Birding Tours in Mumbai

Did you know that Mumbai is an incredible birding destination, too? From Dombivli to Thane, Mumbai is a total bird lover's paradise. With the best birding tours in Mumbai, you can go on a nature trail to Bhopar, near Thane. The pristine village is a mixture of forest, grassland and wetland, and remains an untouched beauty where you can find innumerable varieties of birds and you can even learn how to identify the birds on this beautiful trail. And not to mention, Bhopar is a total photographer’s haven. Plan a visit to The Mangrove of Bhandup Pumping Station which sees thousands of migratory and local bird species and also houses the mangrove habitats which offer rich feeding grounds for many of the large and small birds. Here you can witness both aquatic as well as tree dwelling birds along with about 177 species of resident and migratory birds.


The most common species being, herons, storks, sea eagles, kites, sandpipers, Curlews, terns, ducks etc. You will also get to take part in a short introductory session, and then indulge in bird watching and photography till late in the evening. Another trail leads you to Padle village, near Dombivali, which is a tiny hamlet that has a sustained rural-countryside aura and boasts of a number of bird species. There too, you can attend a beginner's session on 'How to identify Birds’. Indulge in the best birding tours in Mumbai for the perfect nature lovers experience.

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