Murud Beach, Alibag: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips

About Murud Beach

Murud Beach in Raigad district of Maharashtra is one of the most prominent tourist attractions of the western Indian region. It is famous for its beautiful sandy coastline adorned with majestic forts and bordered by columns of coconut and palm trees. The calm and serene atmosphere with splendid scenic beauty makes Murud a great place for a family holiday. With multiple options for accommodation, the beachside locale is the place to relax and enjoy a fun-filled holiday.

The golden beaches of Murud, sparkling waters of the ocean, adventurous water sports and gorgeous sunsets all these ingredients can make your vacation a memorable one here.Murud Beach is basically a vast swathe of black sand with clear turquoise waters that stretches around 1.7km along the coastline. Murud Beach is not only one of the famous beaches of the entire state of Maharashtra, it is one of the top destinations for tourists to visit in Alibaug.

Here, the beach is surrounded by hills on three sides. In the east, you will find Murud town, beyond which there is a range of mountains. With serene and fresh atmosphere round the year, this place is great for a weekend escapade.

How to Reach Murud Beach

Murud is well connected through all means of transportation facilities.

1. Via Train:
Roha railway station on the Konkan lines is the nearest station to Murud Beach which is connected to all major trains to and from Mumbai. Rajya Rani Express, Netravati Express are some of the major trains that take you to Murud from places like Bhavnagar, Ratnagiri, and Kochuveli among other districts of Maharashtra. 

2. Via Taxi/Car:
Roha to Murud Janjira takes around an hour through app cab or normal taxi services. Murud is just three hour drive from Raigad. You can also opt for the registered vehicles of the Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation from places like Mumbai, Nasik, Pune or Mumbai to get to Murud.

3. Via Air:
The nearest airport is the Mumbai International Airport which is located around 142km from Murud Beach. Several private vehicles and pre-paid taxi services are available from the airport to Murud village. Connecting or direct flights to all major cities like Delhi, Lucknow, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Jaipur, Bhopal, Indore, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, Bhubeneswar, Chandigarh and Coimbatore among others are available to reach this tourist destination.

Best Time to Visit Murud Beach

As per Weather:  Winter is the best season to visit Murud Beach. This time the temperature remains soothing and pleasurable while you can roam around the region with ease and comfort. The best weather can be witnessed from October to March when the atmosphere remains perfect for sightseeing. The minimum and maximum temperatures hover around 13 degrees Celsius to 25 degrees Celsius at this time. This is the best time to take a tour of Murud Janjira and the beach. 

As per Festivals: Murud celebrates a lot of festivals in a very colourful manner. Among them are Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali, Ugadi among others. August-September marks the celebration of a grand Ganesh festival here which is observed across Maharashtra.

What Not to Miss at Murud Beach

Places to visit near Murud Beach

1. Padmadurg Fort: Padmadurg Fort or Kasa Fort is located within 450 metres from Murud beach. It is one of the historical sea forts built by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The fort used to serve as the administrative headquarters of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s army. The place has a rich historical value and bears the heritage of the Maratha kingdom. 

2. Murud Janjira Fort:
Murud Janjira fort is located on an island just off the Murud village. Situated within 1km of the Murud beach, this fort can be reached on foot in just 15 minutes from the beach. The fort was established on an oval-shaped rock on the coast of the Arabian Sea. The place is around 165km away from Mumbai. Murud Janjira fort is considered to be one of the strongest marine forts of India. The vast sea, rocky terrain surrounding the coastal belt and scenic natural beauty make this place one of the most popular tourist destinations near Murud beach.

3. Garambi Falls:
Garambi Falls is located at just 10km from Murud village. Gushing down from the height of 100 metres, the falls here thunder in full bloom during the rainy season. Tourists can come here, get drenched in the water and enjoy some fun activities with their families and friends near the falls. A semi-dense forest is situated around the falls which is a great place to venture into if you are a wildlife enthusiast. From Murud village, you can get cars or autos to take you to the Garambi Falls.

4. Ahmedganj Palace:
Located right in the vicinity of Murud beach, the Ahmedganj Palace in Murud Janjira is a massive area of around 45 acres. The Royal Nawabs had established the Ahmedganj Palace for their personal stay in 1885. An interesting combination of Mughal and Gothic style of architecture can be found in the built of this palace. This place is just a five minutes’ walk from the Murud beach. Also known as the Nawab Siddi’s palace, this place is a tourist hotspot during weekends.

5. Garambi Dam:
The Garambi Dam is located right near the Garambi Falls, about 10km from Murud beach. The dam was built by the last Nawab of the Siddi reign, Siddi Ahmed Khan. The dam has been dedicated to Queen Victoria during the colonial rule in India. This is still one of the essential sources of drinking water for the people of Murud and its neighbouring areas.

Activities to do in Murud Beach

1. Scuba Diving: There are certain places in the coast where you can go scuba diving or deep sea diving. There are several institutes across Murud village that offer guidance on these activities through expert trainers.

2. Ferry Rides:
You can enjoy the ferry rides here that start from Murud beach to Janjira fort. To watch a magnificent sunset from the ferry or take snaps of the rolling green hills that encompass the area, witnessing the life and work of the local fishermen communities are the scenes that a delightful ferry ride will offer you.  

3. Camping:
Camping is another adventure activities you can pursue at Murud Janjira as the locales the fabulous. The sea can be reached on foot, while gorgeous forts make the backdrop thrilling. It is exciting to spend a night or two under the starry sky here with friends or loved ones.

4. Photography:
Murud Janjira is the ideal place for photographers. Right from the beach, hills, to the fishermen’s village, there is no end of options if you are out here to explore the region with your camera.

5. Local Shopping: Murud beach and village area is a great place to collect indigenous and unique products such as various Konkan curry spices, handicrafts, dry fish, sea shells, mangoes and other tropical fruits among others from local vendors.

Other Essential Information About Murud Beach

Murud Beach is situated on the shores of the Arabian Sea at Murud in Raigad district of Maharashtra. It is 181km from Pune and 158km from Mumbai.

Timings: Beach is open for visitors round the clock. To avail boat facilities, one should visit anytime between 7am to 5pm every day.

Distance from Alibaug City Centre: The distance between Alibaug city centre to Murud Beach is around 48.1km and it takes around one and a half hours to cover the distance via car.

Places to Eat in and near Murud Beach

1. Zhilan:
Located around 6.7km from Murud beach, this restaurant specialises in offering Indian, seafood, barbecue and Asian dishes. The dining area is huge with a cosy atmosphere; therefore, it is a great place to be with your family and children. Here the food is worth the price. Zhilan functions between noon to 10pm.

2. New Sea Rock Restaurant:
This is among the top three beach restaurants in Murud that serves brilliant prawn, lobster, crab and other seafood items at lucrative prices. Like all beach restaurants, the place functions from 9am to 10.30pm.

3. Eat Local:
Eat Local is situated near the Information Centre Azad Maidan, around 8km from Murud beach. With nice interiors and nice decor, this place specialises in serving authentic Konkani dishes. You can also try the known Indian delicacies too here. In terms of ambience and food, this place is popular among tourists. This place remains open from 11am to 11pm.

4. Jagdish Deluxe:
This is another good place to satiate your hunger at Murud village. The eatery serves seafood, Chinese, Indian and grilled items. Located around 6.8km from Murud beach, food at this restaurant is moderately priced. It remains open from noon to 10pm.

Places to Stay near Murud Beach

1. Golden Swan Beach and Resort: Located on Darbar Road near the customs office, this resort is for plush and luxurious stay in Murud Janjira. The rooms are subdued and set up in colonial style with access to private beaches. Playground, free wifi and grand buffet dining are some of its major features. A premium room is priced at Rs 5500 per night here.

2. Hotel Elegant:
This is the ideal accommodation for those with medium budget plan. Located on the Revdanda-Murud Road, this facility comes with nice, clean rooms, a lot of open spaces and lawn for kids, a good in-house restaurant, free wifi and other such facilities. A deluxe room here is priced at Rs 1400. 

3. The Nest Bamboo House:
This is an ideal facility for campers and backpackers. Located on Murud-Darbar Road, this place has been made as a perfect beachside accommodation that bears beautiful coastal architecture. A family room here will cost you around Rs 2400.

Travellers' Tip before visiting Murud Beach

Carry sunglasses, wear cotton outfits, hats and sandals if you are visiting the beach during summer

2. Use sunscreen to protect your skin from the scorching sun.

3. Carry drinking water while roaming around the beach and its neighbouring attractions because summer can be really hot and dry here.

4. Carry umbrellas and raincoats if you arrive at Murud during monsoon. The coastal belt witnesses showers almost every day this time.

5. Do try the beachside food shacks to enjoy some tasty seafood items at very cheap rates.

6. Use mosquito repellents while visiting the forests in Garambi or other such areas.
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