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  • Surrounded by seven tall and lovely hills, the city of Satara are truly blessed with natural beauty, history and tradition. Bordered by Ratnagairi on the west,  Solapur to the east and Pune and Sangli in the north and south respectively; the city truly lives up to its name of Satara – The Seven Hills. The city is surrounded by seven hills by the name of Jarandeshwar, Yawateshwar, Ajinkyatara, Kitlicha Dongar, Sajjangad, Pedhyacha Bhairoba and Nakdicha Dongar. 

    The places to visit in Satara are a mixture of historical temples, pretty plains and flowering meadows. You can visit nearby forts such as Ajinkyatara Fort, Vasota Fort, Sajjangad and others. The gorgeous sight of Kaas plateau is also quite close by to Satara. So, arm yourself with this list of places to visit near Satara and explore the beauties of this stunning getaway!

  • 01Overnight Camping at Kaas Plateau

    Overnight Camping at Kaas Plateau
    • d2 Daysn1 Night
    • lSatara
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    About the Activity:

    • Blooming with over 850 varieties of flowers each monsoon season, the beauty of Kaas plateau that lies near the district of Satara, is unparalleled.
    • A perfect weekend getaway, it is located around 130km from Pune and 270km from Mumbai.
    • Pitch your tents in the stunning environs of this naturally beautiful getaway and feel the nature's beauty all around you.
    • You can also engage in classy photography experiments, trekking and sightseeing around the plateau.
    • Check in at the wondrous campsite at around 03:30 PM and enjoy the revelry till 10:00 AM the next morning.
  • 02Trek to Kaas Plateau, Satara

    Trek to Kaas Plateau, Satara
    • d1 Dayn1 Night
    • lSatara
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    About the Activity:

    This holiday season, you have a lot of plans that you need to make to get going! Why not start with the beautiful and lush plains of the amazing Kaas plateau? Kaas Plateau is known as Maharashtra's Valley of Flowers. This beautiful area is situated on the high hills of Sahyadri in the Western Ghats. It is the best place to visit during the monsoon season, from mid August-October. The whole plateau looks like a magical colourful carpet adorned in various colours. It's a unique place for flora researchers, nature lovers as well as photographers.

    Over  175 various flower species can be found at Kaas Plateau and one of the few found on earth are found only here at Kaas Plateau, so nature lovers, this is a pure treat for you! The plateau is home to 850 species of flowering plants, 39 species found only in the Kaas region. This is also the reason why the place is popular with nature lovers, flora researchers and also photographers. If you are a photographer, nature enthusiast, or someone who simply loves trekking and camping, then you need to head here soon!

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