15 Places to Visit in Wai 2024, Tourist Places & Attractions

Places to See in Wai

Sydney Point, Pandavgad Fort, Table Land, Mapro Food Park, Menawali Wes, Rajpuri Caves, Kalubai Temple, Wai Caves, Dhom Dam, Harrisons Folly, Vairatgad Fort, Dholya Ganpati, The Kashi Vishweshwar Temple, Nana Phadnavis Wada.

The places to visit in Wai will take you back to the era when architecture was brilliant and nature was at its best. The ghats along the gushing streams of Krishna and the forts standing tall on the Sahyadri Range of the Western Ghats will blow your mind with their serenity and the abundance of joyous vibes they carry. 
Many places to visit near Wai let you enjoy some of the most charming scenery of the low lying valleys, The locations like Sydney Point and the Table Land have been offering eye catching panoramas of the shining sunsets.

Both these places make sure that the visitors enjoy a thrilling evening here, thus offering activities like horseback riding and camping as well. 
Falling in the list of some top Wai picnic spots, the locations like Mapro Food Park and Harrison's Folly have been attracting big families and friend groups for years. The beauty of the famous tourist attractions of Wai does not fade out soon and an example of which are the Rajpuri Caves and Wai Caves. Both these locations still exhibit the brilliance of ancient architecture through their carvings and perfect locations.  

Here is the list of best places to visit in Wai: 

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Sydney Point

Overlooking the charming scenery of the Krishna Valley, the Sidney Point is undoubtedly one of the most serene places to visit in Wai. Being located on a high cliff makes it a favourite spot for indulging in adventure sports like hiking, trekking and camping. Attracting locals and tourists equally, this place is believed to exhibit some of the most beautiful views of the sunset.

The views of Dhom Dam and the Kamalgad Fort can also be enjoyed from here. Sydney Point is easily accessible through roads and to reach here, one is required to hike for a distance of 300 to 400 metres. Around the location, you will find various local flora and fauna adding more beauty to its surroundings.

Location: Dandeghar, Panchgani, Maharashtra 412805

Pandavgad Fort

Preached at a height of 4177 feet above the sea level, this fort is famed for being square in shape and offering some  of the most scenic views of the valley around it. Made using cut black stones, this monument was built in the memory of a sanskrit poet back in the fifteenth century.

Sitting in the Sahyadri range of the Western Ghats, the area around this fort is loaded with rare shrubs and local flora. Offering a moderate level trekking experience to the visitors, this fort makes sure that visiting here is an adventure in itself. Around the fort, there are various cave systems as well which are interconnected and open for all.

Location: Satara, Maharashtra 412803

Table Land

Famed for being Asia’s second longest mountain plateau, the Table Land offers some of the most scenic views of the sunrise and sunsets. To add more fun, this location also lets you enjoy activities like horseback riding and camping. Being one of the most famous places to visit in Wai for camping, Table Land attracts various adventure seekers.

This vast stretch of barren land overlooks the open and clear skies, thus one can also enjoy stargazing here in the night. Easily accessible through roads, one can literally drive up their cars to this point.

Location: Wai, Maharashtra, 412803

Mapro Food Park

Once a small food processing unit in Panchgani, the Mapro Food Park has become a major attraction of Panchgani because of its food joints and various factories. Surrounded by a lush green garden, this place is one of the perfect places to visit in Wai for your evening snacks or picnics.

Offering facilities like takeaway and drive through, this park remains crowded every time with many locals as well as tourists. From regional delicacies to international cuisines, a variety of savory dishes can be enjoyed here. While you are here, do not forget to enjoy brick oven pizza, fruit mocktails, hot chocolate brownies, fruit cream and ice creams.

Location: 122, Shendurjane, Wai-Surur Road, Wai, Maharashtra 412803

Timing: 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Menawali Wes

The historical building of Menawali Wes is known for its prime location on a ghat overlooking the gushing stream of river Krishna. This is the spot where the pious Krishnami Utsav is celebrated every year, thus attracting flocks of religious people and pilgrims. Around the ghat lies the Hatti Mahal which was constructed by Afzal Khan many centuries ago.

The surroundings of the ghat are very peaceful and safe, thus making it one of the best places to visit in Wai. There is a wide sitting area around the ghat from where one can gaze into the uninterrupted scenery of the stream of water.

Location: Menwali Road, Gangapuri, Wai, Maharashtra 412803

Rajpuri Caves

Surrounded by small ponds on all its sides, the Rajpuri Caves are known for their sacred values and historical importance. Believed to be the shelter of Pandavas during their exile, these caves have a natural water source in them in addition to various small statues and carvings of Hindu gods.

All three caves are interconnected and come under the list of some of the most famous religious places to visit in Wai. The entrance of these caves have been decorated with beautiful carvings and paintings made by local priests and ancient artists.

Location: Rajapuri, Maharashtra 412804

Timing: 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Entry fees: INR 15 per person

Kalubai Temple

Dedicated to goddess Kaleshwari Devi, the Kalubai Temple was built 400 years ago by a devotee. Sitting on a height of 1417 metres above the sea level, this temple is famous for exhibiting some of the most scenic views from its vicinity. The temple was built to overlook the Purandar Fort so as the fort remained in the sight of the goddess and away from all the evil.

The temple hosts prayers twice a day and this is the time when maximum number of devotees visit here. The surrounding beauty and the exotic location of this temple make it one of the best places to visit in Wai.

Location: Katraj - Kondhwa Road, Narhe Gaon Road, Narhe Ambegaon Rd, Mokarwadi, Maharashtra 411046

Timing: Prayer timings: 5:00 AM and 5:00 PM


Wai Caves

A combination of nine interconnected buddhist caves, the Wai Caves are known for their architecture and historical significance. Many of these caves have been turned into halls and one of those halls is the Chaitya Hall where the Shiva lingam is situated.

Famous for having the architecture according to proper vastu shastra, this location is a brilliant example of ancient craftsmanship and their knowledge of measurements without tools. Being a religious spot as well as an unusual location makes it one of the most frequented places to visit in Wai.

Location: Wai, Maharashtra, 412803

Dhom Dam

Built over river Krishna, Dhom Dam is known for its picturesque location and the vast scenery of sparkling water it offers. Covering up an area of 2498 KM square, this dam will let you indulge in various adrenaline rushing activities like boating and picnicking.

Being one of the top places to visit near Wai, this gravity dam is surrounded by captivating beauty which works as a perfect spot to enjoy some time away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Location: Wai, Maharashtra, 412803

Harrisons Folly

The flat highland of Harrison's Folly is known for offering panoramic views of the nature around it. Being listed in the top places to visit near Wai, this land is barren without any vegetation, thus becoming a perfect location for camping and picnicking. Various other activities like horseback riding and stargazing are also done here. People usually visit here to enjoy bird watching in its surrounding forest and camp for the night on this highland.

You will find various small food shacks around the location where you can binge upon local delicacies and snacks. Harrison’s Folly remains less crowded than other famous tourist attractions of the town, making it a very underrated place to enjoy nature.

Location: Wai, Maharashtra, 412803

Vairatgad Fort

Surrounded by remnants of old buildings and temples, the Vairatgad Fort is a perfect example of ancient artistry. The whole area around the fort was once a bustling market which was destroyed by wars between the two empires. Finding its name in the list of the top historical places to visit near Wai, this fort holds the same charm and valor for many years.

The hidden boulders, caves and pillars still stand strong here, making it a must visit location for history buffs and archaeology enthusiasts. Dating back to the eleventh century, this fort has become an ancient heritage and is owned by the Government of India.

Location: Satara District, Sartale, Maharashtra

Dholya Ganpati

Another splendid ghat located on the shores of the gushing streams of Krishna River, the Dholya Ganpati is famed for the various festivals and events which happen here. Be it the colourful fairs around Ganesh Chaturthi or positive aura around Shivaratri, this place is the perfect spot where one can enjoy calm and serene surroundings.

The ghat gets lightened up in the morning and evening time during the prayers when devotees flow the lightened up diyas into the waters. Around the ghats, there is a lot of sitting space which makes it one of the perfect Wai picnic spots.

Location: 595, near Ganpati Temple, Ganpati Ali, Wai, Maharashtra 412803

Timing: 5:40 AM to 9:40 PM


The Kashi Vishweshwar Temple

Just opposite the Dholya Ganpati lies a beautiful shiva temple known for its architecture and the positive atmosphere. Inside the temple is a pretty carved statue of lord shiva which has been there for many centuries. On the entrance of the temple, a small statue of nandi made with marble has been placed along with bells and a water source.

The temple lies close to the Dholya Ganpati Ghat, thus making it easy for the visitors to enjoy visits to multiple tourist attractions at the same time. The temple is surrounded by vast manicured gardens and sitout areas, making it one of the top Wai picnic spots.

Location: Near Dholya Ganpati Mandir, Ganpati Ali, Wai, Maharashtra 412803

Timing: 5:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Nana Phadnavis Wada

Once a home to the Peshwa of Maratha Sultanate, the Nana Phadnavis Wada is open for tourists not and also works as a place to stay. This historical location is loaded with a serene atmosphere and has been well preserved. Built back in 1742, this building consists of various small rooms overlooking a beautifully manicured garden.

Being one of the oldest heritage sites of the city, Nana Phadnavis Wada also organises various informative tours in which people are guided through the royal corridors.

Location: Menawali, Maharashtra 412803

Timing: 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM

Entry fees: INR 10 for kids, INR 25 for adults and iNR 300 for foreigners

People Also Ask About Satara

  1. What are the best things to do in Wai?

    1. Savour the local Cuisine: When in Wai, do not forget binge on local dishes and snacks which are made using authentic recipes. From fruit wines to roadside kanda poha, a variety of items can be enjoyed here, making it one of the best places to visit in Wai. 

    2. Pick fresh strawberries: Get your feet dirty and go to a strawberry field to pick some tasty strawberries. Do not forget to click some pictures of this once in a lifetime experience at this one of the top places to visit in Wai. 

    3. Explore an art village: The Devrai Village is famous among tourists for being home to thousands of local artists which manufacture handmade goods and other items.

    4. Walk through the corridors of Nana Phadnavis Wada: One of the very famous Wai picnic spots, this ancient monument is known for the remarkable carvings on its walls and brilliance of architecture.

    5. Read scripts and vedas in original sanskrit: Visit the Prajna Pathshala and hand on some age-old scripts written in sanskrit. Various reading and writing sessions are held here in which anyone having little knowledge of sanskrit can participate.
  2. Which are the best places to visit in Wai with family?

    1. Wai Caves: A collection of 9 buddhist caves, one of which is a shiva temple, Wai Caves are one of the famous places to visit near Wai. On your visit here, you can gaze into the age-old carvings which have been there for many centuries.

    2. Sydney Point:
    Overlooking the expansive scenery of the Krishna Valley below it, the Sydney Point is one of the highest points in Wai. From here, you can gaze into the uninterrupted views of the sunsets. 

    3. Rajpuri Caves:
    The Rajpuri Caves are a group of small interconnected caves which are dramatic as well as adrenaline rushing. Famous for caving, this location is flocked by various adventurers.

    4. Pandavgad Fort:
    Sitting at a height of 4177 feet above the sea level, the Pandavgad Fort is a big square-like fort made using black rocks.

    5. Harrisons Folly: Overlooking the Krishna Valley and some hills of the Western Ghats, this upland is a barren plateau famous for being a campaign site.
  3. What is Wai famous for?

    Being settled on the shores of Krishna River, Wai is famous for its multiple ghats where people gather to offer prayers. Many of these ghats are loaded with historical monuments including forts and palaces. Some of the famous ghats which are known for their serenity include Ganpati Ghat and Menawali Ghat.
  4. How can I go to Wai from Pune?

    Wai is well connected to the other parts of Maharashtra including Pune and Mumbai. From a railway station to a bus stop, various travel facilities are available here. The bus route goes through NH48 to cover a distance of 87 KM in 2 to 4 hours. In case of the railways, the route goes through Mumbai. 
  5. What is the best time to visit Wai?

    The months between January and May are considered to be the best time when one can enjoy a vacation in Wai. The temperature around this time stays between 20 to 25 degree celsius, thus one is saved from the scorching heat.
  6. How many days are enough to visit Wai?

    A 2 to 3 days trip is enough to cover all the prominent locations of Wai. The first day can be dedicated to the Ghats and the second can be spent visiting the forts. The last day of the trip can be spent enjoying shopping and other activities.
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