15 Forts in Satara District | Forts near Satara (With Photos)

Forts near Satara

Pratapgad Fort, Bhushangad Fort, Kamalgad Fort, Sajjangad Fort, Ajinkyatara Fort, Chandan Fort,  Pandavgad Fort, Kenjalgad Fort, Bhairavgad Fort, Kalyangad Fort, Vasota Fort, Vasantgad Fort, Vandhan Fort, Dategad Fort,  Mahimangad Fort.

The remnants of Valour, Vigour and Greatness, the forts in Satara District speak of all the events and centuries they have withstood with galore. Situated in the hills and jungles of the Sahyadri Ranges and other sound locations of Satara, all the forts like Vasota, Pratapgad, Ajinkyatara etc. were strategically built for defence from enemy attacks as well as a peaceful abode for the royals.Almost all of the forts near Satara were built around the 10th-12th centuries, by the prehistoric dynasties that ruled the lands.

Later, the stronghold of the Mughals resulted in the occupancy of most of these citadels until Marathas came along, defeated the predecessors and took control. Thus, these immaculate pieces of architecture are also historically significant to shaping Maharashtra's heritage. Although, in the present times, these forts catch tourists' attraction for the many adventures and experiences they offer, such as - treks, camping, picnic, photography, tours and more during a fun outing.

Here is the list of best forts in Satara district:

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Pratapgad Fort

Translating to ‘the Fort of Valour’, Pratapgad is one of the most significant Forts in Satara District, located in the verdant Western Ghats, at an altitude of 1080 metres above sea level. The same fort has also been a part of the historic ‘Battle of Pratapgad’, fought between Chatrapati Shivaji and Afzal Khan in 1659.

It was built in 1656 upon getting commissioned by the Maratha king Shivaji and has served as residence and defence to many reigns over centuries. Currently, the site is debilitating but still strong enough, to entertain adventurers, nature enthusiasts and photographers.

Location: Maan Rd, Hinjawadi, Pune, Maharashtra 400033

Distance from Satara: 86.9 kilometres


Bhushangad Fort

Next on the list of 'Hill Forts in Satara District' is Bhushangad Fort. Built during the Devagiri Yadavas dynasty between 1210 – 1247 CE, it is one of the oldest such establishments in the region. The oval shape and a flat top design of the Fort make it stand out from the rest of the forts near Satara.

Also, within the premises are two temples of - Maruti and Harini Devi, both of which can be explored during a visit. Besides that, one can also enjoy trekking and set camp at the Fort for a truly memorable experience.

Location: Bhushangad, Khatav Taluka, Satara District, Maharashtra 415538

Distance from Satara: 52.6 kilometres


Kamalgad Fort

Situated at an elevation of 4511 feet above sea level, Kamalgad is a square-shaped hill fort which is among the prominent forts in Satara District. From its impressive height, visitors often savour views of the lush landscapes and the afar Dhoom Dam, for which they trek to the top.

Furthermore, the history of this fort’s builder or commissioner is unknown. But the Kamalgad Fort was among one of the many others that were a part of the Bijapur ruling, which was later in 1818 seized by the British army to use as an execute site for war prisoners

Location: Wai Taluka, Nandgane, Maharashtra 412803

Distance from Satara: 64.5 kilometres


Sajjangad Fort

Situated in the mountainous area of the Western Ghats, Sajjangad is one of the best Forts in Satara District that is also a renowned pilgrimage site in India. Earlier named as Aashwalayangad, the fort was established by the Bahamani Emperors between 1347-1527 AD.

The fort has a history of being conquered by several rulers, including Shivaji Maharaj who renamed it to Sajjangad. He also asked his spiritual gurus - Sri Ramdas to use it as an abode, which later became his resting place. Many in the present age visit here to pay respects to the idol, and enjoy many activities like picnic, camping and trekking.

Location: Sajjangad Rd, Satara District, Gajawadi, Maharashtra 415013

Distance from Satara: 16.9 kilometres


Ajinkyatara Fort

Ajinkyatara means ‘Impregnable Star’ and doing full justice to its name, the Ajinkyatara Fort is one of the most important structures in shaping the history of Maharashtra. Situated at an elevation of 3300 feet of Ajinkyatara Peak, one of the seven mountains surrounding the city of Satara, this fort is where most tourists visit to enjoy a challenging trek and rewarding views of the entire city and the Sahyadri Hills.

Built by Raja Bhoj of the Shilahara dynasty In 1673, there have been many changing rulers of the property over centuries, including the Mughals and Marathas.

Location: Satara, Maharashtra 415001

Distance from Satara: 3.9 kilometres


Chandan Fort

Situated on a hilly spur of the Sahyadri Range in Satara, Chandan - Vandana Fort was built by Bhoj II of the Shilahara dynasty in late 12th century. It is a set of two adjacent forts that are frequented by trekkers and ardent pilgrims.

Both of these structures have admirable features and rather interesting history and have undergone ownership from dynasty to dynasty, including the Marathas and Mughals. Moreover, within the fort's vicinity are demolished gates, bastions, a Lord Shiva Temple, a Mosque and many intact rooms worth exploring.

Location: Banvadi, Satara District, Banwadi, Maharashtra

Distance from Satara: 23.4 kilometres


Pandavgad Fort

Pandavgad is another one of the hill forts in Satara District that spans over 6 acres of land. It is a square fortress that can be reached on foot by completing an arduous trek which gets too narrow in parts.

Built in 1191-1192 AD by the Shilahar King Bhoj-II, the structure that remains today is mostly in ruins with only the temple and three of the six ponds accessible. Many come here not just for the history and the fort but also for the panorama of the village landscape and other adventures, such as camping.

Location: Satara, Maharashtra 412803

Distance from Satara: 46.8 kilometres


Kenjalgad Fort

This is one of the lesser-known forts near Satara that should be on your wishlist of offbeat experiences. The rhomboid-shaped fort is located at an elevation of 4269 feet, on the Mandhardevi spur of the Mahadev hill range in Wai.

Kenjalgad was built during the 12th century by Bhoj Kings of Panhala, and like most other forts in the region was occupied by both Mughals and Marathas at different times. Today, the site is in ruins and mostly frequented by tourists and locals to enjoy treks and picnics with loved ones.

Location: Mahadev hill range, Wai, Maharashtra

Distance from Satara: 64.5 kilometres


Bhairavgad Fort

Bhairavgad Fort is one of the best forts near Satara that have preserved a rich history and nature in its surroundings. Situated in the Kalsubai-Harishchandragad Wildlife Sanctuary of the Sahyadri Hills, this place is in ruins now and mostly interests adventurers and sightseeing enthusiasts.

It is believed that the Fort and its components on the premises date back over 2500 years, so if you like history or architecture, you can take a tour of the innard temples and the compound.

Location: Kalsubai-Harishchandragad Wildlife Sanctuary, Malsej Ghat, Akole taluka of Ahmednagar district, Maharashtra

Distance from Satara: 254 kilometres


Kalyangad Fort

Dominating the skyline with an impressive view of the Satara District, Kalyangad is another one of the Hill Forts near Satara frequented by travellers for a picnic, touring, treks and leisure. At an elevation of 3500 feet on a ridge of Nandgiri hill in the Mahadev range, this citadel is a strong example of great architecture and history with numerous temples, tombs and other elements present within.

The construction of it dates back around 1178 AD to 1209 AD during the Shilahara dynasty rule. And much like the other forts, this too was ruled by Mughals, Marathas and the British.

Location: Nandgiri hill, Satara District, Maharashtra

Distance from Satara: 23.6 kilometres


Vasota Fort

Situated in Bamnoli, a remote and naturally opulent area of the Satara District, Vasota Fort is among the most historically significant tourist attractions in the Western State of Maharashtra. Surrounded by diverse flora and fauna of the Sahyadri Hills.

The forts near VAsota are famed trekking and camping sites which are visited by locals and other tourists. Speaking about the Fort’s history, it was built by Raja Nangopal of Panhala and remained under Maratha occupancy for the longest and later with the Shirkes and the Mores.

Location: Bamnoli, Satara District, Maharashtra 415001

Distance from Satara: 56 kilometres


Vasantgad Fort

This is an ancient hill fort situated at an elevation of 2950 feet above sea level. And in recent times it has become one of the best trekking and sightseeing forts near Satara. Vasantgad, like many other Indian Forts, is in reunification with decaying walls.

What's left of this Shilhara era structure are - a Ganesha Idol carving and temples, one of which is of Ravana’s sister’s son - Chandrasen. The fort also has a similar story of being occupied by the Mughals and from them by the Marathas.

Location: Near Talbid village, Vasantgad, Satara District, Maharashtra 415114

Distance from Satara: 47 kilometres


Vandhan Fort

Vandhan is a part of the Chandan-Vandan Fort duo situated on a hilly spur from the main ridge of Sahyadri. Both of these were built by king Bhoj II of the Shilahara dynasty in late 12th century and later controlled by Adil Shah of Bijapur, the Maratha and Mughals.

Moreover, these adjacent forts near Satara are a well-liked trekking site and have trails that are easy for one-day excursions. The place is also frequented by history buffs who take a tour of the premises housing temples, mosque, courts and more.

Location: Banvadi, Satara District, Banwadi, Maharashtra

Distance from Satara: 23.4 kilometres


Dategad Fort

Spanning over 3acres, Dategad is a small fort situated on a high tableland in the Patan region of Satara District. This Fort was forever under the Maratha rule until it was taken under control by Captain Grant in May 1818.

Today, it is a popular trekking and sightseeing destination for tourists where one completes a tiresome but rewarding trudge and climbs up 20 odd steps to reach the top and savour stunning views of the surrounding. Within the vicinity are massive idols of Hindu Gods, ruined water tanks, a Shivalinga carving, among more worth seeing.

Location: Dategad, Tolewadi, Taluka, Patan, Maharashtra 415206

Distance from Satara: 76.4 kilometres


Mahimangad Fort

Mahimangad is one of the many chain forts built by Chatrapati Shivaji to guard his eastern frontier in Maharashtra. Situated at an elevation of 3200 feet above sea level, the fortification of this fort is still strong and in good shape which can be warranted as you take a tour of the interiors.

The fort since its abandonment has been popularized as a sightseeing and adventure attraction in the region and many trekking and camping tours are frequently arranged here.

Location: Mahimangad village, Satara District, Maharashtra 415023

Distance from Satara: 51.5 kilometres

People Also Ask About Satara

  1. Which are the best forts in Satara for trekking?

    1. Sajjangad Fort: The fort was originally built by the Bahmani emperors in between 1347 - 1527. And, later additions were made under the command of Adil Shah and Mughals. The Sajjangad fort also holds spiritual significance due to the presence of temples and monasteries that can be visited after a fun but tiring trek.

    2. Ajinkyatara Fort: Perched at 3300 feet on the Ajinkyatara Mountain, the 1th-century Ajinkya Fort is one of the best Forts in Satara District to enjoy trekking, among other recreational activities. This massive establishment also has an interesting history which can be learned with a tour upon your visit.

    3. Pratapgad Fort: Upon the commissioning of Shivaji Maharaj, Pratapgad Fort, a hill fort was built in 1656, Situated at an altitude of 1080 m, this is one of the best heritage Forts in Satara District that is now appreciated for the stunning views of the surroundings and adventure activities like - trekking, nature walks, camping etc.

    4. Vasota Fort: Located in Satara District, Vasota is among the best hill forts near Satara city. At an elevation of 1171 m, this colossal structure is not only important for its historical value, but also for adventures and recreational activities that are available here. Surrounded by the dense forests of Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary, one can enjoy picnics, camping and treks.
  2. Who built Ajinkyatara fort?

    Situated atop the Ajinkyatara Mountain, at an elevation of 3,300 feet, the Ajinkyatara Fort is among the most historically important Forts in Satara District. The stunning edifice was built in 1673 AD by Raja Bhoj of the Shilahara dynasty. Over the centuries, it was controlled by the likes of - Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Adil Shah, Aurangajeb, Shahu Maharaj, Tarabai Raje Bhonsale and the Britishers during the Raj.
  3. Who Captured Panhala fort?

    Located about 20 kilometres northwest from Kolhapur city, in Panhala, the Panhalgad Fort was built between 1178 and 1209 AD by the ruler Bhoja II of Shilahara. Later the fort came under the rule of the Adil Shahi dynasty of Bijapur in 1489, which was further captured by Shivaji in 1659 by defeating Bijapur general Afzal Khan.
  4. How to reach Mandangad fort from Satara?

    The distance between Mandangad of Ratnagiri District and Satara is 146 kilometres via SH72. The Mandangad Fort lies within the small town of Mandangad which can be travelled to from Satara by rail and road. Khed is the nearest railhead from Mandangad, at about 45 kilometres. The town has a bus station that receives both private and state buses.

    Furthermore, the fastest and most convenient way to travel between the two spots is by car, either a taxi or one’s own vehicle.

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