best time for road trip: September - February
Distance from Mumbai: 76.2 Km

7. Matheran: Matheran is one of India's quaint hill villages and a hotspot for travellers looking for beautiful panoramas and tranquilly. The cool wind and pollution-free air are enough to draw visitors to Matheran all year. Taking a car in rent in Mumbai, you will be able to visit numerous tourist attractions like Louisa Point, Echo Point, Charlotte Lake, Irshalgad Fort, One Tree Hill, Porcupine Point, Prabal Fort, Matheran Market, Khandala Point, and Honeymoon Hill.  The true enchantment of Matheran is experienced while exploring the region on foot and getting lost in the tranquilly of the town, which is a popular destination for trekkers. Matheran, which literally means "Overhead forest," is adored by anyone, whether they are nature lovers, photographers, or trekkers.

Best time for road trip: October to November
Distance from Mumbai: 83 Km

8. Rajmachi Fort: Rajmachi Fort is well-known among trekkers and adventure seekers. If you want to go on a full-fledged hike, start from the Kondane caves side, which will take around 3-4 hours to climb. Trekkers and adventurers flock to this location for the thrill of climbing to the peaks as well as the historical significance of the fort. It is situated in a lovely hilly region offering various adventurous activities as well as superb visual beauty of the surrounding by taking a car on rent in Mumbai

Best time for road trip: June to September
Distance from Mumbai: 313.1 Km

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