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The thrilling and fun-filled
water sports in Alibag have attracted millions of avid adventure seekers to this quaint coastal town in the Raigad district of Maharashtra since times immemorial. The numerous pictorial beaches of this town offering a broad spectrum of popular water activities have garnered Alibaug the title of “mini-Goa”. Guarded by swaying palms, shrouded by golden sands, and adorned by clear sparkling waters of the vast Arabian Sea, the beaches of Alibaug town make for the most ideal water sports hubs of the country, offering overwater as well as underwater activities.

From simple dolphin spotting tours to challenging skateboarding, the beaches of Alibaug offer all kinds of water sports for adrenaline seekers of all age groups and expertise levels. While the world-famous Alibaug Beach offers the best scope for enjoying parasailing, jet skiing, and sea kayaking, the pristine Nagaon Beach lets adrenaline seekers enjoy the best of banana boat rides and bumper rides.

While the flamboyant Mandwa Beach lets you enjoy more extreme water sports like power kite and wakeboarding, Murud Janjira stands as one of the very promising scuba diving destinations in the entire country. All the water sports offered at the various beaches of Alibaug town are conducted under expert supervision and the participants are also supplied with proper safety jackets.
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Alibag Water Sports FAQs

Which are the best water sports in Alibaug?

1. Parasailing: Parasailing happens to be one of the most frequently enjoyed Alibaug water sports. Parasailing allows adventure enthusiasts to take a flight into the blue sky and soak in the aerial views of the vast Arabian Sea while floating in the air. You will fly with the help of a parachute that will be attached to a speed boat. As the boat speeds on the water, you will feel the pull of the air and fly in the sky at a high speed. Parasailing can be done at Nagaon Beach in Alibaug.

- Price: Starts from INR 1000 per head

2. Banana Boat Ride: Banana Boat Ride is one of the most exciting water sports in Alibaug that you can try with your gang of friends. All you need to get this water sport right is sit on a banana-shaped tube with your friends, wearing safety jackets. This tube will be attached to a speed boat, which will be zooming across the sea waters at a great speed. As the speed boat moves to pull the banana tube, you need to hold tight to the tube and balance yourself on it.

- Price: Starts from INR 100 per head

3. Sea Kayaking: With 15 feet long and stern sea kayaks, you can enjoy kayaking even in the seas of Alibaug. These kayaks have a lot of volume and can let you try kayaking on almost any kind of water surface. Best done at Mandwa Beach, Sea kayaking is also considered to be one of the safest water sports in Alibaug.

- Price: Starts from INR 300 per head

4. Jet Skiing: Jet skiing is one of the very popular and most commonly done water sports in Alibaug. In this water sport, you will sit comfortably on a jet ski and zoom across the blue sea waters. As you move on the waters at a high speed, you will feel the cool breeze running through your hairs and the cold water drops hitting your face. Jet skiing is mostly done at Alibaug Beach and Nagaon Beach of Alibaug.

- Timing: From 8.30 AM to 7 PM
- Price: Starts from INR 200 to INR 500 for two people

5. Kite Surfing: Kite surfing is an amalgamation of multiple water sports, including surfing, jet skiing, skateboarding, and wakeboarding. This is an extreme water sport, involving a surfing board and a kite-like parachute. One end of a harness is connected to the waist of the rider while its other end is tied to the kite. Maneuvered in a certain way, this can produce power and help to jump up high above sea level.
Kite surfing can be done best at Alibaug Beach in Alibaug.

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6. Bumper Ride: Bumper Ride is one of the most loved group water sports in Alibaug. In a bumper boat ride, the participants need to sit on a rounded air-filled boat with their friends, wearing safety jackets. This small boat will be attached to a speed boat, which will be moving across the sea waters at a high speed. As the speed boat moves, pulling the bumper boat, the participants can feel the cold wind hitting their faces and enjoy the experience of a flight.

- Price: Starts from INR 200 per head

7. Scuba Diving: Scuba diving is one of the most exciting water sports in Alibaug for avid adrenaline seekers and underwater sports lovers. Scuba diving is mostly done at Murud Janjira, where you can also receive excellent courses conducted by PADI-trained scuba divers if you are a beginner.

- Price: Starts from INR 4,500 per head per dive

8. Stand-Up Paddle Boarding: Also known as SUP, stand-up paddleboarding is one of the fastest-growing water sports that can be tried in Alibaug. Making use of the concept of paddleboarding, stand-up paddleboarding requires you to stand on a 9 to 13 feet long paddleboard and plant the blade completely in water before pulling. This is applicable to all the strokes taken by you. Stand-up paddleboarding is mostly done at Mandawa Beach in Alibaug.

- Price: Starts from INR 1200 per head

9. Dolphin Spotting: The clear waters of the blue Arabian Sea, make dolphin spotting one of the best water sports in Alibaug. Dolphin spotting tours are conducted every day in Alibaug and you can enjoy things together with your entire family. Known as one of the safest and easiest Alibaug water sports, this requires you to just sit in a speed boat and travel to the exact location of the sea where you can enjoy a clear dolphin sighting opportunity. Dolphin spotting is generally done at Kashid Beach in Alibaug.

- Price: Starts from INR 250 per head

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Which are the best places to do water sports activities in Alibaug?

1. Nagaon beach: Adorned by betel nut and coconut plantations, Nagaon Beach is the renowned water sport hub in Alibaug. Here, you can best enjoy jet skiing, parasailing, swimming, banana boat ride, bumper ride, motor boat ride.

2. Alibaug beach: Alibaug is known for its breathtaking sunrise and sunset views and exhilarating water sports. Alibaug Beach offers the best opportunity to do kite surfing, sea kayaking, jet skiing, and parasailing.

3. Mandwa beach: Mandwa is a very happening beach, offering a myriad of water activities, including Jet Skiing, Banana boat ride, Kayaking, Bumper Ride, wakeboarding, parasailing, & Power Kite.

4. Akshi Beach: Dotted with coconut and palm trees, Akshi is one of the country’s cleanest beaches. This beach is very famous for its swimming and boat riding opportunities.

5. Kashid Beach: Flaunting beautiful Casuarinas and soft white sands, Kashid is one of the most visited beaches in Alibaug. Adventure enthusiasts visiting Kashid Beach usually love to engage in jet skiing, boat riding, parasailing, and surfing.

6. Murud Janjira: Known for its shining golden sands and clear waters, Murud Janjira is the perfect scuba diving destination in Alibaug. The water of Murud Janjira beach offers a decent visibility to spot corals and reef fishes.

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When is the best time to opt for water sports in Alibaug?

The most ideal time for visiting Alibaug is between the months of November to July. During this period of the year, the place experiences pleasant weather with no rainfall, which is apt for enjoying water activities.

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