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Mumbai is the front door to India. The city of dreams is full of hard-labourers, starlets, and gangsters. There is a stark contrast between stray dogs and exotic birds, artists and servants, fishermen folk and millionaires. It has world’s most expensive house as well as Asia’s largest slums. The epicenter of glitz and glamour, it is the seat of the prolific Bollywood film industry offering the best luxury tours in Mumbai. The wall street of India is the most modern and urban city of India, yet it houses the largest tropical forest in an urban zone. The furious energy of the city that never sleeps is sure to leave you bedazzled. A city of diverse cultures and a melting pot of commerce, industry, entertainment, enterprise, and politics- that’s Mumbai. Located at the junction of the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats, Mumbai offers a vista of tourist activities. Enjoy the cool sea breeze and feast on local Mumbai cuisine on the Chowpatty Beach and Juhu Beach. Drive through the ocean side on Marine drive and glimpse the twinkling skyline of the city. Want to spend idyllic time on the beach, head to Alibaug or Madh Island.


The Gateway of India, the Victoria terminal, and Taj Mahal Hotel give glimpses of grand colonial architecture. Head to the revered Sidhhivinayak Temple for a spiritual awakening. The ‘Pir Haji Ali’ is flocked by tourists, it is also the place for delectable Mughalai cuisine. Want a break from the city humdrum, walk in the hanging garden to get panoramic views of the Arabian Sea. Seeking thrill and adventure trek through lush green trails leading to many famous forts and vantage viewpoints. The landscape around the city is dotted with waterfalls, caves, and lakes. Explore the nooks and corners of the city and come across unique bazaars, hidden temples, hipster enclaves, and buzzing nightlife. Heady here for a heady concoction of sightseeing, adventure, spirituality and the best luxury tours in Mumbai to suit your style.

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