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Villas in Karjat with Pool

KarjatVilla, Sadh Villa, Dazzle Villa, Countryside Villa, SaffronStays Opal and Jade, Spicy Mango The Majestic Villa, Sekhri Villa, Lsq Rj Farms, Red House, Kalash Hill View Terrace Garden Villa.

With their stunning designs and world-class amenities, the Karjat villas with pool promise an opulent stay in the heart of nature. Sprawling amidst towering mountains, glittering lakes and gorgeous rivers, these villas offer a scenic getaway from the bustle of the busy city life.

The villas in Karjat with pool cater to the tastes and budget interests of all travelers. From the luxurious escape offered by Sadh Villa, to the pocket-friendly refuge at The Red House, there are plenty of options here for everyone. The tastefully decorated rooms at the Karjat Villas are designed to offer the highest level of comfort for its guests. Several villas, such as KarjatVilla and Lsq Rj Farm also offer a plethora of outdoor and indoor games facilities, ensuring that a day spent here is never a dull one.

The villas in Karjat offer an idyllic stay for vacationing families as well as couples. While properties such as Nivaant Farms and Countryside Villa are popular among holidaying couples, the villas by SaffronStay are perfect for family outings.

Here is a list of Karjat villas with pool:


Sadh Villa

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Sadh Villa
Image Credit : facebook.com/vistarooms
One of Karjat’s grandest offerings, Sadh Villa is among the most luxurious Karjat villas with pool. The stunning 7BHK property features 7 bedrooms, each attached to a private bathroom of its own.

The spacious rooms are equipped with double beds, along with all modern amenities such as television sets, air conditioners and so on. The pride of the villa is its outdoor swimming pool, fitted with an artificial waterfall. The villa also features 2 separate lawns with playgrounds, making it one of the best villas in Karjat with pool for family outings.

Location: BORGAON PHATA, KARJAT EAST., Karjat - Chowk Rd, Wavarle, Maharashtra 410102.

Price: Rs. 36,000/- per night.

- Outdoor game facilities such as volleyball, cricket, basketball and football
- Indoor games such as cards, pool or ludo
- Power back-up
- Meal service on request.
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Spicy Mango The Majestic Villa

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Spicy Mango The Majestic Villa
Image Credit : facebook.com/TheMajesticVilla
Nestled amidst thriving mango groves, Spicy Mango offers a grand retreat in the heart of nature. The air-conditioned villa features 8 bedrooms, all equipped with modern amenities such as cable television sets, wardrobes, and attached bathroom, along with a shared lounge area and dining room.

With its plethora of recreational options, vast gardens and family-sized rooms, Spicy Mango is one of the best Karjat villas with pool for family outings. The villa also offers meal services, serving Asian and vegetarian cuisine.

Location: Vaijanath,karjat, 410201 Karjat, India.

- Gardens
- Outdoor swimming pool
- Children’s playground
- Billiard room
- Games room.
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Image Credit : karjatvilla.in
Alternatively known as SKS Farms, this stunning property prices in being one of the most opulent Karjat villas with pools. The stunning white Villa is surrounded by vast lawns, an outdoor pool, picnic benches and a games area.

The rooms at the Villa are lavishly furnished, and equipped with all modern amenities. Apart from family vacations, Karjat Villa also happens to be a popular location for day picnics, weddings and corporate events.

Location: SKS Farm, Karjat Matheran Road, Village Vadawali, District Raigarh, Karjat, Maharashtra 410201.

- With meal: Rs. 2,500/- per person
- Without meal: Rs. 1,500/- per person.

- Indoor games facilities such as table tennis and snooker
- Outdoor pool with slide
- Outdoor game facilities such as basketball, cricket and badminton
- Children’s Playground
- Poolside lounge area
- Garden.
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Countryside Villa

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Countryside Villa
Image Credit : facebook.com/villacountryside
Nestled in a natural setting, Countryside Villa in Karjat offers an idyllic getaway for families and couples alike. This premium 4BHK property is designed to offer an ideal blend of luxury and comfort.

The Villa features 4 spacious bedrooms, a common living space, a viewing deck and well manicured lawns. Despite its rustic charm, the villa comes with a number of luxury facilities such as an outdoor swimming pool, a rain dance area, a sports room and a library.

Location: No.235, 2km Karjat fata old Mumbai-Pune highway, Near N.D. Studio,Wamandhal-Khalapur, 
Karjat, Maharashtra.

Price: Approximately Rs. 14,500 per night.

- Indoor and outdoor game facilities
- Outdoor swimming pool
- Library
- Dance floor
- Meal services.
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Sekhri Villa

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Sekhri Villa
Image Credit : facebook.com/vistarooms
Offering a stunning, panoramic view of the horizon, Sekhri Villa promises a comfortable visit in the lap of nature.  With its tastefully decorated, well-furnished rooms, the luxury offered by Sekhri Villa must be experienced to be believed.

Each room at the Villa is equipped with the most modern amenities, and fitted with private balconies.  The private pool here adds to the charm of the place.

Location: Vadap Village, Karjat Raigad Maharashtra, Karjat, Karjat, India, 410201.

- Outdoor swimming pool
- Billiards room
Games room
- Terrace lounge
- Arranged tours.
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Lsq Rj Farms

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Lsq Rj Farms
Image Credit : lsqrjfarms.com
With its stunning décor and world-class facilities, Lsq Rj Farms is one of the most luxurious villas in Karjat with pool.  The majestic Villa boasts of minimalist wooden interiors, oozing a rustic charm.

The air conditioned Villa offers four bedrooms, along with a living room, a dining area and a kitchen area. Private balconies at the residence boast of stunning views of the surrounding mountains and garden. The spacious lounge at Lsq Rj is fitted with a satellite television set, along with a waterproof  music system. The stunning villa is also among the few Karjat villas with pool that allows pets.

Location: Karjat - chowk road Maharashtra ,near morbe,waverley, Karjat,, 410201 Karjat, India.

Price: Approximately Rs. 30,000/- per night.

- Outdoor swimming pool
- Outdoor game facilities such as badminton and basketball
- Indoor games such as Jenga and Xbox
- Barbecue facilities
- Bar
- Hot tub and Jacuzzi.
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Red House

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Red House
With its comfortable rates and amazing offers, Red House is one of the most budget friendly Karjat villas with pool. Standing prominently amidst a lush green surrounding, the Red House in Karjat offers an ideal vacation space with friends or family.

This offbeat villa boasts of 5 rooms, and each room is themed after a colour-  Blue, Yellow, Orange, Green and Purple. The first floor of the Villa opens into a terrace, offering splendid views of the countryside.

This pet-friendly residence also offers dining services to its guests, with its meals prepared from locally sourced ingredients and garden bounty. The villa arranges hiking, white water rafting and bird watching activities upon request.

Location: 17-19,Ketaki Van Society,Gaurkamat,Vengaon Road,After Village Vadap, Karjat, Maharashtra 410201.

Price: Approximately Rs. 5,000 per night.

- Outdoor swimming pool
- Lawn
- Terrace
- Fruit and vegetable garden
- Barbecue facilities.
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Kalash Hill View Terrace Garden Villa

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With its spacious room and delightfully decorated interiors, this pet-friendly villa is ideal for family vacations.  The villa features 3 bedrooms and two bathrooms, along with a shared common area and a kitchen. The terrace at the villa, fitted with a garden, commands an excellent view of the surrounding ranges.

Location: Karjat - Murbad Road Kalash. Bunglow Number 23 Expat Sparsh Resort And Chalets, Karjat, India, 410201.

- Indoor games area
- Karaoke
- Evening entertainment
- Sun terrace.
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Dazzle Villa

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Promising the experience of a home away from home, Dazzle by Vista rooms offers a stunning 8-bedroom stay. With its beautiful wooden floors and tastefully decorated rooms.

Dazzle is one of the most gorgeous Karjat villas with pool. The villa features both air conditioned as well as non air conditioned rooms, along with a shared patio and living area.  It is also one of the pet-friendly villas in Karjat with pool.

Location: Bamnoli, Maharashtra 410201.

Price: Approximately Rs. 28,000/- per night.

- Outdoor swimming pool
- Free parking services
- Daily housekeeping
- Snooker table.
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SaffronStays Opal and Jade

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An offbeat nature retreat, these twin villas by SaffronStays serve as an ideal vacation spot for families and large groups. The pet-friendly villas are equipped with three rooms each.

Each room is fitted with all modern amenities, such as air conditioners, television sets and attached bathrooms. The property also features vast, landscaped lawns and a shared swimming pool. The villas also offer healthy-home cooked meals, prepared by the live-in chef.

The twin villas are also open to arranging ceremonies such as birthdays, weddings or corporate events. Opal and Jade are also among the few LGBTQ+ friendly Karjat villas with pool.

Location: Saidongar, Humgaon, Karjat, Maharashtra 410201.

- Outdoor swimming pool
- Board game facilities
- Children’s playground
- Free Wi-Fi services
- Terrace.
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Newly Added Karjat Experience
Amazing experience.. Must visit
28 November 2019
I loved this place. It was a perfect place to camp with friends if you love nature. We were a group of 10 guys who went camping in Prabalmachi. The trekking was a bonus for us. We loved the food as well.
I was amazed by the arrangement of the local operator and the company. I never thought that we would get so many sweet memories from this tour... yes, we already know about the itinerary but not expected that it could be more than the itinerary, The staff were warm and accommodating gave us with good service the whole-tour. Everything went so well that we did not even have a small issue at all with the management. Amazing location and surrounding with beautiful scenery along with the amazing activity. Totally worth the money and the time we spend on this tour.
Would definitely recommend this to everyone who interested. The ATV ride went great in the tracks which were very well set not bad for the first time riding this, we had a great time participated in the pool activity and indoor activities, the operator was very supportive provided us good facilities and very good staff we felt secure at this camping. the buffet meal was great! The night we spend was so special with nice music and bonfire. Unforgettable experience.
The moment I reach this location I was speechless really by the beauty of the place. Well-maintained and lovely houses with cute and nice rooms, The kitchen was awesome and the caretakers were very approachable to help us with all our needs on-time and as well a good cook. Everything which served us was so delicious. Very worthy and satisfied.
05 November 2020
Campmax is a very nice place.... Just 1-2 hours away from the hustle and bustle of Mumbai.... Very refreshing.... Would like to mention about the place... Very well maintained and hygiene measures were followed... Even Jain food is available and was tasty and well prepared... One must surely visit this one.
Best Trekking experience in Maharashtra till date. Prabalmachi is a beautiful place and we suggest all our friends go there once. It had everything a photographer, adventure lover or natural lover wishes for. We had recorded the entire journey and people loved it. Amazing views of the greenery, mountains and flora and fauna. The star looks amazing in a clear environment. Highly recommended!!!
13 January 2020
Our experience of trekking till Pinnacle was exciting and we had so much fun. The views from the Pinnacle are worth the efforts we put to climb till there. The panoramic views of the mountains are breathtaking and we had captured so many pictures of the place.
07 January 2020
I am thankful to the thrillophilia team for arranging such a beautiful trekking experience to the abandoned place of Maharashtra. The views of the mountains are breathtaking from the top and the campsite was in a wide open area for stargazing.
08 August 2019
We had heard about the beauty of this Prabalmachi watchtower but were not aware that there is camping available as well. Soon we learned about it. We booked it from Thrillophilia and was surprised by the beauty this place has to offer. The mesmerizing views and beautiful greenery makes this place more perfect for nature lovers like us.

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People Also Ask About Karjat

  1. What are the luxury villas in Karjat with pool?

    1. SaffronStays One Tree Farm: Commanding breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside, One Tree Farm is one of the most gorgeous villas in Karjat with pool. The villa features 3 bedrooms with private bathrooms, along with a dining hall, a living room and a private lawn.

    Price: Rs. Approximately 24,000/- per night.

    2. Nivaant Farms: Promising a tranquil retreat in the heart of nature, this riverside Villa features lavish rooms for stay. Offering an idyllic refuge, Nivaant Farms is one of the most sought-after Karjat villas with pool among holidaying couples.

    Price: Approximately Rs. 35,000/- per night.

    3. Amantra Farms: Boasting of stunning poolside views, this casual villa features 3 bedrooms with attached bathrooms, along with a common living area and lounge.

    Price: Approximately Rs. 25,000/- per night.

    4. Santoni Farms: With beautiful views of the surrounding mountains, Santoni Farms is one of the most popular vacation spots among travelers. Apart from its well-furnished rooms, this 3BHK Villa also features a private pool, a garden, a terrace and balconies.

    Price: Approximately Rs. 16,000/- per night.
  2. What are the best villas in Karjat with pool for family?

    1. Elevar Villa: Commanding excellent views of the mountain from all sides, Elevar Villa is one of the most luxurious Karjat villas with pool. The villa features spacious family rooms, a dining area, a living room and a lounge.

    Price: Approximately Rs. 13,000 per night.

    2. Celestial Homes: Promising a beautiful vacation for the entire family, this quaint property offers well-furnished rooms, along with a private pool, a garden lounge and a terrace.

    Price: Approximately Rs. 17,000 per night.

    3. SaffronStay Bellini: This uniquely structured Karjat Villa offers three bedrooms, a vast terrace pool and beautiful gardens. With its plethora of games and recreational facilities, the villa serves as an ideal spot for family vacations.

    4. OneVilla Karjat: A modern facility with world-class amenities, this luxury villa in Karjat promises a luxurious getaway. The Villa also features a stunning terrace pool with mountain view.

    Price: Approximately Rs. 12,000 per night.
  3. What are the budget Karjat villas with pool?

    1. Vasant Holiday Farm House: Nestled in a country setting, this Villa offers a comfortable refuge that is not too heavy on your pockets. The property features five well-appointed rooms, along with an outdoor swimming pool.

    2. Karjat Villa: A modest Villa with spacious, well-equipped rooms, this property is one of the most sought after budget Villas in Karjat. The Villa also features an outdoor pool, a terrace, and a garden.

    Price: Approximately Rs. 6,000 per night.

    3. The Red House: With its stunning, colour themed rooms, The Red House is one of the most gorgeous budget villas in Karjat with pool. The property is much-famed for its fruit and vegetable garden, the produce from which is then used to prepare meals for the Villa guests.
  4. Can we drink/smoke in karjat villas with pool?

    While several villas allow consumption of alcohol within its premises, smoking is strictly forbidden within the villa properties. However, the lawns or gardens of some of these villas have designated smoking areas. It would be best to enquire about the smoking and drinking restrictions at the villa while booking.
  5. Are villas in Karjat with pool safe for couples?

    Yes, most villas in Karjat are safe for couples. However, some villas do not allow unmarried couples. It is best to make sure regarding the restrictions while making the booking. Always carry your valid ID for a hassle free check-in.

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