Varsoli Beach Overview

Varsoli Beach is one of the most peaceful and serene beaches in the city of Alibaug. Situated at a distance of a few kilometers from the heart of the city, this beach has gained a lot of popularity for its clean shores, pristine waters, calm environment, thrilling water activities, and umpteen beachside cottages and resorts. Serving as Indian army’s naval base, the beach assures its visitors a fun-filled and tranquilizing beach holiday.

Varsoli Beach happens to be a stunning surprise to the eyes with its shores packed with glittering white sand and the sea boasting clear blue water. The 2 kilometers long picturesque coastline flaunts a host of casuarina, suru, and palm trees, which forms a truly mesmerizing sight. The shoreline is also lined with rocky stones up to a few meters, which further adds a charm to the virgin beauty of the beach.

There are also a number of well-equipped and comfortable cottages and resorts at the beach, offering visitors a splendid stay for a memorable beach vacation. In addition, there are even a plethora of decent and budget-friendly restaurants and cafés close to the beach, offering local as well as international delicacies to tourists. All these elements put together make Varsoli Beach a highly recommended getaway for a perfect beach holiday.

How To Reach

Once you arrive at Alibaug, you can easily reach Varsoli Beach. The beach lies at an approximate distance of around 3.4 kilometers from the main bus stand of the city and is conveniently connected to it.

After arriving at Alibaug bus stand, tourists can easily hire a local taxi or an auto-rickshaw to reach the beach in no more than just 10 to 15 minutes. Travelers also prefer taking a local bus to the beach in order to travel to the destination in a more cost-effective way.

Best Time To Visit

Although Varsoli Beach can be visited at any time of the year, yet the destination is best visited during November to July. 

March to June: 
The summer months of March to June can be a little hot, but visiting the beach during the summer evenings can offer you a wonderful time.  

July to October: 
The monsoon months of July to October can be a pleasant time to visit the beach if you are a rain lover. However, this period may limit you from carrying out many exciting activities at the beach.

November to February: 
The winter months of November to February is considered as the most ideal period to enjoy a good time at the beach.

Other Essential Information

Location: Varsoli Beach is located at an approximate distance of around 3 kilometers from Alibaug. 

Timing: Varsoli Beach can be visited by tourists from 9 AM to 7 PM, throughout the week.

Places to Stay near Varsoli Beach  

1. Ruturaj Inn:
 Located at a short distance of about 0.5 kilometers from Varsoli Beach, Ruturaj Inn is one of the top-class luxury hotels in the city. This well-equipped hotel boasts a beautiful swimming pool, an in-house restaurant, and a spacious garden front rooms starting from INR 2700 per night. All the rooms are soundproof and have proper air conditioning to allow the guests privacy and comfort. 

2. Hotel Nirvana: 
Situated at an approximate distance of 0.6 kilometers from Varsoli Beach Hotel Nirvana is a very comfortable and clean place to stay. The hotel offers its guests free breakfast as well as free parking provisions. Each room of the property is air-conditioned, well-equipped with all the basic amenities, and features a kitchenette as well.The rooms at Hotel Nirvana usually start from INR 1500 per night.

3. Maple IVY: 
Located at a distance of around 2.6 kilometers from Varsoli Beach, Maple IVY happens to be a luxurious and elegant resort offering the best hospitality. The property proudly flaunts a pristine swimming pool, a spa, an in-house restaurant, dedicated meeting rooms, and a table tennis court.

The hotel shelters fully equipped family rooms and suites with a minibar for a truly comfortable stay.
Rooms at Maple IVY generally start from INR 7000 per night.

4. Hotel Ramakant: 
Situated at a distance of about 1.7 kilometers from Varsoli Beach Hotel Ramakant can be the best pick for rejuvenation and rest. Known for its proximity to the top attractions of the city, this hotel is sure to offer you a pleasant stay. With well-equipped, comfortable rooms and a nice in-house restaurant, this hotel is a suitable place to stay for business as well as holiday travels. Rooms at Hotel Ramakant start from INR 2250 per night. 

5. Guruji Holiday Resort: 
Located at an approximate distance of 1.8 kilometers from Varsoli Beach, Guruji Holiday Resort is a cost-friendly hotel to stay. The resort boasts an in-house restaurant, meeting rooms, a gym, and comfortable rooms starting from INR 1120 per night.

Tips for visiting Varsoli Beach 

Do not litter the beach with food wrappers and plastics and keep the place clean.

2. Consider carrying extra clothes and towels if you want to try the water activities.

3. If you are visiting the beach on a summer afternoon, consider carrying a pair of sunglasses, a good sunscreen lotion, lip balm, and sufficient drinking water. Summers afternoons can be really hot and sweaty at the beach.

4. Carry a good camera to take some good pictures at this incredibly beautiful destination.
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